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Sibling Domination

by Bad boy mike

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 18 Aug 2006

The early part of this story contains m/m spanking between two young brothers and in the later part there is f/m spanking between a young sister and brother. This is purely fiction and nothing more. I haven't based it on my own experiences or on anybody else's that I know. You can take it as fantasy but that is not to say it cannot happen and never has. Let us remember that there are many millions of homes out there just like your own with countless families and each has their own secrets. Who can say what goes on behind each wall, in each room! We are all different in how we relate to each other, including children...particularly siblings. Some are tolerent towards each other, others not. Some are very close and others quite the opposite. Some, regardless of their age or sex, just like to bully and dominate while others are weak or just submissive. That then is the basis of my story. Hope you will enjoy. It's set in Western Australia in the early 1970's.

Let me introduce myself to you. My name is Charles Baxter but as a kid everyone called me Charlie. When I reached the age of eleven my mother passed away due to a very bad chest infection. At this time my older brother Gary was thirteen and my younger sister Janet was nine. As well as the terrible loss we all felt we knew things were going to change at home a great deal. Being a middle child is never an advantage as the events I am about to tell you about will demonstrate.

Shortly after our mother's funeral our father, Trevor Baxter, got us all together in the living room and told us, "Now that your mother's gone, kids, there will have to be some new house rules because we can't depend on her like we used to. You two boys are old enough to start doing things yourself, like tidying your beds and keeping your room clean." He looked directly at Gary. "Son, I think it's time you assumed some of the responsibity around here because you are the oldest. If Charlie starts slacking and not doing the tasks I tell him you have my permission to turn him over your knee and smack his bum if I'm not around." I was quite shocked by this. He was giving my brother the authority to give me a hiding if I messed up and didn't do my share of the housework. Gary and me had always gotten on so well together but something told me things would now be different between us.

Dad went on, "I'll have a cleaning lady over twice a week to do the dusting, toilet cleaning and other jobs I wouldn't expect you to do." He turned his attention to our little sister Janet and smiled at her. "I want you two to look after your sister when I'm not here. You know my job keeps me away from home long hours and you'll have to start cooking your own meals when you get in and hers too. If you don't know how I suggest you start learning. Jan has always been well behaved and I've never had to tell her to do anything twice. I hope you blokes can follow her example. I'm sorry if I sound hard but with your Mum no longer around we have to pull together a lot more then before, understand!" Me and Gary nodded that we did.

So with that the new rules came into effect. My brother and me thought it unfair that because of her age Janet was not expected to do any work around the house, even make her bed which Gary and I did in turns. Still, for the first few weeks we both complied with the new rules and did our bit. Since father wasn't home until about seven in the evening us kids were alone at home for about three hours after school, doing our diners which were normally beef burgers, fried egg and chips. We just couldn't be bothered to learn to cook anything else. The neighbours usually looked in on us to see we were all right.

One day I had more homework to do so I neglected to make my bed and tidy up the room Gary and me shared. My brother was not happy about this and told me so. "We both promised Dad we'd do our work around the house now Mum's gone. You got no excuse, Charlie, you're just lazy. Dad said I should tan your backside if you tried to get out of your chores and that's what I'll do. Come over here!"

I never thought he'd really go through with punishing me just like our Dad would. I protested, saying, "You're not Dad, Gary, I don't have to do what you say!"

"Yes you do!" He roughly seized my arm and dragged me over to the large armchair in the living room. After he sat down on it he pulled me across his knees, holding me firmly. I struggled and screamed at him to let me go but I knew he had me helpless. My bottom sat right in the centre of his lap and soon his hand began to spank it. I still wore short trousers at this time and as my brother spanked me until my bum turned sore and red and I was crying he warned me, "Next time I'll take your pants down and do it on your bare behind. Dad left me in charge when he's away and you better learn to do what you're told. Now get upstairs and get that bed made if you don't want me to do it now!" So with tears running down my face and my bum cheeks burning I did the job that would have spared me a humiliating chastisment from my barely two years older sibling. I knew this would not be the only occasion Gary would have me over his knee, not by a long way.

Just two weeks later I failed to clear up my toy soldiers in the bedroom and received my first sample of bare bottomed discipline. Gary sat on the end of his own bed and ordered me to come over and stand next to him. I knew that if I disobeyed him it would make my situation even worse. When I had done so he removed first my shorts and then hauled me across his legs so that my weight was supported by the bed. He then proceeded to pull my white cotton briefs below my buttock cheeks, down my skinny legs and right off. I knew this would be even worse then the previous session. When his hand came down on my unprotected arse I cried out immediately.


