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Part #2B

by Bobby Luke LeLaine and Mdspankie

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Still 7 & feeling my oats, I was feeling mighty guilty about EVERYTHING! In a greent-shirt(Short-sleeve), a pair of blue shorts over white briefs & white socks. I had just showered & scrubbed exra-soap in my crack & I splashed on a lot of Polo on my buns & everywhere else to be extra-presentable to Mommy. I brought out the bath-brush that's extra long & thick, that really caries a hefty sting when applied to my naughty little butt-cheeks & I entered the living-rrom & noticed Mommy in the kitchen.


"Yes, Dear?"

"Please come here, Mam, I just feel awful."

"What's wrong & why did you put on so much Polo?"

"I had to be presentable to you, Mommy & gee, I'm such a brat & stinker, how do you & Daddy put up with me?"

"We spank you, Dear."

Yes, Mam & I appreciate all you do for me."

"Oh, Honey-Buns, we know you have a problem & we're here to help you."

"Mam, I need chaitising, again."

"Are you asking to be spanked, Dear?"

Yeah & please hear me out on this, Mam. I'm 7 & all I do is cause trouble day in & day out wherever I go. You, teachers, Daddy, all my many Aunts & Uncles, law enforcers & just about everyone else beats my behinder & keeps me mighty sore, yet day after day, week after week, month after month & year after year, I just keep being bad. Mommy-Dearest, I'll remove my shorts & drop my undies, bend over your lap & as you sit & rest your hand on my back as the other takes this bath-brush up & uses it across my naughty little buns like a paddle, as hard as you can mustar, please give me 1,000 good spankings. Pleeeez, Mam."

"But, why so many, Honey?"

"Because I'm just that bad, Mommy."

"Ok, Sweety."

"Thanx, Mommy! I love you!" I quickly took off the shorts & sent down my briefs to my knees & bent over her lap as I also pulled my shirt up.

"I love you, too, Bobby. You splashed the Polo on your butt-cheeks & crack. You just think of everything, don't you, you sexy, beautiful little boy?"

"Yes, Mam & thanx. I'm ready, Mommy."

"Then I'll begin."


"Please, Mommy, that's not hard enough. Start over, please."


As you can guess, I kept telling her it wasn't hard enough & to keep starting over, but she ignored me & just lied the 1,000 spankings down & dear, doing a fantastic-job.Ofcourse, I was getting stimulated with bare-crotch rubbing on her skirt & the combo of that & the sensational burning from the chaitising made this paradise & I so cherished it."

When complete, Mommy asked,"Feeling better, Dear?"

"Yes, Mam. Thanx." I got dressed & then hugged her lovingly.

"Can I count on you to chaitise me when I need it?"

"I'll always be here for you, Dear."

Shortly after, the studio asked me & my mommy to pose for a spanking advertisement, which, when done up by us 2 proved to be very profitable! Cool!


Next, in skimpy bathing-tites at 8, as a summer instructor held me up as she taught me to swim, a photo's taken. I learned fast & always the best in the class. We're in an indoor pool & Sally, as well as other girls are there.But, if Sally wasn't there, I'd be forbidden by her to be in this co-ed class & good thing, for all the girls were oooing & ahhhing as I was in the water nearly totally exposed. Sally was quoted to say to those girls,

"Those tites reveal part of the world's sexiest- behind & Bobby Lewis, the owner of thoses buns, is my boy & no one elses, so look, but not too much or you'll have me to deal with."No girl dared to chance such a fate.

Online, I find Mary Wall's profile & she goes as Strict Mummy, who's someone only a fool would sassy, but I'm such a fool & did. I dared her to come to my house, come in to the living room, bare my bottom, take me over her lap with her sitting on the sofa & spank my hiney 'til it's a shiny-purple. She got there, as said, in 2 days & when she came to the door & talked to my daddy, he gladly invited her into the living room & said,

"I'll get the little brat! Please kill him!"

