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The Making of a Little Sissy Boy
Chapter 3

by Richard Parker

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Jamie was standing in the corner of his room; crying profusely. His hands were on the back of his head and his bottom, and only his lower bottom was a dark red; almost purple actually. Jamie had again been a very naughty little boy and his daddy, had soundly smacked his little bottom until Jamie was a very sorry little boy indeed. He had been pulled over his daddy's knee and spanked very soundly. Jamie had been howling and bawling long before his smacking was over with snot and tears pouring down his face and promising never, ever, to be a naughty boy again; he even crossed his heart and hoped to die!

Jamie had been told he had to be up early today; Daddy was taking him shopping for some new clothes as Jamie's daddy was of the thought that his boys little shorts were not short enough. Jamie was amazed, he hadn't worn any shorts with an inside leg of more than 2" since he became his daddy's little boy, but here was his daddy saying the shorts were too big. Jamie disagreed, rather too vehemently, hence the very hard spanking he had just received. His daddy had promptly pulled Jamie out of the bed, lifting him up into the air, walked him over to the chair behind Jamie's school desk and putting his foot on the chair, draped his little boy over his upraised knee and spanked Jamie's sit spot repeatedly for about 10 minutes; and just his sit spot. Jamie had howled and begged his daddy to stop, promising of course to be an angel.

Mr Heller placed his boy in the corner, hands on head, and busily began choosing the clothes his little boy was to wear on the way to the school outfitters. He was rather angry with his boy. How dare he complain or think he had the right to dictate what he was to wear, or how he was to be punished for that matter. Well, by the end of this afternoon, he knew a naughty little boy that would wear what he was given, and thank his daddy for it, or he would again be a very sorry little boy indeed.

Mr. Heller went to his historic boy's clothing room and began gathering the rather fine school uniform his boy would wear. He picked out a smart, little, white, short sleeved school shirt, a grey sleeveless jumper with red trim around the v-neck and the waist of the jumper, a pair or ankle length grey school socks with two thin red lines at the top. Mr. Heller looked at the bottom of the wardrobe at the footwear section of his collection and picked out a pair of brown school t-bar sandals; he almost giggled. He hadn't made his 19 year old little boy wear sandals of this calibre before, he was sure that Jamie would balk and make a fuss, well let the little scamp; he'll wear it with several hand prints to the backs of his legs. He next searched through his vast school shorts section but couldn't find what he was looking for. Hmm Just as well we are going to the outfitters! Can't have a little boy without pull-up school shorts! He found the next best thing, a pair of very brief, fully lined school shorts but which had an inside leg of only 1". They were made of a flannel material, but not thick flannel. As they were second hand, and obviously, many a boy had been smacked in them, the material was quite thin. He chose a grey school blazer with red ribbon trim around the edge of the blazer and the lapels and a grey school cap with very short peak and also with red trim.

Mr. Heller called Giles and the butler promptly took the boy's clothes for the day and went to Jamie's room and began running his bath. Jamie, still sore from his sound lower bottom smacking, didn't want to be punished again so meekly took hold of Giles' hand and let himself be taken to the bathroom, undressed and sat in his bath as if he really were a little boy. Jamie just laid there soaking in the wonderful warmth of the water and bubbles.

"Come! Master Jamie!" said Giles, "It's time for you to get dressed. Your daddy is going to buy you some nice new clothes today Aren't you a lucky little boy? Giles grinned.

Jamie didn't feel very lucky at all. He loved living here, he loved his daddy, he loved the butler, well respected him greatly, he loved the clothes his daddy dressed him in, but he really wished his daddy wouldn't take him out dressed in the some of the outfits he made him wear. He could just about go out in school uniform, no longer being embarrassed but honestly; some of the clothes just took the biscuit. How many other 19 year old boys were seen out in a short trousered sailor suit? All in all though, Jamie didn't mind, he might be 19 but when dressed up, he looked no more than 10 or 11. He was only 5' 1" tall, had flawless smooth hairless skin, and was kept hairless from the neck down. He also had gorgeous straight blond hair with natural highlights that hung straight down in a little page boy hairstyle and had the most amazing blue green eyes, which could melt the heart of the strictest daddy.

