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Spanking Chamber

by Dennis

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Ok this one is dark. First it's only a story it's not real OK? It's kind of my idea of a slasher spanking story. When I was a kid there was a house where the kids got spanked every Saturday night no matter what they did or didn't do. The father didn't believe in TV as well and didn't want any of us taking to his kids. I always wondered what was going on there it is most likely a good thing I never tried to find out.


The Spanking Chamber

When I was 14 years old and in the ninth grade there was this house in our neighborhood that was a kind of mystery. The house was right across the street from my friend Frank's house where I had been spanked by his mom and dad several times over the years. I was a very naughty boy during my childhood and found myself over various knees often with my pants down. This house was a mystery because there were children in the yard from time to time but we never saw them in school. I'd heard other kids say there was something strange going on there so of course I had to find out what it was.

I knew this one kid that went to the church school next door to mine and sometimes I saw him on his way to school. One day we were talking and I asked him if he knew anything about the house, he got all quiet and nervous.

"Just don't go near the place I, well the guy living with my mom made me go there on a few Saturdays for punishment for something I did and well I don't want to talk about it." Then he ran off to school. Well this just made me more curious. I should have remembered what happened to the cat.

One day I was at Frank's house when his mom found a joint in his pants. She was doing the laundry and when she checked his pockets she found one he had forgot about. That's what happens when you get high you forget things

His mom was not happy, "Frank get the paddle!"

Frank looked at me in shock he had no idea what was wrong, "What did you say mom?"

His mom came in the room holding the joint up to his face, "This is what I'm talking about young man now go get the paddle!"

As he was getting the paddle I heard, "Take you pants down young man!" At first I thought she was talking to me and I turned towards her scared and a little excited that I might get it from her again. But she was looking right at Frank and he knew it was he who was to take down his pants. He pulled down his jeans and underpants then bent over the chair she had pulled out to the center of the room. She started to paddle him hard and I was enjoying the show.

After about 8 or 9 swats she noticed I was watching and stopped the paddling to ask me, "Jack do I need to paddle you as well?"

"Ah, No Ma'am!"

"Then you better leave now before I decided you need a good paddling I'm sure you are on the pot as well."

"Yes Ma'am! I mean no I'm not on the pot but yes I will leave." I ran out the door even though I kind of wished she had paddled me I liked the way it felt after it was over. While it was happening I hated it.

When I got outside I saw a boy a little younger than me in the yard of the mystery house playing near the fence so I went over to talk to him. He was wearing just a swimsuit and was running through the sprinklers. The swimsuits we wore in the early 60's were very short and fit very tight and thin. I went up to the fence and said, "Hi hey what's your name?"

He stopped running and turned towards me then looked over his shoulder towards the house then back to me and said, "I can't talk to you I'm not allowed."

I had climbed the fence and was bent over the top watching him. "Why not?" I asked.

He moved a little closer and said, "My dad says we have to stay away from the other boys because they are a bad influence."

I was confused by that, "I don't get it can't we just talk?"

He looked again at the house then said, "Go down the alley behind my house and there is a bush I'll meet you there later."

Just then a man came out of the house and called to him, "Andrew come here!"

Andrew went to his dad I could hear him say, "Didn't I tell you not to speak to the other boys?" Without waiting for an answer he bent Andrew over and started to spank him on his wet swimsuit. He got about 15 spanks then was told to go inside.

The dad then looked at me and walked to the fence and said, "Do you want a tanning as well?"

"No Sir!"

"Then get out of here!" So I ran down the street and wondered what went on in there.

The next day as I walked past the house I saw the boy in the yard again I waved and pointed towards the alley he nodded his head and I went around the corner to the alley. I found the bush behind his house and waited for him. After awhile Andrew called to me from the other side of the chain link fence. The bush was on both sides of the fence and if you got inside it you couldn't be seen from his house.

"Sorry you got a spanking for talking to me Andrew."

"That's ok it wasn't that bad I get spanked all the time."

"You do?"

"Yea he spanks us all every Saturday and any other time we do something bad."

"Every Saturday you get a spanking! Why?" I couldn't believe what I heard all my friends got spankings but every Saturday?

He said, "My father thinks that all boys do naughty things all the time and most of the time they don't get caught and punished so he spanks us every Saturday so we get punished for anything we got away with."

I was intrigued "Do you get spanked bare butt?"

He looked over his shoulder because we heard a sound then his dad's hand reached into the bush and grabbed me by the shoulder, "Maybe you need to find out for yourself young man!"