"He'll wish he were died when I'm done with him."

"Do you want a belt or a hefty hair-brush?"

"No, I'll use my hand."

"Ok." Father then yelled to the top of the stairs to his brat of a son,"BOBBY LEWIS!!! Get down here at once!!"

"Yes, Sir!" I came quickly. What's wrong, Daddy?"

"Do you know this woman?"

"Why, Mary Walls? H-H-H-Hi."

"Bobby Lewis, GET OVER HERE, NOW!!!"

I was in just undergarments, but when my daddy says NOW, he means NOW!

"Why are you so mad, Daddy?Please, Mam, I'm only 8 years old & very stupid."

"Yes, & your stupity is going to cost you 2,000 good spankings, little boy!!"

"BOBBY LEWIS!!! I'm very annoyed with you! You do what Ms. Walls tells you to do & when she's done, you march your wilted-behinder up to your bed & go to sleep!!"

"Yes, Sir. Mam, before you give me what I got coming, may I just say I was just kidding?"

"That's fine.But I'm not & you'll think twice before you sassy anyone over the internet, again."

"Yes, Mam."Over I went & she really spanked me good & had my butt purple by the 1,500th spank & stayed dry-eyed, bravely taking what I deserved big-time & apologized to her & Daddy very respectfully after the spanking. She warned me, 1st there in my living room & later on the internet that it'll be 5,000 next time, but what really got me is when she told the world,

"I loved spanking Bobby Lewis!!"

Well, I loved that & showed Daddy who wrote a thank you email to her, of which she replied,"Sir, I'll be happy to chaitise your son anytime."

Daddy's reply was,"Thanx. I'll keep that in mind."


So. I'm still 8 & up to my tricks whan MY visiting Aunt Maggie had this wild-machine that was electronic & had this board & legs of which I was lying on my stomach down on. Then there's this red vice with 2 bars shaped like the handles of a swimming-pool ladder & an arm with hand that's extra-long. Sounds exciting, huh? It was! The controll operated by my aunt gave her all #'s to press to set the full amount & 6 options of strength:lite, medium, med.-hard, hard & extra-hard. Finally, there were the options of speed:once every 5,4,3,2 or 1 second. As you can guess, she pressed x-hard & 1 every1 second for 500 good spankings. I would act the conquered-villian who could dish out the evil, but couldn't take the punishment! It really smarted & I loved it!

SPANK!!!!!!"OW!!"SPANK!!!!!!"OW!!"SPANK!!!!!!"OW!!Aunt Maggie!!"

SPANK!!!!!!"OW!! Pleeeez shut it off!!"

"Not until you got 500!"She felt great power as her machine conquered the hardened-criminal-ME!!She got sweet-revenge!


What do I get when I'm a sassy brat in green short sleeved shirtwhen I dare to tangle with Mrs.Georginson? Why I get taken over with my legs tucked in hers as I'm the sassing brat who can't handle his medicine& try to protect my spank-needing hiney, but she grabs my handtightly at my waist & holds it down! She takes a slipper off & comes down hard on my plump, raised little toshy 100 times to make me a boy who won't be sitting for a while!

In front, my shirt's over my crotch that's stimulating on a bare-leg as she wears a black mini-skirt & I wished the 100 was 10,000!!

CRACK!!!"AAA!!"Oh! How the slipper hit my behinder!

CRACK!!!"AAA!!"As another proves I was born to be dearly spanked often!

CRACK!!!"AAA!!"The slipper's grand & so is this woman spanking me properly!

CRACK!!!"AAA!!"Yes! Life is great!!!


Still * & a sassy-brat, with Mother in full dress & I in my boy-scout uniform, I'm sent down on my knees with my hiney bared as Mothe sits & took off a slipper. She holds my hand away from my butt & I call out,

"Noooo!! Mommy!! Don't do it!"

