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Part #2A

by Bobby Luke LeLaine and Mdspankie

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Ages 6 to 9


At 6, it's a celebration to be alive & to be Bobby Lewis! Searching everywhere with my handler holding at my next to naked legs as I wear a lite-pink long sleeved shirt with really short black-shorts with briefs of snow-white under & sandals on sockless feet. I waer a pair of binoculars athat hangs from my neck & I can get close-up views of the ladies all out there & just being out there's such a thrill for me. Even tho I'm thee most beautiful specimen out there on the street, there's alotta very fine ladies out there. So, my carrier just has me by the bare skin of my sex-god legs & her gentle, smooth-skin is beautiful as she has the honor of carrying the world's most beautiful boy as I'm on tour, exploring & getting close-up views fo some really fine-looking ladies in India & what do you think people asy to the lady?

"Adoreable little boy you have with you. He looks perfect to spank."


A short time later, Aunt Kelly wished to teach me a lesson after I had been really bad & wore red-tites, long sleeved blue shirt & red-socks as I stimulatingly rubbed crotch as I'm bent over her lap & she beat my bottom with implement after implement only to have me smile from cheek to cheek on my adoreable, handsome, little face & on my sexy-buns, oh the pain felt so terrific.

"Oh, Aunt Kelly, that feels so good!"

And the harsher the implements, the happier I became. I brought out the real me to provide Aunt Kelly with a real shocker.

In fact, the next day, Aunt Kelly & I got into a heated-agrument & in the heat of battle, I tipped over & broke her favorite lamp, which was the last straw! She then took me over & started to very harshly hand-spank the seat of my shorts without mercy & I whaled about as I called out in grave disapproval but, thankfuuly, that didn't stop her from giving me 500 really good spankings I needed so badly!

SPANK!!"AAA!!" So, in the end, what did me right was the hand!


After school, I tell some of the boys,"Watch this!" I sneak up behind Margy Lanes, pull up her mini-skirt & pull down her panties! Our teacher saw me do it & quickly went in & came back out with a chair & ruler. She then, as the boys & I laughed as we watched Margy throw a fit & Not even bother putting her panties back up, stood beside me & said,

"Well, Bobby Lewis, you sure can be a nasty little boy."

"That was fun, Teach," I said & she then took me by the hand & brought me to the chair & ruler, picked up the ruler, sat, lied me over her lap & as the children were amused, she began 50 swots to my seat & talked during the spankings, speaking loud with every word as a spank's applied!

"The NEXT time YOU decide YOU want to BE a NASTY little BOY, just KEEP in mind WHAT'S in store FOR your BEHIND! BOBBY lewis! YOU'RE in FOR 50 GOOG whacks AND if I CATCH you PLAYing NASty-boy, AGAIN, I-WILL-SMACK!-YOUR-BACK-SIDE ONE-HUN-DRED-TIMES, YOU little RAScal!"

"OW!OW!OW!Oh Teach! OW!OW!OW!I won't OW! be a OW!nasty little OW! boy, again.OW!OW!OW!OW!MOMMA!OW!OW!OW!OW!"

2 days later, Margy, her dog & 2 best friends came to me & I had pulled that stunt because my girl, Sally, was away. Margy knew the trouble I'd be in with both Sally's parents, mine & with Sally herself if she or they heard I pulled down Margy's panties & Sally would be back from Europe in less then 1 week & she knew she had me.

"Bobby Lewis," she started in a tone of voice well documented as,'I got you right where I want you & she continued,"You know Sally'll be back shortly & if she or her or your parents find out what you did to me 2 days ago, you're in a load of trouble with all 5 of them. So, if you'd like me to forgive you & not tell Sally, who'll surely take it as you were cheating on her, if you'll agree to me spanking you with this stick 50 times & you promise never to pull a stunt like that again on any of us,we'll forget the whole thing. Deal?"


"A-A-A-Ofcourse, Margy. Deal."

"Good. Inside! MARCH!! Pick up the pace, BOY! We don't have all day!" We got inside by the chalkboard on a stand, in the school-house & I stood as Margy had her friends sit in utter enjoyment with her dog sitting between her & her friends. He was large & I knew that I either obey Margy or her k-9'll bite me hard in the family-jewels, for, no doubt, she'd instruct him to do so.

"Remember, The Boss hates you & he's begging you to give him a reason to bite your nuts, Bobby,"Margy sinfully said & the 3 girls laughed & her dog, The Boss, barked & I made the mistake of looking at him, for he growled a hateful 1 at me & showed teeth he'd love to sink into my little balls.

