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Spanking a Naughty Employee

by Number 2 Son

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I had a young man who worked for our company whose name was Tran. His family came from Vietnam. He was very young looking for his age and looked like he was about fifteen. He was pretty nice looking, too, and he had a nice shaped butt. I thought for a while he was a pretty good employee. Then one day I found out that he was siphoning off business and doing it on the side. My partner was out of town for two weeks or I would have left it up to him to decide what to do. But he would have wanted me to handle this right away and might have even punished me if I didn’t handle it, so I called Tran into my office. When he got there and I confronted him with the evidence, he admitted his guilt right away. His face reddened and he looked ashamed. I told him we had no choice but to let him go. He became very anxious and pleaded for a second chance, telling me he was way behind financially because of student loans and he was very, very sorry. I told him I had no choice and he would have to leave. He continued to plead, begging me for one more chance. He began to get to me and I wondered what to do. By lucky coincidence for Tran, my business partner had spanked me really hard with his belt just two days before, for disobeying something he had told me to do. I still had a sore butt from spanking and it gave me an idea. “Well, Tran, I can’t think of any proper way to punish you so that you learn what you did was wrong and would not do it again.” Tran looked a little relieved as if he had a chance to keep his job. “Please, anything but firing me.” “Well, I don’t know what to do. If you were my son I could give you a good spanking and you wouldn’t do it again. But you’re not my son. Didn’t your dad spank you when you were growing up?” He nodded his head. “Oh, yes sir. Quite often and even when I was in high school.” We both waited for a moment. Then I shook my head. “As I said, you’re not my son so I don’t know what else I can do.” Tran waited a moment too, then he said, “Even if I am not your son, I would rather be spanked than fired. So, please do it, sir.” I waited a bit and then said, “Okay, Tran, let’s talk about this at the end of the day. Come see me when everyone has gone home.” Around six, Tran came to my office and saw in the chair by my desk. I told him I had decided not to fire him but to spank him really hard. I asked if he agreed with that and he said yes. I went over to the couch and my office and gestured for him to come over. I grabbed his arm and pulled him over my lap. He had a pretty good sized butt for a slight young man. I raised my hand and swatted him. I hit him pretty hard but he said nothing. I gave him about a dozen hard smacks and he said nothing. So, I told him to stand up. I told him to take his pants down and Tran hesitated so I reminded him he was fired unless he did it immediately. He looked down, and then unbuckled his belt and undid his pants, dropping them to his ankles. I told him to get back over my lap and once he was in position, I started spanking on his white A & F briefs. Although I was spanking him pretty hard, he still wasn’t making any grunts like it was really hurting. So, I spanked him a little harder and then stopped. With my hand on his butt, I could feel it was warm but I wanted to make sure Tran really learned a lesson so I told him to stand up. I reached down and pulled his belt out from his black dress pants. It was a pretty wide black leather belt. I doubled it up and told Tran to get over and bend over the arm of the couch. He didn’t hesitate and got himself in position. I took a good swing with his belt and when it landed with a Crack! He let out a slight yelp. “I think I am getting your attention now, Tran.” I said, as I began to whip his brief covered bottom really hard. After a half dozen swats with his own belt, he began to ask me to stop. I didn’t. I reached down so the belt would land just above his thighs, so when he sat down he would remember this. “Don’t ever cheat this company again, Tran!” Crack! The belt continued to land and Tran lost his composure and cried as I continued to whip him. He tried putting his hand back to protect and I told him that cost him five extra licks. Those were hard ones. Then I told him to stand up. When he stood up, he had tears running down his cheeks and he was furiously rubbing his sore butt. “Please, don’t punish me any more!” I told him to stand there and think about what he had done. I handed him his own belt and told him to hold it while I decided if he had been punished enough and left him alone in the office for ten minutes or so. When I returned, he was standing there, his belt in his hand, looking like a very sorry little boy. I told him he could pull his pants up and go home. Without a word, he quickly pulled his pants up and ran out, not taking the time to slip his belt back on. What a good employee he was after that.

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