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The Little Boy, His Dad, and Me.

by Jeff Redass

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It had been a boring night. Jeff had gone with hi parents to a football game and he was bored. It was the 4th quarter and the local college was up by 44 points so he decided to go to the bathroom. He told his dad he'd be back in a few minutes. Jeff walked into the bathroom and unzipped his pants. H opened up the front f his boxer shorts and left his penis hang out in the air. The urinal was just like a huge sink that was at knee level. He stood there and relaxed. He didn't urinate, he just stood there, the humid air making him feel good.

Then suddenly the door opened and he started to urinate and he held his penis steady. A little kid had walked in, he was about 4 foot tall and he walked over and stood next to Jeff. He unzipped his zipper on his jeans and slid them down to about mid-thigh. He unbuttoned his boxers and tried to pull his penis out so he could urinate, but it was just too short.

Jeff was watching the kid out of the corner of hit eye. The boy was still struggling to pull his penis out. Jeff then started to get an erection. Then the little kid pulled down his boxers to mid-thigh and started to urinate. Jeff never took his eye off of the boys penis. It was only an inch long, and the nutsack was very small, but he thought the penis looked very cute! Then the door opened again. A man about 3 inches taller than Jeff walked it and grabbed the boy by the arm after he finished urinating. The little kid began to wiggle.

"Let go! I didn't do anything wrong daddy!" the little kid said as he wiggled around. The father shook his head and sat down on a toilet by the urinal. He kept the boys' pants down and threw him over his knee.

"Excuse me, but could you watch me do this?" the man asked Jeff. Jeff just nodded and stood there. The father began to smack the ass of his kid. Over and over until it was beat red, almost purple. Then he looked up at Jeff. He had a rock hard penis now. It was very noticeable, even though he was 13, his penis was about 6 and inches long hard.

"You are some kind of homo aren't you?" the man said as he set his down his children and grabbed Jeff. Jeff shook his head no and shouted no. Then he could feel his pants being dropped. Then he boxers came off. He stood there, his entire area below his waist exposed. Jeff blushed red as his penis stood out of his dark, curly pubic hair. The little boy looked at him and stared.

"How did you get so hairy down there? And how did your peepee get so huge? And how did that sac of skin get big? And how did your nuts get that big? the little kid asked as he walked over, his pants and boxers around his waist. He poked at Jeff's nutsack. Then he grabbed Jeff's nuts and felt them. Then he ran his fingers through Jeff's pubic hair. Then he hand slid over his Jeff's penis. Then the little kid looked down at his penis and couldn't believe how much different Jeff was compared to him.

"Since you are a sick pervert. I'm gonna teach you a lesson!" the man said as Jeff was pulled over his knee. Jeff turned even redder as his ass was being struck, he didn't cry, he only blushed. After the man was done, Jeff pulled up his pants and looked at the man.

"You bastard. I'm gonna hurt you a hell of a lot more than you hurt me!" Jeff then smashed his foot down onto the man's nutsack many times. Then he walked out of the restroom with a smile on his face.

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