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Part 6 – Hugh's Wet Briefs Paddling

by Jason Parker

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 13 Jun 2006

[This is the sixth in the series of stories about the punishment spankings of 41 year old Hugh James by his teenage son and nephews. Suggest you read each series in sequence from the beginning story, because this story will bring back characters introduced in previous stories. This series is fantasy, even though the spankings depicted are intense and the techniques I have personally used often in giving real life spankings! Mind candy for spankos <grin> All my other posted stories are real, ENJOY! Comments Welcome]

It was a long sore weekend for my punished buns. Starting first on Saturday, in the morning and just before going to bed for several days, Randy applied pure alovera salve and another sports healing ointment to help my butt heal. My butt needed help and HOW. Since Saturday, during these ointment sessions lying on my bed we had long talks about his goals in school and sports along with discipline issues.
Now on Tuesday, on Friday Randy’s fall football practice starts and he was concerned about walking into the locker room with a rosy marked butt this season. The coaches would understand, but some of his teammates came from families that were grounders and allowance grabbers. Randy, Danny Macdonald, his cousin Billy and a couple of others were the only ones he knew for dead certain paid with their buns when they screwed up.
So we discussed buying a couple of lexan paddles for punishment purposes, instead of continuing to use our wooden jokari paddles on each other. Early in the summer his cousin Billy had given him a bare butt paddling with one of the smaller lexan paddles. So he was very familiar with its burning sting. A paddle that can leave a pair of buns scorched like a blowtorch, but within 24 hours was usually back to normal color; except for butt busting paddlings like my brother and I got last Friday. What a horrible experience for me and evidently not much fun for my brother either.
Not sure where his thinking was so I asked Randy where we could buy the new paddles. His response was an eye opener
“On the internet Dad, just like Aunt Lisa did.”
How do you propose to pay for our new paddles Horse?”
“Remember the loaded Visa debit card Grandpa gave me for my birthday? Well I’m already set up with Pay Pal. So we can order them right now.”
“OK, I agree that those lexan paddles are Very Effective. But are you sure you want the awful burn they will bring to your cute little buns?”
Very funny Dad, Very funny. You have already forgotten that you have gotten spanked a whole bunch more than me over that last two months. We’ll have to get one big one with holes in it since you seem to have forgotten already.” SMACK A real hand stinger on my bare butt.
“Point well taken. But do you think your paddling me will continue?”
“Just as sure as I am that I will be getting paddled by you when I got it coming.”
He resumed his gentle soothing rubbing as I thought about his reply.
In a way it bothered me that he would even think that I would need to be on the receiving end of another of his punishment spankings. Yet he had never tried to bully me with the threat of a paddling, so why did he think I would deserve another spanking? The other problem I had was the fact that every time he had me stripped me to my briefs for a spanking my dick went hard. Well we better clarify my son’s mind before we go much further. Oddly enough one part of me liked the fact my son and nephews spanked me, sometimes painfully severe. The other part of me was embarrassed that I would submit to such humiliation and pain and yet sexually get aroused by it.
It didn’t change my day to day control of Randy, and if I thought it did, at 14 it was going to stop.
Randy must have been reading my mind, because he went over to my underwear drawer and grabbed a pair of white Jockeys and tossed at me with a joking,
“Put something on Dad, I’m tired of looking at your butt. Besides if I paddle you today, I’ll let you keep these on. Your butt still looks tender”
I suddenly got a little embarrassed at my nudity and put them on quickly and flopped back down on my stomach.
Randy at down on my bed his hand resting on my butt as he softly and slowly said, “Dad I never want to see you in as much pain as you were in Friday at the cabin. To try and keep that from happening again I suggest we consider this.
On the final Saturday of each month you get a reminder paddling on these underpants of 50 swats. If during the month you do something to get punishment spanked, that spanking will be 100 swats on your briefs followed by a reminder spanking at the end of the month of another 100 on the bare. If you get two punishment spankings in a month, the second will be 100 briefs and 100 bare and reminder spanking will be 200 swats on the bare from Billy.
By the way Aunt Lisa really appreciate how careful you were with Billy’s paddling. Billy even admits you didn’t beat him, even though he sure wailed alot.
Any comments or questions?”
As I listened to him two things happened, my buns clenched hard when I heard about my future punishments and Randy laughed as he swatted me.
“Too soon Dad. You haven’t even ordered your paddle yet, much less earned yourself a spanking. Relax these buns, your briefs are gonna have a permanent crease in them from your clenching. Turn over on your back a second.”
