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Jason-Stepson's Spanking

by Brians Sister

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Thirteen-year-old Nichole came home from her friends' house to hear her Mom and her fifteen-year-old step brother Jason arguing in his room.

"Damn it, Jason, this room is a disaster zone…what did I tell you to do this morning? Answer me young man, what did I tell you to do?" "You said to get up and clean my room, but Delores, I did clean my room and…" "Stop it young man, you know that pushing a few things around your room does not constitute cleaning your room…don't you."
"Man, get off my back. Ever since Dad married you, you have been on my case to do this or do that. I am not your son and you can't boss me around!"
Nichole snuck up the stairs and stood in the boy's open bedroom door for a ringside view. Her mother looked up at her daughter and then back at her insolent stepson. She hadn't told her to go away so Nichole assumed that this was an invitation to watch the afternoon show.
"Well, you are right that I am not your mother and you are not my son, but if I were your mother, your butt would have been blistered so hard so many different times since I met you and your Dad…you would have a very different attitude. Since your Dad is traveling this week and you are in my care and your Dad has also told me that I can punish you as I see fit, things are going to change around here. Listen here baby doll, the honeymoon is over and you are going to be one sorry little boy. You have seen how I spank my son Dillon and I think I should spank you the same way."
"Come on…Dillon is like ten and I am fifteen. I am way too old to be spanked and you are not going to do it. Get out of my room and leave me alone."
"Jason, you are getting too big for your britches and in this house, boys who get too big for their britches get them pulled down and their bottoms tanned. You, I think, have crossed the line and are going to get one. I am going to go and get the hairbrush I use on Dillon's bare bottom, and make some introductions. By the time I get back, I want your shoes, socks, jeans and tee shirt off and I want to see you standing in that corner over there in just your underpants. Is that understood?"
"No way Bitch! I am too old for that and you can't do that…"
Delores' open palm slammed across the stunned teenager's cheek. Jason reeled back and his stepmother, although short, was toned from the hours spent doing aerobics at the local YMCA. She seized the boy's short black hair and spun the boy around and used her open palm to beat the denim-covered butt cheeks of the teenager. "It seems like you have a nasty mouth that also needs to taste some soap when we are finished with your bottom."
Propelling the boy out of his bedroom, past Nichole, down the hall into her bedroom. Entering her bedroom, she lead the boy over to the nightstand, sat down on the vanity bench and released the boy's hair…her hands falling to he fly on the boy's jeans. The buttons on his stonewash, Levi's were pulled open and the jeans were yanked to his ankles. His blue boxer briefs were quickly stripped-down to join his jeans and the boy was pulled over his step-mom's lap and seizing the heavy wooden brush, she quickly turned the boy's upturned bared bottom a nasty fire engine red.
After what seemed like ten minutes, she stood the boy up, and taking hold of his tee shirt hem, pulled the shirt up and over his head. "Now get your shoes and socks off and get those jeans and underpants off. I think you need a dose of your father's belt."
With the boy's shirt off, Nichole had an unobstructed view of her stepbrother's hanging penis and testicles. His penis wasn't much bigger than her ten-year-old brother Dillon and his testicles were pulled up protectively into his scrotum and could barely be seen through the sparse patches of pubic hair that framed his three and a half inch limp penis.
Jason seized his spanked bottom, hopping from foot-to-foot trying to extinguish the fire in his bottom and weeping openly pleaded with his step-mom for mercy.
"Jason, you had your chance to clean your room and act like a responsible boy, but I your attitude and foul mouth have earned you this spanking. Now get those clothes off or I will strip you myself."
Jason kicked off his shoes and stepped out of the pooled jeans and boxer shorts. He stooped to remove his socks and then stood before his step-mom, his hands trying to cover his privates.
"I don't care what your penis looks like…put your hands at your sides." Jason reluctantly moved his hands and let them hang at his sides as he rocked on the balls of his feet hoping the momentum would sooth his punished bottom. "Young man, you are going to get used to standing just like this and as I am going to spank your bare bottom regularly for disobedience and just about anything I think you need to be spanked for. You don't look much like a man and anyway, I find that spanking works best on boys your age. I don't know why, but boys seem to listen and remember better to lesson if they get them naked. Now, I want you to bend over the bed and I will be right back to spank your bottom with your Dad's belt.
