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Brothers' Red Butts
Part 5

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is totally fiction. It contains scenes of spanking and shaving. If such subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now. The use of paint on the body is best left to fiction as some paints contain dangerous solvents. This work is copyright by the author and commercial use is prohibited without permission. Personal/private copies are permitted only if complete including the copyright notice. The author would appreciate your comments — pro and con, including constructive criticism, and suggestions.

Monday evening, July 18

Dear Pen Pal,

As you know, I am at summer camp and the conditions here are positively primitive which is why you must endure my terrible handwriting and spelling errors. I don’t even have a typewriter! Unlike my previous letters, I must write this like Mr. Dickens did with his epic novels — by hand. Fortunately, for both of us, this is much shorter and I can use a ball point pen rather than a quill.

Camp is much more fun than I expected. Although it is a co-ed camp it is setup as brother/sister camps with a pink girls and blue boys section with the common stuff like the mess and social halls in between. Would you believe they are all yellow? Really! I kid you not!! They must have been struck with a major case of the cutes when they named the sections. I like my bunk mates for, like me, they are tomboyish rather than prissy. The girls’ activities are separate from the boys’ except for twice-a-week socials. With two agents in the other camp, I gotten a couple of good introductions to some real cool guys who like me. (Incidentally, one of my bunkmates is after my bod too.) John is a waiter but with lots of free time he gets into the action too.

Saturday afternoon Nan and I were washing up after working on painting the set for the first play of the season and we over heard some of the older guys talking in the john. That night they were going to start to haze the new campers; the fun was to commence at midnight behind the boat house. Nan immediately broke out in a huge grin and said that we must watch. Her cousin was here last year and she said she had heard some stories. So, we snuck out at 11:40 and were safely hidden in the bushes behind the boat house. There was only one side where the event could take place and not be seen by anyone in the camp. Anyone except these two Ninja spies that is.

Well, at the witching hour, the coven showed up. The four new boys and eight old timers. The newbies were stripped and we got to see four sets of cocks, balls and buns. They were asked silly questions about the camp and sports. But the penalties were what were interesting. Each time that a newbie did not know the correct answer, he was required to ask four of the old timers for a blow on the ass: Please, Wise Sir, Chastise this stupid boy., then turn and assume the position. The old timers carried ping pong paddles, hair brushes and belts. Then after each blow they were had to say: Thank you, Sir.

The initiates were required to be quiet and so we could enjoy the sound of boy butts being beaten and turning red, red and redder! They each started out white, but we could see their butts gradually turn pink, red and dark red by the light from the flashlights (gee, your word — torches —would sound better here). So it went: Question. Wrong answer. Please, Sir. Turn and bend. SMACK! Thank you. And turning darker. We kept count and each of the boys got fifteen sets of four kisses. A couple of the old timers used their hands. At first they were asked but they apparently hit very hard so by the time the event was over they were no longer the first to be asked. I just wished that it was lighter so that Nan and I could have seen better. It was very exciting and, yes, definitely — there was this great feeling between my legs — again. Of course, I encouraged it with my hand. (And Nan did the same.)

To finish up the boys were assigned an initiation mission. Tim and Nan’s brother, Tom, were required to get pictures of the girls’ showers in our camp the next night and the other two new boys the same in the girls’ camp on the other side.

Nan and I were torn between two loyalties: should we betray our brothers or the other girls. After a long discussion, we decided not to rat on them. Also, being photographed would not hurt any one. Besides we could get in trouble ourselves for being in a position to know the plans.

About 2300 Sunday evening, my bunkmate Nancy and I were woken up by a couple of girls from the fourteen year old group and told that there was something special for us to watch. They had caught a couple of boys spying, cameras in hand, on the older girls in the shower and were going to teach them a lesson. Yes, you guess it on the first try: Tim and Tom. Nan and I were invited to watch, but not participate, in their punishment.

By the time we got to the shower house the two captives had been stripped and had their hands tied behind their back. Would you believe that they were hard even in their helpless position; even after getting a cold shower. Tradition dictated the punishment. With some fanfare, one of the senior girls pronounced sentence on the two knaves.

The first part of the sentence was that they get Mohawks. This is a type of haircut named after the Indian tribe which lived in northern New York. You know Marvin Martian from Looney Tunes; his helmet has that same effect — a strip of hair down the middle and the rest shaved smooth. The boys were told what was going to happen and forced to kneel. They were also told that if they resisted that they would lose ALL of their hair and we mean ALL!, guys. Nan and I were kept in the background so our brothers would not see us. They had a powerful clipper and the four senior girls each did half a head. The boys were stoic and did not resist. I was told that both resistance and cowardliness are rewarded with extra punishments. Of course, those cameras were used — almost as planed for nude shots in the shower.

The second part of the punishment was to dye the remaining hair pink; a bright shocking pink. The dye was brushed on the boys and left to set for a while. They are very unhappy for they do not know that it is easily washed out rather than a permanent type.

