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Honey, I Spanked The Kid

by Eric Blyton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 29 May 1998

Author's Note: This is an original story idea of mine.

Background: This is based on the syndicated television show, "Honey I Shrunk The Kids", which itself is based on a trio of Disney moves that all began "Honey I....". Those movies stared Rick Moranis as a wacky inventor who always came up with brilliant gadgets that never seemed to work quite right. The TV show follows the same storyline, but the actor playing the lead is a Rick Moranis look-alike (Peter Scolari) rather than the real thing. He has a wife, a boy-crazy teenaged daughter and (of course) a son (Thomas Dekker) who looks like a ten year old version of him. The show is quite corny, but I watched it a few times when nothing better was on and came up with this idea.

* * * * * *

Nick Szalinski was worried. He knew that he wasn't supposed to touch his father's inventions without permission, but he had figured that he could borrow the spyeye plane and return it without incident. With his father out of the house, he sneaked into the inventions room and took the remote control plane without incident. His father thought that this long-distance remote plane with a TV camera mounted in the nose would be useful for search missions; "much cheaper than putting an actual plane in the air" he had said. But to Nick, it was just a really neat toy.

He had taken the plane to a cleared field nearby and proceeded to start it up. His dad had let him fly it a few times and so he was quite confident in his abilities to get it off the ground. Turning it into the wind, he sent it speeding over the ground and it took off. For several minutes, the flight was uneventful; he reveled in the enjoyment of controlling the little plane; even trying a few daring maneuvers. But then he heard the plane's engine start to sputter. With a sudden dread, he realized that he had forgotten to check the gas! There was a reserve tank, but Nick did not know how to activate it. Trying not to panic, he started to bring the plane down. It got most of the way down before the engine gave up the ghost. The propellers stopped turning and the plane took a nose-dive. There was a heavy thud as it hit the ground and Nick ran over to inspect the damage.

The little plane was not totaled, as he had feared, but it was damaged beyond his abilities to repair it. The prop was badly bent, the TV camera had been jarred loose, and it was scratched up. With a sick feeling in his stomach, he picked it up and headed for home.

Now he was approaching the back door and he saw that his father's car was in the driveway. He had been planning to put the plane back on his father's workbench and deal with the consequences when it was found, but now there was no chance of putting off the day of reckoning. He opened the door and walked inside.

Wayne Szalinski was sitting at the kitchen table eating a sandwich. He raised his eyebrows when his son came in and his face tightened when he saw the damaged plane in Nick's arms.

"The spyeye plane!" he said, "What happened to it?"

"Um, I kind of borrowed it and it kind of crashed," Nick said softly.

"You kind of borrowed it?" Mr. Szalinski said as he got up and came over to look at the damage, "Don't you mean you took it without permission?"

"I guess so," Nick said as his father retrieved the plane from his arms and looked it over.

"Well, it can be fixed," he declared after a minute or two of going over it, "But I'm afraid you are going to be punished for this, young man."

He put the plane down on the counter and turned back toward his son

"Well, at least I can use this as an opportunity to try out my latest and greatest invention," Mr. Szalinski said.

"What's that, Dad?" Nick asked. He didn't know what his father was working on, but he didn't see how an invention would be relevant in this situation.

"The Super Szalinski Spanking Machine!" Mr. Szalinski said with an excited flourish. "I've wanted to try it out, and now I have an excuse! Come along Nick."

With his father dragging him by the hand, Nick climbed the stairs to the attic. He really didn't want to be spanked, but the way his Dad's inventions went, he doubted it would work.

They reached his father's workshop and the man let him go and walked to the center of the room. There was a large tarpaulin covering something there, and he tugged it off to reveal a contraption consisting of many different levers and wheels. Nick wouldn't have had any idea what it was for it his father hadn't told him.

"Now, Nick, come over here," Mr. Szalinski said. Nick found his whole manner very disarming. He had been spanked by his father a number of times before, but on those occasions the man had been very stern and foreboding. Now he was bubbling with enthusiasm.

There was a padded set of boards in the center of the contraption, and Mr. Szalinski directed his son to stand against them. He flicked a button and suddenly Nick found his hands pinned to his sides as cuffs came out and locked him in place. Then the same thing happened to his legs; he was held fast! Nick began to worry; it occurred to him for the first time that this wacky machine of his dad's might actually work.

Mr. Szalinski had walked over to the other side of the machine and was looking at what appeared to be the control box. He was peering into the video interface preparing to make selections.

"Let's see," he said, reading aloud from the screen, "Step one, select: (A) Pants, (B) Underpants Only, or (C) Bare Bottomed. Let's try C."

He pressed a button and Nick heard the machinery begin to whir. His pants were unsnapped and then two metal levers hooked on to the sides of his blue jeans and started to lower them. When they were bunched around his ankles, the arms came back up and attached themselves to the waistband on the back of his briefs. Very methodically, they pulled down and his underpants came with them. The rough elastic of the waistband scraped over his tender little penis as it passed over it. Then the hairless little organ sprung free as his briefs slid down his thighs ending up with his jeans around his ankles.

"Perfect!" Mr. Szalinski said, "Everything working just fine. Oh, whoops! I guess I'd better get these." Mr. Szalinski came up and took off his son's glasses. "I better make a note about that."

Nick's vision was now blurry, but he could make out his Dad furiously scribbling in his notebook. His father's attitude was getting him very upset. It was bad enough that he had to be spanked; it didn't seem fair that his Dad was in such a good mood about it. Mr. Szalinski finished making his notes and went back to the controls.

"Now let's see," he said as he peered at the screen, "Do you prefer (A) Hand, (B) Belt, (C) Cane, or (D) Paddle. How about D?"