"As long as you're naughty & sass me, you're going to be spanked, Bobby Lewis!!"

"Please, Mommy! You don't want your little joy devastated, do you?! Mommmmeeeeee!! AAA!!!"

"Only if you need it & it's 250 this time, my boy!"

"Wow!! Ow!!Mommmmeeeee!! Stop!! Pleeeez!!!" All I'd do to trade those chaitisements would be for longer & harder 1's!


Just after turning 9, my parents hired a live-in nanny who came up with the idea me & my parents loved, although I kept the love for it inside me. I got into my nightgown & go over her lap & she then raises the ng so the bottom I have is exposed & with a good, solid hairbrush, she chaitises me with what she called 50brushes to the hier every evening before retiring.

She was there 3 weeks exactly, so that's 21 days & if the evening brushings didn't work, she failed & would leave. 1,050 strokes in 3 weeks & I was no better off, so she left, but before she did, she got 3 words from me to take on the road with her & I smiled as I said,

"Thank you, Mam."


Visiting Grama for Thanksgiving, I disobey her orders not to get into the jam-jar & she took a shoe off & took me over & I protested like the little brat I was! My mouth & 1 hand covered in the jam, she let me have it & a dirt-stain accompanied the grand-sting on my seat-pants, as she gave me the soundest spanking she ever gave anyone.

SMACK!!!"AAA!!Graaaamaaaa!!!" Her shos let those marks of pain & dirt as oh, how it stung!



"Not until you've gotten 200, young Bobby!"


It's between Thanksgiving & Christmas when my parents had to go out to do some X-ams shopping for my family. I'm left at home with, ooh la, la, a very sexy 19 year old female sitter, YEAH!!


I had to test the waters, ofcourse. It turned out, to my utter delight, I was dealing with a great white shark in the ocean of sex-goddesses& WOW! did her hand have the bite of a great white! My parents had instructed her to chaitise the life outta me if I sassied her or disobeyed her, telling her that if she takes an upper-hand to me, I'd obey without question & ofcourse, they were right! So, 90 minutes saw me dearly enjoying getting my crotch rubbing on her skirt-covered legs & my butt getting quite a stinging that really had me on Cloud 9! Cooool!!How I wished that spanking would never end!

"Gee, Mam, I really beleive you'll make a great mommy one day."

"To be honest, Bobby, my mother's sitting my baby. I'm already a mommy."

"Gee, is it a boy?"

"Yes, Honey, it is."

"Well, that boy'll sure to be kept in line. Thanx, Mam."

"Sure, Bobby. you sure are brave & soooo cute."

"Yeah. I am brave."

"I hope my son'll be like you."

"No, Mam, you don't."

"I mean brave & good looking."

"Thanx, Mam. I deserved what you gave me. You taught me well. Thanx."

"Ok, Bobby. You better get to bed, now."

"Yes, Mam. Thanx."


It was ny turn to play hero instead of villian, for a change.Sally was passing notes with 1 of her friends, the new girl in town, who was asking her about me & as I understood, the new-girl was quoted in a note to ask Sally,"Who's that really cute boy in yellow & blue? I think I love him."

Sally, not looking for trouble, replied,"Isn't hethe most handsome boy alive? His name is Bobby Lewis & we're a couple, a very serious 1 & in fact, we've been engaged since kindergarden."

There were other notes going back & forth, but this strict, military-like middle-aged woman, a real bitch, to put it mildly, was Sally exchanging notes & she very firmly & cruelly said to my bundle of joy,

"Sally Slidixie & new girl, Janet Manson! What's the meaning of this?!" She came to Sally's desk & made my dear love jump when she whacked her yard-stick on the desk! how dare that bitch frighten my lady like that! THAT BITCH!!! I couldn't contain myself!

Then she whacked her yardstick on Janet's desk & made her jump, too! At this time, I had gotten up & was just about in her face. "Leave those ladiesalon, you biatch! You wfanna pick on someone, PICK ON ME!