I was pulled out of the bush I tried to get away but he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder with my butt towards the front. SPANK "OOWW!" He had spanked my butt real hard then said, "I think we need to have a talk in the house, Andrew in the house now and get your paddle!"

I was carried into the house over his shoulder looking backwards. I could only see where we had been. The kitchen was neat and clean but dark the blinds were down on all the windows. Next we went into living room and it was dark. Most of the houses around the neighborhood had big windows facing the street. A lot of the boys I knew got spanked in the living room and we sometimes watched them get it from the street. But in this house all the windows had big heavy drapes covering the windows and they were a dark red so dark they almost looked black. The whole room was dark and scary.

He put me down then said, "What is your name boy!?"

"Jack sir." I was very scared he was a big man.

"Well Jack you are going to learn what happens to my boys when they disobey my rules." I was sure he was going to spank me then he pointed to a chair and said "Sit down."

As I was sitting Andrew came back into the room with a paddle that was bigger then Frank's mom's paddle and thicker I could tell it would hurt a lot. Andrew handed the paddle to his dad then started to pull down his pants without being told to. His dad looked at me and said, "Andrew knew he was not to speak to you or any other boys in the neighborhood I will not have you corrupting my boys. I think you should see what happens because you talked to him."

Andrew had removed his pants and underpants then bent over the arm of the sofa and his dad began to paddle him hard. At first Andrew took each swat without making a sound but after 8 swats he just started to cry. He dad gave him 20 swats then said to me, "Jack come here I want you to see what happens to a naughty boy's bottom when they disobey."

I went over and looked at Andrew's bottom it was completely red and had welts from the paddle. "Stand up Andrew and go stand in the corner." He walked to the corner and stood there with his hands on his head and his red butt showing for all to see.

Then he turned to me and said, "So you wanted to know about the Saturday spankings did you? Maybe I should just show you."

He sat down on the sofa and started to un-button my pants I decided it was time to leave and turned to run but he pulled me back around and before I knew it my pants and underpants were down and I was over his knee. I was so scared I'd been spanked by many of my friend's dads but not for a few years not since I was 12. I tried to get out of his grip but he was a big strong man and he had me right where he wanted me over his knee my legs lock in place by his and held down by his strong left arm. I just knew this was really going to hurt.

I though I'd feel the paddle any second then he said, "On Saturday every boy in this house gets a spanking and a strapping with my belt. I know how boys are always finding trouble. Even if they don't do anything naughty a good tanning once a week reminds them to be good boys. Now let's talk about you Jack and remember I can tell when a boy is lying and liars get extra spankings. What have you done in the last week that you didn't get spanked for but you should have?"

I was scared I hadn't been treated like a little kid in years over someone's knee I didn't know what to say then. SPANK "OOWWW!"


Before I knew it I was saying, "I smoked pot yesterday with Frank. Please don't spank me please sir I'm sorry. Please I won't do it again."



"I am sorry boy but you and I both know you deserve a spanking for that don't you?"

"Yes sir I guess but please don't spank me any more please"

"You are acting like a baby Jack you are going to get a spanking so just take it like a man!"



He spanked me harder with his hand than anyone else I had ever been spanked by had. After 15 or 20 spanks I started to cry but he just kept spanking me and man did it hurt! He spanked me harder and for a longer time than my dad or Frank's dad ever had. I was crying so hard my face was all wet. I even stopped kicking I was so tired. At last he stopped after my butt was on fire and I was crying like a baby.

"Now stand up. Andrew, open the door to the spanking chamber." Then he picked up the paddle.

I heard the words spanking chamber got real scared now I wanted to run as fast as I could. I didn't care if my pants were down I just wanted to get out of this house but before I could he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder again with my pants around my ankles. When I tried to push myself off he swatted my butt with the paddle and said, "Keep still or you'll get the paddle as well!"

I kept still and he carried me through a big thick door that Andrew closed behind us. We started down some stairs that went down under the house. I had been in basements before but they were right under the floor above this seemed to be much deeper. It seemed to be about 20 feet under the house. At last we came to a room with another big thick door that Andrew closed behind us. The first thing I saw looking behind still over his shoulder was paddles on the wall next to the door. They had names next to them. The biggest one said William the next said Phillip then Andrew at the moment that paddle was still in the fathers hand and last one was named Guest Boy.

