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Even Justin Timberlake Needs Spanking (A fanfic)

by Bunbuster

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The crowd was in an uproar.

On stage, bad boy superstar Justin Timberlake had ripped Janet Jackson's blouse and revealed a breast. The silver dollar like nipple gleamed in the stage lights.

Janet looked surprised and so did Justin. However, being a young male, there was a smirk underlying Justin's surprised look.

The incident got tons of publicity. Jackson even spoofed it on Saturday Night Live.

It seemed to many that Janet felt the brunt of the backlash for the incident and Justin was never properly admonished.

Justin did, however, feel the backlash and here's the story.

Janet and Justin were instructed to leave the backstage area through different doors.

When Justin was ready to walk out, he found his way blocked by two heavy set middleaged security men.

"Turn around and go into the office", Bob, one of the men commanded.

"Hey I'm leaving", snapped Justin and the man turned him around and said, "Move!".

A crowd of girls had gathered around and not wanting to create an even bigger scene, Justin started to walk, cockily of course, toward the door.

When they got to the door, the other man named Mike opened it.

"Hey, get your hands off of me", Justin snapped when Bob tried to give him a slight but firm push into the room.

Whack, "Heyyyyyyyyyyy". In a split second, Bob pulled up the tail of Justin's mod style Jacket and planted a stinging spank to the seat of the little superstar's tailored pinstriped pants. Justin was propelled, red faced, into the room.

Justin turned to see the men removing their jackets and rolling up the sleeves of their white dress shirts.

You might ask what was going through Justin's mind at this point.

Well, what was going through his mind at this point was what would be going through the mind of any young man who had just been propelled unwillingly into a room with a stinging spank to his pants seat and was now looking at two middle age men rolling up their shirt sleeves.

Though Justin might not have articulated it mentally in these exact words, somwhere deep inside of him, he was in some way thinking, "I'm gonna get a spanking".

Like any young guy in this position Justin was going to try and get out of it with as little loss of dignity as possible.

"What's happening guys?", was Justin's first gambit.

To Bob and Mike, right now Justin looked as young as he did in the old Mouseketeer shows they had seen him in.

"Maybe if he had gotten the proper spanking back then he would not need it now", thought Mike.

"Whoaaa, what are you doing?", was Justin's next gambit as Bob grabbed him and dragged him over to a chair which was pulled out from under a table, compliments of Mike.

"Whoa, hey come on", Justin shouted as Bob put his right leg up on the chair and hauled the young superstar up and over.

Justin's hands landed on the table as Bob adjusted his lower end.

Bob pulled the tail of Justin's jacket up and revealed Justin's tight pumped moons, shapely in the tailored pinstriped pants.

"Bet you never thought you'd be in this position when you worked out those cheeks, ha kid?", Bob joked.

Justin was always proud of his pumped ass. The cheeks, already firm from youth were extra cute from being excercised.

However, any pride that Justin felt regarding his ass was gone. How could he feel proud in this ignoble position?

Suddenly Bob lifted his big hand, brought it down and a sound spanking had started on the pampered and pumped seat of a spoiled little superstar.

Whack, Whack, "Ah, noooooo", Justin tried to react as quietly as possible as Bob's big hand danced from cheek to cheek.

Looking at Justin from upfront was an education of how well spanking worked when applied to the rearend of a spoiled young man.

Whack, Whack. Justin's face, smirk gone, was red and the boy had a worried and pained expression.

Whack, Whack. Each whack made Justin's face tighten and get even more red, which showed that the spanking was getting to him gradually. The pain was building up and Justin's face showed it.

Bob's attention was focused on Justin's rear end and his hand spanked each tight melon hard, snapping his wrist right before his hand landed, which caused a fiery blast of stinging pain which went tight into every layer of skin on Justin's rump.

Whack, Whack Whack, "Owwwwwwwwwwww", the fire in his tail was getting to Justin. He started to kick his legs. The line of his skimpy silk bikini briefs were visible under his now sweaty pants seat.

Whack, "Ow, sob, sob", Justin started to sob lightly as the hand burned a rugged path across his pumped and pampered rear end.