"BOBBY LEWIS!!! You little rascal!"

"Go to hell, bitch!!"

"If I do, I'll take you with me & lash your behind forever!!"

"Well, good for you & the future! Come face to face with me & leave those ladies be, BITCH!!!!"

"I'll give you the 50 harshest whacks upon your behind I ever gave anyone!"

"I bet it'll tickle!"

"Yeah? And you go to the principal's office after this."

"I will & tell him how you bully your students, BITCH!!"I yelled & over she took me fast & very mad, indeed & whacked my bottom much harder then she did the girl's desks.She really made the yardstick bite my behind with sounding whacks that made the other students flench & whip their heads away, but didn't bother me at all. I was down on my desk & didn't give her the satisfaction. NO WAY!!


So, the joke's on her, for I i became her 1st student ever to stand up to her & not let her spankings get the best of me & I got her best 50, whereas no student's ever been given more then 20 & never played it cool beyond 5! I yawned after the licken & said,

"What cha' want me to do, Bitch?"

"March your behind to the principle's office, NOW!"

"Fuck you, Bitch!!" I flipped her both birds & made a cross with both arms & she didn't dare come near me. I slammed the door shut hard & stormed to the principle's office, explaining to him calmly about the bitch, of which he whad finished flogging a student who was whaling about & I talked him out of flogging him any more. That boy was my pal, Billy & he didn't have a problem with me showing up, in fact, in tears, he ran into my arms & hugged me, crying,

"Thank you, Bobby!"

So, I explained what happened & the principle calmly told me that I'm a boy & must learn to cooperate & respect adults. Understanding this, I bared my backside & took 50 of his best with his 12 twig-birch. I was very brave & then talked the principle into actually listening to me & when he understood I was being honest of what a horrible person that teacher was, he got her outta there & apologized to me.

"No apology needed, Sir. It's cool."

"Bobby you're an honset boy & the track-record shows she's very mean to her students & now I realize I have been, too. Can you forgive me?"

"Sir, it's really cool. I was out of line before & deserved the floggings."


"No, Sir. But thanx for listening to me in the end."


Another advertisement with a spanking scene saw me & a young, teen-aged girl both smile as I lie over her lap as she holds me with 1 hand on my back & the other has a shoe up in the air. It looked rather humorous & meant to be so, saying,"Really tough soles!" That came across as a brother & sister or boy & teenage sitter. It looked cool.

I'm over at my Aunt Gail's & with her twin-daughters, my cousins, Sue & Nellie & when they wanted me to play with atheir doohouse, I teased them & tipped the doo-house over, alling then babies(they were 8) & Aunt Gail came in & quickly flung-off my clothes to my bare-nakedness & said,

"So, you like to tease my daughters & push over their doo-house, huh? Let's see if you like 500 ping-pong-paddle spankings to your bare-behind, Nephew!"

As the girls giggled & teased me in delight, she had left my t-shirt on and grasped that tightly & paddled me good!


"OW!OW!OW!STOP!!OW!OW!Aunt Gail!OW!Quit it!OW!

When done, she asked, "Are you going to behave?"

"Yes,Mam,"I sobbed.

"Apologize to your cousins."

"I'm so very sorry, girls. It'll never happen, again & if you'd like, I'll play doll-house with you anytime."

"That's ok, Bobby. You're so cute, how could we stay mad at you?"Sue said.

"Yeah Bobby,"Nellie said,"All is forgiven. Come & play with us."

"Sure. I'd be happy to, ladies. I'll fix yourdoll-house at once."

Nellie then said,"Sally has told us what a wonderful boy you are."

"That's cool I don't know what got into me.And Aunt Gail, anything I can do, please just tell me."

That brought a tear to her eye & she said, "Thank you, Honey." She hugged me, the girls did the same & I helped them with all I could while I was there. So, I was growing up & I was 10, then. Not so fast, ladies.





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