Time and again I felt his hard palm descend to my unfortunate cheeks and he didn't stop until he had me crying and begging him to stop. My brother had never treated me like this before and I really hated him at that moment. When he let me up I just lay face on my own bed without speaking to him. It was quite a while before I managed to drift off to sleep.

Next day after school I sat alone in the bedroom, still angry at my brother for the way he'd spanked me just for leaving a few toys on the floor. After awhile Gary appeared in the doorway saying, "I want to talk to you, Charlie!" I responded by ignoring him but he still came and sat down beside me. He put an affectionate arm around my shoulder. I began to pull away from him until I heard him say, "I'm really sorry I had to hurt your bum, mate! I don't like doing it but if I don't Dad would give us both a whipping and he'd do it a lot worse then me. I'll probably have to do it a lot more times if you break the house rules again so try not to screw up, all right!"

I nodded and we gave each other a hug. I figured a spanking from my big brother was probably the lesser of the evils. I had once seen our father lay into Gary with his belt and he had felt the effects for days afterwards. I knew there would be several more painful bottom beatings from him and how right I was. However, from that day I just accepted my fate.

Some weeks later I was caught smoking at school. The headmaster decided to send me home and let my father deal with it. Dad was furious but still gave Gary the unpleasent task of punishing me for it. He told me to wait in our bedroom until my brother came up. I knew what was expected of me by now so I stripped off all my clothes except my underpants and waited for him. When he entered the room he had a large leather belt which he doubled up. His look told me he no more wanted this then I did. He said, "Sorry about this,mate! Now I want you to lie across the bed, all right!" I obeyed him at once. When I was in position on my bed I felt him tug down my briefs just below my backside. I gritted my teeth and waited for what was to come. I knew at least my brother would be more merciful then our Dad would have been. When that belt struck my bare posterior I really cried out.


Gary decided ten was enough, it was certainly more then enough for me. My bum was sore, swollen and red and I just cried my eyes out. That was the only belt spanking I ever received from him and it was certainly the most painful. I got quite a few more hand spankings though nowhere was severe but always with my pants down. I forgave him every time, I knew he was under pressure from Dad but it was so hard to get used to the hurt and humiliation. I knew our relationship had changed forever. We had always been such pals when our mother was still alive but now he was more my guardian then my brother. I would not say he was really abusive with me, he knew how far to go, how far Dad would allow him to go when it came to chastising me.

This went on for two years until Gary turned fifteen and went to military school. This would mean he would be away from home most of the time. I was sorry to see him go yet at the same time I was relieved. I assumed any further spankings would be carried out by our father. How wrong I was! With my brother away our little sister Janet, who was now eleven, had begun to do some of the work around the house. She always tidied up my room as well as hers if I forgot to do so myself. She wanted to keep me out of trouble with Dad and for that I was grateful. However, everything had it's price as I would soon learn.

One day after school I found that Janet had been looking under my bed and found a girlie magazine a boy at school had lent me. As I made my way upstairs and into my room there she was sitting on my bed with the copy of Playgirl in her hand. She looked at me and said, "I'm surprised at you, Charlie! How could you read such disgusting junk. You've been a very bad boy and I think I should tell Dad."

I pleaded with her, "Oh, sis, please don't let Dad know. He'll beat me within an inch of my life. All the kids at school my age look at naked girls so it's no big deal. I'll give it back tomorrow and you won't see it again."

The look on her face told me I wasn't getting off that easily. She told me, "I think I should spank you the way Gary used to when you did something wrong and this is worse then anything you did before." She informed me how when our bedroom door was slightly open on a couple of occasions she could see me bare bottomed across my brother's lap getting spanked until I cried like a baby. "He always did a good job on your naughty bottom, didn't he! Well, you really have been naughty now and I think I should do the same."

I protested at once. "You're my little sister, you can't spank me! It was bad enough Gary doing it but there's no way I'll let you do it too."

Janet laughed. "All right then, I'll just let Dad know about that magazine. I don't think he'll go easy on you when he knows you get off on that sort of trash." I knew she had me where she wanted me. She gestured at my now long trousers. "Get them down, you little pervert!" She spoke to me now as if she was our mother. I had no choice but to obey her. Soon my pants fell to my ankles and I stepped out of them. She told to take off the rest of my clothes except my briefs.

