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Alyx and Unk
Part 6 - The punishment continues...

by Alyx

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Part VI

Alyx slept in peace in his master's arms that night. (And yes, I think we can rightfully say "master" at this point, considering what happened the night before.) But the peace did not last until morning, because our precious lad awoke with a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach, so much so that he hung on to his dear uncle and squeezed the breath out of him.

UNK, thinking that Alyx was having another nightmare, instinctively awoke with a s tart and held the boy's head while enfolding him tightly in his arms. "It's OK, Axxy, it's OK, I'm here. Unky's here boy, you're safe."

Alyx squealed. His back still hurt from the strapping he had received, and UNK's quick reaction had sent waves of pain through his body. UNK quickly came to his senses, and rolling the boy over, began touching the welts crossing his back and butt gently, kissing and blowing cool air on them.

"Oh Alyx, I'm so sorry. I thought you were having a nightmare, boy. I forgot.... Wow, that guy Harris really DID hit you hard."

Alyx rolled over, and reached to cover himself with the bedsheet. He was, after all, a boy in the first stages of puberty, and like any boy at that age, was embarrassed to be seen stark naked in broad daylight, even by UNK - to whom he would readily offer any part of his body for anything at all, as long as the lights were turned down low and he was in the right state of mind. But nudity was humilating for him, perhaps even more than for other boys. In school, he would often prefer to go home sweaty than have to strip down with the other boys for a shower.

That, of course, made the humiliation of the previous evening excruciatingly painful, to be stripped nude and tied to a horse and then beaten with that strap in the front of the other boys and Mr. Harris until the flow of tears from his eyes was as great as the involuntary flow that erupted from his penis. (How WOULD he face the other three boys in school this morning?)

Again, he thought of the fate awaiting him as the final stage (or so he thought) of the punishment the boys agreed to endure rather than being formally arrested and charges brought against them. Just thinking about it made him shudder with fear, and he turned his face into his uncle's pyjamas and hung on tightly. (Yes, pyjamas. Modesty was always a part of this family's code of behavior, and UNK shared the same sense of embarrassment as did his slightly younger nephew. Alyx, in fact, hardly ever saw him naked at this point in their young lives, and even in years to come, UNK never readily displayed himself as a matter of habit. Alyx accepted the fact that slaveboys endure nudity - public or private - for the pleasure of their masters and for their own discipline, but for him it was ALWAYS discipline, ALWAYS obedience and ALWAYS took a conscious act of submission, and was never simply taken for granted.)

"What's the matter, boy? I'm here. It's OK. Why are you trembling so, Axxy? Did I hurt you that much?" UNK as always: caring, affectionate, protective.

"We've gotta....... we've gotta...... oh shit!" Alyx bit his lip to fight back the tears.

"What, Alyx? And watch your language." The slight slap to his cheek quickly became a caress, although UNK was dead serious: he didn't want this boy to become a trash mouth.

"Unk, we've gotta go....... down to the shhhhop... and..... you know." And he began to blubber, cry-baby that he was.

"Oh my goodness, I forgot about that, Axxy. I completely forgot about it."

But Alyx hadn't, and it was only the intensity of the whipping of the night before, as well as what had happened with him and UNK, that had driven the dread out of his mind. The boys had promised, as part of their plea to the shopkeeper to avoid charges, that they would go together to the shop after school today, and allow him to look at the results of their beatings... on their naked bodies. And even though they were still naive about so many things, the boys knew that there was something strange about this man; in fact they had often discussed among themselves how the way he looked at them gave them the "creeps". And now he was going to get to watch them strip. And he would see their bodies marked by the thrashing of the night before. Alyx could just imagine the creep licking his lips in anticipation.

"Would it help you, baby, would it make it better if I went with you? Even if I just waited in the front so you could call if something got too weird for you? I'll even take you if that will help, Axxy."

"Make it go way, Unkky.... no want...." Alyx reverted to the baby talk that he knew was a constant delight to his "big brother". (And no small delight to himself... even at age 28, in fact, it was still the language used when the two men shared moments of "pillow talk" or when Alyx wanted something, or needed an extra measure of his master's strength.)

"Alyx, I don't think I can do that. You guys made your own arrangements - now you've gotta live with it. Besides, you'll all be in it together, so at least you won't be alone."

"No, Unk, you don't understand. One at a time. That was the deal. We're going together, but we'll be with him one at a time. OH FUCK!!!!!" That got him a slap on the butt, although UNK was careful not to lay it where the skin was most tender.

"Well, Ax. There are some times a guy has to take what he bargained for. But I'll be there, baby. I'll be there. And I'll take you home. No. You tell Mr. Harris that I need to do something with you and that we'll meet you there and I'll take you home. No. Wait. I'll call him myself. Now let's get up and get ready for school. I'll drive you today. And I'll cut my last class and pick you up, too. C'mon."

UNK got out of bed and took his toilet gear and fresh clothes to the outside bathroom so that he could shower. (A usual thing when Alyx needed some privacy.)

Alyx laid there in the bed, watching his uncle get ready to leave the room, his eyes open wide much like a puppy gazing on his master. And, despite his fear, and his discomfort, he thought to himself, "You rock, man. You rock. So, so good to me. You're my angel." And he reached down underneath the sheets, where there was also a rock waiting to receive a loving touch as well.

UNK knew his boy so well. No sooner had he closed the door when it reopened and he stuck his head back in. "ALYX CHRISTOPHER! Up, now. No touchee until I say you can. Do you understand me?" Fierce glare.

"Oo...kay..... unkie."

Stronger tone: "NOT ENOUGH, BOY!"

Alyx got the point immediately. "Yes. Sir. Yessir." and got out of bed as his uncle closed the door, harder than ever now. But despite the urgency of his pubescent sexual energy, his devotion was stronger... and he obeyed.

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