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Celebrity Spank: Haley Joel Osment: Punished for DUI/Pot Possession

by Brians Sister

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This is a fictional story in response to the news that eighteen-year-old child actor, Haley Joel Osment, has been charged with possession of marijuana and DUI. This is a fictional account of his parent's reaction to the news once he got out of the hospital, finished the film that he was working on, and home.

Haley's agent, Sally Bevins, had called his parents Mr. And Mrs. Osment about the news a few weeks prior. The Osments had heard about the accident and had called their son and had mentioned that when he got home in a few weeks, they would discuss his actions. Haley assumed that he was going to get a stern lecture, but was surprised by the chain of events that was awaiting him in his parents' home.
Sally dropped off the lanky teenager in front of his parents home. Haley was still a little sore, but had largely recovered physically from the accident. His court date for the DUI and drug possession were next week in LA and he knew that he was not going to be able to spend too much time at his parents home until he was due back in the studio. It was a good possibility that the boy was going to have to do some jail time and the studio wanted to get the film finished prior to his sentencing.
The lanky boy walked up the walkway to the house dressed in loose fitting blue jeans and a green Nike tee shirt that he had largely outgrown. His duffle bag containing a few changes of clothes was slung over his shoulder. As Sally drove off, she saw the boy open the front door and enter.
Inside, Haley spotted his younger sister, fourteen-year-old Emily seated in the recliner. His parents were sitting on the living room couch. Turning his head slightly, he noticed that on the dining room table sat a leather belt and a wooden spoon.
'Hey Mom and Dad, Em, I'm home…how are you all doing?" "We are doing well Haley, how was your trip?" "It was okay, but I am pretty tired, I am going up to my room and put my bag down and take a shower…what's for dinner?"
"Just a minute young man, why don't you put your bag down. We need to talk for a while about your activities in LA a couple of weeks ago. I don't understand how a boy your age thinks that he can drink and drive and drugs? I thought that we raised you right? You are going to end up in jail and you have embarrassed your Mother and sister with your actions. I thought that since you didn't have any problems embarrassing them, you wouldn't have any problems being embarrassed in front of them."
"What do you mean Dad, yeah I know I did something stupid, but come on, I don't get what you are talking about…embarrassed?"
"Well young man, we haven't spanked you since you were twelve since we thought you were too big for it, but your Mother and I spoke and we think that would be a very fitting punishment for young man who doesn't know his place."
"A spanking? You got to be kidding…I am eighteen years old! I am too big for a spanking? That is something that you give little kids."
"Well young man, I don't know were you get your ideas…just because LA is so liberal and the like, but in this home, for serious offenses we have decided that it would be appropriate that you got a bare-bottom spanking and since you embarrassed both your Mom and Emily with your actions, we thought that they should witness it."
"Bare, you mean like…." "That's right young man, with your pants and underpants down like you got it when you were twelve."
Haley had dropped his bag near the front door and stood before his parents, tears beginning to form in his eyes, his voice beginning to choke up and broke a couple of times. "Come on Dad, that is barbaric and you know…I am too big for that…please don't spank me in front of Mom and Em, not bare, and you can spank me in my room, you can even use the belt, but please not down here."
"Young man, I don't think you are in the position to set ultimatums, now get your pants down so that we can get started."
"But Dad, I am too old for this, please no." "Haley, you have five seconds to have your jeans and your underpants at your ankles or I will pull them down for you myself and it will only be worse. Now get going."
"Come on Dad, this is so barbaric…I am already going to be punished by the courts…no way am I going to pull down my pants…"
Mr. Osment leapt to his feet and seized his eighteen-year-old son by the forearm and spun him around, his open palm landing on the denim covered butt of his teenage son. Haley was weeping openly, pleading for mercy, his hands trying to block his father's hand connecting with his jeans.
Mr. Osment dragged his son over to the dining room table by his arm and picked up the wooden spoon that was lying there by the leather belt. He turned the dining room chair around and sat down, pulling the boy over his lap. The wooden spoon began his assault; Mr. Osment held the boy's arm up between his shoulder blades, as the boy lay splayed across his father's lap, his legs kicking.
Mr. Osment gave the boy a volley of several dozen swats with the spoon before standing him up, setting the spoon down and he began to unfasten the boy's jeans. The pants were pulled up and were quickly lowered to the boy's tennis shoes. His blue boxer briefs quickly joined his Levis.
This left the boy exposed, his reddened butt checks facing his Mom and sister, the boy's modest sized equipment hung facing his father. "Okay Haley, I want you to turn around and face your Mom and your sister and apologize for the embarrassment that you caused them."
"Oh Daddy, don't make me turn around, you can spank me, but please not that…"
Mr. Osment seized his son by the upper arm and spun the boy around, sending his limp penis and testicles flopping. Emily and Mrs. Osment's eyes immediately dropped to the swinging appendages and soaked in the view. Mrs. Osment hadn't seen her teenage son without his pants on since he was around ten or eleven. Being a shy family, Emily could not recall the last time she had seen her brother's equipment, if ever. She did absorb the view of her brother, who teased her so regularly, getting a bare-bottom spanking…and in her opinion, it was long overdue. She was glad that her Dad let her watch it and she only wished that she had her camera phone to snap a couple of pictures.
"Now young man, I want you to apologize for your actions and the embarrassment that you caused this family."
"Mom, Em I am sorry for causing you such embarrassment. I was acting like a little boy and I was stupid…I am sorry."
"That is good enough Haley, now it is time to get the belt, I want you to bend over this chair."
"Wait Haley, one more thing." Mrs. Osment stood up and took hold the hem of his tee shirt and pulled it up and over his head and pulling it off. She went and sat back down on the couch holding the tee shirt. Haley was now completely naked except for his tennis shoes and the jeans and underpants pooled at his ankles. By removing the tee shirt, it gave both Mrs. Osment and Emily a clear profile view of Haley's penis and testicles when Mr. Osment applied the belt.
Haley thrust his hips forward each time the belt struck his bared bottom his penis flopping in time with the assault. After fifteen strokes, Mr. Osment set the belt down on the table and addressed his son.
"I better not hear about you drinking and driving again and the drugs? I hope that you have learned your lesson. I want you to stand in the corner until your Mother or I tell you you can come out. Get your butt over there and stand there. If I see you looking anywhere besides the corner, I will pull you back out of the corner and reapply the belt."
Haley shuffled, crying openly to the nearest corner. The chastised youth faced the wall, thinking of the bad turn that his life had made since "Sixth Sense

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