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Doctor's Orders (An Enema, a Sponge Bath and a Good Old Fashioned Spanking)

by Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 30 Mar 2008

"So, you told him not to go out in the hot sun and he did anyway?, Dr. Whopman said to me.

I was staying in the Florida Keys with my wife and cute skinny red headed 18 year old stepson Jamie. The temperature was up to 110 and Jamie was told not to go out but to stay inside in the air conditioned bungalow.

A neighbor, who had sons and noticed Jamie's obstinate nature told me to call Dr. Whopman, a specialist on boys and youngmen.

"Sounds like a case of sunstroke, first take his anal temperature", the doctor advised.

"Er, I don't know about that, er", I, red in the face, started to protest.

"I figured that you 'didn't know' sir, how long have you been married to the boy's mom?" Whopman asked.

"We have been married for 2 years Doctor", I answered defensively.

"Am I right in assuming that you are not close to your stepson?, Whopman inquired.

"Actually no we are not close, but he's got a fever now, his mom's away and I just called you to give me advice on how to help him not for questions regarding how good a stepdad I am, Doctor", I snapped. Obviously the doctor was pressing my buttons.

"Sir, your lack of closeness with your stepson is why you're having this problem now, what discipline do you use on the boy, I bet you don't spank him!", Doctor Whopman really sounded authoritative and it knocked me for a loop.

"Spank him, come on doctor, are you for real?", I almost yelled into the phone, honestly not so much because I was appalled at the doctor's question but because so many times in the past 2 years I had thought how I had wanted to spank Jamie's tight little pink bottom but I didn't have the balls to follow through.

"Sir, I'm a busy man, here's my advise, take it if you wish, take the boy's rectal temperature, if it's not over 100 then the fever will most likely be over by tomorrow, then give him a real soapy enema, then give him a luke warm sponge bath and when he recovers fully put him across your knee and spank his bottom till his rump is bright red, he is crying and he will be all the better for it, good day sir!", the blunt Dr. Whopman said before slamming the phone down.

I was stunned and I put the phone down and looked at my red headed stepchild laying on his belly, his round little ass looking as inviting as ever in his tight black denim cuttoffs.

I decided to take Whopman's advise and I have to be honest, it was Jamie's innocent little caboose sticking up that made me finally decide to do it.

"Ok, son, let's get you out of these clothes", I said gently to Jamie as I gently patted his fanny, thinking to myself that patting his can was a good gradient to smacking it.

"What, ok", the boy said, even in his feverish state kind of taken aback with me talking so sweetly to him and patting his bottom.

Jamie was shirtless and sweat covered his pearly white back and his long red hair was soaked. When I got his cuttoffs down I saw that he had on a pair of those cute thigh length tight white briefs. The garment was literally soaked with sweat which caused the material to dig deep into his crack so that I could actually see his little anus pulsating through the material.

"Lift up son", I said gently and I reached under Jamie's flat little smooth belly to help him raise his body so that I could remove the soaked briefs.

Jamie was obviously surprised at how gentle and loving I was and me calling him 'son' was novel to him indeed. I was actually starting to feel good about being a stepdad to a teenaged boy. I was the older person who he had needed for so long to apply a man's hand to him with love and sternness that left no doubt in his mind who was boss.

"There we go", I said as the wet briefs came off the boy's lean young body. As usual I could not help but smile when I saw Jamie's firm little round bottom. It was baby pink and smooth as silk. A bush of sweaty red hair adorned his crack and his nice sized cock and balls, also baby pink, stuck out under his tight flat belly.

"l'll be right back son", I said to the boy and I patted each little firm cheek before I left, which caused the boy to give me a warm smile.

I had to admit, Whopman was probably right. Just undressing the boy and gently patting his rear end seemed to elicit a warm glow from him to me which he never had in the last 2 years.

I searched and found a nice long thermometer and an old enema bag, the latter which I filled up with soapy water, using the most gentle soap I could find. After all, this water was going into that cute little bottom.

Thermometer and jar of vaseline in tow, I sat down on the bed, gently spoke to the boy, put the fingers of my left hand into his crack, pried the cheeks apart, used my other hand to push away the sweaty red hair and suddenly the target came into view. The person who came up with the term 'rosebud' to describe a dewy young poop chute must have seen a bottom hole like Jamie's. It was so pink, so puckered, so tight and, like a boy's bottom hole should be, quite tender yet somewhat formidable.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh." Jamie moaned as I took a big lump of vaseline and gently rubbed it all over the outside of his poop chute till the rosy little orifice gradually gave way so that I could gently grease the inner walls slightly.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh, whoa." More moaning from little Jamie as the cold thermometer entered his hiney hole. I pressed his buns together gently and even more gently I told him to bear with me for a few minutes. Obviously that baby pink butthole had not had it's temp taken since Jamie really was a baby.

