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What my bottom is for.

by Horton

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 25 Apr 2007

I have been instructed by my Master to introduce myself and give an account of how I am typically Disciplined and Corrected at his expert hands.
Although he uses many methods to train me at the heart of his regime is the use of traditional corporal punishment applied to my bottom, be it clothed or bared as he wishes and I deserve.

Sometimes he likes me to report to him dressed as a Schoolboy in my grey shorts, long socks, blazer and tie.
It was in this suitably humiliating state that I recently reported to him in the Study having somewhat foolishly disagreed with him online the previous evening. I,to my considerable cost, had failed to accord him the proper respect that he expects and demands at all times.
He had warned me that there was only one remedy for cheekiness and disrespect and that I was to present myself to him in full School Uniform the following evening at 8pm sharp.

I knew that it would be more than a hand spanking for me and that most likely the Cane – which is his favourite Implement of Instruction – would be applied to my seat of learning.

I spent the next day in my usual state of anxiety and excitement – I know that I need to be disciplined and that my Master will not hesitate to administer a firm punishment as I had asked for.
I was required to report in time to change. I took a deep breath and pressed the buzzer.
No greeting just the click of the downstairs door being opened.
Once inside the building I was to let myself into his flat and lock the door behind me.
I had some 10 minutes to change – I would be expected to be immaculately turned out and he would punish me further if he was not happy in any way with my dress or appearance.
I stood in front of the mirror – all seemed fine – tie was straight,socks pulled up,blazer buttoned,shoes nice and shiny.
I turned round and my grey shorts were temptingly snug-fitting and my buttocks were sharply defined by the tightly-stretched fabric.
My Master would be looking forward to seeing my bottom and to dealing with it and with this comforting thought I stood outside his Study door.

A deep breath and a short sharp knock – I adjusted my tie and sighed.
I knew that I could expect some firm discipline and that I would leave with a sore bottom as I deserved.
Silence – I sighed again – and then the summons – "ENTER."

He was sitting in his large armchair and my eyes quickly surveyed the room and yes there it was – the Senior Cane was in place on the desk – it was indeed as I had feared.
I moved to the middle of the room in front of him.

"Turn round boy and put your hands on your head."

I complied and as I put my hands on my head I could feel my blazer being pulled up to reveal my bottom to him.
Silence – and I could sense his eyes taking in my buttocks and thinking about what he was going to do to them.
"Bend over boy"
I leaned forward and the fabric stretched even tighter over my buttocks.
"That's better – much better boy"


"So what do you have to say for yourself boy?"
Another deep breath – "I'm very sorry SIR."
"And why are you very sorry boy?"
"I'm sorry for being so disrespectful to you SIR."
"Yes – what happens to disrespectful boys like you?""
"They have to be disciplined, SIR."
"They do indeed boy and what's the best way of teaching them to mind their manners?"
"By going over your knee SIR, please SIR."
I awaited the command – "Very well – over my knee now."

I turned round and quickly made my way across to him and lowered myself over his awaiting knees putting my hands flat on the floor and spreading my legs wide apart as he requires.
I felt his hands reach for the bottom of my blazer and slowly pull it up to expose my bottom.
A tug on the waistband of my shorts as he pulled them even tighter.

"That's better – much better boy isn't it?"
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR. This is what I need SIR."

It is strange but although I knew that my bottom would be soundly disciplined it was what I needed and I wanted to take my punishments well to please my Master.

I felt his hand come to rest on one buttock and then the other – he would take his time before starting and would enjoy feeling my bottom all over to heighten my sense of anticipation.

"You're a naughty insolent disrespectful boy – what are you?"
"A naughty insolent disrespectful boy SIR."
"And what happens to naughty disrespectful boys?"
"They have to be punished SIR."
"And how do they have to be punished boy?"
"By spanking their bottoms SIR."
"Yes boy – and not just spanking boy."
"No SIR."
"How else do we punish their bottoms boy?"
"However you want SIR, please SIR."
"Well, it will be the Slipper for you boy – what will it be?"
"The Slipper SIR, thank you SIR."

