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The Grooming
Part 6

by Martin

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In spite of my sore bum, I was able to help Freddie clear the garden, which didn't take as long as we had thouht. As we were putting the garden tools away in the shed, Jack came out to tell us that Masters David and Robert wanted to see us in the lounge. We quickly washed our hands in the kitchen sink and tidied ourselves up before goiing into the lounge.

'Ah, there you are. Come and sit down and let me introduce you,' said Master David.

There were a man and a police woman sitting drinking coffee.

'Inspector Wilson and Sergeant Knox, meet Frddie Wescott and Simon Crooks, also Jack Lewis, who drew our attention to the drugs' he continued.

After we shook hand and took our seats the inspector got down to business.

'I would like to start with Jack Lewis', said the inspector. 'I appreciate that this is upsetting for you, but it is necessary. Give us a full account of what you told Mr. Preston and his son.'

Jack relayed the events of the previous day and how he found the spoon and tin foil in Master Alex' bedroom and that he suspected that there were drugs Alex and his friends were taking.

When Alex finished, the inspector thanked, then said. 'You do realise. all of you that unless I have proof I can do very little if nothing about the whole business. However, Sergeant Knox has analysed the tin foil and the spoon and there are small traces of a substance which needs further examination from foreniscs. You do understand, don't you? O and by the way, the sergeant tells me that the white powder you brushed off the dressing table was talcum powder, just that.'

'Yes, we do undwerstand inspector,' Master David replied and we all nodded.

'Now Jack, what you have told me so far, is very interesting, but I have to ask whether or not you suspected any strange movements either in the house, or outside.

'What do you mean, sir?'

Well apart from his friends did Alex meet any other people. Perhaps some one who drove up to the house?'

Alex thought for some moments. 'Yes, now you mention it. I was cleaning the lounge which is at the front of the house. It was dark so I couldn't see very much, but Master Alex was at the front gate waiting for some one. A few moments leter, a white sports car, I don't know the make. It may have been a MG of a Jag. It stopped and Alex went to talk to the driver. They looked as though they were exchanging small parcels. Then the man drove off. It happened all so quickly that I couldn't get many details.'

'Ah. Now we're getting somewhere. You're sure the car was white and it was a sports model?'

'O yes sir'

'I presume that when the motorist left Alex came straight into the house. Am I right?

'Yes sir and he went stright to his room, slamming the door.'

'Did you see him at all during the evening?'

'Yes sir. His friends came round and they all sat in the lounge while I went to get drinks and sandwiches for them. When Alex dismissed me I went stright to my room.'

'Were they making a lot of noise that evening?'

'Jack smiled and said: 'they always do, sir.'

'Thank you Jack. You have been a great help.'

'Now, the rest of you. Have you seen any strange, or what appear to be strange movements in the neighourhood?'

'No,' we all said.

'Excuse me sir, but when Wescott and I were clearing the garden, I found this needle' I sais as I handed him the cloth in which it was wrapped.

The inspector took it from me and carefully unwrapped the cloth.

'My word. Something else for forensics, sergeant.'

'Mr. Preston I understand you had a party for your son's birthday yesterday. Is that so?'

'I did indeed inspoector and it went very well. I had to kick one of the guests out for his abuseive language to Wescott, here.'

'I'm pleased it went well. Now, do you have a guest list?'

'Yes', said Master David, 'Robert has it. Send Crooks to get it for you Robert.'

I went to get the list which was still lying on his desk.

'Thank you,' said the inspector, when I returned with it. He looked quickly down the list, then said: 'Mr. Preston, I shall be grateful if you will call all the guests here tomorrow evening, about 6 o'clock. The sergeant and I would like to interview them. I'm sorry for the inconvenience, but we have a drugs problem in Tunbridge Well and the surrounding villages. Your cooperation is much appreciated.'

'Of course inspector. Does that include their servants who came to help serve the meal?'

'O yes. Everybody who came to the house yesterday,' he replied

Thank you all for your time and thanks to Jack, we have some evidence to go on. I bid you good day, sir?

'Wescott show the inspector and the sergeant out.

'Yes sir.'

Well, it seems we had plenty to think about. However, there was still a lot of work to be done. Jack asked if he could help which made things a lot easier and we finished earlier than we thought we would.

When everything was done Freddie, Jack and I adjourned to the kitchen for a cup of tea.

'How do you like being here Jack,? I asked.

'I like it very much. You don't want another houseboy, do you?'

Freddie and I looked at each other. 'Well, said Freddie, we would like you to be with us, but we need to see the masters. Do you really want to come and work here?

'Yes, I do. Both Master David and Master Robert seem to be very fair and I like them enough to be their houseboy.'

'What do you say we have a word with them, Simon?

'I think it's great Freddie.'