Whack, Whack, Whack, "Yelp, sob, sob", Whack, spank, "Sob, sob".

Finally, Bob ended the spanking with 5 whacks to Justin's lower ass and the boy kicked his legs and yelped out in pain.

Whack, Yelp", Spank, Spank, "Yelp, oh man", Spank, Whack, "Yelp, owwwww".

"Owww", Justin moaned as, again being manhandled like a boy should be, he was hauled to his feet.

"Owwwwwwwww", Justin continued to moan as his hands went under the tail of his jacket and rubbed his burning ass. His seat actually felt hot. Justin had his head down, as he was unable to make eye contact with Bob.

With his head down, Justin did not see Mike approaching until the man was upon him.

"Hey, no", Justin yelled as Mike dragged him over to the chair and sat down in it.

In less then a second after Mike's ass hit the seat, Justin's seat was riding high in the air. Mike had pulled the astonished Justin down over his lap. Justin's hands hit the floor this time, his face just a few inches from the carpet.

"No", was all Justin could squeeze out as Mike lifted his hand and gave the young man a hard spanking.

Whack, Whack. Mike's technique was different then Bob's. He did not go systematically from cheek to cheek like Bob did. Mike spanked all over Justin's ass. The pampered buns were whacked hard in the middle and then Mike's hand would slam down on Justin's sit spot. After a reign of fire was adminstered to that very sensitive area, Mike's hand started a fiery dance on Justin's even more sensitive upper thighs.

Whack, Whack, "Owwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob", Justin was no little superstar now. He was just a naughty young man receiving a much needed spanking.

Actually, and it would take decades for Justin to realize it, his superstar status is what got him spanked in the first place.

In this day and age, spanking was rare, and Justin's superstar status, which always got him what he wanted, was now getting what he needed, a good sound spanking.

Whack, Spank, "Owwww", of course right now Justin was not thinking of why or how. He was in the middle of a butt burning odeal and he was reacting accordingly.

Justin's legs kicked and his butt cheeks clenched as Mike's hand spanked red hot fire into the spoiled rear end.

Whack, "Yelp". Spank, Spank, "Yelp, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww".

Tears were dripping down on the floor and Justin's fists pounded the carpet. As with most spankings, though a punishment, Justin was getting a lot more out of it then chatisement for his naughty behavior.

Justin was still at that border between being a boy and a man and a good spanking like this helped him get out all the emotions that he buried, just by tapping into his tears. This was the biggest benefit of a good butt burning spanking for a young man, maybe even more then changing his behavior from bad to good.

Whack, Whack,
Sob, sob", Justin threw all pride to the wind and, unaware to him of course, he milked his spanking for all that it was worth, tapping and releasing long buried emotions.

Mike decided to end the hiding with 10 spanks applied all over the rounded moons and Justin reacted like a spanked boy should react.

Whack, Whack, Whack, "Yelp, owww", three spanks to the middle of the half moons.

Whack, Whack, "Owwwww", 2 spanks to the right half moon.

Whack, Whack, "Yelp, pleaseee", 2 spanks to the sit spot.

Whack Spank, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww", 2 flesh scorching spanks to the left upper thigh.

Whack, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww", an equally can burning spank to the right upper thigh and the superstar's super spanking had come to a finale.

"Man, even pretty superstar boys fart", joked Mike, sniffing the air, as Justin's ears burned with humiliation.

When hauled to his feet, this time Justin did not care one iota about pride.

"Ow", "Oww", Justin danced what looked like Michael Jackson's moon dance.

However, it was obviously not Jackson doing the dance. It was cute little Justin Timberlake, reacting to 2 painful spankings that were just applied to his hiney.

After he calmed down a bit, Justin was astonished to see the two men take his latest cd out of their jacket pockets and ask him to sign them for their daughters.

Of course, Justin signed the cds and the men walked out of the room.

Justin was left behind to compose himself which he tried to do as fast a possible.

Justin went into the bathroom, splashed his face with cold water. He left the room and walked back to his hotel.

That nite was quite a deep thinking one for the young superstar.

No one else ever found out about the spankings and Justin was grateful.

Justin never again exposed a woman's tit on stage.

Off stage was a different thing of course!

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