His hands were fondling my bottom as he interrogated me tracing its contours and from time to time there were a few gentle pats and some rubbing.

"Right boy – time to spank you – it'll be long and hard boy – how will it be?"
"Long and hard, thank you SIR."

He removed his hands from my bottom – he pushed one hand down on my back – my shorts were pulled tight again.
A deep breath – it was about to start and I knew that he would not spare himself and that the spanking would be hard from the outset.
His large firm hand landed across the centre of my left buttock and with little pause SMACK! across the centre of my right buttock.
The spanks rained down in fairly rapid and regular succession in equal proportion to each cheek and it was not long before the whole of my bottom was warm and tingling.
The spanks landed with ever increasing force and frequency and there was no doubt that my Master meant business today and I thought of the prospect of the Slipper to come – and how much that was going to sting my bottom especially if he choose to administer it to my bare bottom as I suspected he would.

The spanking came to a halt – "Get up boy now."
I stood in front of him – close to him as expected with my hands on my head.
His hands moved towards the top of my shorts and he quickly undid the buttons and unzipped the fly and tugged the shorts down to the floor.
"Get back over my knee boy and quick!"
He was obviously in no mood to be be messed with and I obeyed and put myself back over his knees, my tight white underpants now on display.
I felt his fingers slip under the back of the waistband as he pulled them as tight as he could.

"That's better boy – much better. Now we can really being to show you what happens to cheeky insolent boys like you can't we?"
"Yes SIR thank you SIR."
"So what do you say boy?"

This was so embarrassing – I heaved a sigh –

"Well boy – I'm waiting – or do you want me to get the slipper now?"
"No SIR – please SIR I'm a naughty insolent boy SIR. Please spank my bottom hard SIR to teach me my lesson SIR. Thank you SIR."
"That's better boy – and if I have any more hesitations it will the strap for you boy – is that clear?"
"Yes SIR – I'm very sorry SIR. Please spank my bottom hard SIR to teach me my lesson SIR."
"Right boy it's 5 minutes worth for you – 5 hard minutes boy – are you ready?"
"Yes SIR, please spank my bottom hard for 5 minutes SIR – thank you SIR."

There was no waiting. This time it was straight down to business as his hand went to work and it was not long before I was beginning to wince and grit my teeth.
I could feel my buttocks start to clench and I tried to focus on taking my punishment well to please my Master.
I gasped out loud as his hand landed on the top of my thighs – that really stung and I know he likes to deliver a few there for effect.
I tried to count the spanks but I had lost track and so just braced myself as the onslaught continued and my bottom began to throb.
The blows came faster and faster and he was now using both his hands in succession and then at the same time – I winced and gasped and began to wriggle on his lap – this was really hurting but I knew better than to protest.
Suddenly and without any warning my pants were yanked down and without so much as missing a beat the spanking continued to my bare bottom.
This was getting much tougher now and I clenched my buttocks and gritted my teeth.
My bottom was now quite sore and the spanks were truly testing me but I was determined to take my punishment like a man as expected.
A pause and his hands gently rubbed my bottom.
"So are we getting through to you boy?"
"Yes SIR thank you SIR."
"And how do you think your bottom is looking now boy?"
"Nice and red SIR?"
"Yes boy, but not as red as it's going to be is it boy?"
"No SIR thank you SIR."
"Not as red as it will be once you've bent over for your 12 strokes of the Slipper boy?"
"No SIR – please slipper my bottom SIR, thank you SIR."

"Right boy – if you want you can have your slippering on your underpants in which case I will spank your bare bottom for another 5 minutes or you can have another minute's spanking and 12 with the slipper on your bare bottom. Is that clear boy?
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR"
My mind was racing weighing up the alternatives on offer – get on with it I thought.
"Well boy?"
"Please slipper me on my bare bottom SIR,thank you SIR."