Jamie got out of the bath and was enveloped in a big white fluffy towel by Giles who promptly dried the boy's flawless skin. As Giles was drying off the boys legs he noticed for the first time that Jamie's legs now had a beautiful light tan while his bottom was a snowy white; or would have been if he hadn't been spanked by his daddy this morning. Having dried Jamie, Giles took the boy by the hand and took him to his bedroom where they both found the clothes for today laid out. Jamie frowned and rolled his eyes as he saw the little prep school uniform.

Jamie stood while Giles began dressing the boy. He started with the short sleeved white shirt, then the little school ankle socks. Jamie really frowned when he saw those, he much preferred to wear long socks with school uniform, he thought that little ankle socks, with or without the red trim made him look silly and even more childish than he usually did. Giles noted the boy begin to pout but said nothing, he next picked up the grey school shorts. Holding them up he noticed that these were shorter than the lad normally wore, the inside leg was only 1". The thin flannel material was beautifully soft and had a white cotton lining. He held them open and Jamie reluctantly stepped into them. Jamie had to admit that they did feel very good indeed as Giles slowly pulled them up and tucked the white shirt in before fastening the shorts and pulling the zip up.

"Turn around lad, lets see how you look."

Jamie did as he was told gently feeling his bottom through the thin flannel; he started getting hard again. Giles sat back on the bed and noted how well they marked the boy's bottom. As Jamie was not allowed to wear underpants, the seam of the tiny school shorts disappeared up his bottom and the flannel clung to his bottom cheeks beautifully. Giles could just about notice a patch of now dark pink skin just showing below the hem of the shorts where Jamie had had his sit spot soundly hand smacked by his daddy.

"Very nice young man, you're a credit to Mr. Heller when you dress correctly little boy".

Giles picked up the school tie and tied it in a Windsor knot. Then came the v-neck sleeveless jumper and the blazer. Again, Giles noted how from the back you couldn't see Jamie's little shorts with the blazer on; Jamie carried on pouting. Giles reached into the left hand pocket of Jamie's blazer and pulled out the school cap and put it on the boy, making sure that some of the beautiful blond fringe showed below the peak of the cap, he thought it made Jamie look like a mischievous little scamp.

"Ah! We almost forgot your shoes little boy, can't have you going out in socks can we now."

Giles looked under the bed and almost giggled when he saw the childish brown T-bar school sandals, he just knew that Jamie wasn't going to like this; he was absolutely right.

Jamie took one look at the sissy little sandals and all he could do was flap his mouth open and closed like a goldfish out of water.

"eek huh ah no wha I CANT WEAR THOSE!!!!" Jamie almost screamed.

"You will put these shoes on right now young man! How dare you be so naughty when I'm trying to dress you? Your daddy will know about this right now!"

Giles managed to force Jamie's little right foot into the sandal and fasten it, when he tried to put the left sandal on Jamie wailed and stamped his foot.

"That's it young man!" Without another word he held the left sandal by the heel, took hold of Jamie's left arm and holding it perpendicular to him began smacking the back of Jamie's legs with the sandal.

"You SMACK will wear SMACK, SMACK, whatever you are told to, SMACK, SMACK, and SMACK!"

6 smacks landed from the sandal to his left leg, from the hem of his shorts to the back of his knees. 6 perfectly marked dark pink slipper outlines on the leg.

"Your, SMACK, daddy, SMACK, SMACK, has spent a lot of time and money and effort on you! SMACK, SMACK, SMACK!" 6 more smacks of the sandal landed on his right leg.

"Now young man!" asked Giles, holding onto Jamie's biceps, "do I need to give you a proper spanking before you dress as you are supposed to?"

Jamie didn't answer, he just wailed. He was smacked one more time on the left leg. WAHHHHHHHH


"Nooooooooooo no Uncle Giles, noooooooo, snob, sniff!"

