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The Slave Auction

by Master Rob

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 07 Jul 1998

The 13 slaves were lined up on the podium that was arranged parallel to the long wall of the shed, with their hand cuffs chained to a beam above their heads, and their ankle cuffs attached to bolts in the podium, to make them stand with their legs wide. A platform of two by two meters and half a meter above the ground was placed at the narrow end of the shed to serve as the auction block. It was placed under bright spotlights, whereas the area where comfortable chairs were arranged in a circle was only dimly lit. This would give the Masters a perfect view of the performance on the block as well as on the line of slaves on the podium. In this lighting. the slave to be auctioned off would be unable to see who was doing the bidding; this would keep them slightly on edge and in the correct mode. The slaves were all dressed the same: small tented shorts of different colours to tastefully match their skin or hair; the shorts showed off their tight arses and left the top their cracks just in sight. A G-string underneath the shorts ensured that their balls and cocks could not escape from the tiny shorts; a small wide singlet revealed their nipples from the side and their navel below. An exciting line that was now ready for inspection.

The smallest Japanese slaveboy, ko, was standing at the very left, closest to the auction block where the slaves would be sent when it was their turn to be sold off. Next to ko, hector had positioned an Indian beauty, slave ram; then my own slaveboy eric, a 28 year old, very handsome blond, blue eyes, long hair in a pony tail, slim waistline, well-built, about 1.75 m. Four and five in the line were the Arab twin boys, hassan and brahin, the youngest of the lot, just 24 years old. The looked absolutely identical, with nice, black, curly hair, lovely brown eyes, same height as eric. Six in line was leo, with very short blond hair; on his head that, is; I had already noticed that his cock and balls were cleanly shaven. Next were paul, who was most excited that his fantasy was finally coming true, and an Italian-looking, spankophylic 26 year old slaveboy, francesco, whose bubble butt would get lots of attention today, I thought, while slapping his cheeks with my bare hand. Number nine in the line was slave renato, a blond one again; not keen on too much spanking or nipple pinching, but loving the scene, as evident from the hard bulge I felt in his shorts. The two blond slaves that love the feel of the whip on their bare arses were next: max and hank Once stripped on the block, slave max would inform the Masters that he kept his entire body cleanly shaven while slave hank would reveal his Prince Albert, which might excite some of the Masters and make them bid more. Then came slave kurt, the tall, sturdy, blond one that had challenged me so as to be beaten into submission while the other slaves were obediently preparing for the auction; after the beating I made him taste the cum of my assistant slaveboy hector. At the far end stood the black stud, slave henry, whose enormous tool could barely be hidden by his skimpy shorts, even now it did not feel completely erect. It would be a lot worse, once the Masters would start fondling him to full erection.

I had sent my assistant slaveboy hector out to inform the Masters that everything was ready for them to move to the site of the auction and had also ordered him to clean the tables outside on the lawn before returning to the shed. Seeing my neatly dressed Asian slaveboy moving round the tables to clean up must have excited some of the men out there. A couple of them started to touch his arse and fondle his cock and balls, which he accepted submissively; he might not have to appear on the block today, but he was still around to please the Masters for as much as I would allow them. Gradually the Masters moved in and took a seat in front of the auction block. One of the Masters, John, tall, slightly overweight, around 45 with a extremely short hair and a bushy moustache, noticed slave martin, chained to the wall in a corner at the other end of the shed. John undid martin's chain and made him crawl towards one of the comfortable chairs, mildly encouraged by the crop he had brought with him. He made slave martin kneel next to it and chained him to his chair. He had obviously some plans in stall to use slave martin, who loved the attention he now got.

There were five Masters in the audience. I kept a close eye on Master Ian, a handsome blond in his late 20s, dressed in tight leather pants and white T-shirt, speaking with a civilised accent. I knew from hector that he surely was going to show an interest in both the twins and eric. Already an idea was taking shape in my mind. Next to Ian was John, with martin kneeling next to him, and Juan, a Spanish guy of around 35 with a neatly trimmed black moustache and afternoon shadow; three leashes were dangling from his leather belt, suggesting he wished to acquire three of the slaves to play with on the premises. A short young black, Master Peter, 27 at the most, was next; a whip with short leather strips draped over his tight, faded-blue jeans. Paul was number five; tall and blond, early forties. Standing in front of the Masters, I welcomed them to the venue expressing my expectation that they all would have a good time. Moving over to where the slaves were lined up, I next addressed them: "You will all be sold from the auction block in the next hour or so. Before that, the Masters will have a chance to inspect the merchandise. When released and called, you will step on the block and present yourself as best as you can, flexing your muscles. You will assume any position and perform any act you are told to by a Master. You will strip when told to. No talking is allowed. Disobedience will be punished. Is that clear to all of you?" Everyone nodded saying 'yes Master', looking excited but some a bit frightened at the same time. What had they let themselves in for? "Well, gentlemen, do as you please to examine the slaves."

