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Kevin Thompson-The Early Morning Spanking

by Brians Sister

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The early Saturday morning sunshine streamed through the boy's bedroom window. Seventeen-year-old Kevin Thompson stretched out in his bed dressed only in a pair of light-blue boxer briefs. Like most boys that age, the boy was sporting morning wood and as he slowly emerged from his slumber he absent-mindedly dropped his right hand to his package a few times to give it a few soft tugs. On several occasions, the boy's hand plunged beneath the waistband and his fingers absent-mindedly scratched the pubic bush or adjust the cotton fabric encasing the boy's jewels.
He had heard his younger brother James leave approximately an hour earlier to head to dive practice. Kevin and James had been left alone for the weekend by their parents and sisters to go across state for his sister Allison's volleyball tournament. His parents had left Kevin in charge of his brother while they were gone and generally his brother was pretty good in their absence. He did have a couple of friends over to work on a school project and he did also have his girlfriend Cathy over Friday night. Kevin kept an eye on the kids and generally left them alone, but could have swore that he saw Cathy with her left hand down the front of James' shorts at one time when he strolled through the room. "Lucky kid he thought to himself. Getting a hand job by his girlfriend at fourteen. If only I could get that lucky."
"A few more minutes and then I have to get up and get ready for work," he thought to himself. Kevin's hand once again slide down his bare chest, rubbing across his firm pecs and pert nipples, down his washboard abs that were largely hairless except for his "treasure trail" that lead into the elastic waistband of his boxer briefs. Toying around with the waistband again he imagined his little brother and his girlfriend on the couch. Cathy, although four years younger had a nice rack on her and the shirt she was wearing yesterday accentuated the curves. Kevin slide his hand back into his underpants and rubbed this throbbing member. Using his other hand, slide his fingers into the waistband and tugged them down to mid-thigh. The boy's cock and nuts were now free from the confines of the material. Looking down, he examined his teenage package. "Not bad he thought to himself." The boy was decent-sized for a seventeen year old. He was also good looking, although pretty shy unlike his younger brother, James. Kevin was not as well-hung as his brother at his age, but Kevin wasn't lacking too much and his five-inch cock pulsated with his heart beat. Using his left hand, he cupped his hanging nuts while stroking his extended member with his right.
Like many teenage boys, he climaxed too soon, his teenage cum hot landed on his stomach; reaching between the mattress and box spring, pulled out the tissues to clean the spunk off his firm belly. After catching his breath, he pulled up his boxers again, swung his feet over the edge of the bed and stood up. Right then the sound of the garage door broke the silence. Glancing at his alarm clock, "James wouldn't be home already…" glancing out the window, he spotted his parents' minivan turn into the driveway and his heart sank into his stomach. The house was a mess and it was obvious that the boys had had company the previous night against their parents' explicit instructions.
Kevin leaped into action and seized a pair of light-blue nylon shorts and pulled them on along with his white Nike tee shirt. Padding down the hallway as quickly as he could, he frantically tried to remove most of the damning evidence from the view of his parents, he knew his task was fruitless…there was too much evidence.
"Shit he thought to himself" as he tried to come up with a good story. In walked in his parents and his sisters.
"Hi Mom and Dad, you are home early. I was just straightening up the house a little before I get ready for work and…"
"Save it son, we can tell that you had people over last night. I will deal with you in a minute. Allison sweetie come sit down and we will get you a fresh ice pack for your ankle. Kevin finish cleaning up this mess and wait while we finish this up and then we will talk."
Kevin knew he was toast, but maybe since he didn't have anyone over his butt would be saved from a spanking, but knowing his parents, he didn't hold his breath. "Damn it, I am too old for this. I am seventeen-years-old and almost an adult."
Kevin's morning wood was long gone and he could feel his cock shrinking up from the after climax activities as he pondered his fate. Maybe Dad will at least take me up to my room and not spank me in front of Mom, Allison and Beth." That wasn't much consolation, but it would be better than the alternative.
Mrs. Thompson glared disapprovingly at her oldest child noting his broad shoulders and his slender teenage body. Her little boy was becoming a man, but he still thought like a little kid. "If his Dad doesn't spank him, I will my God, that boy just can't think straight and I think a session over my lap without his pants will do him a world of good. He only has a year until he heads to college and he needs to learn and grow-up before it is too late."
Kevin finished up cleaning the living room and the Thompson's got Allison into the recliner with the ice bag. "Kevin, come here." Mr. Thompson demanded of his oldest son as he sat down on the ottoman. "Shit, here it comes," he thought to himself. "Sorry Dad, I didn't have anyone over last night, I swear, James did, but I didn't as I know the rules…"
"Thanks for fessing up Kevin, but you were in charge and I will make sure that James gets punished appropriately for his actions, but since you were in charge, you need to be punished."
"Please Dad, not down here, please can we do this in my room?" "No son, right here so that your sisters can learn from your mistakes now move your ass boy or I will move it for you."
Kevin trudged over to his Dad who very matter-of-factly slide his fingers into the waistband of his shorts and boxer shorts and promptly lowered them to his ankles. Both girls giggled slightly when their older brother's penis and balls came into view. Mr. Thompson pulled the hapless boy over his lap and immediately rained down two dozen or so slaps on the boy's rounded, muscular cheeks before he started the lecture. "Kevin, you knew the rule about having people in the house while we were gone and you allowed your brother do break that rule while you were in charge. Since you were in charge, you will be soundly punished and when your brother gets home, he will be spanked the same way you are."
Standing his son up, the boy's equipment once again exposed to his family. Kevin's hands immediately went to his butt and rubbed sending his equipment bobbing. "Kevin, go and get me the belt." "Please Dad, not the belt. I have to be to work in an hour and it will kill all day." "Fine young man, get back over my lap and we will continue the hand spanking and when you get home from work tonight you and your brother will both get the belt from me."
Kevin, pleaded "please Dad, not that." "That is your choice young man, get back over my lap or go and get me the belt." Kevin, glancing through teary eyes at his Mom and sister who were standing there and watching the whole event unfold before their eyes watched their son/older brother once again lower himself over his Father's lap, his hanging penis disappearing between his Father's slightly parted thighs. Once back into position, Kevin's spanking resumed, the waterworks starting up again. The boy's back arched several times, giving the audience glimpses of his penis and balls, his shorts and underpants hanging loosely from his right ankle.
Mr. Thompson stood his son back up and planted another dozen swats on the boy's already crimson bottom. "I hope you learned your lesson young man and will continue to think about it every time you sit or lean over today at work and you know that you will be back over my lap this afternoon minus your pants and underpants for another session with your brother. Now pull up your pants and get yourself ready for work."
Kevin stooped down and rapidly pulled up the shorts and underpants in one yank and fled up the stairs to the bathroom. Mrs. Thompson heard the shower water running as she headed out the down to retrieve her younger son from dive practice and played out her older son's spanking over her husband's lap and planned for a preliminary spanking on the pool deck for her ever-troublesome fourteen-year-old son, James.
Kevin stood in the shower, his naked body streaming with water, his ass cheeks pulsating with heat from his Dad's morning spanking. He knew he had to get back at his brother and also knew that it was going to be a very long day at work and another really long evening at home that night.
Kevin emerged from the shower, dressed, shaved, and headed out the door to the grocery store where he worked. As his butt slide into the driver's seat of his car, he was once again reminded of the events of that morning and the activities that would be going on at home at evening and the spanking his younger brother was going to be receiving very soon. His teenage tool once again got firm, pressing into the folds of his loose boxer shorts and tight, black slacks he wore as part of his uniform.

To be continued…

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