He stood me on the floor then handed Andrew his paddle and told him to hang it back up. I took my first look around the room as Andrew hung his paddle back on the wall. It too was a dimly lit room with a large wooden chair and a bench at one end and three, I guess they were tables, that were shaped like a X and a boy was tied down to the largest one. The other two were smaller but I looked at the boy he was naked and looked about 17 maybe. He was tied with his hands and legs spread like an X. The table was mostly flat but was slightly raised at the head end. I could see his penis and balls were hanging through a hole in the middle of the X. There was a bucket on the floor under his penis. I could see he had been spanked real hard his whole butt was a deep dark red and was covered with strips like I had got when one of my friend's mom had switched us. His legs down to the knees had the same strips and so did a lot of his back. His legs were spread so far apart I could see his butt hole.

"I see you noticed William come over and take a closer look Jack." I walked closer and could see he must really be sore then I saw the bucket had pee in it.

"William was very bad this morning I found him masturbating again and had to switch and birch him. As you can see he peed during his punishment it must have been very painful I hope he has learned his lesson."

I was standing with my pants around my ankles my butt was still stinging from the spanking he had given me upstairs and now looking at William with a butt covered with strips from a switching I was getting very scared.

Father turned to Andrew and said, "You may go back upstairs and put your pants back on then go back to your studies with your brother." Andrew heading towards the door his butt was red and welted from the paddling he had received I watched as he left wishing I could leave with him.

"Jack I think you've had a long enough break since you spanking its time for the next part of you Saturday spanking the belt. Take off all you clothes."

I was so scared I couldn't move. I stood there just looking at William's red butt suddenly. SPANK "OOOWWWW" He slapped my butt hard and said, "Get you clothes off now boy!" SPANK "OOOWWW"

I sat down on the cold hard floor and started to un-tie my shoes. The cold at least made my butt feel better. I got my shoes off then pulled off my pants and underpants and then my shirt.

"Stand up boy!" As I did he grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the smallest of the X tables. "Get on the spanking bench boy lie on you stomach and make sure your penis is through the hole!"

I did as I was told it felt weird to have my penis hanging down under the bench I was starting to tremble and shiver from the fear and cold. Then he took my right arm and tied it to the cross then my left arm then my legs. I was tied down and spread out like an X. My legs were spread so wide apart I felt a breeze blowing up my butt hole. I felt so exposed and embarrassed I started to cry.

"Crying already Jack you are a crybaby you should get spanked a lot more boy maybe you'd toughen up."

"I'm sorry I'm just scared and I gotta pee now please let me go pee."

He went to the other side of the room and got a bucket then put it under my bench. "Ok pee if you need to but you're not getting off that bench till your punishment is over. I need to check on the other boys I be back soon to give you the belt boy." Then he went up stairs.

I needed to pee but couldn't do it tied up like I was. William said, "How did he get you down here?"

"I had heard from a boy at school something about strange things going on here like Saturday spankings so I was trying to find out about it from your brother Andrew then you dad caught me and took me inside. He made me tell him what I had done bad this week then spanked me then brought me down here."

"Was the boy at your school named Ted?"

"Yea that's him."

"Yea dad punished him about 6 months ago his dad is a friend of my dad and Ted had done something real bad so he was sent here for 4 Saturday tannings."

"Does he really spank you every Saturday?"

"Yes every Saturday before bedtime. If ya done something real bad during the week you have to stay tied to the table till the next day. I have been here all day and dad says I am going to stay here till tomorrow because I played with myself."

"Wow just because you played with it I play with mine all the time I love how good it feels."

"You better not let him know that."

"DO I HEAR VOICES IN HERE? William I can't believe you would be talking!" Williams's father said as he came through the door. He went to a rack on the wall near the spanking benches and took a switch then walked to William and began to switch his bottom with each word he said.

"You know better! What were you talking about?" He kept switching William all over his bottom. I could see how hard William was trying to move but he could only move his bottom a few inches so every stroke landed hard. William started to yell and scream and at last yelled out "Jack plays with himself!"

He stopped then came over to me and said, "So you masturbate as well as smoke pot is that right?"

Now I was so scarred I started to pee un-controllable. "Yes sir sometimes but not a lot please don't switch me please." I was crying again.

"Well at least you admitted it and it looks like your done peeing now so I guess it's time to start you strapping. You will get the switch for masturbating later."

He put the switch back and got a belt that was about the same size as the one Frank's dad uses. I was still crying when the first lash from the belt hit my butt.


He waited in between each lash just long enough for the pain to reach its zenith then smack another and another and another all the time he scolded me.

"Smoking Pot! And on Sunday! What a bad little boy you are!"

"OWWWW PLEASE IT HURTS PLEASE STOP!" I was crying so hard.