I flopped over and saw his face with a big grin. He slid his hand on the front of my briefs and grabbed my dick with his teasing comment of,
“Well at least you don’t get a woody when I talk about paddling you. Now anything to say?”
Grinning, I replied,
“Two things young man, Just what do you have in mind that would require me going over your lap for a spanking?”
“Good question Dad. The following will get you paddled. Lying to me, stealing from me, not keeping a promise or commitment and doing something that embarrasses me publicly or purposely hurting me. If you do two or more of these at the same time the swat penalty is doubled all on the bare.”
Ok, that was more than fair, so I looked into his eyes and promised,
“If I do any of those things son you won’t have to tell me I am to be spanked, I will tell you I’ve got one coming and strip.”
“I thought you would probably say that Dad, but I don’t want you to back off spanking me. If you ever do that, you will get my spanking plus a bare butt one for you. In fact, on the first Saturday morning each month, you should give me a reminder spanking just like I give you. If during the previous month I get punishment spanked the same penalty for me as you on the last Saturday morning.”
I contemplated his whole line of conversation for a few seconds and then told him,
“I agree with mine and up till now you have been such a good son I will agree with yours, but with one stipulation. This year in school is when my grades really went south. If your grades start to slide you will get a 50 swats on your briefs for a ‘C’ per subject per quarter100 for a D. And 200 on the bare for an F We can figure out what to do for your reminder spanking if it comes to that. I know that sounds harsh son, but you have a much better academic mind than I did, so I expect you to use it. So far a ‘B’ has been your worst grade all the way through school”
“Understand Dad. Why didn’t Grandpa paddle you for bad grades when you were in school?”
“His reasoning was this. I was a model student in every way, except for my grades. He saw that I really struggled to make grades that just kept me eligible to play sports. I got paddled just three times in high school for shooting my mouth off to teachers and coaches. But never for grades. You, my young stud do not have the physical skills to go much past high school, except maybe wrestling, but not Baseball or football.”
Dad, not fair!” I could tell that no one had ever told him the truth about his skills, just blew smoke up his butt instead.
“I love you son and you need to know the truth. We have had you tested in a number of different sports clinics, and by the time you are out of high school you will peak. So enjoy sports in high school and prepare for your future outside of sports. I love you too much to not tell you the truth about your skills. Last year you got by with your speed in football and your brain in baseball. Let’s hope you have three more years before your opponents catch up to you.”
“Thanks Dad, I saw what you’re talking about in junior high when guys who were the best in the league as 5th graders were just average. It was awful to watch.”
I was proud of the maturity in his thinking.
“I’m glad you noticed. Watching your buddies Mark and Rance sitting on the bench last year was tough. Also this year the girls will be after you big time. Don’t let your dick do your thinking young man?”
“My dick? Whose butt have I been helping heal because of his dick, huh?”
With that he gave me a big shit-eating grin and squeezed my dick hard.
“Point taken son, just don’t get your butt set on fire over a girl.”
“Speaking of that, let’s go in your office and check out the paddle sites, so we can get your big paddle bought.”
“My big paddle? I asked with a big grin
I’ll order a custom made lexan canoe paddle for your smart mouth butt young man.”
“Regular comedian Dad, hilarious.” With that exchange we went into my office and turned on my Dell laptop and waited for it to warm up as I called Lisa to save some web surfing time.
“Hello Hugh” My sister in law had alot of stress in her voice.
“Got time to send me a link or two on the web?”
“Sure do, whatcha need? Your brother’s working today and I got the afternoon shift at the clinic and I badly need a break from your nephews.”
“Ok, can you email me the links you used to find your lexan paddles? Randy and I are going to replace the wooden jokari paddles as spanking tools.”
“I’ll do better than that. I’ll send you the links and have Eddy bring you the lexan Jokari, IF you do me a favor?”
“Just ask.”
“Your call just now has given me an idea. I’ll send Eddy over with the jokari lexan paddle if you have Randy give him a good spanking.”
“Are you sure you want Randy to paddle Eddy?”
When my youngest gets there just have him call home on your speakerphone so that Eddy hears all of the instructions on his long overdue spanking. Can you put Randy on the speakerphone phone for me now so I can ask him myself? I would have you do it Hugh, but Eddy will really be embarrassed if Randy makes him strip to his underpants and gives it to him.” I punched the speakerphone on button.
