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Show Your Hiney Hole or Get Your Buns Spanked (A Young Model's Dilemma)

by Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 25 Jan 2008

I have been photographing young nude models for decades and as of late a problem has surfaced. I mean the problem has been there before to some dgree but lately it's grown into a major one. What is the problem you ask? Well, I'll be blunt!

Some young males do not want me to photograph their ass holes!

For some reason these new young punk models think that by letting me view, much less photograph their precious little butt holes is a little too, well too gay maybe?? As if men are not going to be turned on by seeing their cocks, buttocks etc? The fault lies in the fact that most young male nude models are just posing for the money. They are not career oriented like runway models. Can you imagine a young punk runway model refusing to were a certain Vercace shirt because he 'didn't like it?". He'd be out on his young ass.

I had managed to coax all of the young men to give in and expose their pink bungers to the lens but I was getting tired of it. I'm a professional and I had a right to demand professional conduct from my models. After a particularly nasty young punk wimping about me 'demanding to see my butthole", I had had enough. I made a decision and of course I did not really think that I would carry it out. That decision was, 'the next brat who gives me flack about showing his butthole is getting a good spanking!'

The very next day, enter Ryan. The moment I laid eyes on the 21 year old I immediately thought of him on all fours on my desk holding his firm hot buttocks apart like 2 sweet melons and his hot pink lipped ass hole winking at my lens.

You see, Ryan was hot, hot, hot. He was part African American and part light skinned Cuban. His skin was an exqusite shade of light brown, his face was pink lipped Latin handsome, his tall body firm and smooth, his cock a massive rod attached to a meaty ball sack covered in the softest bush of glossy black hair, his legs were muscular and long with soft black curls adorning his tight calves and his ass was, well, his ass was incredibly hot. The buns were super round and I do mean super round and smooth with the same soft hair filtering out of the crack that was covering his ball sack. Ryan's ass was a photographer's dream. There is something about a round firm young male ass sitting high arched atop long boyishly firm legs that was made to be photographed and that hot little puckered opening between those firm cheeks was the big prize indeed.

Ryan was obviously proud of his body and I started off taking pictures of him from the front. He was a natural. Each of the dozens of pictures that I took had something special about it, like Ryan with his legs cocked, Ryan with a naughty boy pout or Ryan with his hands on his knees staring into the camera lens with that radiant boyish smile.

The next set was from behind and the photos could knock your lights out. Ryan's buns were made for the camera as he clenched them, showing the sexy dimples on the sides of his light brown buns, and unclenched them, showing that ass in all of it's smooth muscular hottness.

At one point I went over to pull the hair out of Ryan's crack and he gave me an annoyed look. I then shot about a dozen photos of Ryan's buns closeup, the hair from his crack giving the pictures an exqusite raw sexiness.

Now the trouble started and sexy Ryan showed his true colors, that of a spoiled young brat.

"Ok son, let's get you up on all fours on the table", I said and the obviously disgruntled boy did so reluctantly. He gave me a dirty look when I patted his tushie paternally as I helped him up on the table.

Ryan looked hot as hell in this position and I snapped away. The bratty scowl that he gave me as he looked back at the camera added a hot sexy touch to the photos.

It was time for the next step.

"Ok Ryan, reach back and pry your asscheeks apart so I can shoot your asshole."

"What, no way!", the boy, looking over his shoulder with that bratty scowl, said. He kept his tight buns locked, the crack like a hairy break in an expensive piece of exquisite brown tinted ivory.

"Ryan, that is part of the game, now pry apart your buns, I have not got all day!!" I was getting pissed and those hot buns sticking out were becoming mighty inviting if you know what I mean.

"I said no, just take more in this position", the boy shot back sounding and looking more and more like a little brat.

I went up to the table and put the camera down. I gripped the boy by the waist and told him.

"Listen you little brat, get those cheeks apart or I will punish you the way a little brat should be punished."

The look on Ryan's face was pricelsss. He had a shocked expression at the word 'punish' being leveled against him and he was also shocked at how strong the old man was as I held him firmly by the waist.

"I'm outta here!", the boy was frantically trying to get up from the table.

"I said pry apart those ass cheeks young fellow!", I said and I slapped him hard on the center of his sweet cheeks.

Slap "Owwww, you motherfucker, let me up!!!!!!" He yelped in painful surprise and he looked over his shoulder at me with a shocked and fearful expression. I decided to go for the gusto.

Smack "Oww, oww, let me go, are you crazy?" The second spank really got Ryan going. It amazed me how such masculinely firm buttocks were so boyishly tender. Such is the makeup of boy butts I guess, to be hot and firm yet sensitive to spanks applied by older firmer hands who want the boy to behave. The spank sent shock waves throught the young man's body. As he reeled from the spank to the ass, Ryan's cheeks parted a little and for a split second I saw his tightly puckered brown tinted bung hole peeking out from that soft forest of crack hair. That did it. I just had to catch that tight young bunger on camera.

"Ryan, I am gonna ask you one more and if you don't cooperate, I am gonna put you across my knee and spank you!"

"Whaaaaaaaaaaat, let me up!!!!!" Even though he had already got his ass smacked twice, the 's' word was powerful to the young bugger, as it is to all young buggers.

"Ok young man, have it your way", I said and as I held him across the table with one hand, I grabbed a chair with the other hand.

"Hey, let me up, you have no right, get off of me." The usual naughty boy about to be spanked crap as I put my left foot up on the chair and eased the youngster down across my upturned knee so that he was dangling like a hot sexy sack of potatoes.

The boy's thrashing made his buns spread again giving me a real good look at his hot young bunger and I decided to have some fun with the kid.

"Ryan, there's your poop chute, it's cute and it's so moist too", I said as I let my finger graze across the orifice that probably no one but the boy's mom had seen before me.

