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Always Do Your Chores

by Paulie's Childhood

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My parents were both real big on us kids having to do our chores. My two younger brothers and I always had chores to do and if they weren't done properly, there were big consequences to pay.

Once when I was about 13 years old, I just decided one Friday night that I wasn't gonna do my chores. My bedroom was a mess and I went outside to play with friends without doing any of my regular household chores. My parents were out that night and didn't get home until just before bedtime.

When they got home, my mom was so mad at me for not doing my chores, she decided to make me do nothing but chores all day long the next day, and to make it so I would remember to do my chores from now on. On Saturday morning, she woke me up early, got me out of bed, pulled down my pajamas and gave me a very hard spanking with her wooden paddle. Boy, that sure did wake me up. Then she started assigning me chores for the day.

After breakfast, she made me clean out the bathtub. Since I was in the tub and had water and cleaner in there, she made me do it naked since I would be getting wet anyway. She came in to inspect my cleaning job and when she said I hadn't gotten the corners clean enough, she gave me more swats on my bare bottom with the paddle. She kept that up all day long. If I didn't clean something well enough to her satisfaction, I'd get more swats on my already very soar and tender bottom.

After I finished cleaning the tub, mom made me wear my jock strap from gym class and some sweats. That way, when she wanted to give me more swats, all she had to do was yank down my sweats and she could spank my bare bottom (it saved her time by not having to pull my pants down ever time).

At lunch time that day, she made me stand in the corner with my sweats down while she fixed lunch. My two little brothers had to get up to the table to get ready to eat, but I couldn't get out of the corner until the food was on the table. My butt was already extremely red by then from the morning spanking and all the extra swats I had gotten.

Then after we finished lunch, Mom decided to spank me again. She made my two little brothers stay seated at the table while she made me bend over the table as she paddled my bottom and legs. I couldn't see anything cause of all the tears in my eyes.

She kept giving me swats all throughout the day. Whenever she found something that she thought I hadn't cleaned well enough, I'd get more swats. I don't think I ever fully stopped crying all day long cause just when I would stop, she spank me some more and I'd be crying all over again.

Before bed that night, she decided I needed one more good hard spanking. I was in my pajamas and all ready to get into bed when she yanked my pajama bottoms down to my ankles, sat down on my bed and pulled me over across her lap. My entire backside was all red from the top of my rear end and all down my legs from all the swats and spanks I had already gotten that day. She gave me another 15 hard swats all over my backside and, of course, I started screaming like a baby again. It hurt so bad! My butt and legs were really throbbing. My bottom had very clear paddle marks on it for more than a week afterward and I was very soar back there for days!

I made sure my chores were done good from then on though. So did my brothers. They learned a good lesson that day too. They saw how bad I got punished and they didn't want to get the same treatment so they made sure their chores were done good too. For quite a while anyway. After a while, we'd slack off again though. When we did, we got punished again.


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