You on the line Randy?”
“Sure am Aunt Lisa, what’s up?”
“Eddy has been driving Billy nuts all summer with his badgering, bickering and trying to provoke Billy into clocking him so he could watch Billy get spanked for hitting him.
When Eddy gets there with the jokari lexan paddle he thinks your Dad is going to use it on you, so he is real anxious to get there to see you get it. I didn’t lie to him about him running the paddle over. I said ‘Uncle Hugh needs it for Randy,’ So he assumes you’re going to be paddled and then bring the paddle back. What he doesn’t know is that Billy is going to come over after you are through with Eddy since he really needs to talk to you and your Dad.”
A strange look crossed my son’s face with that piece of information.
“OK Aunt Lisa what kind of spanking you want Eddy to get?”
“Have him strip to his underpants and take him over your lap and give him 100 good swats that leaves his butt dark red. After you give him 50, pull his briefs off so you know if you have to increase your swat force. After you’re through I want your Dad to take him across his lap and give him 12 swats hard on Eddy’s bare butt and make him count each swat. Hugh, finish it with 12 more on the tops of his bare thighs. When he comes home, I want to see a flaming red ass with handprints and pink thighs with handprints. You two up to it?”
I glanced at Randy and he nodded yes, so I answered,
Will do Lisa, so long as he knows why his cousin and uncle are torching his rump.”
“He knows he’s on thin ice, so him getting a long over due butt busting won’t be a total surprise.
“Just have him call me.” Just then we heard Eddy push the front door intercom button and give us a smart ass greeting of, “Delivery boy here to watch his cousin get paddled.”
“Come on down Eddy, your mom wants you to call before you get too excited about seeing me paddle your cousin.
I hit the front door electronic release latch so he could get in an in a few seconds he came bounding down the stairs with a big grin and eagerly laid the jokari on my desk and winked at Randy.
“Here’s the paddle Unk when do we strip Randy for his paddling?”
“Not so fast Nephew, you need to call your Mom first so you’ll understand why Randy needs this paddle.”
He came around to my side of the desk and I punched the speakerphone 'on' button and redial.
The mother and son exchange that followed was priceless. Lisa unloaded on her youngest son. Eddy was stuttering, stammering and begging his Mom to cancel his cousin’s paddling. After one particularly lame excuse on why he shouldn’t be paddled, his Mother increased the impending punishment with this warning, “OK smart mouth, your cousin and Uncle know how hard and how long I want you paddled. But since you still want to runoff at the mouth you’re gonna get it all done on the bare.”
Just then Lisa changed subjects which explained the increase in Eddy’s punishment.
“Hugh don’t worry about our brood having a regular foot ball practice Friday. All the coaches in each grade are going to hold team meetings instead. So Randy unload on your cousin, he has it coming and his brother is really getting from his Dad tonight. Send Eddy right home after you set his butt on fire. Billy will then head over because he is adamant about talking to you two about why he is getting paddled tonight. He is pissed.”
Eddy shook his head at Randy and I as if he didn’t know why his brother was so pissed. Randy’s face gave me an indication he suspected he knew why.
I disconnected the phone connection and Randy picked up the paddle staring at his now trembling cousin.
“OK Eddy strip to your undies, shirt and shoes first.”
Eddy started begging and sniffling as he slowly kicked off his play shoes. I moved my chair out from behind my desk as Randy moved his chair to the middle of the room. Eddy slipped his board shorts down and off, revealing his thin white bikini briefs. Standing in front of Randy, his body in profile he had Randy’s build when he was twelve and Billy’s butt, a damned shelf covered in stretched thin fabric.
Eddy was frantically begging his seated and ready to paddle cousin to let him keep his underpants on.
Randy looked at me and with a sly wink asked, “should I let him keep them on even though his mom asked me to paddle him on the bare?”
“Son, I don’t see why not, his bikinis don’t offer him any protection anyway.”
Your call Dad. OK Eddy get over my lap.”
As I looked at the underpants my youngest nephew was wearing, it dawned on me he was clad in Jockey white Elance bikinis, just like his Dad’s black ones.
As he bent over my son’s lap, the bikini leg openings rode up his taut humpy buns, baring the lower third of his clenching 12-year-old cheeks.
Randy grabbed Eddy’s right wrist with his left hand and forced his arm into half nelson arm lock securely positioned on his upper spine. Knowing my son’s wrestling strength Eddy was going nowhere. Once Randy was comfortable with Eddy’s jackknifed position over his lap he started adjusting Eddy’s underpants so that there was a semblance of skimpy protection for what was going to happen next.