Some of the Masters slowly walked in front of the line, feeling legs and fondling the slaves' pouches. Peter jumped straight on the podium, immediately heading for max and hank. The three clearly shared an interests in the whip that was now hanging from Master Peter's belt. He pinched their nipples and squeezed their balls to check out how far he could go. John slowly walked towards the two slaves at the far right, looking at them first from the front and then from the back. He lightly tapped their cheeks with his crop, watching their responses, and felt their large genitals. Juan showed a liking for the larger blond ones: renato, paul and leo. Master Ian had a preference for the smaller slaveboys at the left, but appeared to have difficulty in making up his mind: the twins, ko, eric, ram? He would not be able to afford all of them, but perhaps I could offer a solution. Master Paul was the more versatile one. He had a distinct interest in eric and paul, whose arses he slapped as part of his inspection, but then moved to get a good feel of francesco's and ram's bubble butts. The Masters all first checked out their preferred material and then moved on to other slaves. All of them had a good feel of the cock and balls of kurt and henry, expressing their appreciation for the size. Nicely resounding slaps were delivered by hand on the arses of several of the slaves. I ordered hector to bring drinks for the thirsty Masters. By the time the Masters seemed to be satisfied with the available merchandise, they gradually seated themselves again, drinks in hand. The time had come to decide who should go first on the block. I settled on slave kurt and instructed hector to release him.

First hector released kurt's ankle cuffs and then the wrists that were connected to the beam above his head. Hector gently pushed slave kurt towards the back of the podium and marched him at the back of the line of slaves to the podium, their thinly covered arses at the level of his eye. Hector took place next to the podium and slave kurt stepped on it, assuming the required submissive position, and started to flex his muscles, slowly gyrating his hips, thrusting his pelvis forward. Master John was the first to offer 50. This was the sign that the bidding would increase by 50 at the time. Anyone interested could simply raise a hand, so that no voice was heard that would reveal the identify of the bidder to the auctioned slave. Those who had read the catalogue would know that the price a slave would fetch would be used to cover the costs of the gathering, while the remainder would be used for an appropriate charity fund. Peter raised his hand: 100, followed by Juan: 150. I ordered kurt to start stripping, to raise the bids. Revealing his hairy chest made the bids go up to 350 (from John). Once the shorts had been discarded and neatly folded up by hector, the crowd really got excited. Peter wanted him to turn around and present his arse to show if he could take a punishment. The slave was pleased to oblige and offered his backside for a couple of strokes with the crop and the whip. The bids were up to 500 (from Juan) by the time kurt took his cum-stained G-string off, revealing his large cock and balls. The slave was sold to John for 700. Hector connected kurt's wrist cuffs on his back, connected a chain to his collar and led him to his buyer, who made him stand next to his chair.

The next one to step on the block was slave hank, legs wide apart, hands laced behind his head. I slapped his bottom a couple of times, to encourage him to perform, which triggered the first bid from Peter. Once he was ordered to start stripping the bids from John and Juan rose to 400. He bent over to show his interest in a good spanking; Master Peter used his whip to try him out and appeared to be satisfied. The real excitement came when he removed his G-string, revealing his Prince Albert. John walked up to the block to get a feel of it and made slave martin suck on it. The bids stopped at 650 and the slave was handed over to his new Master Peter, hands tied on his back, a chain connected to his collar in the standard fashion.

Next I decided to get one of the smaller ones and I ordered hector to release ko, the enticing, handsome, Japanese slaveboy. Before the stripping had begun, the bids from Ian and Paul were up to 250. When he had removed his shorts, I made him bend over and display his spankable brown buns, which encouraged Paul to deliver some nicely resounding slaps and got the bids up to 550. He removed his G-string to reveal a nicely shaped, fully erect, brown cock and hairy balls. More bidding from Ian and Paul, but I finally got him for 750 and connected his chain to a bolt in the wall. I signalled to Ian, who got the message that some sharing would be quite all right. I touched has balls and nipples and he smiled in return. I stroked his hard cock while hector released the next slave.

It was now francesco's turn to present himself on the block. Francesco is an actor in real life and had no hesitation to show his abilities today. His gracious movements, handsome features and nicely shaped bubble butt triggered bids from Paul, Ian, Juan and John. Before any stripping had begun, the bids were up to 300. When he showed his hairless chest and the pubic hair that could not be covered by his skimpy shorts, Paul offered 500. He slowly took off his white shorts, handed them to hector, turned around and knelt on the block, his back to the bidding Masters, head on the ground, arse high up in the air, ready for a good spanking. The bids went up to 750 before Paul had given him six strokes with a leather belt. John offered 850, but stopped bidding once the G-string was removed. Francesco has a nice cock and balls of decent size, but not with the enormous king-size proportions that John seemed to go for. Taking his erect cock in one hand and his hairy sac in the other, slaveboy francesco starting to masturbate himself, which raised the bids to 950. The chain was handed to Paul, who made his newly acquired slaveboy sit on the arm rest of his chair.