"Smoking pot with your friend Frank BAD BAD BOY!"


"I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll not forget soon boy!"


"I wish I had your friend here he should be punished as well!2"

"WWWAAAAAA STOP AAAAWWWWW!" I tried to pull my hands free put they wouldn't move and my legs were spread so far apart I couldn't move them at all. Each lash of the belt seemed to find a new place on my bottom or legs to burn into. I was screaming as loud as I could begging him to stop but he just kept tanning my poor sore hide. My legs were so far apart my butt hole was exposed and sometimes the belt hit it and then I screamed even louder.

"This is why boys need to be punished every week!" He kept scolding me and lashing me till I was so tired I couldn't even yell I just cried and lay there praying for it to stop.

"Well that should teach you what happens to bad little boys now you just lay there and think about your behavior for an hour or so then we'll deal with your masturbation."

He hung the belt up and went up stairs as I cried my eyes out. My butt was so hot and stung with a pain I'd never dreamed of before. It went beyond pain I was feeling a strange lightness and energy but couldn't move. God I wanted to rub my butt.

After I stopped crying William whispered, "Are you ok?"

I was still whimpering as I tried to whisper back, "Yes I guess but I feel weird and my butt hurts so much I've never been spanked that hard."

"Yea he really gave it to you but he's still gonna give you the switch for masturbating."

"That's your fault you told him."

"I'm sorry but it hurt so much I couldn't help it you'll see after he gives it to you quiet I think he's coming back."

William's father came in with another naked red-bottomed boy over his shoulder I hadn't seen before. He took him straight to the spanking table in the middle between William and I and strapped him down.

"Jack this is my other son Philip who hadn't misbehaved in over a week but today he decided to. I just caught him cheating on a test and cheaters get the switch so it looks like you will have company." Philip was still crying from I guessed a spanking he had received upstairs before he was brought to the spanking chamber. Because of the way the spanking benches were arranged I could look right at his red butt. It looked like he had only been spanked with a hand however his whole bottom was bright red. Philip looked about my age but was taller than me.

The father went to the wall and took down a switch and started the swish it through he air making a very scary sound. "Jack I think I'll start with Philip so you can watch I think that will scare you more. I want you good and scared when it's your turn. Nothing could be better than a scared little boy about to be whipped. I bet you'll be crying before I finish with Philip."

As I watched father get into position I started to get just as scared as he said I would this was like some scary movie about a torture chamber only it wasn't a movie and I was the one getting tortured. He stood next to Philip and prepared to switch him. I could see why he had the spanking benches arraigned the way he did he could stand between two of them and by just turning around he could punish a different boy in the same manner.

"Philip I will beat the cheating out of you someday if not today then tomorrow."

And then he started to switch poor Philip's bottom. Each lash of the switch caused his butt to crease and bounce and leave a deep red ridge. He tried not to yell but by the fifth one he was yelling and screaming and crying all at once. I watch as each stroke feel on un-touch flesh leaving new red ridges. I started to cry from fear and felt myself start to pee again I was so scared.

Philip was lashed seventy-five times as hard as his father could hit him. At last he passed out from the pain and his father stopped. "Well I guess that will teach him." Turning to me he said, "Now it's your turn masturbator!"

"No No Please sir I'm sorry I've only done it once please don't use that on me please!"

"Only done it once? You're a liar as well boy! I'll show you what you father should have! He had his chance now your mine and I will whip you everyday if I have to till you learn to behave!"

Then he started to whip me as hard as he had his son. What did he mean I was his now? From the first stroke I was screaming and crying as loud as I could. I knew no one could hear me twenty feet under ground but I hoped someone would. Everyday he would whip me everyday? With each lash my butt felt like the skin was being ripped off. I felt strange feelings everywhere in my body and a strange strength and tried to break loose from the restraints but couldn't. Then it hit me he was not going to let me go I was a prisoner.

My penis was flapping against the wood of the bench and that was making it hard. I cried and struggled against the straps that held me pulling my legs and arms. I tried as hard as I could to get my butt out from under the burning fire that was tearing it up but nothing helped I was getting so tired I finally just laid there feeling my butt being torn off my body. I cried so hard I thought I'd choke.

"I hope that teaches you what happens to boys who masturbate Jack. At least you didn't pass out I see Philip is awake. You boys are all going to spend the night tied to the spanking benches so you can think about your behavior. And you Jack will stay here till you learn to be one of my boys."