Margy then snapped,"Don't provoke him, Bobby Lewis!"

"Sorry, Margy. Sorry, Boss, Sir," I said respectfully.

"That's more like it. Boss, at ease, Boy! Maintain the position & I'll only do this today, but step out of position & not only will The Boss bite your nuts, but we'll start all over again & then it'll be with your bottom bared & my friends making sure it's bare & we'll do this the next day & the next day & the next."

Wishing to do this once without balls bit, I cooperated & as the stick spanked me via Margy's hand 50 times, I managed to stay in place & made an occasional, quiet little 'OW.'


6 days later, Sally was back & she saw Marge with her dog & her friends before she saw me & she broke her promise to me & told her!

"Sally,"Margy said sinfully, "Bobby Lewis cheated on you while you were away. He tried a sexual-act upon me & both our teacher & I spanked him 50 times each."

"What did he do?!" Sally said, getting very angry.

"He pulled my panties down in front of everyone!"

"That little rat!" Sally found me & I said,

"Sally! Oh, Sweety...."

"SHUT UP!!! BOBBY LEWIS!!! How dare you pull down Margy's panties in front of everyone! Ouar parents are all going to hear of this & all 5 of us will spank you good! After that, I may or may not forgive you!"

"I'm so sorry, Sally. Honest."

"You better be!"

"I am, Sally. I-I-I don't know what got into me, Mam."

"Nasty boys will play while their girl's away."

"Yes, Mam. Sorry, Mam."

It went just as Sally said with her mother giving me the hardest of spankings! She took me into the kitchen & whalloped the seat of my pants 300 times with a small but affective board. Regardless, I took the 5 sessions of spankings well, feeling I deserved all I got & lots more, even tho I payed for one act of naughty 7 times over & despite Maargy breaking her promise to me, Sally was glad she knew the truth & 3 weeks later, she forgave me, for her car was down & I went right to work to fix it.

"Oh, Bobby Lewis! I love you!"

"Does this mean I'm outta the dog-house, Mam?"

She haugged & then kissed me on both face-cheeks, then sweetly said,"Way out, Honey. Oh, you sexy-boy." She then gave me a long lip to lip kiss & hugged me, again.

"I'm still very, very sory, Sally."

"Hey, we live & learn. We are, after all, only 6, Bobby."

"That's still no excuse for me doing that, Mam."

"Let it go. No reason to hamper on it, for you're forgiven & I bet the car will run better then ever!"

"Yeah! Me, too. Say, let's test ride it!"

"Yes! Lets!" It ran much better. But, Sally's 2 strict, dominant twin-cousins, 26, Morgan & Cyndi, thought differently & got me to go with them inside, where they stripped to bikinis with socks & shoes still on. Cyndi sat & they stripped me totaly naked & sent me over Cnydi's lap & I got stimulated, but didn't want to, this time! I felt guilty about the feeling I felt & helpless, too & they just took turns spanking the devil out of me with paddle 500 times total between them both to make me 1 very sore-bottomed little boy.

When done, I was let up & told to dress. I didn't cry or complain, I was just TOTALLY EMBARRASSED!

Cyndi said,"Get dressed. Now, are you sorry?"

"Yes, Mam. Totally, Mam."

"And you'll never pull a stunt like that again that gets Sally so bent out of shape?"

"No, never, again, Mam." They hugged & kissed me, letting me know all was forgiven. I smiled & thanked them for the spanking because I felt I deserved more & they give it to me.Nothing like that would ever happen, again during childhood, but that's another story.


I'm 7 & in the living room in just my briefs after showering, as Mother had instructed ne to do so, for she had business with me to discuss from both ends."Bobby, I'm going to lie this 1 out on the line once & for all. You're to be a model tomorrow posing for school clothes & tonight, in prep for this, to make sure you understand that you better behave yourself during the time in the studio, I'm going to dearly chaitise you this evening. Take down the briefs & ready yourself for correction on the sofa, Dear."

"Yes, Mam!" I tried to keep my excitemant inside & pulled the briefs down & they were at my feet after I flew over her lap & she placed 1 hand over my back as I hung my arms down & moved feet & legs to rub crotch on her skirt!

"It's 500 good spankings for you & you better call out the numbers, Son."

"Yes, Mam!" Oh! I got so horny & her lovely hand chaitised my hiney & I called out the demerits with a strong call.