Giles was taken aback, actually he almost cried. 'Uncle Giles!' He had never been called that before. Actually he had never smacked a boy either, but he now felt a feeling of warmth swath over all his body. He now realised that like Mr. Heller, he felt a strong attachment to this boy that called him uncle. He pulled Jamie into a hug and squeezed him tight. Jamie on the other hand let himself be enveloped and now had a stronger feeling of respect and appreciation for Giles. Yes this man was his daddy's butler, but he treated him as he deserved and didn't think twice about smacking him. It actually hadn't hurt that much, but the way he was scolded and held by the arm while his legs were smacked like a little infant made him respect Giles all the more. He suddenly realised that he wished he knew what Giles full name was so that he could him Mr. whatever. Jamie then thought what better than to call him sir? But he is daddy's butler, I don't fink I should call him sir!" That was when Jamie decided that from this day on, Giles would become Uncle Giles. And though he had had his leg soundly slippered by Giles, he respected him all the more. Needless to say, Jamie was now dressed in a very tradition prep school uniform with little ankle socks and sandals and a blazer that covered his shorts, and what was worse; a stupid school cap! Funny how he didn't even think about the slipper marks showing clearly on the backs of his hairless legs/

Giles noticed all the conflicting feelings running through Jamie's mind. It was the first time he had ever smacked him and he had to admit that he didn't really like doing it. Yes, it turned him on when Mr. Heller smacked and spanked his boy, but to do it himself? He really, really liked little Jamie and though he knew that this boy needed a firm hand, he really would rather sit the boy on his knee and comfort him, not smack him. Though at the same time he knew he had had no choice but to do what he had done.

With Jamie fully dressed now and sniffing and rubbing his eyes with little balled up fists he turned to the boy,

"There, there little one." He pulled him to his chest and Jamie flung his arms around his neck and cried hard. "Please don't ever, EVER, make me have to do that to you again little boy. I really don't like having to do that to you. But rest assured, if I have to turn you over my knee, I will indeed!"

Jamie stopped crying and clung onto his now 'Uncle Giles' neck

"Sniff, sniff, I'm sooooooo sorry Unka Giles, wahhhhhhhhhh"

Giles just held the boy sitting on his lap. 'Uncle Giles' Giles really wanted to cry now!

"There, there little one, it's all over now. Just remember to be a good little boy and you wont have to be smacked again!"

Giles took hold of Jamie's hand and took him downstairs to Mr. Heller's study. He knocked on the door and waited to be called in. As soon as he was, Giles instead of taking little Jamie to stand in front of his daddy took him to the corner of the study and stood the boy in the corner with his hands on his head.

"Well, well Giles, I see you have had to impart a lesson to the little scamp!"

Mr. Heller could not help but take his eyes of the back of the boy's legs. Jamie was standing with his hands on his head, this raised the bottom of the blazer and Mr. Heller could now see the hem of the tiny little shorts, but could more importantly see, the bright pink almost red thighs of his little boy.

"I'm dreadfully sorry Sir, but this young scamp decided to throw a tantrum when he saw the sandals he was supposed to wear and well "

"Hmmm don't worry Giles. I think from now on you will obviously have to take a hand in this young boy's upbringing".

Giles did not tell Mr. Heller about being called Uncle Giles by Jamie.

"As Sir wishes," he turned and looked at the back of the boys legs, nice and bright and pink under the hem of the little shorts.

They left Jamie in the corner for half an hour; both smiling like contented fathers.

"Jamie, come over here little boy!" Jamie turned around and saw his daddy sitting behind his huge leather topped desk and Giles standing to his right and behind him. Jamie slowly walked over and stood in front of the desk looking down at his little sissy boy, infant school sandals; God he hated them, even the sound of the buckles as he did them up.

"I hope you've learned your lesson little boy, I really don't want to have to smack you again today.
"Sniff .., you wont daddy" replied Jamie in a low voice.