The third part of the punishment is more permanent. Real paint is used to decorate the boys’ chests and backs with a large P and then their crotches were also painted. Would you like to guess what color is used. Nope; that’s wrong; it is not pink. It is FLORESCENT PINK. They could get away with the strange hair cut after their next shower but a florescent pink cock is going to be a real problem for a while. Would you want to try to scrub it off? OUCH at just the thought. I was told that it is not that bad for it stage paint and not wall paint, but even so. I got some of it on my hands working on the set and it does scrub off but not that easily.

The final punishment to be administered was twenty strokes with a leather strap; actually a couple of old leather belts. Each of the four senior girls administered five each. It turned out that two were lefties so the boys would get it very evenly. The boys were hobbled and tied to gather so that they could not run. Tim got it first. With everyone (including Tom) watching two of the seniors started on his nice white behind. It was so nice watching how his bottom changed color. First the sound of the belt, WHACK! and then the white turning pink. After a few strokes, Tim’s butt was all red. The seniors were mad and really laid it on hard. I think that they hit too hard but I could not do anything about it. I was worrying that Tim would really embarrass himself by shooting like he did when John strapped him. It was bad enough that he was hard though all of this. By the time Tim had gotten the specified ten on each side his butt was a very bright red. I though his bottom glowed more than the paint on his body.

Now it was Tom’s turn to get it. He was a little older than Tim and was one of the boys that I liked. His sister whispered to me that he had never, ever been spanked in any way. Well, that was about to end and in public. We were going to see what kind of stuff he is made of. He yelled on the first blow and was told that if he yelled again he would earn an extra two. He was quiet as the next few strokes completely reddened his virgin bottom and then broke down. He started to whimper and after a few more he was crying. The seniors with the straps and now with extra broad smiles, kept at it for the full count and then added an extra four. I must confess that I was proud that Tim took it was well and Nan was ashamed of her brother and would not speak of it.

They were led back to the Yellow zone and told that they were free. Free after they untied themselves. Free like the day they were born — naked. (Their clothes were dumped into the laundry and they will get them back next week.) They got lots of nude pictures in the girls’ shower as required. Although not quite the subjects specified. I expect to hear about this sometime in the future. I wonder how much of the truth will be changed since Tim does not know I saw it all.

Anyway it is lights out time, so I will close now and mail this in the morning.


Mary Lou —-Tuesday evening continuation,

This is a special week. A couple of hours before reveille this morning, I was called again. This time John had been caught trying to get revenge on the girls that mistreated Tom and his own little brother. Both Kevin (another waiter) and he were caught with a bucket of blue paint outside of the seniors’ bunk house. This time it was the waitress that were in charge. I was called to watch what happened to my big brother.

By the time I got there they were each tied to a broom handle to keep their arms outstretched and also with ropes tying their ankles so that they were hobbled. Then their clothes were cut off until they were naked. I noticed that John’s pubes were pretty long for having been shaved just a month ago.

The first thing that happened is that they got haircuts. This time it was an X design. John got the positive and the other guy the negative. It actually looks stranger than the Mohawks. The waitress did not fool around and then proceeded to clip all of their body hair — underarms, chests and crotches. Then they used the paint that the boys brought and put matching X’s on their chests and reverse X’s on their backs. They then painted the rest with the Florescent Pink to make blue on pink and pink on blue designs. If it hadn’t been my brother, I think it would have been funny.

The boys were then told that they are going to get twenty strokes from a belt each and to make it interesting they have to do to each other. If it is too easy it the delivered count is reduced by one. (That means they get two extra.) The older girls tell me that this usually results in thirty or more strokes and they get quite hard because the first couple are always declared to be babyish. The boys still hobbled and tied together with some clothesline were then otherwise freed. We did not even have to cheat as they started very gently with each other. By the time they had five each they were hitting quite hard. I think it was like Tim used on John that I told you about. With the two big boys giving it to each other their butts turned red real fast and then deep red. It appeared to me that they actually got mad at each other and that made the strokes even harder. Those butts were red, red hot were they stopped.

They were led by a rope tied about their cocks and balls to the Yellow section. Near the flag pole is a small iron fence. They were attached tightly to the fence with plastic wire ties. First one was placed like a snug bracelet about a wrist and then a second tie to the fence. The ties are very tough plastic and are not easily broken but must be cut with a tool. Everyone in the camp gathers for the morning flag raising before breakfast. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE!

There may be some great honor for the boys to invade the girls section but it must be very disgraceful to be caught and then put on display like that. I heard that the unfortunate folks in the pillory (in colonial time) sometimes got de-pantsed. The Head counselor did not seem very concerned but did the usual stuff while the two ejected invaders were on display. At the end however, he made comments about not invading the other half camp and the high price of trespass. As we went into the mess hall, they were cut loose. But the Head made them serve breakfast without going back to get dressed.

Anyway it’s lights out time, so I will close now and mail this in the morning.


Mary Lou

© Copyright by A.I.L., July 9, 1997

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