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My Nephew
1: Nephew Spanked Again

by Richard Riley

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After a much-needed spanking, my nephew Christopher was on his best behavior — for a couple of weeks anyway. Then, he slowly began to return to his dubious behavior.

I had told him when I spanked him that if he got out of line again, he could expect to be bent over again for another dose of the strap. Surprisingly, my sister — Christopher’s mother — agreed that if he continued to misbehave he would be spanked again. She told Christopher that while the two of them were staying with me that I would be in charge of discipline.

My younger sister, Anne, and Christopher came to stay with me for the summer after Anne’s husband was deployed to Iraq. Anne was having a hard time adjusting, so I suggested that they come spend the summer in Texas with my family.

Anne also had her hands full with Christopher. Christopher was a “special” child. He was born with cerebral palsy, which left him with a pretty severe limp and caused him to have to walk with special crutches. He was a smart boy, but he was a little spoiled. Anne and her husband were afraid to be too hard on him. They had never given Christopher a spanking.

When they came to stay with me, Christopher’s behavior was out of control. He wouldn’t listen to his mother. He whined any time he didn’t get his way, and he refused to help out around the house — not even keeping his clothes picked up and put away.

I told Anne that Christopher needed discipline, but she just couldn’t bring herself to spank him. She knew something had to be done, so she finally asked me to help. She agreed to let me give Christopher a good, hard spanking. With two boys of my own, I knew the benefits of a proper spanking. I assured Anne I would treat Christopher as I would my own sons. I gave Christopher 20 licks with my belt.

He cried like a baby as I spanked his bare bottom, but his behavior changed for the better afterward.

Anne was surprised at the dramatic change in her son’s attitude after just one spanking. He was on his best behavior for about three weeks.

Then one evening, we were all at the dinner table, and Anne had been trying to get Christopher to eat his vegetables. Christopher, however, was not cooperating. At 13, he could still act like a spoiled brat sometimes.

“Come on now, Christopher, you need to eat your vegetables,” Anne said.

“NO!” I don’t want it!” he insisted.

“You are going to clean out your plate before you leave this table.”


This exchange continued for several minutes, making it impossible for the rest of us to enjoy our dinner. For the most part, we tried to just ignore it. My boys were watching their cousin’s behavior, knowing if they ever acted that way, they would be sent away from the table.

Anne continued to plead with Christopher. She tried to be firm.

“Christopher, you will clean out that plate,” she told him.

“I DON’T want it!” he said, pushing the plate forward.

Anne pushed the plate back in front of her defiant son.

“Eat.” she said.


And with that Christopher pushed the plate out of the way again. Anne took hold of the plate and set it in front of him. Again, he started to push it away. Anne put her hand up the block it. Christopher pushed harder, and Anne tried to block it. In the tug-o-war, Christopher gave the plate a final shove, knocking the plate off the table and spilling its contents.

“There! My plate’s clean now!” Christopher said with a smug grin on his face.

I sat there for a minute, not believing what I had just seen. Anne was nearly in tears. I glanced over at her, looking for a sign from her for me to step in. I didn’t want to interfere if she wanted to handle it herself, but I knew she was almost at her wit’s end. Finally, she gave me the nod, giving me permission to take charge.

I cleared my throat. “Christopher, go to your room NOW!” I said sternly.

Christopher sat there for a minute, looking for help from his mother. He knew from the tone of my voice that he was probably going to get a spanking.

“Mom?” he said.

“Do what your Uncle Jon says, son,” Anne replied.

Now, Christopher was the one nearly in tears. He picked up his crutches and slowly made his way out of the dining room. The rest of the family was silent.

“All right, everyone, let’s finish our dinner,” I said after a moment of strained silence.

We ate the rest of our meal in almost complete silence. I ate slowly, giving Christopher time to think about how he had acted. Finally, I finished my dinner and rose to leave the table.

“Please excuse me,” I said. “I have a little business to take care of.”

I got up and walked straight to the hall closet, where I kept a belt just for spankings. The closet was visible from the dining room, and everyone was watching intently as I took the belt from its hook. My boys had felt that belt on their backsides many times, but they seemed surprised that I was going to use it on Christopher. They had been out of the house the first time I spanked Christopher, so they didn’t know Anne had given me permission to spank him.