Then he left the room. I just lay on the bench crying till I fell asleep I was so tired. When I woke up the lights were so dim it was almost black. I could see Philip and William were still tied down and sleeping. I decided I was going to get away one way or another. Just before I stopped fighting during the switching because I was too tired I felt one of the straps holding my arm loosen. I figured this bench being the smallest had been used by all three boys and was in the worse shape. The restraints must be getting old. My butt hurt so much still I almost started to cry but instead I started to work my right arm against the leather. I have no idea how long it took but at last the strap broke and my right arm was free.

Now to release the other arm it was very hard to reach it because of the way I was tied down on this big X. But I wasn't going to stay here and be one of his boys I was sure he planned to whip me again tomorrow and maybe do other things I didn't want to think about so I struggled and freed my left arm. I heard one of the boys make a noise it was Philip crying in his sleep. He soon was back into a deep sleep and I started to work my right leg free. This was much harder than my left arm had been it was so hard to bend around enough to reach my ankle my penis got caught in the hole and I made a small yelp from the pain. Andrew half asleep said "What? Ah.." Then he fell back to sleep.

At last I got the right foot free. I rolled over somewhat onto my bottom to reach my left ankle and the pain almost made me scream. I had to use all my strength to keep from crying and get the last strap loose but I did it.

I slipped quietly onto the floor and stepped into a shadow to hide and for the first time in hours felt my bottom with both hands. I found it hard to stand up because of the way I had been tied down so I sat on the cold stone floor to cool my bottom and rest my legs. I thought about how I would get away. First I had to find my clothes I wasn't sure where they were he had taken them away at some point. After I felt a little stronger I looked around the room for my clothes but didn't find them. I decided I had to get out of there even if it meant running down the street naked.

I made my way to the door and found it was unlocked I guess he didn't worry about anyone getting loose. I walked up the stairs and had to do so very carefully because they creaked. About every other step I had to freeze because the wood step would make noise. I was sure he'd hear and be on me at any moment. I couldn't imagine the punishment I'd be in for if he caught me. I started to get real scared again and felt like I had to pee again. I forced myself to hold it and slowly made my way up the stairs.

I opened the door at the top of the stair slowly and peeked out. It was dark no lights were on I was hoping it was late at night and that he would be asleep. I crept out into the living room where he had spanked me so many hours ago. I was almost across the room to the front door when I heard someone coming so I hid behind a curtain. I peeked through the slit and saw him come into the room he noticed that the door to the spanking chamber was open a little and went over to it. He stood there looking at it then hurried down the stair. I knew I only had a few seconds before he discovered I had escaped so I ran to the door and unlocked it and ran outside.

It was night and it was cold but the cold air felt really good on my burning bottom. I started to hurry down the road covering my penis when I heard him yell my name. I stopped worrying about anyone seeing my penis and ran as fast as I could to my house. As I came around the corner I saw a police car and all the lights on in my house and several houses around mine and people in their yards. I didn't care I knew he was right behind me so I ran as fast as I could to my house. Lots of people saw my naked black and blue spanked and whipped bottom as I burst through the door.

"What is going on where are you clothes and what happened to your butt!?" My dad said.

I just started to cry and he picked me up and carried me to my room. My mom came in then and saw my bottom and went nuts.


A police officer came into the room as well.

I couldn't answer I just kept crying she went to get some ointment and my dad sat on the bed holding me.

"I kill the son of a bitch who did this!"

I didn't stop crying for awhile all the time my mom and dad were taking care of my bottom. When I stopped crying I said, "It was the man in the mystery house across from Frank's. He has a spanking chamber under the house and he ties boys to spanking benches and punishes them."

"Looks more like torture to me! Said the police officer then he went out of the room and called to his partner, "Around the corner sounds like the missing boys are right here in the neighborhood."

"You poor boy your bottom is so sore I'm so sorry." Mom had tears in her eyes.

I fell asleep and had scary dreams.

The next day I heard from my dad that the police had found the room but there were no boys in it. The father wouldn't let the police check their bottoms saying I was a lying and had never been in the house and that the room down stairs had been that way when he bought the house. He said he sometimes scared kids to keep them away from his house by telling them he would take them there and spank them but he never really did it. The police were about to give up knowing that it was his word against mine when one of them saw a pair of underpants and jeans under the sofa like they had been hastily stuffed there. When the police showed them to my mom she said they were mine that was all they needed to search the boys. When they found how they had been abused they arrested him.

It turned out later the all three boys had been kidnapped over the years and that I was almost number four.

All my friends came over to visit me and they all wanted to see my butt.

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