Nick had been hoping for A, but no such luck. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of the robot arms reach around the side of the spanking machine and retrieve a paddle. Much to his surprise, the process was repeated on the other side as well. The surprise must have been evident on his face, because his father answered his unspoken question.

"You see, Nick," he said, "I built the machine so that it can spank from both sides. That way, both sides of the bottom get equal treatment. Much more efficient than any human can do."

Nick wanted to say that the spankings he'd had in the past had been plenty efficient enough, but his Dad had turned back to the control.

"Now what's next? Oh, that's right. Severity Level: (A) Naughty, (B) Very Naughty, or (C) Extremely Naughty. I guess this would rate as Very Naughty, so B it is."

Nick was just glad that his father hadn't picked C. Mr. Szalinski hit the button and read out the result.

"Very Naughty. Recommended spanking with paddle; 20 spanks. Please hit enter to accept: Bare Bottomed Spanking - Paddle - 20 or use the + or - keys to increase or decrease number of spanks. I think we'll take the machine's advice this time."

Nick heard the click of the enter key being pressed and the machine hummed into life. His throat felt dry as the padded boards he was strapped to started to move underneath him. Very slowly, he found himself being bent over, with his vulnerable little bottom being stuck up in the air. He was still hoping the machine would break down, but there seemed little chance of that, now. Cogs and wheels spun and he felt the twin paddles brushing up against his bottom. He shivered as he realized the machine was taking aim. For a moment there was silence and then the humming sound became much louder. There was a rush of air and then an explosion of pain on his left cheek, WHACK!, followed almost immediately by an equal one on his right cheek, WHACK!

Nick screeched in pain, but this had no effect on the spanking machine. It continued its task, WHACK! WHACK!

The twin blows were only a split second apart, but each was clearly a separate event. Both Nick's little cheeks were stinging in pain, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!

With each new set of blows, Nick gave a lusty cry, but he knew in his heart that the machine would keep spanking him regardless. It was going to keep spanking his bottom no matter how hard he cried, WHACK/WHACK! WHACK/WHACK!

Nick had been keeping count and realized that the spanking was more than halfway over. He was profoundly grateful because his buns were now quite sore. The hard paddle slapped his naked skin unmercifully. Also, unlike when his father spanked him, each blow landed in exactly the same place. While the paddle was big enough to cover most of the area of his cheeks, the plumpest part of his rear felt like a burning coal was being held against it, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!

With the twenty spanks over, Nick relaxed his bottom. Too soon as it turned out, WHACK/WHACK!

Nick howled in renewed agony and surprise. Had he miscounted? WHACK/WHACK!

The unexpected blows on his already blazing bottom caused him to screech even louder. His vision was already blurry from not having his glasses and now his eyes were full of tears, but he could make out his Dad going over to the controls, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!

In vain he tried to wiggle away, but the machine held him fast. He couldn't even shift his bottom a little bit. He tried to cry out to his father for help, but he was crying too hard, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!

All Nick could think about was his blazing rear. Knowing that he was helpless in the grip of this inhuman machine was terrifying. He wondered if it was possible for a boy to be spanked to death. Through his pain, he could tell his father was trying to shut the machine off, but he was having no success, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!, WHACK/WHACK!

For a minute, Nick didn't realize that the machine had stopped. All he was aware of was the awful burning in his abused cheeks. But then he saw the arms returning the paddles to their places on the side of the machine. He wanted to rub his blazing bottom, but his hands were still held fast.

"Oh, I see," he heard his father say in that happy tone he used when he solved a problem, "I programmed it wrong. It counted each set of spanks as one spank, so it gave you 40 spanks instead of 20. I can fix that easily."

This cheery comment was too much for poor Nick. Here he was strapped to this machine, his bottom so sore he doubted he would ever sit again, and his Dad had the nerve to go on like nothing was wrong!


That shook Mr. Szalinski out of his cheery mood. The smile fell from his face and was replaced by an angry frown.

"That's no way to talk to your father, Nick," he said, "If I had spanked you myself, I probably would have given you more than 20, but I was giving you a break. Even though, the machine gave you 40, you deserved every one of those spanks. And your disrespect has just earned you a few more."

"No, Daddy, not the spanking machine again! Please, I'm sorry, I'll be good!"

"No, I don't have time to debug the machine right now. We'll do this the old fashioned way."

Mr. Szalinski got one of the machine's paddles and moved behind Nick. Wasting no time, he brought it down on his son's very red bottom, WHACK!, WHACK! WHACK!

This new pain was too much for Nick. He blubbered for mercy as the spanking continued, WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!!

"There, that should teach you a bit of respect," Mr. Szalinski said as he put the paddle back. Nick saw him fiddle with the controls and the machine began to straighten him back up. When he was vertical, the cuffs suddenly released him. Immediately, he moved to rub his bottom, but his pants and underpants were still around his ankles and he overbalanced, landing on his already bruised rear. He howled and turned over on his front, wiggling as he attempted to cool down his cheeks. His bare cock was rubbing against the shag carpet, and he was vaguely aware that this was giving him pleasure, but it was overwhelmed by the discomfort in his seat. His father left, telling Nick to go to his room when he was ready.

After several minutes, Nick was under control. He found that all the rubbing of his dick against the carpet had caused it to become stiff, but he mentally filed this under things to be thought about later. He pulled up his pants and underpants and went over to the hateful machine to retrieve his glasses. Glaring at the spanking machine, he thought about trying to disable it. But no, his Dad would find out, and probably use him to test it again. He'd just have to watch his step from now on.

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