"Come here you little scamp"

Jamie smiled and ran over to his daddy who picked him up and sat him on his knee. Jamie liked it when he called a scamp/

"Well young man, we are going shopping today for some new shorts and other clothes. Now, I warn you Jamie, if you misbehave while we are shopping, I will have no hesitation in giving you a good smacking, in public and wherever we are. If I have to do that though, you will get a very very sound spanking when we get back home and then you will go to bed without supper. Do you understand?" Mr. Heller scolded firmly.

"I'll be good daddy honest cross my heart!"

"We'll see you little scamp. Just don't say I didn't warn you. Now please go with Giles to the car while I finish this paperwork." He stood Jamie up and sent him off the Giles with a firm smack to the back of his shorts. Jamie hurried away to Giles looking back at his daddy and smiling while rubbing his bottom.

Mr. Heller smiled at his boy and Giles as he watched them leave, with Giles holding the boys hand. He didn't have any paperwork to do really, he was just thinking of the clothes he was going to buy his boy. He had plenty of school uniforms but realised that he didn't have a little Cub Scout uniform for the boy. Yes, we'll go to the school outfitters and kit him out as a little Cub Scout. He placed a call to the outfitters to let his friend know that they were on the way and also to find out if he had the shorts that he had spoken to him about a week earlier. Jamie was going to be a very surprised little boy.

Jamie was very comfortable in his uniform, he no longer felt embarrassed at being seen in school uniform, even with the tiny school shorts, he noticed that people didn't really stare at him. He was happy skipping along by his daddy's side as he held his hand. Looking at a mirrored shop front window he noticed how he looked just like a little boy with his daddy.

As they got to the outfitters, Mr. Heller bent down slightly and wagging his finger in Jamie's face reminded his boy to behave; in they walked.

Jamie had never been to a shop like this, it smelled of wood polish and cloth, it was a very traditional shop with all manner of traditional boy's clothes, from play clothes to school uniforms and other uniforms beside. Jamie held onto his daddy's hand as they walked up to a distinguished looking gentleman in a tailored suit and half moon reading glasses perched at the end of his nose.

"Ah! Mr. Heller, how wonderful to see you again sir!" The gentleman looked down at the boy who was trying to hide behind Mr. Heller, unsuccessfully. "This must be the little tearaway you were telling me about." He looked down at Jamie and smiled, struck by the boys incredible boyish bashfulness and noticing the long expanse of bare thigh below his cute little prep school blazer.

"John, my good fellow, yes, this is he. He is actually a good boy most of the time, though he can be quite mischievous and naughty at times" Jamie wanted the ground to swallow him up and blushed mightily.

"Jamie, don't be rude and present yourself to the gentleman."

Jamie, all the while looking at the floor went closer to the shop keeper and held out his hand.

"Pleased to meet you sir" he said in a low, embarrassed and remarkably childish voice. Jamie himself was amazed, he couldn't remember the last time he had ever called anybody sir.

"Oh what a sweet, well mannered little boy you have there sir. It's hard to believe that this boy can ever be naughty."

"John, John, John, I can guarantee you that he can be quite a mischievous little scamp. Only today I have had to give his bottom a good smacking and Giles, you know Giles, had to smack him too." Mr. Heller looked down at Jamie, "Turn around Jamie"

Jamie did so, mortified, and presented his back view to the gentleman.

"Well! I see he can be very naughty indeed!" said John as he saw the faint pink outline of the slipper still painting the back of the boy's legs. "Well I must say sir, it's good to see that there are some children left that receive the just punishments they deserve for their naughtiness and anyway, a good leg smacking never harmed a boy and lets him know who the grown up is and WHO is the little boy. Jamie blushed again.

"Now sir, I have all the clothes you requested for, Jamie was it? Master Jamie. I will need to take his measurements for future attire. I hope you will behave little boy, we wouldn't want your daddy to scold you in public would we?"

"I will sir, honest!" replied Jamie immediately, he wished he could be out of here right now.

"Er daddy?"

"Stand still Jamie and don't fuss, we are only buying you some much needed new clothes."

"But daddy, I need