"Good boy – that will give me pleasure won't it boy? "
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR."
"And in what position do I like to slipper naughty boys?"
"Kneeling on all fours SIR with their legs well apart and their bottoms pushed right out SIR."
"Good boy – I am looking forward to having you present your bottom to me next door kneeling on my bed boy."
"Thank you SIR – it will be a privilege and honour to present my bottom to you SIR."

"Right one minute it is. When I have finished you will get up and thank me and then go next door and await me in position with the Slipper in your mouth boy.Understood?"
"Yes SIR thank you SIR."

"So one minute boy – are you ready?"
Yes SIR, thank you SIR."

I braced myself knowing that it was going to be as hard a spanking as he could give but it was only for a minute and then there would be some respite.
The spanking commenced again – and yes it was tough and it took all my willpower to stifle my reactions but I told myself that I did not want to add to my punishments and clenched my jaw.
I was counting the seconds to myself and only 10 to go if I was right.
The spanks reached a crescendo of intensity and force and my buttocks clenched and unclenched against the onslaught.
They were really throbbing and sore now.

"Get up boy."
I slowly raised myself up off his knees and stood in front of him pants down around my ankles and my hands on my head.
"Thank you SIR, I deserved that SIR."
"You know what to do boy – dismiss."
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR."

I knew better than to pull my pants or shorts up and I stumbled my way out of the room sensing his eyes fill with delight at the sight of both my bright red bottom and also my embarrassing exit.

So it was to be a dozen with his well-used shiny flexible slipper – I knew from past encounters that it could really sting and I shuddered at the prospect.
I also knew that I needed to get on and get into position as sometimes he would appear quite suddenly and if I were not ready there would be more strokes.

I quickly stripped as required and neatly folded my Uniform – again I knew that he would check and that my bottom would pay the price if I hadn't been a tidy boy.
I knelt on the bed with my head to the quilt and my legs wide apart and pushed my bottom out – his favourite position.
I knew how much he enjoyed slippering my bare bottom in this vulnerable and exposed position and the thought of this spurred me on to want to take the punishment like a man so as to best please him.
I put the slipper in my mouth as I heard the door open and close and his footsteps coming closer down the hallway.
Silence and then the door slowly opened and closed.
I could sense him moving to the end of the bed so that he had a direct end-on view of my pushed-out bottom with my balls dangling.
"Spread your cheeks for me boy."

He knew that I found this both embarrassing and humiliating but I knew how much pleasure this also gave him so I moved my hands one to each buttock and pulled them far apart making me feel all the more vulnerable and exposed.
Silence again as he looked on.
He came round to the front of me and removed the Slipper from my mouth.
"Good boy – very good boy – just how I like to see you isn't it boy?"
"Yes SIR thank you SIR."
"And why do I like to see you like this boy?"
I felt myself blushing as I stammered – "Because you like to look at my crack and my hole SIR as you slipper me."
"Good boy and you're going to present your bottom to me like this when we've finished with you aren't you boy?"
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR."
"And what can I do then boy?"
"Whatever you want SIR – my bottom is for your pleasure and satisfaction SIR, thank you SIR."
" I am going to relieve myself all over it boy and then watch you rub it in your sore red bottom boy – is that understood boy?"
"Yes SIR, thank you SIR – please come all over my bottom SIR so that I can rub it in SIR to please you SIR."

I felt the shiny sole of the worn slipper tap against my buttocks – first one then the other. I heaved a deep sigh.
"Right boy – 12 strokes and these are going to be delivered fast and hard boy without pause."
"Thank you SIR – that will be good for me SIR."
"It will be very good for you boy and what will I do if you don't keep your bottom well pushed out for me boy?"
"You will start again from the beginning SIR, thank you SIR."
"Yes boy, I will until you take all 12 properly, boy"

Some more teasing taps and then "Ready boy?"
I gulped – "Yes SIR – please slipper my bottom SIR, thank you SIR."