Slave paul was the next to be sold. Peter started the bidding, Juan tried out a leather leash on the slave's bare arse and John chipped in by making martin lick slave paul's anus, which everyone seemed to enjoy. Juan bought him for 550, using his own leather leash instead of the chain to connect to the slave collar.

It was time to give Peter a chance to acquire one of his favourites. I had slave max released and step on the block, where he performed well enough to start some competition between John and Peter. The both tried out the slave's bare arse, leaving some red stripes. As expected, Peter finally bought him.

The Arab twins were led to the block together, as they were to be sold to the same Master. Paul offered 150 as soon as they stepped on the block. Having shown themselves from all angles, which raised the bids to 800, they started kissing and removing each others singlets, revealing their hairless chests. The bids went up to 950. Hassan knelt in front of brahin and pulled his brother's shorts down, tantalisingly slowly. He decorously folded up the shorts and put his mouth on the bulge in the G-string, before he slowly moved upwards, caressing his brother's navel and nipples with his tongue. The bidding went up to 1350. The twins repeated the entire scene, with roles reversed. Standing up, they rubbed their bulging G-strings together, before taking them off and throwing them away. They both bent over and grabbed their ankles, inviting the buyers to spank their cheeks. Ian and Paul were glad to oblige and let their hands land on the brown cheeks. Facing the audience in the usual submissive position, the slaveboys waited for the bidding to increase. When it stopped, hassan knelt down in front of brahin, took his brother's member in his mouth and softly pinched his nipples. The scene was repeated with roles reversed. Ian bought them for the sum of 2250, communicating nonverbally with me that sharing was most certainly on the cards. He had the twin slaveboys stand next to his chair, to give him an opportunity to stroke their cheeks and explore their well-greased anuses.

The Indian slaveboy ram was the next to show his spankable bubble butt. Ian showed a keen interest and used his belt to warm the slaveboy's brown arse. There was a bid from Juan, but Paul ended up with the beauty on his knee, ordering the previously acquired francesco to gently suck the Indian slaveboy, warning both not to let him come.

The giant black stud, henry, was the next one to be led to the block. He removed his singlet as soon as he had stepped on the block, which earned him several strokes with the riding crop from John. Stripping was not supposed to start until ordered. John stepped on the block to pinch the slave's nipples and put some clamps on. He pulled his shorts down and when slave henry had stepped out of them, John made him bend over to offer his black arse for some serious punishment. John and Peter took up position on either side of the slave and let the crop and whip descend on the slave's bottom, who groaned to show how much he loved it. His G-string was ripped off and slave martin was dragged to the block to take slave henry's enormous member in his mouth. There was some bidding from Peter, Juan and Paul, but John got him for 950. He put a light chain round his cock and balls, led it between his legs and connected it to the genitals of his other slave. The slave collars were connected with the chain. Having acquired what he had come for, Master John prepared to leave. Pointing at martin and looking at me he asked: "Can I borrow your dog for the rest of the day?" "Feel free to, as long as you feed it", I replied, knowing it would be a great pleasure for martin. He connected martin's chain to the slave collar round kurt's neck and took the chain connected to henry's collar. He handed me the money he owed. Pulling on the chain, the three slaves followed him, the two naked ones with their cock and balls connected by a thin chain. He marched them to his van, opened the back doors and ordered them to get inside, slapping the naked slave bottoms while they stepped in. I opened the gate electronically to let them out and closed it again after he had gone.

Leo's appearance on the block got Juan all excited again. He seemed to love the shaven cock and balls and had a good feel of them. I ordered him to turn around, bend over and pull his cheeks apart, showing his well-greased anus. I made hector push a large dildo up his crack, wgich eneterd without any problem. Paul was contemplating the acquisition of a third slave, but let go when the bidding went beyond 500. He attached a ;eather leash to the slave's collar and stood him next to his chair, the dildo still inside.

Paul started the bidding when renato stepped on the block and went as far as 550, in competition with Juan and Peter. The slave's cock tended to go a bit limp, but when Master Paul started to fondle him, renato's cock quickly went up again, which increase the bidding. The slave ended up as Juan's property and his Master's leather leash was attached to the slave collar while his hands were secured on his back. The slave assumed the submissive position next to his Master's chair.

The only one left was my own slaveboy eric. It might have been his idea to arrange an auction, but when he stepped on the block, he looked rather concerned and the bulge in his skimpy, blue shorts had decreased in size. He hoped and expected that I would not allow him to be sold, but he was not to know what I had in mind and nothing had been agreed upon in advance. He looked pleadingly at me when Peter stepped on the block to put his hand in his shorts and probed his anus. Eric might like a good spanking and loves to get a mild dose with a cane or crop, but having seen the effect of Master Peter's whip on slave henry's