Jason turned around and although happy to conceal his exposed privates to his step-mom and stepsister, he shuddered to think about the leather of his Dad's belt hitting his bare skin. Jason turned around, faced the bed, and lowered himself over the edge, his face facing the flowered wallpaper. His stepmother had walked over to the closet, opened the door and selected one of her husband's leather belts and walked over to the bed where her stepson was bent over. "Spread your legs and keep them spread so that I can get every inch of your naughty bottom." Jason spread his legs, giving his sister a glimpse of his testicles sucked up in his scrotum.
The leather of the belt broke the silence and after five strokes like it, Jason was rocking back and forth doing all he could to keep his hands on the bed, his front facing down and to keep the tears at bay. At ten, he could not stop himself and the tears and crying commenced. His step-mom continued until he counted twenty-five.
"Turn over Jason and face me!" Jason reluctantly turned his hips and Nichole gasped when she saw his four-inch erection pointing up towards the ceiling, the boy's face covered in tears.
"I hope that you have learned your lesson young man. I now want you to get into your room and get that cesspool cleaned to my satisfaction. You have two hours. When you are finished, I want you to come down to the living room and plant your face in the corner until I tell you to come out."
Jason nodded his agreement, the tears still streaming down his face and he stooped to pick up his boxer briefs to pull on. "Did I say anything about getting dressed Jason?" "No ma'am… but I…"
"You will not put your pants on until I am satisfied with the status of your room. Now get your butt into that room and get it cleaned up…and don't come out of the room until you are ready to put yourself into the corner. When I am satisfied that you have stood their long enough, we will look at your bedroom together and if I am not satisfied, I think we need to have another session over my lap, in your birthday suit, and then you will have another chance to get the room clean and organized.
Jason's face reddened and his step-mom leaned over, took her stepson by his ear, pulled him to his feet and led him into the bedroom, his erection bobbing slightly with each step he took.
"Take a look at this room. I want it spotless and I want you to keep the door open while you clean it. I don't want you to touch your bottom or your front until the room is clean to my satisfaction. Is that understood?"
"Yes, I understand."
"Good, now get your butt to work unless you think we need to have a refresher with the brush before you start?" "No, way, I will get it clean"
"Before you start to clean, we need to do something about that mouth of yours." Delores then led her still-naked stepson into the hallway bathroom and lathered up a bar of Ivory soap. "Open your mouth and keep it open until I tell you to close it. Your filthy mouth this afternoon has earned you this soaping. This also will become a normal punishment. If you swear, lie, talk back or are other wise disrespectful, you can expect to taste a bar of soap. If you are going to get a spanking, we will make sure that you are dressed appropriately for the task at hand. Now open your mouth and keep it open." Jason's step mom ran the bar liberally over the boy's teeth, tongue and lips as she held him by the back of his neck, the boy's limp penis and testicles resting on the bathroom countertop. "Now rinse quickly and get to work on your room, you have five seconds." Jason bent and scrubbed out as much of the soap as possible before being ushered back down the hall and into his room, the majority of the soap still on his lips and in-between his teeth.
Jason immediately went to work organizing the room. In a little less than two hours, he had got the room reasonably organized and had parked himself in the living room corner. She left him there standing for another forty-five minutes before taking hold of a handful of his hair and leading her naked stepson up the stairs to check out the room.
Although reasonably satisfied with the immediate appearances, she checked under the bed and in the closet. Jason found himself back over his step-mom's lap, the brush warming his already assaulted butt checks for a third time in a few hours.
After repeating the process, Jason was finally able to pull on a pair of loose fitting boxer shorts over his reddened bottom. He ate his dinner standing that evening and for the next two evenings. His step-mom continued to use the method of discipline until he turned nineteen, graduated high school and left for Army basic training. Two nights before he shipped out to Kansas, he found himself in his birthday suit stretched over his step-mom's lap on the receiving end of a bare-bottomed spanking. Jason knew that his step-mom loved him, but what he didn't know was that his step-mom secretly loved spanking the young man over her lap and as he got older and more mature, thought of him and his young, firm body and youthful manhood pressing against her thigh as she thoroughly punished her step-son.

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