“Is Daddy going to give Chris a spanking?” my youngest son asked.

“Looks like it,” Anne said.

Both of my boys snickered. They knew their cousin deserved a good spanking, but they also knew how hard I spank and they couldn’t help feeling a little sorry for Christopher.

Christopher was sitting on his bed crying when I got to his room.

“I’m sorry, Uncle Jon. Please don’t spank me!” he begged.

“I’ve warned you, Christopher. Now, you’re going to be punished.”

There was no need for a long lecture like the first time, so I wasted no time getting to the business at hand. I sat on the bed next to my nephew, bent down and immediately began taking off Christopher’s shoes and socks. Christopher continued to cry.

“I didn’t think I’d have to do this again so soon,” I said as I unlaced Christopher’s tennis shoes and slipped them off. “Apparently, I didn’t get through to you the first time, so I guess I’m just going to have to spank you harder this time.”

“NOOO!” he yelled. “I’ll be good.... I promise.”

“It’s a little late for promises,” I said, “Now, stand up.”

I helped Christopher to his feet and stood him in front of me. I raised his shirt and pulled it over his head, then started to pull down the boy’s shorts.

“Why.... why ... are you ... taking off my clothes?” Christopher asked between sobs.

“This is how spankings are given in this house,” I stated. “Every time I have to spank you, you can expect to have to bare your bottom.” With that, I yanked down Christopher’s shorts and underwear and told him to step out them.

Christopher stood naked in front of me. His little weenie danced around as he bounced up and down crying and begging me not to spank him. He was really carrying on.

“All right, Christopher, I want you to lay across the bed,” I instructed.

I helped him onto the bed and turn over on his tummy. I had him to lay flat, his small body stretched across the length of the bed. My young nephew was about to get his second strapping, just three weeks after his first spanking.

As he lay naked before me, once again I felt conflicted. It pained me to have to whip my nephew, but I also knew that he would learn from a good strapping. His behavior had improved since the first spanking. I told myself to think of him as one of my own boys and that this was for his own good.

I walked over and pushed the door to, as I knew my two boys would try to catch a glimpse of their cousin getting the belt. I turned and picked up the belt. As I doubled it over, it made a loud SNAP.

Christopher’s hands immediately went to cover his backside.

“Move your hands or you’ll get more,” I said sternly.

I took a step back and raised the belt high over my head.

“Young man, I’m going to wear you out,” I stated. With that, I brought the belt down with a quick sweeping motion. WHAAACK! The belt caught Christopher on the fleshy part of his lower buttocks.

WHAAACK! The second lick came down in nearly the same place.
Christopher howled in pain. "OWWWW!!" he yelled. He covered his bottom with his hands again.

“Young man, that gets you five more swats,” I said.

From the other side of the door, I heard giggles, indicating my sons were indeed listening.

I paused a couple of seconds, stepping a little closer to the bed. I raised the belt high in the air and brought it down even harder. WHAAAAACK! This time, the belt hit his upper legs. WHAAAACK! WHAAAACK! Two more licks fell on his bare backside. Christopher was kicking and screaming as the belt continued to redden his bottom.


I paused again and walked around to the other side of the bed. I gave him the next three consecutive licks on the back of his legs.


The belt left deep red stripes on Christopher’s legs. Returning to the other side of the bed, I let loose three more hard licks. WHAAACK!!! WHAAACK!!! WHAAACK!! This time, the belt landed higher on his bottom. Christopher was howling, kicking and screaming.

I continued to strap Christopher’s bottom and upper thighs.

WHAAACK!! . . .

WHAAACK!! . . .


Christopher was kicking and screaming all the while.

WHAAACK!! . . .

WHAAACK!! . . .


The five extra lashes were delivered rapid-fire, one right after the other with no pause in between.

WHAAACK!! . . .WHAAACK!! . . .WHAAACK!! . . .WHAAACK!! . . .WHAAACK!! !!
Finally, I put down the belt.

“It’s over, son. That’s all,” I said. I helped Christopher sit up. I gave him a hug and told him I loved him. “You know I don’t like it when I have to spank you, don’t you?”

“I don’t like it either!” he said. “I’ll be good. I promise.”

However, we both wondered how long it would be before he would be bent over again.

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