“OK Eddy because I’m letting you keep these on for this paddling Dad is going to give you extra on the bare after I’m through. Count by tens please Dad, because I’m sure Eddy is going to make alot of noise and make it difficult to concentrate on the count”
With that my son raised the lexan paddle ready to spank his cousin.
SPLAT a solid wrist flip snap swat to Eddy’s left cheek.
SPLAT same to the right cheek and Eddy did his first flutter kick and moan.
SPLAT Now Eddy was really kicking and loudly letting us know that his butt was not happy.
SPLAT SPLAT Even though Randy had only delivered 6 swats and Eddy had a long way to go I was enjoying watching my son spank and admired his expertise. It only took me a split second to remember where he gained his expertise as I sat on my still tender butt. Between him and his cousin Billy last weekend at the cabin I didn’t want to be paddled by either anytime soon. As I kept count mentally of Eddy’s swats I had a nagging feeling in my gut that Lisa’s warning about Billy being pissed at Randy was not good news for me.
“That’s ten son.”
Now Eddy was in full flight begging and Bawling mode as my son carefully and painfully continued Eddy’s paddling.
When he hit 40 swats Randy warned his sobbing cousin.
“At 50 cousin you lose your undies, because I’m tired of watching you clench the seat of these skimpy briefs into your ass crack and besides your Mom said give this to you on your bare.”
Now Eddy’s feet and legs were doing a frog kick frantic lap dance as his paddling continued.
I had to admire two things watching my son paddle his cousin. Despite Eddy’s frantic kicking and bawling my son was relentless in his swats and he was damned good at maintaining a consistent hard wrist flip snap swat that must really sting
“That’s 50 son.”
He quickly pulled down the white bikinis and let them drop to the floor.
I paid close attention to the steady rhythm of Eddy’s spanking, counting the seconds between each swat. After doing a count between each swat I determined what he was doing and why he was concentrating so hard,
One thousand one thousand two one thousand three SPLAT
No wonder he needed me to keep track of the swats he was counting the seconds in between the swats.
“60 Randy”
Then he changed course and started doing very rapid wrist flip swats that seemed to hit about every second
“70 son.”
Eddy just went limp and kept sobbing over my son’s lap evidently just giving up the fight to keep his butt from disowning him because of his cousin’s paddling.
When he stopped at one hundred, he softly patted his cousin’s dark red buns and then pulled him upright. To Eddy’s credit, he immediately did and frantic rub act with an equally frantic spank dance. Then Randy dropped something I’m sure he hadn’t thought about.
“Time to let your Uncle finish Randy. He will give you the last part.”
I couldn’t help but grin at my nephew as he spank danced his way in front of me, tears streaming down his face blubbering and begging, “No more pleeze Uncle Hugh,” As his dick and balls flopped around.
He reluctantly went over my waiting lap and I had a chance to see my son’s paddle expertise on someone besides me. Eddy’s butt was warm, almost hot to touch with an overall dark shiny red glow. My son had followed his aunt’s instructions.
I carefully gave him two hard swats to each red bun, keeping my fingers spread loose, so his mother could see the marks. I followed with 8 more swats to his untouched thighs.
“That’s it sport. All done. Go call your Mom and let her know you got what she asked for.”
Eddy stumbled to his feet and shuffled over to my desk phone. He the speakerphone buttons and redial and furiously rubbed his buns waiting for his Mom to answer.
Lisa answered the phone and accepted his profuse apologies and she told him to come right home, but leave the paddle for Billy’s use.
As soon as she said that, Billy came on the line and gave Randy and I some real precise instructions,
“OK Randy remember that GameBoy cartridge we went together on? Well, I want you both to strip to your briefs and face each other and wait for me, because we have some things to discuss.
So Eddy, you help me out by taking off their shoes and socks, so they only have to worry about their pants and shirts.”
“Billy what in the hell is going on? My butt is still sore from this weekend and now you sound as though I’m in for another paddling and so is my son. Mind telling me why I am going to be partially stripped by your little brother?”
“Sorry Unk but I am getting my ass blistered tonight because of my dear cousin and your sweet son. I’m blaming him and you for my paddling tonight. So if I have to get paddled for something I thought was cool with you because of your son, then you get it to, even if your butt is tender. I’ll let you keep your undies on IF you do what I ask and strip to your briefs facing each other waiting for me to arrive. Unk I will go over it in detail when I get there. If you think I’m wrong then I won’t paddle you and Randy and you both can paddle me instead. Now STRIP!”
