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The New Prospect

by Gocarty

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That same evening, Tom had an appointment with a man from a good-sized town about half an hour away, who was considering sending his nephew to Grange Hollow Polytechnic. The kid's parents had died when he was a child and he was now the ward of his uncle.

The moment he arrived, he knew that this kid was born to attend GHP. He looked about 16, well-built, and athletic-looking. He had an expensive-looking face, perfect features, somewhat marred by a tendency toward poutiness. He had dark curly hair, dark eyes, full lips, and flawless skin that had tanned almost gold.

Tom had only been there a few minutes when it became obvious that the kid had his uncle wrapped around his little finger. How the man had gotten as far as calling the school was a miracle in itself. And that miracle made it plain to Tom that he had his work cut out for him here -- the gods wanted this one broken.

A few minutes into the discussion, Tom could see the handwriting on the wall when the old man started apologizing for wasting Tom's time. "We talked it over and it looks like Tony really isn't interested in attending your institution -- at least not for the time being." The kid smiled sardonically at Tom, eyeing him through lashes so thick and long, his mother would probably have killed to have them for herself. Fortunately, she was long gone, and the lashes looked pretty good right where they were.

"Well, sir, regardless of the outcome, our policy is very strict in these matters. Once an appointment is scheduled, I'm afraid I'll have to insist on fulfilling our obligation to discuss all aspects of the plan with you. After that, of course, you're welcome to decide whatever you wish." The kid's smile lost a little of its voltage. "Let me begin by explaining the purpose of the Grange Hollow plan and how it might be of benefit not only to the young gentleman here, but also to you, his guardian." Tom plunged right into the broad outlines of the plan, which made it clear that the purpose of the entire GHP experience was to put the guardian back in charge of his wayward charge, who'd strayed from the straight and narrow path of obedience and honor for his parent(s).

Once he was sure that uncle was taking in the full meaning of all this, and that he was definitely showing some interest, Tom started slipping in some of the benefits that he sensed this particular guardian might find attractive. Attractive enough to take the first step toward bringing the kid into line.

Tom began explaining the importance of corporal punishment in all this. How the school believed in instilling obedience in its boys. While the principal purpose of the school was character development, there must always be a forceful reason for the students to submit to the school's strict discipline. And that reason was the school's discipline itself.

"Now you might say to yourself, my nephew is too old for corporal punishment. Why, he's . . . How old is Tony, by the way?"

"16," replied the old man, looking appraisingly at the young man.

But the kid was looking distinctly impatient. "Come on, how long is this going to take, anyway? We already said we're not interested. I've got better things to do than sit here."

"You'll wait until the man is through," the uncle chimed in, unexpectedly. "You can at least mind your manners."

Tom smiled approvingly. "This is a very good case in point, sir. If you'll permit me, why don't I show you how a situation like this would be handled at Grange Hollow, alright?" He looked at the uncle for permission, and receiving a nod, began his exposition.

"First of all, to maintain discipline, students must have very good motivation from the very beginning. At Grange Hollow, that motivation is corporal punishment." The uncle's eyes widened slightly, while the nephew's narrowed.

Tom went on to explain that at GHP, punishment was always appropriate to the crime -- boys were not beaten, but they were disciplined. That the most effective method found to date was to combine traditional methods with psychological elements. To simplify, this usually meant hand spankings, under circumstances that were as embarrassing for the student as possible.

The old man raised his eyebrows at this and looked, with interest, at his gorgeous hunk of a nephew. The kid noticed and started becoming seriously annoyed with the way this conversation was going.

Before he could be interrupted again, Tom went on to explain in a little more detail what each half of this equation involved.

To ensure that punishments never exceed the ability of the boy (or his ass) to bear them, the spanking was always administered by hand -- no paddles or belts or other implements. This guaranteed that the punishment would be humane. Also, the punishment would always be administered by the person whose authority was flouted by the student. In most cases, that would be the teacher or principal of the school, but of course the boy's uncle would also be expected to administer punishment when the offense occurred under his authority -- i.e., whenever the offense occurred at home. Uncle was half-smiling by now as he watched the impact these words were having on the kid. Of course, the uncle would have to be trained in the fine art of spanking. This training would take place during the first weeks of the student's enrolment at GHP.

As a sample, Tom offered to show the uncle how Tony's behavior would have been dealt with tonight had he been a student at GHP.

"Now wait a minute, here!" the kid jumped up and started out of the room. As he stalked past his uncle, however, the old man reached out and grabbed him by the arm.

"You have my permission," he said to Tom. "Let's see what you can do."

Tom quickly took charge of the kid and in a couple of quick moves managed to return to the straight-backed chair he'd been sitting in, with Tony draped ass-up over his lap. The kid struggled, but Tom had him in a secure armlock without much room for maneuver.

Tom explained how the psychological element was already at work. There's no way a teenage boy can assert himself forcefully when he's ass-up and helpless over an older man's knee. And Tony's appearance in this position was at least as appealing as Tom's first impression had led him to expect. The kid had an ass that matched the rest of his appearance -- even through his dress pants, it was obviously full and round and as perfect as the rest of him. Tom noticed that the old man's eyes were completely captivated by the sight of his nephew's ass bouncing up and down over Tom's knees. The dress pants were thin and tight enough for both men to see the clear outlines of Tony's Calvin Kleins underneath.

