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Brothers' Red Butts
Part 2

by Y Lee Coyote

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 16 Jul 1997

The following story is fiction. It contains scenes of public parental spanking with the attendant humiliation. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i. e., child) please leave now. Before you get very upset at the events in this piece, please remember that it is narrated by a twelve year old and they tend to exaggerate frequently. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Monday, Memorial Day, May 25

Dear Pen Pal,

In your response to my letter of February 25, telling of my brothers’ red butts, you said that I must tell you more about our spankings and I promised that I would. At the time I was absolutely, positively sure that one of my brothers would again be the star of the new report, but, alas, it is myself that got it this time. As I write this I am sitting gingerly — very gingerly — still with a very red bottom (ouch) on a very thick and very soft cushion.

Yesterday was a terrible day! It was the worse day of my life! I thought that I would die for I was so mortified! I’m really ashamed to write this but I promised you. Let me remind you that I come from a big family; both my parents have three siblings and several cousins each. We also have a family tradition of meeting for a family (actually, clan) picnic each year(now) on the Sunday before Memorial Day. Well the clan includes fifteen families so that the group is almost sixty people of which my cousins (aged6 to 22) number twenty. About eighty per cent showed up this time. As has been the recent custom, this year we rented a private resort area that even has a small lake as well as the standard picnic grounds.

It was extremely hot yesterday; a real scorcher at 35 degrees! — almost body temperature. It felt more like a Labor Day weekend than a Memorial Day one. Us kids were all minimally dressed in shorts and for the young ladies an additional brief halter. We were all running around having a great time with lots of good burgers and stuff and without thoughts of school and homework. My cousins Chuck and Ralph, both 18, managed, finally, to get the paddles for the canoes from the caretaker. The old folks (my dad in particular) insisted that I had to be with two of my older cousins and made me promise all sorts of silly things — like not to stand-up. Here’s the line up: I’m with Chuck and Tom in #1; Tim is with Ralph and Terry in #2; and John is with Dave in #3. Although every one is real friendly now, it is important to know that Chuck and Tom are both real close with John and they have ganged up on me in the past. Also, I’m certain that John has not forgiven me for clipping his pubes at dad’s direction. I never heard what kind of tough time he had in swim class at school but surely he wants to get even with me.

After a little while of peaceful paddling a let’s do something exciting mode developed and we were going to race. Well my canoe got to the finish buoy first and then I made I very big mistake. I stood up and shouted for victory. I’m certain that I did not tip the canoe over. Positive! Absolutely sure! But never the less the three of us were in the water and every one the beach saw it also thanks to my very loud mouth. From the shouts from the beach, it was obvious that they all thought that I tipped over the canoe. It was really fun at first and there wasn’t any real danger. They are both great swimmers (have life guard jobs for the summer for years) and they came to my rescue. The problem was that I did not need to be rescued until then. I heard one of them say: Get her. As Chuck grabbed me, I started to say: I’m OK ..... but he dunked me and I choked on the cold lake water. I am no match for either of them and they kept me down until I stopped fighting. Surely it was an accident that my halter was untied, that it came off and got lost so as to leave my perky little tits exposed. Limp from being half drowned, they lifted me into canoe #3 with Dave and John. Then they righted and got back into their own canoe. I felt like a wet rag as they took me back to land.

When we got back to the beach, dad actually dragged me from the canoe. He was so angry that he forgot to be happy I was all right and immediate hauled my ass over to the first bench. Without a single word, he pulled down my shorts and panties and flipped me across his lap. Every one was watching! Even before the first smack, I was mortified. My little cousins were absolutely thrilled — particularly the males. They rarely got to see a spanking and now they were about to. (Not to mention a peak in the bright sun of my down covered privates and my exposed breasts. This was the first time in over a year that I was glad my pubes hadn’t really grown yet.) I think that you could have heard their giggles for they were so loud. The older ones were surely thinking that it was better her than me. As I was pulled over dad’s lap, I saw John grinning from ear to ear, and elbowing both Chuck and Tom (who were merely smiling), as happy as he could be that I was being humiliated by being publicly spanked while naked. Then,SMACK!just as the first blow landed on my exposed tushy,SMACK!I realized what had happened. SMACK!They had planned to get me.SMACK!And I had made it easy by standing up.SMACK!They had tipped over the canoe on purpose to get me in trouble.SMACK!But no one would believe that.SMACK!The unjust blows continued to rain down hard on my reddening butt.SMACK!And soon I gave in and started to cry like a baby.SMACK!Because I was also kicking, my shorts and panties came off andSMACK!I was totally naked. SMACK!I know that dad was lecturing me,SMACK!but I did not hear a single word of it.SMACK!<sob> SMACK!<sob> <sob>