Suddenly Eddy got over his paddling and started on my shoes and Randy immediately shucked his shirt and started on his pant zipper. I thought to myself as I to went to work on my clothes that for Randy to respond to Billy’s commands without protesting something must be bad and for the third time since Friday my butt was gonna get it.
I tried to get Eddy to clue me in, but his response was way less than helpful.
“Sorry Unk, you have to ask Randy or Billy. After what you two just gave me, what my brother gives you is just fine with me.” With that dash of loving nephew encouragement I dropped my pants and he tugged them totally off.
As Eddy raised his head, he commented,
“Well your dick knows your butt’s gonna get it I see.”
Since both Randy and I were now in our white y-front hip briefs I wanted to hear his side of the story before I went over his cousin’s lap.
“OK son why are we standing here waiting to be paddled?”
“I screwed up Dad.” My 14-year-old son went on to explain a typical teenager’s tale of desire and deceit. It seems that Billy wanted to buy a video game for his Game Boy called San “Andreas fault.” Billy knew that if he bought the game, he would loose the game and his money when his parents confiscated it. So he and his cousin concocted a scheme to buy it on line with his paypal account and play the game at both homes and blame the other if one got caught. It would have worked except neither boy planned on the other parent talking about violent video games. So when Billy got caught playing it he laid all the blame at Randy’s door and my brother and sister in law not only didn’t buy it. I could now see why Randy and I were in for it together. Billy wanted someone to share the blame for him getting paddled by my brother and I’m sure Lisa and Bill passed on a comment of me not controlling Randy better. Without hearing Billy’s side I felt pretty sure of the scenario of why I was going to be paddled by my nephew, not the severity details. Unfortunately the front door bell rang and Eddy buzzed his brother in. Within a few seconds Eddy came roaring in the door looking for butts to beat.
“Are they ready little brother?”
“Yep, all they been doin is talkin about why you’re gonna paddle em, especially Unk.”
“Well let me make sure there is no doubt in everyone’s mind as to why and how many. I’m gettin 100 with that big jokari lexan paddle bare butt laying over the end of the couch arm from my Dad. You two are getting 50 each, 50 on the briefs or maybe on the bare.”
My buns clenched and my dick got harder as I heard what Randy and I had coming.
Billy then tried to justify my paddling, which was a little thin, and Randy’s which was not.
Billy had taken a seat in the chair I used when I spanked Eddy. He motioned to Randy to go over his lap and told Eddy to bring him the paddle. Eddy by now had stopped his crying and let his brother know he wanted to stay and watch us get it.
His brother agreed if he would help him out.
Billy moved Randy into a true jackknifed OTK position. He let his left le go limp, which caused Randy’s butt to go from 45-degree right angle over his cousin’s lap
To a 30 degree sharp angle over his right thigh. As I watched my son squirm trying to get comfortable in this angled position which gave his cousin a great target to paddle I began to worry about my soon to be paddled butt. Billy had Eddy hand him the paddle and assume a position close to Randy’s head. Using the paddle he tapped my son’s stretched out legs wide. Then he gave an order which didn’t make sense.
“On your knees between your son’s feet.”
I did and Eddy grabbed one of Randy’s legs and shoved it against the side of my waist. Then he did the same with the other leg on the other side. While Eddy was doing that Billy gave instructions on my role in keeping my son in place during his paddling. Basically I had to lock the inside crooks of my elbows against Randy’s lower calves, lacing my fingers together against my stomach as my arms locked my son’s legs down tight. In this position a number of facts struck me.
First my son’s underpants were too small. His brief’s leg openings had crept up his buns, baring his butt’s sit spots.
Second his brief’s seat had worn thin and in this tightly stretched position I could plainly make out his bunhole through the taut fabric.
Third, staring at the double thick fabric of my son’s jockeys was a first time experience. Just as watching some one else spank my son was going to be a first time experience I had a feeling I was not going to like.
As I had these foreboding thoughts I watched Billy place Randy’s arms down on his upper back, wrists crossed and Billy’s big hand securing my son’s wrists. Billy also had his brother bend down and use his hands to grip a press down on Randy’s upper arms. It became alarmingly clear my son was going to get one severe paddling from his cousin and I was next.