Tom demonstrated how effective a solid hand spank can be, even through two layers of cloth. "Whappp!" he smacked one of Tony's full cheeks, then the other. His uncle watched admiringly as they bounced and jiggled after each whack. Not that they jiggled a whole lot -- the kid was, after all, an athlete -- but enough to demonstrate how vulnerable he was to the hand of a strong man.

Having the attention, now, of both the boy and his uncle, Tom proceeded to expose the inadequacies of what he'd just demonstrated. In particular, he noted that a man's hand would give out before he could get through two layers of clothing with any sort of a strong message. The old man leaned forward a little, obviously anticipating the direction Tom was going.

Without missing a beat, Tom stood the kid up in front of him, unbuckled and unzipped him and (before the kid really realized what was going on) had him back over his lap, securely armlocked.

Uncle stared as the kid's pants began to slip down over his bouncing ass -- his efforts to resist only moved them faster. Within seconds, the teenager's gorgeous ass was on display, covered only by a thin pair of briefs.

For maximum humiliation, Tom went on, the student's pants should be completely removed. He invited Tony's uncle to do just that. The man immediately grabbed them and slid them down the kid's legs. While he was at it, he removed Tony's shoes, to make it a little easier to get the dress pants over his feet. Tom complimented him on catching the spirit of the procedure. The man was clearly enjoying himself, and beginning to see the manifold benefits of this new system of education.

Tom next demonstrated how the removal of the pants made the impact of the individual handspanks much more powerful. After only a couple of swats on each cheek, Tony was already alternately cursing and squealing --pleading with him to stop.

"But as I said before, punishment has little impact without the psychological element. These briefs may not be much protection from the spanking, but psychologically they are equivalent to a suit of armor. And so . . ."

He reached into the back of Tony's briefs and began slowly, teasingly, pulling them down over his big round asscheeks, revealing the pink and white expanse of the teenager's bare ass. Uncle was completely hooked by now. Without having to be asked, he stepped forward to pull the briefs off. He stood there, directly behind Tony's thrashing bare ass, watching it bouncing and wiggling. He could see flashes of the kid's big cock and balls helplessly flopping about between Tom's legs.

While the older man watched, Tom then demonstrated exactly how to spank a bare-ass miscreant so it'll do the most good. Within minutes, the kid was reduced to a blubbering mass of sobbing teenager, swearing "I'll be good, I'll be good."

Tom paused with his broad palm resting across both of Tony's bare cheeks. Slowly he stroked them and showed the kid's uncle the uniform shade of pink he should aim for.

Now for real disobedience, he continued to demonstrate a further level of punishment. By a combination of threats and actual spanks, he induced Tony to lift his ass high into the air. The kid's uncle watched closely as his nephew's asscrack slowly opened up to his view, finally displaying the full insides of his ass-cheeks, right down to his tiny pink asshole in the center of the crack. The inside cheeks were white and smooth -- obviously showing no trace of the pink that Tom had raised over the entire outer surface of his ass.

With a flourish, Tom began spanking up and down Tony's inside cheeks until they started pinking up. Finally, winking at Tony's uncle, he gave a couple of sharp whacks directly to the kid's little pink dot. Tony squealed even louder and was again reduced to sobs.

Tom invited Uncle to run his hand over the kid's bare ass. He encouraged him to spend a few minutes exploring the teenager's deep crack. He should get used to the feel of Tony's bottom right now, because Tom would bet he was going to become very well-acquainted with it over the next few months.

Tom let the kid sob for a while, his ass still high in the air, wide open to the strokes of the two older men. Finally, Tom gave him a light smack over both cheeks and stood him up. The kid's hands immediately flew back to his sore ass. He started rubbing it and hopping around, leaving his cock and balls bouncing around to the amusement of the two older men.

In Tony's face was a dawning realization. The tables had turned. He could see it in his uncle's face. That was obviously one man who wasn't about to give up all the ground he had just gained in the war for control. Suddenly he was very conscious of the way his bare cock and balls were bouncing around. He tried to stop his wiggling and squirming, but he just couldn't. It hurt too much.

His body was no longer his own private place. From now on, either of these two men (and a whole bunch of others) would bare his ass any time they wanted to. They were free to strip it, swat it, look at it, feel it, right down to his most private places. Places no one had even seen before -- now their hands would be all over him. And worse still, they could see that he was beginning to realize all this for himself.

Tom wrapped up by suggesting that if they'd made up their minds, the best thing would be for Tony and his uncle to move right into GHP's dorms -- orientation week was just starting, and Tony wouldn't want to miss it and be at a disadvantage right from the beginning.

Tom turned to the uncle. "Unless, of course, you'd like to spend the night discussing it -- just the two of you. Then you could bring him over bright and early tomorrow morning."

In the end, that sounded just about right. The bare-assed teenager was ordered to walk Tom out to his car. Daddy then put him through a few paces, including shaking Tom's hand and thanking him for the spanking. He also had to bend over and display his well-spanked (and well-shaped) ass one more time for the admiration of both men.

Finally, Tom stood him up and gave him a warm hug. Tony really responded -- clinging tightly to him and pressing his firm body hard against that of the older man. Tom could feel every detail of the size and shape of Tony's big cock and balls as they pressed into his thigh. Tom stroked the boy's big round asscheeks while the boy clung to him for several minutes. He grinned and winked at the teenager's uncle, wishing them both a good night as he finally climbed into his car and headed back to Grange Hollow.

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