Eventually dad stopped beating my ass and stood me up. I was blushing so much that it must have almost made my hot red ass seem pale. He called Chuck and Tom over and ordered me to apologize for endangering their lives by being so stupid as to stand up in a canoe causing it to tip over and thank them for saving my life. Have you ever seen that cartoon where they are trying to fish Washington out of the icy Delaware River with the caption reading: If I told him once, I told him a thousand times: Sit down, George.? Well that is how I felt. I was looking down at the ground, but when they were standing in front of me, I could see that their shorts were really bulging and you can envision why. I mumbled something but it did not please dad, so he told Chuck: I see that she needs some more. and pushed me toward him. Chuck took hold of me and sat down on the bench. You can guess what happened.SMACK!Yes, dear Pen Pal, I was getting anotherSMACK!public spanking on my already sore exposed derriere from my cousin.SMACK!My cousin is very strong and he hid me even harder than dad did.SMACK!I was soon crying again.SMACK!Again, I was stood up and this time apologized sufficiently to satisfy dad for I did not get a third spanking. <sob>

There was a small building near by and dad led me over to it and put me in the corner. But it was on the outside so that it did very little to hid my exposed pussy and nothing at all for my red behind. As I stood there, hoping to melt into the ground I could hear two set of things. First, various parents were showing their kids what happens to naughty boys and girls and I was exhibit number one. Even the shy kids got to stare — up close — at my glowing rear end without having to sneak. A couple of them wanted to even touch it. Second, the bold ones (particularly the boys)looked along the side of the building to view my anterior side. Whenever I tried to shift so that the one on the left couldn’t see, I just made the view for the one on the right better; it was a real loser which every way I moved. It was even worse for then I saw that they had camcorders! I knew that I was stuck here with my ass having to be out, but I was wishing that someone would bring me an apron so at least I could cover my privates. Also, I was wishing that there had been a normal corner which would have covered my front side.

After what seem to be days on display, Tim finally appeared with a towel and wrapped me in it. Then my cousins, Jill and Jane, helped me to shower and dress. They stayed with me until it was time to go home, keeping the boys away. You can be certain that I slept on my tummy last night.

In the morning, John happily told me that I got rave reviews and asked sporting an evil grin if I wanted to be in a nudee pictures.

After supper on Wednesday, we all got to see the video tape of the picnic that was a edited composite from the four camcorders that were there. It shows me getting spanked but very discreetly so as not to offend anyone or really embarrass me. My relief was short lived however. When I got back to my room I found a second tape that my loving male cousins made. I was the star attraction! It shows EVERYTHING of my spanking: being dragged from the canoe, shorts dropped, over dad’s lap, my butt turning red, over my cousin’s lap and standing exposed in the corner. Those perverted boys made it with long sequences of my naked crotch and behind. John come by and asked if I thought that his friends would like it. I’m certain he wants to blackmail (or should I say black-male?) me with it. I don’t know what to do. It showed everything; absolutely EVERYTHING!

I was frightened. I was screaming. Then I heard: It is OK, Pumpkin; it is OK. Pumpkin was John’s pet name for me when I was little and no one else ever used it. And I felt John’s strong arms about me; holding me tightly and trying to calm me. I just had had the absolutely most terrible nightmare of my entire life. It was just Monday afternoon and I was in my own bed (albeit with a sore butt). There was not a video tape of me to compete with Debby Does Dallas. My big brother was NOT trying to blackmail me but to help me. I told him what I had just dreamt and he assured me that it was just a very guilty girl’s dream. Dad would never treat me like that. He would never hurt me (even though I’m a pesky kid sister) although if it would help me he would (reluctantly) spank me. I should be ashamed of even having such terrible thoughts. He did reminded me that I was a bad girl for standing up in the canoe and causing it to tip over but dad had waited until we were home to spank me. And yes, he was very unhappy that I had clipped his pubes, but that was a problem between dad and him. He did not blame me at all for it. (He even confided that it had been sort of fun and he did not have that hard of a time at school.)Then he got his sports cream and very, very tenderly rubbed it on my sore behind before he tucked me back in the bed and kissed me gently on the forehead. And I fell back asleep.

Well, it’s now Monday evening as the date line says, but, dearest Pen Pal, I found that the DREAM was so exciting that I wanted to tell it to you as if it had been real. Did you catch the give away with the date and the event timing?

Well, you ask, what really happened. All was true up until I stood up in that canoe. Most regrettably, I really did tip it over and was rescued by my cousins, bless them. Dad did not spank me in public then and expose me to the world. When I got to the shore, my family wrapped me in a towel and I had to sit in the car until we got home. Once we were home, dad gave mea very severe lecture and an even more severe spanking.

First he put me over his lap with my shorts and panties off. It must have been more than hundred smacks on my little behind. I was bawling after only thirty. After a hour in the corner, while everyone else was having fun talking about the great day, he came back. I was then required to call up my two cousins who has rescued me and apologize for endangering their lives by my stupid actions and to thank them for saving my life. Then dad gave it to me with the belt for the first time. I got a dozen hard strokes with his heavy leather belt while laying over the bed. You can bet that I was crying very loud. Of course, both my brothers were watching both the spanking and strapping and saw all of me. <blush>

I suppose that I’m an obnoxious brat at times and deserved the severe chastisement I got this time. Need I mention that I am also grounded for two weeks. That’s practically a lifetime.

Writing about the spankings (both real and imagined) has made my crotch all tingly again. I going back to bed to play with me. So until next time, best wishes.


Mary Lou

© Copyright by A.I.L., May 7, 1997

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