“OK Unk you count out your son’s swats by the 5’s and at 25 I need to make an adjustment to his skimpy undies if I haven’t beat em off him by then. Everybody ready Let’s do it.”
“OH Fuck Billy not so hard!” I felt my son’s legs struggle against the intense sting and burn of Billy’s first swats. My nephew wasn’t really raising the paddle up high and slamming it down on my son’s butt, just good solid wrist flip swats that burned and stung. CRACK CRACK Billy was doing a masterful job of paddling my son.
CRACK “First Five Billy”
I could tell Billy’s paddling was getting to my son because he was already softly blubbering and no longer voicing his opposition to his severe spanking.
“Ten Billy”
Pay close attention Eddy, cause I’m gonna scorch your cousin’s butt FAST”
My nephew began a series of rapid fire swats that caused Randy to go into a loud Wail as his butt was scorched.
I couldn’t wait for my turn.
In just a couple of minutes Eddy told Billy. “Twenty Billy”
The last five swats nailed my son’s bared sit spots and his untouched upper thighs with hard swats delivered from above Billy’s shoulder.
Billy patted my son’s taut buns and warned him.
“OK cuz, now you get to feel what I’m gonna get tonight. Time to let these buns get it bare just like I will.”
With that Billy grabbed on to randy’s briefs and gave him a hard snug wedgie which effectively bared his buns.
He patted my son’s tight jacknifed dark red buns with the paddle and then raised the paddle and slammed it hard into his left cheek. CRACK.
Same to his right cheek. CRACK
Slowly and painfully, at least from my crotch bun viewpoint; Billy was paddling my son almost full strength and was Randy ever crying, blubbering and begging.
Since my spankings made my son loudly cry, I had never heard the wailing from his lips like now as his cousin did his best to set his butt on fire.
Finally over Randy’s loud protests I heard Eddy say the words my son craved to hear.
“50 Billy”
Billy gave Eddy the paddle and grinned at me with a silent mouthing of “You’re next”
About then I wanted to do anything but go over my nephew’s lap for a paddling. If I got what Randy got, my butt would disown me.
Billy did spend a couple of minutes softly rubbing and patting Randy’s shinny dark red buns. Then finally said those fateful words; “Get up Randy your Dad has a paddling due him now.”
Randy stumbled to his feet and did a frantic spank dance rubbing his buns furiously as his feet stomped on the floor.
Billy looked me in the eye and motioned me over his lap with the paddle. I shuffled towards my nephew’s lap of doom and let him grab my wrist and pull me over. I stared at the carpet as I felt my nephew pull down my briefs just enough to uncover my buns and hear him curse and complain, “Damn it Unk, just once I want to pull these off and see a lily white butt I can paddle my way and not worry about your tender spanked buns. Your butt is still a little pink from this weekends paddlings at the cabin Well I better pull these back up to get you started. Billy go in the bathroom and bring me a cup of hot water.”
I couldn’t believe Billy’s request of his little brother as I felt my nephew tug on my briefs smoothing out the seat and tugging down on the leg openings covering my sit spots. I couldn’t help but wonder what my nephew had planned for my butt.
As I stared at the carpet my nephew had me place my right arm back and he twisted it flat into my upper back. Eddy returned with the water and Billy took the cup from him and all of a sudden my right butt cheek felt hot and wet as Billy evidently poured the water on my brief covered butt. Soon he was rubbing the warm water on both cheeks. Then a fair amount was poured on my ass crack effectively making me pucker when it hit my spread open asshole and cringe when it made its way to my balls and dick.
Then he picked up the paddle and tapped my waiting wet cotton covered buns with his perplexing comment, “Well Unk that hot water makes your thin briefs almost transparent, but that’s not the reason I soaked your undies before I paddle you.” Shortly you will feel the enhancing effect of being paddled on a wet ass. Lucky you. Word of warning Unk. Now you’re gonna get it as hard as your brothers gives it to me”
He wasn’t kidding. My legs shot straight back and I yelled, “FUCK! “
“Cussing’s not nice Unk.
It makes the paddler do it harder”
I could feel my nephew’s body flex and move with each swat. My ass was getting a beating.
“No need to keep count Eddy, I’m gonna go nice and slow and make sure his wet butt feels each swat.”
Did he ever!
By the time he let me up I had discovered two things about being paddled in wet briefs.
It hurt worse than being paddled on the bare and second wet briefs kept the sting of the previous swat on your buns, because when done slowly each swat was a scorcher because the last one was still burning your ass!

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