SPANK!!!"1!" My hiney pressed in harshly from my mommy's firm-hand!
SPANK!!!"2!" I didn't care that I did nothing wrong here. I just loved the spanking!
SPANK!!!"3!" Wow! She sure knew how to spank, but her son's Bobby Lewis, so how could she not know how?!
SPANK!!!"4!"Oh! What glory! Spankings! Glorious spankings!!
SPANK!!!"5,Mam!" After each 5, I added the word 'Mam' to show her respect.


The next morning saw me in the modeling studio a sex-god with a ripe, sore behinder no one there knew about. They had me dress in stylish, baggy-jeans with the proper cocks, sneakers & a cool, red-shirt with white-collar. They had me in cool blue-jeans & jacket with close to same other attire as they had me on a stool & 5 large-books with a 6th opened up on top of my head & I looked breath-taking with the sweetest-smile with hands down at my sides & my long, jet-black hair looked great & I was soooo cuuuute!! I posed for them until they told me,

"That's perfect, Bobby! You are the finest model of any boy your age I've ever seen, Lad,"

"Thanx, Sir . It just comes naturally to me."

"Lad, what I wouldn't do to have a son like you."

"No, Sir. You don't know me. I'm really bad & you just have to look at today as getting a spacail treat, for I promised my mommy I'd behave & I will."

"Oh, I see. So, wonderful here, but a brat otherwise?"

"I'm afraid so, Sir."


3 days passed before Mother confronted me about telling the director about how a bad boy I usually am & when she did, we were at the piano she was playing when I got home.

"Hi, Mommy! Bobby's home!"

"Hi, Sweety! Give mommy a big hug!"

"Oh, I love you, Mommy!"

"I love you, too, Sweety. How's your butt today? Still sore?"

"No, Mam. Why?"

"The other day, you told the director at the modeling-studio you're naturally a bad boy & was on good behavior because I told you to be?"

"Yes, Mam. Sorry. But, that doesn't cut it, 'cause I'm in for another chaitising, aren't I, Mam?"

"It's for your own good, Bobby. You embarrassed me."

"So sorry, Mommy." She then took down my pants & underpants enough to expose my butt & turned me over her lap, of which I fussed a bit & she had to hold off a hand of mine that was wrongfully coming back to protect my naughty toshy.

"It's another 500 & I'll count this time."

"No! Mommy! Please don't! NO!NO!NO!PLEEEEEZZZZ,MOOOMMEEEE!!"

"Quit squarming & be brave, my boy!"

"Why can't I just apologize this time?!"

"You know the rules! STOP FUSSING!!!"




Aaafter about 50, I submitted to the spanking s& relaxed, got stimulated & hung down & no longer fussed for the rest of the....aaaaa.....dreamy-spanking.


3 days later, I stayed overnight at Sally's & my future mother-in-law, I was certain to be, was talking to me about her 3 sisters & how 1, Mandy, was a true wayward child."Gee, Mandy sounds an awful lot like me, Mrs. Slidixie."

We went on mostly about Mandy for a bit when I went overboard with a real jerk of a line that made me look like a real idolt! Sally's mom stepped out of the room for a moment, not showing any signs of being upset. Soon she called me to her bedroom. I walked in & she had taken out a hairbrush. "Sass my sister, will you?"

She was mad, alright & she firmly said, "Bend over."

I did & she draped a hand down on my side , then I kicked a leg up in socked-feet as I preppped for chaitisement!

"How many, Mam?" I asked unafraid.

"100, you naughty little boy & I had Sally call your mother to let you know I was going to spank you."

"Yes, Mam. Thank you, Mam."She gave me the frist 20 on the briefs before she then bared my buns & gave the 80 left harded on the bare!


Later, they wanted me to pose for a spanking poicture whereas this beautiful woman sits & wraps an armaround my front & grasps my side with her hand, so her fingers actually are cupped on my side & back with me bent down but not over her lap & she has a hand up, ofcourse, aiming for my behind. Now, get this: we both wear smiles & it came off really cute . I understand it's on the Spank Memories site in the drawing session, Drawings II-Gallery 25 & it's the coolest spanking site of non-sexual drawings & pictures of all sorts & you can send in things to get yourself on sites for free. You go into the free-site & it won't be long before you'll want to become a member & you can get on, paying anyway you want to& Sassyjane can set you up with membership quickly. For more info, write Jane at She's really cool & I've sent her things & she'll even take homemade drawings. This concludes PT2A, I just had to tell you about SassyJane & the Spank Memories' site.

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