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Suspended, Tickled, Spanked and Whipped

by Kurly

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My sentence at Lyndone Reform School had not yet been completed and Curly the Whipmaster made use of me every day in the punishment room.

One morning it took to burly guards to subdue this kid as they dragged him into the punishment room. The kid was big and all muscles with the same soft blond curly hair as Kurt the whipmasters real name.

The guards threw the kid who was about 17 naked on the floor and when he looked up Kurt was standing in front of him with one foot on his arm. The kid spit on Kurt which was about the worst thing you could do to him. With that Kurt pinned him to the floor with both legs and took out a pair of hand cuffs and cuffed the kid behind his back. When his hands were secure he took a rope which was tied to a pipe on the ceiling and lashed his legs together.

That's when Kurt called me in.

"Kid, hold his head while I pull him up by his feet."

You would never know the kid was all muscle as Kurt pulled him feet first and suspended him from the pipe head down.

The kid looked wild as his curly blond locks hung like tendrels to the floor.

"We'll tame this one boy. Get me the feather duster and the curly wool fleece duster from the cabinet now. We're going to show him who is in control."

I opened the cabinet and found the feather duster and the curly white wool duster hanging on the door and I brought them to Kurt.

"You get the feathers and I get the fleece. I think you know what I want you to do. You take his back and I'll take his front. This will be fun."

With that Kurt began to tickle the kid who was suspended upside down under his arms with the curly wool fleece duster and he ordered me to tickle the kids other armpit from the back.

The kid started to squirm and flail about swinging from the rope. Kurt made small circles with the curly wool fleece duster then larger circles as the kid began to scream under the tickling from both of us.
Then Kurt moved down to his nipples and ribs as I tickled his shoulder blades.

"Stop, stop" he cried. "I am ticklish. I can't take it."

With that Kurt increased the tickling of the kids nipples and rib cage as I feathered his back. The kid was like a yo yo trying to move up and down away from the tickles but it was useless.

Kurt continued to move down his body to his stomach and I to the top of his crack.

"No, no. What are you going to do" he cried but the tickling continued.

Kurt tantalized the kid with a gentle tickle at the top of his pelvis and legs as the kid began to moan without word. I think he knew what was coming next as I started to tickle his ass with the feather dust and Kurt tickled the kids balls and massive erect and upside down dick with the curly wool. The kids dick began to bounch like a pick pond ball with each pass of the curly wool duster and I gave him no relief tickling his ass.

"Get his legs kid and I do his feet" Kurt ordered as the kids feet and legs went into spasms.

"Stay there kid as I finish him off and stay out of the line of fire."

With that Kurt returned to the kids balls and dick and began to use the duster to tickle the kids from the crack in his spread legs to the tip of his dick. The moaning got louder and louder as the kids dick turned beet red as it was so hard and engouged with blood. This went on forever it seems as the kids body suddlenly jerked back and forth like a rubber band and his cum exploded all over the kids face and into his mouth and down his curly blond locks. Even after that Kurt continued to tickle the kids asshole and balls and the kid went into multiple orgasms. The cum was all over him - in his mouth and nose and eyes and hair.

"Good work kid. Come here." I approached him and he took me in his arms and put his tongue in my mouth and began to French kiss me until we almost came in our pants. "We'll finish this later kid, but now I have administer a whipping this kid will never forget.

Kurt walked over to the cabinet and took out several punishing tools - the Louisiana Prison Strap, a small whip, a cat-o-nine tails whip and a bullwhip.

"Punk, you see these? Well, they are going to see you real close now."

Kurt picked up the Louisiana Prison Strap that was about 4 feet long and made of thing brown leather which looked like it had been well used on many a prisoner.

Without saying anything Kurt flayed into the kids suspended ass with the prison stap. The kid screamed as his ass began red and welted with the mark of the strap. One blow after another after another as the kid swung from his feet against the strap.

When he was satisfied that the strap had made an impression Kurt went right to the bullwhip.

The bullwhip was huge and mean and braided. Kurt began to lash the kids back and ass as the kids screams bounced off the padded walls and then into a moan. His back and ass were a mass of welts.

When Kurt saw the kid was getting to pale from being hung by his feet and was gasping for breath he cut the kid down and he collapsed on the floor. Kurt then took off the hand cuffs. The kids color returned to his face which was covered with tears and his cum. Kurt bent down next to the kids face and I heard the kid wisper that he was sorry he spit on Kurt. Kurt then helped the kid to his feet although he was hardly able to stand and brought him to Kurts room off the punishment room and gently placed him face down on his bed.

"Kid, get my salve" he told me. As Kurt massaged the salve into the kids whipped body the kid moaned with half pleasure and pain. Whatever was in the salve had a heady sexy smell that gave everyone a hardon including the kid.

Soon I saw Kurt unzip his leather pants to reveal his 9 inch dick which was ready for action. To my surprise Kurt said, "You first kid, undress me which I did even as I unzipped my prison jump suit which left us all butt naked.

Kurt handed me a condom and said," Put it on and take me as I take the kid".

He soon mounted the kid who gave no resitance as Kurt entered him. The kid acted like this was not the first time and tried to turn and pull Kurt's face to his as their tongues locked.

"Kid, I want you now" Kurt ordered even as he was inside his prisoner. I have never had a threesome before and I was a little unnerved by it but soon I was so deep in Kurt that he groaned during my thrusts. We stayed there for hours two prisoners and our whipmaster. When Kurt was satisfied he put the other boy and me together and shut the door for the night...

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