"Ohhhh", A surprise feeling as the thermometer was pulled from the rosy pink anus and the boys temp was 99 and a half.

"Time for an enema I thought", and I reached under the weakened kid and lifted him up over my shoulder and carried his light pink boyish body to the bathroom.

As I walked along I patted Jamie's tush and again it seemed to warm him up.

I guess the way to a boy's head is through his bottom, meaning pats when he needs pats and spanks when he needs spanks.

I laid Jamie down on the counter on his back and pushed his legs up over his head. Boy did he look like something with his cock and balls hanging down and his greased bung hole pulsating like a little hungry baby fish.

"Ralax son", I said gently and after giving the boy's cheeks a few more pats, I gently but firmly inserted the enema tube to the hilt in his puckering pink poop chute then pumped the soapy water into the young ass.

"Hold it now, son", I said and after pressing my finger down gently on his bunger, I pressed his cheeks together.

After a few minutes I sat the kid on the pot so that he could do his business, filled a pan with lukewarm soapy water, and sat him on his ass on the counter. His cute little ass looked so sweet pressing down on the counter.

I cleaned the boys face, chest, belly, and worked the soapy rag down to his muscular legs and firm thighs before giving his genitals a good wash, the latter which caused the feverish boy to squeel.

"Over you go buddy", I said as I turned Jamie over on his belly with a few loving butt pats for good measure, then washed his back and buttocks before prying apart those sucullent cheeks to scrub that mass of sweaty red hair before thoroughly washing that cute pink butthole, leaving not one pucker unwashed. The hole washing really got the kid moaning and when I dried him and hauled him back over my shoulder he was sporting a big pink hardon.

"Ok, go to sleep buddy", I said to the still groggy teen and of course I patted his tookus before I left the room, he with a huge hardon that he was too weak to do anything about.

The next morning, about 12 hours since I had put Jamie to bed, I peeked in and he was still sleeping like a baby, that big hardon still raging under him. Actually it was throbbing and pre-cum was oozing out of the purple tip.

I kept on checking in on the boy, about 5 more times actually and he was still asleep.

Then at about 6PM I heard moaning and peeked in to the boy's room. The young bugger was better, that's for sure.

The boy was laying back with his feet over his head, like he was for his enema, the jar of vaseline that I had left in the room was open and sitting next to him, and he was feverishly beating his meat with one hand and with the middle finger of his other hand he was finger fucking his butt hole.

I got to thinking that probably the thermometer and enema hose up his butt hole must have felt so good that he decided that a little anal stimulation while jerking off would be good.

Well it certainly looked like it felt good. I grinned while the boy pushed his finger all the way up his rosy anal orifice and came in torrents, his blazing hot juicy red cock spurting sweet cream up in the air at which time it fell in gobs on his firm flat pink belly.

Jamie, l guess like most if not all teenaged boys, did not have a cum-towel ready, he just started to jerk off so after he exploded he reached for the closest thing handy, in Jamie's case the sweaty tightie whities that I had peeled off his ass about 24 hours before. I could see that the damn thing was still soaking wet.

After the boy, who was breathing hard after his intense boyish orgasm, wiped himself off I decided that I would put the next and last part of Dr. Whopman's instructions into practise.

I was actually looking forward to it.

"Ok buddy, we have to talk", I walked into the boy's room and announced. He looked up in horror as he tried to cover his genitals, probably wondering if I had seen him bopping it.

"What do you mean??", the boy nervously inquired probably having no idea that I had spanking in mind.

"If you had listened and stayed indoors yesterday you would not have gotten sick young man, so I'm going to put you across my knee and spank you, doctor's orders", I said menaceingly.

"What??????????????", Jamie was shocked and redfaced and the red face was not from a fever. It was from being threatened with a spanking from the man who had patted his bottom, cleaned out his poot chute and scrubbed his buttcrack the day before.

"No, no!", Jamie begged as I grabbed him by the arm.

"Er, I have to go to the bathroom", the boy said and of course I knew that a boy had to piss bad after having an orgasm so I grabbed him by the ankles, pulled his feet up over his head and gave him his first ever spank diaper style.

Spank 'Owww." I then pulled Jamie to his feet, threw him over my sholder and marched him to the bathroom, this time the former pats to the can were replaced by big stinging spanks.

Whap Whap "Oww, no please." Jamie begged but I marched him into the bathroom and literally dropped him on the shit pot, not before giving his delectable little buns a big slap.