"Let me go, let me go now!". The boy was almost in tears as he tried desperately to get up from my knee.

"Now for some spanking", I said and true to my word and to my decision from the day before, I started to spank Ryan's buns and spank em' hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Whack Whack "Oww, you'll pay for this, oww, yelp, yelp."

Ryan reacted in true 'prima donna getting a good spanking' mode. The salty words that he aimed at me were bracketted by yelps and ouchs that the stinging slaps to his firm light brown tushie produced.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "You can't, ouch ouch, hey you, yelp, yelp, yelp, ouch."

The salty words were becoming less and less and the yelps and ouchs more and more.
Ryan was getting a stinging spanking and as the spanking raged on, he was coming to grips with his predicament. His buns were on fire and, never having been spanked before, the whole thing, the humiliating naughty boy position across my knee, the relentless slaps to his muscular tookus and his bouncing buns revealing his boyish inner ass charms were getting to the youngster.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, oww, sob, sob, sob." Even the toughest boy, which Ryan wasn't, couldn't stand up to my spankings. My hand created a hot bed of disciplinary fire all across Ryan's sexy tushie. I kept on spanking that boyishly tight young caboose.

Whack Whack Whack "Oww, oww, sob, yelp, yelp, yelp." The formerly cocky 'I'll do whatever the hell I want' brat was now replaced by a 'well spanked' brat. Ryan was kicking his legs and looking back over his shoulders with that pathetic 'please stop spanking my bottom' look. I kept on spanking those naughty young sweet melons.

Spank Spank Spank "Oww, sob, sob, sob." The more flashes of that tight puckered bung hole I saw, the more determined I was to take pictures of it. So, I kept on spanking that sassy young can.

Spank Spank Spank "Oww,oww, oww, yelp, sob, sob, sob."

"So, are you gonna get acroos that table and spread those sweet cheeks, Ryan?"

Slap Smack Spank Spank Slap Whap Whap Whap Spank Spank Whap Whap Whap "Yes, sir, yes, owwwwwwwwwwww, that burns, please stop."

"Are you gonna let me get some shots of that poop chute of yours Ryan?" I was having some fun with the kid, can you blame me?

Spank Spank "Yelp, oww, yes sir, oww."

"Good boy, now let's get you back on all fours and cooperating, kid!!"

Spank "Owww. sob, sob. ok, ok."

I dropped Ryan to his feet and he was actually so overwhelmed that he cried on my chest. I let him cry it out for a few minutes and then I helped hom back up on the table. He was shaking.

This new view was amazing. The formerly super tight proud light brown buns were now loose and a deep purple. The scowling naughty boy look was now a red faced contrite well spanked little boy look.

"Now Ryan, spread your cheeks", I ordered as I picked up my camera.

Ryan reached back and pried apart his sexy melons, reaching deep into his crack to avoid any area that was spanked sore.

What a sight. Hot buttocks spread and tight brown tinted butt hole visible, fat cock and meaty pair of balls hanging between firm young thighs.

"Ah, great Ryan, keep it there", I snapped away. The boy looking up over his shoulder with that well spanked boy look and the purple hue of his buttocks made for some hot photos indeed.

"Ok Ryan, clench and unclench that butt hole", I ordered and the boy reluctantly tightened his butt hole but he was having trouble unclenching it.

"Open it up like you were gonna fart, Ryan", I joked and it worked. The embaressing statement made Ryan really blush but his hole opened up like a rose blooming right before my eyes. The purple tint of his buttocks mixed with the sunny light brown color of his firm thighs meshed nicely with the pink inner walls of his ass pussy which mixed in with it's brown tinted puckers.

I got close to Ryan's butt chute with a jar of vaseline which I started to rub all over the puckered opening. It gave his poop chute a very fuckable look.

I took dozens of pictures and even had the young man lay on his back and throw his legs up over his shoulders.

I told Ryan, though I didn't say that I would do it, that I could airbrush his spank spots out of the pictures.

I saw Ryan a week later to shoot one more session for his contract. He was very well behaved and after dozens of photos of Ryan fingering his butt hole and dozens of him in various types of sexy undies, I told Ryan to lay down across the table on his back. I didn't have the camera anywhere near me and I think the kid thought that I was going to spank him again. He was shocked but pleasantly surprised, or it seemed so by his moaning, when I started to jerk him off with one hand while with the other I fingered fucked his juicy young bung hole feeling the warmth of it's pink inner walls gripping my finger. Ryan came like a champ, his sweet cream shooting up practically to the ceiling.

"Now, behave yourself kid", I said and I gave Ryan a swat to the seat of his tight jeans as he left the office. He looked at me over his shoulder with a blushing boyishly cute grin.

Ryan must have been mortified when he found out that I let the pictures from his first session be used for a spanking magazine as a photo story titled, 'Naughty young nude model gets his bottom spanked'. I'm sure Ryan didn't mind that I made sure that he was paid handsome royalties for publication of the photos. Of course Ryan wouldn't dare come to me to complain since he thought I might spank him again and the young bugger thought right. I certainly wouldn't mind spanking that hot young ass again.

A few months later I bumped into Ryan, hot in tight jeans and a tight white tank top shirt, strolling downtown with his girlfriend. He blushed when he saw me and started to walk fast with his girl by the arm.

Ryan looked over his shoulder and gave me a sly boyish grin when he noticed me looking at the seat of his tight jeans.

Both me and Ryan knew that I knew his ass more intimately then his girlfiend knew it.

Hell, I was also probably the only one beside his mom who had seen Ryan's puckering pink brown tinted butt hole. Except of course for the many readers who bought the magazines that featured Ryan's hot little ass pussy.

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