As he had warned the blows came fast and furious in rapid succession and I had to summon up all my willpower to remain in the required position as I truly did not want any extra strokes.
The pain was excruciating and it felt like my bottom was on fire as the slipper landed harder and harder.
I clenched my jaw and tried to breathe deeply but there was no respite.
I was determined to remain in position until the end – over halfway now – 5 to go – only 5 I told myself.
I counted them down – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – and as I feared the last was the worst – 1.
I let out a huge sigh or relief – I had endured it.
My bottom was throbbing and my buttocks clenched and unclenched in rapid succession.

"So boy – what do you say?"
It was hard to speak at this stage such was the agony I was in.
"Thank you SIR." — I stammered.

I felt his hands on my burning bottom – he pinched the cheeks – OW!
"Good – that's what I like to hear boy."
He pinched again harder – the pain was unbearable. OW! OW! OW!

"Right boy, we've not finished yet have we? What else do I need to do to your bottom boy?"
"Stripe it with the Cane please SIR, thank you SIR."
"Yes boy – 6 of the best to finish. You will go next door and select two canes and get into position over the table – one in your mouth and the other between your buttocks boy.Is that clear?"
"Yes SIR thank you SIR."
"I will be with you shortly boy."


I await bending over the dining room table, my stomach flat to the cold wooden surface and my legs well apart so that my bare bottom is best presented for its impending caning.
In my mouth is one Cane and in-between my awaiting buttocks the other Cane ready for SIR – one or the other or both.
Again my ears strain to listen for the sounds of his return – the tell-tall click as the door opens.

My mouth is dry and my heart beating faster as I contemplate the hard Caning that is to come sooner or later.
I try to take some deep breaths to prepare myself – I want to take my Caning well like a man so as to please my Master.
I want to give him pleasure by submitting my bottom to whatever he wishes and to show my devotion and obedience to him in all things.

As I hear the door to the living room open I push my bottom out as far as I can as I know how much my Master enjoys seeing my bottom well presented for him for his visual pleasure and anticipation.

I take another deep breath and swallow and tell myself how much I know my Master will enjoy Caning my bare bottom hard and how much it will please him to see me submitting to the pain that this will cause me.
I remind myself of how much I want to prove my devotion and dedication to my Master and how my bottom is for his use and satisfaction whatever that might be.

I sense him approaching me – knowing that his eyes will be focused on my awaiting buttocks – taut and rounded and pushed out for his pleasure.
I feel his eyes boring into my bottom – taking it in and relishing the prospect of both Caning it now and also all the other plans he has for it afterwards.

He takes each Cane in turn and gives a few swishes of each one through the air to test them out and to help decide which he is going to use to stripe my bottom.
By now my heart is racing at the prospect of the thrashing that is to come and I gulp in an attempt to moisten my bone-dry mouth.

I feel the cold Cane lightly tapping against my buttocks and then tracing down my legs and thighs and then back up over my hanging balls and up my crack.
A few more teasing swishes through the air and then the question – "What do you have to say,boy?"

I take a deep breath and sigh and say loudly and enthusiastically so as to best please my Master —

I know that he expects me to take this Caning in silence and that should I make as much as a murmur he will start again to teach me my lesson.

I push my buttocks out and brace myself for the first stroke of the Cane knowing that it will be hard and challenging.

The agony of waiting is prolonged even further with more teasing taps and more swishes through the air until I am finally put out of my suspense as the first hard stroke of the Cane is delivered across the centre of my awaiting buttocks.
There is the sharp crack as the Cane stings my flesh and the brief moment of delay before the pain hits home and I steel myself to contain it and draw a deep but silent breath.
I feel the intense stinging pain of the stripe and know that my Master is looking and enjoying the nice red line appearing across my buttocks.
As I hear the Cane move through the air I will remind myself how much my Master enjoys thrashing my bare bottom and how much it arouses him and this spurs me on to take the stroke like a man. I clench my teeth so as to contain the agony of the stroke.

I hear the Cane swishing through the air again finding another new area to punish and stripe and again I clench my teeth and tell myself that this is what my bottom is for and how much I want to please my wonderful Master