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Doctor's Office Humiliation

by anonymous

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I have never told anyone this story (except my best friend, Derick). This really happened to me. I was 17 years old when I went to the doctor for my first physical. My uncle Justin went with me. He was probably about 30 years old at the time. He took me to his doctor. Doctor Henley. He was a young doc. About 35 years old. In good shape. He had a clinic by himself with about 4 or 5 nurses. My uncle Justin and Doctor Henley drank beer together a lot. They were pretty good buds I guess. I'm 23 years old now and I will never forget what happened to me that day at that clinic.

The nurse took me and Uncle Justin into one of the examining rooms after a long wait. She took my blood pressure and asked me a few questions. Then she told me to take off my clothes and that the doctor would be in shortly. I was a little embarrassed to undress in front of Uncle Justin but he had seen me naked before so I did it anyway. I was sitting naked on the examining table and Uncle Justin was sitting in a chair. After about a 30 minute wait, the doctor came in the room. He smiled and said hi to my uncle. They joked about me being naked on the table and talked about last weeks basketball game and then the examination began.

The doctor told me to stretch out on my back on the table. It was at this point that I started to get an erection. I was so embarrassed. In just a matter of few minutes, I had a raging hard-on as I laid there on the table with hands by my side. The doctor took notice of my erection and said that I was a fine looking lad and that my girlfriend will be lucky to have a stud like me.

When the doctor started to check my balls and dick, a little pre-cum juice started to ooze out of the head of my dick. My uncle stood up to get a better view of what the doc was doing. I was so embarrassed.

Suddenly, the doctor put on some rubber gloves and told me to spread my legs. With one hand he began to rub some kind of jelly on my erect dick and with the other hand he started to insert his finger into my ass-hole with the same jelly. My uncle told me to keep real still and to not move. He said that I would get a spanking when we got home if I didn't behave. I was trying my best to keep still. My uncle had the habit of spanking me when I was over at his house. Almost every time I have visited him he has spanked me for some reason or another.

The doctor said he was going to get a little of my semen on a slide for study in the lab. As the doctor massaged my hard dick, my uncle looked on. I tried to be very still while all this was going on.

Suddenly I felt myself about to come and I started to move my hips up and down and to moan. The doctor kept pumping me and he kept moving his finger in and out of my ass-hole. I think he was massaging my prostate gland. It felt really good.

When I started to come, I started to moan louder. I came on my stomach. It spurted way up toward my neck. When I came I shouted from the ecstacy of it all. The doctor said to be quiet, but it was too late. One of his nurses opened the door to see what was wrong and say me naked on the table being jacked off by the doctor with my uncle looking on. The doctor said that everything was fine and the nurse closed the door. The doctor was furious at me. He could lose his license I guess for doing what he did to me. My uncle was mad at me also since he was best friends with the doctor.

The doctor and my uncle said I should spanked for my behavior. I was scared. The clinic was about to close and the last nurse was about to leave for the night. The doctor waited to all the nurses left and then he told my uncle that he had a way to punish kids like me. My uncle told him to do what he thought best. I was really scared.

The doctor locked the door to the clinic and then came back to the room. He then told me to lay on my back and he pulled my legs over my head and tied them to the table in such a way that my feet were around my head with my ass up in the air like a baby about to get a diaper change. He then took a razor and shaved all the hair off my ass and my ass-hole area. I was shocked by what he was doing.

Then he put this vibrating device on my dick. He tied it around my already hard dick real tight and turned it on. It felt great. My hard-on was being massaged by the vibrations and I could tell that it would not be long before I came.

Then he started spanking me with his bare hand. My uncle was smiling the whole time. The doctor spanked me and spanked me and spanked me. And during the spankings the vibrator thing was on full power. Suddenly I could feel that I was about to come. I started to come while I was being spanked. It was awesome. I came and came and came it seemed. He reached around to hold my penis for a little while and to wipe off the come. It felt good for him to wipe off the come on my dick.

After the spanking, he took the vibrator off my dick. My uncle Justin thought I learned my lesson, but what I really learned was that I should always take a friend with me to the doctor's office when going for a physical.

That doctor spanked hard. I was coming at the same time I was being spanked. It was wild.

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