'Look Jack, Master David is going up to London shortly and he won't be back till late this evening. We'll have a word with Master Robert. But remember we're not making any promises about you working here, as much as we would love to have you Jack. O.K?'

'Sure, I understand.'

'Right, I'll call Master Robert now.'

Freddie returned in a few minutes.

'Right, There's the good news and there's the bad news. What do you want to hear first?'

'The good news,' I said.

'Right. The good news is that he will see us. The bad news; we meet in his study in half an hour's time. So Simon, it means we bare bums. O.K. with you.'

'Ooh, you bet. I wonder whether we'll have to bend over the setee again.'

'If we do, it will make your day won't it?'

Both Jack and I laughed.

We knocked on Master Robert door exactly half an hour later and waited. When we heard master say 'come in' we entered and stood before his desk.

Right, Wescott, you say that Lewis would like to be a houseboy here. Well, we ceretainly have the room for him, but I will have to speak to father about it. Actually I would like to have him here. He seems a good worker. I noticed it when he was helping you and Crooks clean the house.'

'Thankj you sir', we said


Now you're here I want to ask something our relationship of master and servant. Wescott, how old are you?

'twentyfour, sir.'

'And how old are you Crooks?

'eighteen, sir.'

'So, Wescott, you are ten years older than I and Crooks you are six years older. Tell me, do you like having a master as young as me ordering you about?

Yes, sir, we do, as a matter of fact, because you are like your father in the way you treat us so fairly,' said Freddie.

'I like you as my master for the same reasons, sir.'

'Thank you both. One more question. Crooks, I have spanked your bottom since I became your master, several times and this morning I caned you. Tell me, did you think I was being unfair or that you resnted being punished by one who is younger than yourslf?'

'No, sir, because I know that the spankings and beatings you have given have been fair. What is more sir, I you don't go over the top.

'How do you feel feel about me spanking you, after all you are a lot older?

'I feel the same as Crooks sir. You are fair and do not punish us excessively.'

'Ummm. I have to confess that I enjoy being addressed as 'sir' and punishing you both. But, as you may have guessed when I have been witnessing your punishment before I was granted permission to do so, father had long talks with me and one thing he said was that by insticnt I would stimulating by that I'm sure he meant excited when I punish you, so I had to exercise great restrained and not go over the top, to quote you Crooks. I hope you both feel I'm carrying out father's wishes.'

'Yes sir you have,' I said.

'I agree with Crooks, sir. Also I liked it when we asked you to spank us together as a way of reminding us that you are now our master. We both found it exciting bending over the setee.'

'Did you indeed. Well as you enjoyed it so much you can bend over again, so that I can have a good look at your bottoms.'

'Yes sir,' we said.

We bent over the setee and master Robert stood behind us. He started to stroke our cheeks and ran his finger up and down our cracks.

'Do you like me fondling you, boys?'

'Yes sir.'

You both have very nice round smooth buttocks and I like the way you have bent over the setee with your bottoms sticking right out. A good caning and spanking position, what?

Yes, sir. Thank you sir, we said.

'I notice you still have the marks of the cane, Crooks. That was a good hard thrashing I gave you. How did you feel about it afterwards, boy?'

'It was painful and I didn't like it. But it made me have a great respect for you sir.'

'O. What do you mean?'

'Well sir, you are not afraid to punish me. That's what I mean sir.'

'Now that is intersting. Do you feel the same Wescott?'

'Yes sir.' Turning to me, he said: 'Now that we are bent over, shall I ask sir to give us a spanking?'

'If sir doesn't spank so hard, yes. Remember I had the cane this morning and I can still feel the effects.'

'Right, if that's what you want boys, I'll spank you, but not so hard. You worked really well yesterday and today you did a grand job clearing up.'

With that, Master Robert spanked our bums but only enough to sting. After the spanking he continued to fondle us for a few minutes.

'Right, boys, up you get. Now, I will have a word with father some time tomorrow about Lewis. One other thing, when the other master's and their boys arrive, make sure there is plenty of coffee. Make a few sandwiches just in case one or two haven't had anything to eat. We won't lay on alcohol because a policeman never drinks the stuff while on duty.'

'Very good sir' Freddie said as we left.

We rushed back to my room for a good wank. My cock was ready to explode.

'I wish we had more of this,' I said.

'Chance would be a fine thing. Master Robert's a very intelligent and well organised young man, who would quickly realise that if he did have us in his study every night for a slap and tickle. we would lose all respect for him.

'Yea, Freddie, you have a point there. I like his no nonsense attitude, not only when he punishes us but when he gives us our orders for each day.

'That's right Simon. There's no messing around with Master Robert, or Master David for that matter.

To be continued.

Thanks to those who sent me emails. I found them very encouraging.

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