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Dan and Joe

Getting the Paddle
Early Days Part I
Early Days, Part II
Early Days, Part III
Mr. Bailey's Boat
Mr. Bailey
Mr. Bailey Spanks the Boys
Their Buddy Tony
Spankings at Tony's
Mr. Bailey Again
The Tour at Mr. Bailey's
They and Tony Meet Mr. Bailey's Sons
Tony's Brother Frank
Tony's Brother Frank, Part 2
Mr. Bailey Meets Tony's Dad
Frank and Tony and Their Curfew
Maintenance for Frank and Tony
Frank Meets Mr. Bailey
Mr. Bailey and Frank
Frank's Special Times with Mr. Bailey
Meaningful Spankings
More of Frank and Mr. Bailey
More Motivational Spankings
Frank Gets a Surprise
Tony and Mr. Bailey
Mr. Bailey Learns From His Sons
The Boys Get What They Need
Christmas Presents and Tony's First Full Therapy Spanking
Mr. Bailey's Christmas Present
Frank Loses Control
The Therapy Circle Widens
Frank's Humiliation
Frank Gets Spanked at Home
The Other Boys Get Spanked, Too
Two Boys Get Detention
Tony's Detention Spanking
Carl and Frank Confess to Each Other
Frank and Tony Do Something New
Carl Spends Time With the Boys
Two Twin Spankings
Curfews Broken
Joe is Punished Again
Tony Gets Spanked by Mr. Bailey
A Visit to the Boat
The Dads Consult Mr. Bailey
Tony Gets a Job in the Fall
More of Tony's Fall Job
Tony's Job Continues
Mr. Schmidt Reminisces
Tony in Trouble
Dan and Joe and Santa Claus
The Spankings Keep Coming

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