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Tyler: Spanking a Disrespectful Teenager
Part 1

by Brians Sister

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Tyler: Spanking a Disrespectful Teenager Pt. 1

Note: This story is based partially upon fact with some embellishment. Last week, a couple friends and I went to a "concert" at a very liberal, congregational church. The church was fairly full, but a young teenage boy caught my eye. He was approximately 13-14 years old and was wearing traditional street clothes of a boy his age; blue jeans and a tee shirt. The jeans hugged his pert checks and cupped his boy package wonderfully.
He had shaggy brown hair, much like skaters have and dazzling baby-blue eyes. He had very rosy cheeks and he looked very pouty.
He entered the hall accompanied by whom I assumed what his Mother and his little brother who was probably about 10-11 years old. The mother seemed really frazzled and looked really upset at the older boy who seemed to be pushing his Mom's buttons at every opportunity. My eyes were locked on him from the moment I saw him as he seemed very mischievous and pushing his Mom to her limits. That is how I heard his name when his Mom looked him right in the eye and said, "Tyler, so help me you are really pushing your limits young man..." I guess that warning fell on deaf ears as halfway through the concert, his Mom had enough of the pestering of his younger brother that she stood up and pulled the boy to his feet and escorted to out of the hall by his upper arm with him very quietly pleading with her.
She returned alone about fifteen minutes later. Tyler followed her very quietly ten minutes after she returned, his eyes very red and puffy and the way that he took his seat made me think that she had tanned his hide. He behaved himself throughout the concert and the few glimpses I caught of him after the concert confirmed the fact has he seemed to walk very haltingly and I caught him rubbing his butt cheeks through his blue jeans. This following story is written as if I witnessed/heard the entire exchange from the beginning.

"Young man, if you want to get a bare bottom spanking, just keep it up and I would be happy pull the car over, yank you out of the car and pull down your pants and underpants and give you the spanking of your young life right here on the side of the road." Ms. Roberts warned her fourteen-year-old son Tyler.

Tyler's penis immediately went rock-hard in his jeans at his Mother's threat and he could feel his cheeks blush intensely. "No Mama, I'll be good. I don't need a spanking, please."
"Fine Tyler, but consider this a warning that I have my hairbrush in my purse and I am not afraid to use it...minus your pants. That goes for you too Ryan. If either of you push me to my limits, we will go find an empty Sunday School classroom and your bare butt cheeks will be introduced to the backside of my brush and when we get home, I will strip you of all your clothes and take your Father's belt to you. Am I thoroughly understood?" she glanced warningly in the rear-view mirror at her both her eleven-year-old son, Ryan, and fourteen-year-old son, Tyler.

Both Tyler and Ryan nodded their understanding. Mrs. Roberts didn't spank often, but when she did, she was true to her word and the boys got punished pretty thoroughly. The last time she spanked Tyler sans his pants, she had noticed that her eldest son, a freshman in the local Jr. High, was looking more like a young man than a boy. Since that time, she had utilized alternative punishments such as groundings, deciding ot largely leave spankings, besides the occasional swat on seat of his jeans-covered butt, to his Father. She was reconsidering that decision now as it had been three months since his last trip over her lap, today, Tyler was pushing it to the edge and was getting dangerously close to one. Unfortunately for Tyler, her husband was away on business.

Tyler and Ryan both settled down by the time that they had gotten to the church and found seats in the meeting hall. Tyler seemed to have forgotten her earlier warning and began to pester his younger brother. Repeated warnings, looks and pokes did not trigger the desired results, finally about forty-five minutes into the concert, Mrs. Roberts had enough and picking up her purse, stood, silently took hold of her oldest son's arm and led the boy out of the meeting hall intently. Tyler pleaded silently with his Mom for one more chance, but knew that his chances were spent. Many a parent glanced up knowingly that the boy had pushed himself over that limit. Many in the congregation wondered if he was going to get a severe scolding, but Tyler knew from past experience, that his butt was toast unless he could do some really fast talking, but his Mom didn't appear to be listening to his very rapid and whispered pleas for clemency.

The pair strolled out the back doors, through the lobby and down the hall to the classrooms. Mrs. Roberts pulled open the first door, switched on the light a pulled her son through the doorway and closed the door behind them.

Spinning Tyler around to face her, the boy continued his pleas for another chance and how sorry he was. For the first time since Mrs. Roberts left her seat she addressed her son. "You embarrassed me tonight and you are continuing to embarrass yourself. Even your younger brother can behave himself better than you tonight. Sorry, Tyler, your chances are spent. You are getting exactly what you have been begging for all night long, a spanking. I want you to undo your pants, pull your jeans and underpants down to your knees and plant yourself over my lap. You are going to get that promised spanking you so richly deserve."

Tyler's face blushed a bright red. "You can't Mom, no, not bare. Please, I'll be good, you can use the belt when we get home, please no." "Tyler, I know you don't want me to pull down your pants for you. Get them down now or I will pull them down for you and you definitely will not like the consequences if I do."

