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Nick's 18th Birthday Bullwhipping at the Samson Ranch

by Mike4bullwhipping

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It was mid summer and most of the of the guys working on old man Samson's ranch worked shirtless, just jeans and boots. The hard physical work and the sun beating down made our tanned bodies strong with broad shoulders and well developed pecs.

Old man Samson's son Liam oversaw the work on the ranch and dished out discipline when he felt. Liam used a leather bullwhip to keep the men in line. The guy would be stripped to the waist, tied to the branch of the big oak tree by the barn and given a bare back bullwhipping recieving upto 50 lashes.

I had been working on the ranch for a year and was only 17 years when I started so I was exempt from bullwhipping. Liam only used the bullwhip on a guy after he was 18 because he said a boy become a man at 18. If he felt you needed to be punished before this age he might take his belt to a boys butt, however I never got his strap as I worked hard and kept my head down.

During that first year I witnessed some of the guys getting a flogging. Liam would tell the guy he was due for a bullwhipping and the reason why they deserved it but he would always make the guy wait til friday after chow before the lashing would be carried out. All the ranch hands had to be there to see the punishment. Liam enjoyed this part of his job the most.

A man could leave to avoid a lashing but he would'nt get paid and the guys regarded anyone who did that as yellow, so a guy would submit to a bullwhipping even if he felt it was unjust.

On the sunday it was my 18th birthday so when the guys went into town in the eveninng to visit the saloon they took me with them. The saloon had a couple of good time girls working upstairs to pleasure the local young men and a few of the guys went upstairs for some pleasuring that evening but most of us stayed downstairs in the saloon.

I had never drunk liquor before so after only a few I had become quite intoxicated and the guys had to carry me to the wagon for the journey back to our cabin at the ranch. They stripped me to my shorts and put me in my bunk. In the morning I was hungover and could'nt get out of bed. Despite their warnings that I would be in trouble with Liam if he found me slacking I still could'nt get roused. I slept til 10am then had a quick wash, put on my jeans and boots and headed off to my work team. We had been putting new fence posts along the perimeter of the ranch. The guys told me Liam had been up to inspect the work but had'nt noticed my absence so I was feeling relieved that I must have gotten away with it.

After chow that evening I had fully recovered from my hangover and resolved not to touch liquor again when Liam came over to me and asked why I had'nt done a full days work. He obviously had noted my absence in the morning. I told him that I'd got drunk the night before and was hungover. 'How old are you boy' he asked. 'I turned 18 yesterday Sir' I replied. 'You're old enough to drink liquor so you're old enough to take the consequences, be ready for me on friday after chow by the whipping tree. You're a man now so you're gonna be bullwhipped like a man. My birthday gift for you will be 18 hard lashes across your back, Understand?' 'Yes sir' I replied.

Daniel one of the guys in my team who had been bullwhipped 3 weeks before put his arm over my bare shoulder and told me a bulllwhipping ain't too bad, but the welts on his back were still visible so I knew he was just trying to reassure me and make me less nervous for friday.

I knew I would get bullwhipped sometime while working at the Samson ranch but I was'nt expecting it so soon. When I had to watch a guy being flogged sometimes I knew someday it would happpen to me and wished it was me there taking it stoically, my back almost itching for the lash.

I could'nt eat much at chow on friday. It was time to prove my masculinity to the guys, could I take my licks without screaming and hollering like a boy?

It was a warm balmy evening and all the guys were barechested. I stood up as Liam came out of the barn holding his coiled bullwhip. he was a handsome man, he was also stripped to the waist. 'Tie him up' he ordered. Daniel and Matt tied my wrists with rope to the thick low lying branch of the tree so I was bound spreadeagled. Liam insisted that a guy be bound like this so that his back would benefit from the full force of the bullwhip. Dan took a small piece of rawhide from his pocket and told me to bite on it.

Liam came round to face me with his coiled bullwhip in his right hand. The sweat was now trickling down my neck onto my chest and back. 'As this is your first bullwhipping son, I'm gonna make it special, this lashing you ain't ever gonna forget!' My cock by now was hard as a rock, Liam looked down at the bulge in my jeans and said it was'nt unusual as all the guys got stiff when they got a bullwhipping. I also noticed his crotch area showed signs of excitement. He patted me on my sweat soaked chest then said 'OK lets get on with it'.
He walked behind me took a few more paces back then I heard him uncoil the bullwhip as the tail hit the ground. Then after a few seconds I heard a whistling sound then craaaack as I felt a sting scross my shoulder blades so intense that it sent my whole body into spasm. Whooooosh crack, another lash across my upper back. The pain was so intense but also ecstatic. Again I heard the whistle of the whip before it snapped across my tanned broad muscular back. Another and another lash until the pain and the ecstasy merged into one. Liam was certainly giving me a bullwhipping I'd never forget but I did'nt want to be any place but here, I was young, handsome, proud and being bullwhipped with dignity like a hunk. Craaack then another craaack. As the flogging continued I could visualise the manly stripes decorating my back. After 15 lashes my cock was so rigid I thought I would shoot my load. then another lash. The salty sweat on my back trickling over the welts which the pain even more intense. Then another lash, two more lashes to endure. The last lash hit my back with so much force that the piece of rawhide I was biting on split and I spat it out.

My first bullwhipping was done. 'Let him down' Liam ordered and Dan and Matt untied my wrists and I put my arms around their bare shoulders as they supported me over to a log to sit down. The other guys came over to take a closer look at my back after Liam's handiwork. He was a skilled bullwhipper thats for sure. You took your whipping like a man they all said. I realised that I stopped being a boy and became a man that day thanks to Liam

All the guys went to the cabin leaving me alone with Dan. My back still felt it was on fire from the flogging but also my cock was still rock hard. Dan looked down at my crotch and said 'I'll help you out with that Nick' as he slowly unzipped my fly............

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