She then patted her lap which meant I had to go over it. Soon I was in the familiar OTK position I knew so well after all the times I'd been taken across Gary's knees for some attitude adjustment but this was worse. I was going to be spanked by an eleven year old girl, my younger sister. I expected her to remove my undies but she never did, nor did she during any subsequent hand spankings she gave me, and for this at least I was grateful.


I could not believe how hard her hand came down on my buttocks. Her grip around my waist was firm as her small, hard hand connected with the seat of my underpants. I found myself wondering how a girl her size and age could be capable of inflicting such pain to her thirteen year old brother's backside. My lower region felt very uncomfortable and soon it became very painful. When I began to cry she stopped spanking me and let me off her lap, warning me she'd do it again if I didn't behave. She then left the room, leaving me with a very sore bottom. I had an awful feeling there would be more occasions like that and how right I was!

About ten days later when I got home from school I found her in my room sitting on my bed again. She said, "I hear you were a bad boy today, Charlie!"

No point denying it. She went to the same school as me and her friends let her know everything that went on. I replied, "I got into a fight with another boy at school today, Jan!" I knew I either had to face her wrath or Dad's so I thought it might be wiser to turn myself over to to her for punishment.

"You've been a very naughty boy, Charlie, and there's an old fashioned remedy for naughtiness. Get your pants down, boy!" I knew I shouldn't have let her talk to me like that or treat me like a six year old but I was left with no alternative. Soon my trousers lay on the carpeted floor and my other garments followed. All I had on was my thin white cotton briefs which covered my private parts but offered little protection from her hand spankings.

Once again I was back in that embarrassing position across her bare legs with my weight supported by the bed. Then came the first hard smack of her hand as it landed squarely on both my butt cheeks. I could not get over how strong her spanks were. Even a grown man would have known he'd been spanked. Again and again her palm struck my developing backside. After five minutes it became very unpleasent. After ten minutes it was unbearable and I couldn't help but bawl my eyes out and beg my sister to stop, which she did.

She told me that now Gary was away I needed a firm hand to straighten me out and if I refused to let her tan my hide she'd turn me over to Dad. What a situation to be in, being comprimised by a little girl. I was a teenager and she was still a child but very capable of giving me a spanking I wouldn't forget in a hurry. After she left the room I inspected my abused arse in the mirror and saw how red and swollen it had become. Her bottom burning sessions were even worse then Gary's! I don't believe my brother ever really liked his role as my disciplinarian but I think my sister did which was why she went about it with such vigour.

So for the next year I was subjected to many more OTK spankings administered by my slightly sadistic sister. Often as I lay across her knee taking a terrible bottom brusing my penis would grow stiffer and stiffer. If she ever noticed this she never mentioned it to me. I thought it strange this never happened when Gary was left in charge of me. Getting spanked by a girl, particularly a younger girl, does tend to produce this kind of reaction from an adolescent boy.

She did once give me a very painful and memorable bare bottomed thrashing with a belt just as Gary had for drinking beer in the house when Dad wasn't around. To tell the truth I didn't really like the stuff and I was quite irresponsible for drinking underage so she was probably right to blister my arse for it. "Let that be a lesson to you!" she said after she'd finished and it certainly was.

By the time I turned fourteen the physical punishments by my sister were less frequent and then they stopped altogether. Maybe she just got bored with whacking my rear end almost weekly. Maybe she thought it wasn't proper to keep spanking her big brother like a child. Whatever the reason they stopped and I was glad about that. I took great care to always stay on the right side of Dad and not make him mad because I knew a beating from him would be far worse then any I'd had from Gary or Janet. As it turned out I was never spanked by Dad.

At sixteen I left home to go to military school as had Gary. In spite of everything I kissed my young sister goodbye before Dad drove me to the railway station. I did my service until I turned eighteen and then I took up engineering as a career. Janet became a nurse at the local hospital so now she was treating injuries instead of trying to cause them as she had with me (bad joke).

Dad passed away about ten years ago due to a heart condition. Since then me and my brother and sister have stayed in close contact and we often still get together to reflect on those childhood times in that house. I feel no animosity toward either of them for having inflicted so much pain to my bottom all those years ago. After all, Mum was gone and things had to change for all of us, it was just the way it was. If Mum had not died on us like that I think we'd have been like most other families. All things considered I would say we all turned out pretty well and our mother would have been very proud of all of us.

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