"Mom, please no. I am in 9th grade now. I am too old to be spanked by you..." Mrs. Roberts slapped her son's cheek soundly. "I don't care what grade you are in or how old you are.I told you to do something, I want you to do it. Now pull down your pants" "Please no, Mom, no please, I'll be gone, please don't make me pull them down, don't spank me..."

"I am tired of your nonsense. I have seen you without your pants on before and you don't have anything I haven't seen before. Besides, I am not interested in that side, I am interested in applying the brush to your insolent backside." Taking a seat, Mrs. Roberts immediately went to work undoing the fly of the boy's jeans, slapping away his hands as he tried to deflect her handiwork. The button fly was pulled open and his pants were quickly dispatched to his knees, his light blue boxer briefs soon followed the jeans downward to come to a rest at his knees. Mrs. Roberts found herself staring at her teenage son's penis and testicles hanging limply before her, crowned with modest patches of pubic hair. Ignoring the swinging pendulum before her eyes, seizing the boy's wrist, she pulled the boy over her lap and pulling open her purse, she retrieved her wooden hairbrush.

The brush went to work immediately, contacting with the boy's bared flesh. The boy was openly sobbing within a minute, his hand flying back to protect his tortured cheeks, only to be seized by his waiting Mother and held back between his shoulder blades.

The boy's legs kicked wildly, his pants and boxer briefs, which had been lowered to his knees, quickly slid down and pooled around his shoes. "This should teach you Tyler that I am serious. I will not tolerate your insolence or disobedience. Consider this a warm up as when we get home, you are going to get into your birthday suit and get a taste of the belt. Additionally, as you did not pull down your pants when I told you to, we are going to be in this same position tomorrow morning before breakfast. You may think that you are too old or too big for this, but you have another thing coming. Fourteen is not too old or you are not too big to pull down their pants and their underpants for their Mom to spank their bottoms."

Mrs. Roberts stopped her spanking and told her son to stand up. Still sobbing, Tyler slowly rose from her lap, his hands moving immediately to his tortured ass, rubbing it furiously, oblivious of the show that his privates were giving his Mom in front of her face.

The door of the room opened and two grinning teenage boys from Tyler's grade stood in the doorway. "Oops, sorry, wrong room." "Boys, this is none of your business. Do you want to come in and I can pull down your pants and underpants to show you what happens to teenage boys who are rude? If not, I want you to close the door and mind your own business," Mrs. Roberts snapped at the boys. The grins immediately melted away and they closed the door and disappeared.

"Tyler, I want you to put your hands at your sides and listen to me." Tyler did as he was instructed, aware of how exposed he was in front of his Mom as he looked down at his penis and testicles that were hanging limply before him.

"Do you know who those boys were?" "Yes, Ma'am." "Okay, after the concert, I want you to point me to their parents so that they can deal with their disrespectful youth on their own. I hope this lesson will sink in with you. When we are finished talking you can pull up your pants and go and wash your face. You have ten minutes to join your brother and me inside, but remember this is not over yet. You have two more spankings and I hope that you will remember how you are feeling right now. You should feel embarrassed that as a teenager, your Mom needs to spank you. Okay, go ahead and pull up your pants now."

Tyler, eager to cover his exposed state, stooped hastily and pulled up both his pants and underpants at once, but had to stop at mid-thigh to untangle the garments. Mrs. Roberts watched as her son's manhood disappeared behind the cotton fabric of his blue, Hanes boxer briefs and stonewashed Levis. Tyler quickly did up his fly and after wiping the tears from his eyes with the back of his arm, departed towards the bathroom. Mrs. Roberts watched her son's tortured rear end beneath the cotton of his pants disappear from the room as she replaced the wooden hairbrush back in her purse and went into the women's room to freshen up. She was surprised at how aroused having her teenage son's manhood pressed against her slacks made her feel. She knew that she would get a better look at it tonight, but was surprised by how well endowed her son was becoming on his still fairly diminutive body.

Mrs. Roberts finished her business in the lady's room, pausing briefly to reflect on the actions in that Sunday School room, and returned to join her younger son in the concert hall. Ryan looked up knowingly at his Mom and returned his attention to show. A few minutes later, Tyler reappeared, walking a little haltingly and gasping slightly as his bottom contacted the hard chair. His eyes were a little puffy and his cheeks were flushed. He felt like the entire room was watching him.

After the concert, Mrs. Roberts made eye contact with a couple of parents who nodded approving. Tyler did everything he could to avoid eye contact with the other patrons, but at his Mother's request, pointed out one of the boys and his parents and Mrs. Roberts went and spoke to his Mother. It was obvious that the boy was in for some of the same treatment when they got home as Tyler got based upon his parents' reaction. Mrs. Roberts got the name of the other boy and his phone number and stated that she would give his parents a call when they got home.

To be continued...

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