Slap "Oww, oww."

"Now, poop and piss and be quick about it, your'e getting a spanking young man!", I said and I left the room..

Funny, somehow the gentle and firm 'hands on' trearment of his ass the day before seemed to set the kid up for his spanking. He was mortified and scared but not once did he say, 'you have no right', you're not my real father', etc, which is what would probably have happened if the boy's first ever spanking was not proceeded by some loving treatment applied to his cute little rump.

"Hurry up in there Jamie or I'll come and get you", I yelled as I knew the kid was stalling.

"Ok, that's it", I said as I stormed into the bathroom and told the redfaced shaking boy to 'wipe and let's go'.

"Up you go", I said and right after Jamie lifted his little butt off of the pot and wiped I hauled him over my shoulder again and marched him into the living room, smacking his buns along the way.

Smack "Yelp" Smack "Yelp" Whap "Oww, oww." Jamie's little boy body shook across my shoulder as I smacked those butt cheeks.

Finally I reached the living room, pulled out a chair, sat down and my stepson was where I knew he had belonged since I had came into his life 2 years ago, across my lap bareassed.

I wasted no time. I put his right wrist into his lower back and started to slap the little cheeks, which were alreasy sporting my handprints. My plan was to totally redden his buns so no hand prints were visible, just a uniform red sorness. I had on bermuda shorts and I could feel the moisture from his jerk off and the sweaty cum-towl on my thighs and I got a whiff of his butthole which showed that he did not wipe too good.

Didn't bother me one bit. I proceeded to do my stepdad duties and spanked that bare young butt hard and long.

Spank Whap Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ah, please." Jamie was thrashing all over my knee, his legs were kicking and his stinky but cute little rosebud was pulsating as I spanked his buns good and proper. I lectured as I spanked, setting the boy's ears on fire as well as his little tail.

"You will listen to me and your mom when we tell you to do something, little man".

Spank Spank "Owww, ok, ow, I will."

"You will be spanked and spanked hard from here on in when you don't listen got it youngster?"

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, ok, ok. I will, owww." The boy sure needed a shower. He was becoming soaked with sweat not from a fever but from having such a heavy jo session and a stern sweat producing spanking. Sweat or no sweat, skink or no stink, I smacked those little butt cheeks like a good stepdaddy should, to teach the boy that he had to listen, that his years without a dad to take him in hand were over, to let him know that when he needed it my hand would clean, wash and pat his bottom and when he needed to be spanked, that same hand would spank him and the loving pats and firm stinging spanks that my hand had delivered to his buttocks would be given with equal love.

"You need some firm attention boy, attention that you have been without for too long and I intend to remedy that buddy."

Spank Spank "Oww, oww, oww, sob, sob." The loving scolding words and the smacks that sizzled the tender surface of his buns got to the boy. He started to cry heavily.

"It's not your fault that you didn't listen, you just never had the proper spanking, now that has changed buddy."

Spank Spank Slap Slap Spank Whack Whack "Oww, oww, sob, sob, sob."

A few more zingers to the pink upper thighs and my stepson's first spanking had finished.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww,owww, sob, sob, sob, owwwwwwww." I had heard that a boy's thighs were particularly sensitive to spanking pain and Jamie sure proved it to be true. He screamed out and tears started to pour out of his big brown eyes and his legs were windmilling the air.

"Sob, sob, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Jamie cried and rubbed his tush when I put him on his feet and after about 2 minutes of this I threw him back over my shoulder and carried him back to his room and put him back on his bed. I did not pat nor smack his bottom at this time. The back of my shirt was soaked with his tears.

After kissing him on the head I left the room, telling Jamie that he was grounded for 2 days.

About 5 hours later, I opened the bathroom with out knocking and I saw a red faced Jamie looking up at me as he squatted over the bowl to do his business. His spanked thighs kept him from sitting on the pot.

Since the boy was confined to his room for 2 days I brought him his meals and he was seemingly touched at how nice I was to him after setting his buns on fire with the torch of spanking.

Jamie's mom had returned from her trip a week later and I had decided to take Jamie on our first fishing trip together.

My wife was surprised when we walked out the door, Jamie in his black denim cuttoffs, and I put my hand firmly but lovingly around Jamie's shoulders at which point the boy gave a shy boyish grin before putting his arm around my waist.

"Not having any trouble sitting, are you buddy?", I jokingly asked the boy as we sat on big rocks and fished.

"Er, no, not now, but thanks for asking", Jamie answered with a red face and sweet boyish grin.

I looked down at Jamie's butt and it looked so cute on the rock. Part of the rock was going up the boy's butt crack.



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