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"Madam, They Both Need Their Little Bottoms Spanked"

by Bunbuster

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"Screw you, screw you", 6 year old Milo stuck his tongue at his older brother.

"Shut up or I'll kick your ass", 13 year old Randy answered, his face in a rage.

Grandma was beside herself. She knew her 2 grandsons were spoiled and undisciplined but this acting up in public, in a crowded department store to be exact, was more then she bargained for.

Both boys were cuty pies in their own ways.

Little Milo had a cherubic little face that always had potential mischief written on it. Today the little 6 year old scamp had on a matching light blue shirt and shorts set and a pair of little boy tightie whities on under his shorts which he kept pulling out of the crack of his plump little bottom.

Randy was playing the budding hottie. Shoulder length blond hair, blue eyes and handsome face, he was clad in a tight white tank top shirt which showed off his slim firm upper body and it's gloriously flawless pink skin, that special combo of boy and young man that only teenagers have. Randy also had a somewhat plumpish bottom but it was also firm and rounded. He had on a pair of camouflage bikini briefs and a super baggy pair of denim cuttoffs, which were so baggy that the ass part almost went down to his knees and the waist fell revealing, to anyone who wanted to look, the top of his briefs which cupped his boyish bottom so nicely.

"Go to hell, go to hell."

Little Milo was being a real brat and as he ranted he jumped up and down, his plump young bottom bouncing as he did so.

Randy, like the punk stinker that he was, pushed his little bro, and sure enough, an expensive vase crashed to the floor.

The crowd in the store, who had their fill of these 2 brats, watched as the manager, a middleaged man in a suit and wire rimmed glasses came out of an office to confront the distraught grandma.

"I'm sorry sir, I'll pay for the vase", the older woman said.

The man, the dad of 2 grown sons, sized up the 2 boys, scowling little Milo in his little shorts and brat teen Randy, long haired and baggy pantsed, and he just blurted it out in front of the gathering crowd.

"Madam, they both need their bottoms spanked!"

The "S' word fallout was immediate. It was as if 'spanking' was a magic word. It certainly packed a 'whollop'.

Every adult in the crowd smiled, every girl in the crowd giggled and every boy in the crowd, especially the teenagers, blushed and looked sheepish.

Grandma had a knowing look on her face but the reactions of the 2 brats were priceless and I guess you could say, 'age appropriate' to each of them.

Little Milo, kind of knowing what spanking was, pouted and clung to grandma.

Randy was stunned. He blushed crimson, he froze and his tight little butt hole erupted and the baggy seat of his cutoffs was filled with a cloud of gas.

"Madam, instead of charging you for the vase, why don't I have my 2 security men give these 2 brats a good old fashioned spanking?", the manager asked and the long suffering grandma's reaction was immediate.

"Sounds like a reasonable solution, these 2 really need their bottoms warmed", Grandma answerd and the man yelled out and suddenly 2 big middle aged men, an African American named Rod and an Irish American named Ray came out of a door.

"Guys, take these 2 into my office and spank their bottoms please!", the manager said and the men were 'on the job'.

"Grandma, grandma!", little Milo ranted as Ray picked him up and started to carry him into the office, the crowd's eyes fixated on his plump little bottom sitting on the man's arm.

Randy, red faced, trembling, sweating and farting, tried to make a run for it but Rod grabbed him, picked him up and walked into the office with the teenaged bugger under his arm, Randy leaving a trail of boyish farts in his wake as he was carried along, which made the crowd smile even more as they looked at his rounded bottom in the seat of his baggy pants.

It was quite a spectacle, Milo weeping for grandma and Randy somehow too stunned to say anything.

The crowd cheered a bit when the door closed and they waited for the very special sounds of some much need spankings being applied to some naughty little bottoms.

The boys were put on their feet and the men sat down and started to depants the youngsters.

Little Milo whined as Ray pulled down his little blue shorts revealing his little tightie whities then pulled the boy's underwear down before upending the little stinker, plump ass up, across his lap. Milo looked cute as a button just where he belonged, bare assed across a lap about to receive his first ever spanking on his plump little baby bottom.

"No, don't, no!!", Randy moaned as Rod upzipped his baggy cuttoffs and pulled them down.

"You're gonna be happy you wore baggy pants when I get done with you boy", Rod said as the well filled pouch of Randy's briefs came into view.

"Ohhhhhhhh", the teen moaned some more as he was upended across the man's lap.

"Why do you hide such a nice hiney in those baggy pants, boy?", Rod said jokingly when he looked down at Randy's slightly plump well proportioned fanny in the tight briefs and then patted the firm teenaged boy buns.

Rod decided to give some modesty to the budding young man by not pulling his briefs down, instead stuffing the seat of the drawyers into the quite boyishly stinky deep butt crack, enabling the youngun' to keep his teenaged privates covered but baring his boyishly plump yet firm boy cheeks for his much needed spanking.

The action started. The men started to spank the boys as grandma and the manager watched and the crowd outside cheered.

Spank "Oww". Spank Spank "Grandma, sob, sob." Spank Spank "Oww, waaaaa."

Ray spanked Milo's chubby litte baby bottom with just the right wrist snapping spanks for a 6 year old and Milo started to cry immediately, lie Ray was squeezing juice out of an orange.

Spank "Yelp" Spank Spank "Oww, yelp." Randy tried to maintain his composure but falled utterly as Rod smacked those teenaged boy buns good and hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Lots more crying from Milo and lots of red skin developing on his smooth young bottom cheeks.

Spank Spank "Owwwww, yelp, yelp." More grunts and yelps from Randy as Rod spanked his bottom so hard that the boyish stink between his deep teenaged butt crack came up and hit him in the nose.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, oww." Little Milo was getting a good sound spanking, though it certainly wasn't 'good' to him. His little hiney hurt bad and he was weeping heavily.

Spank Spank "Oww, yelp, I gotta go, gotta go!!". Randy yelled as Rod spanked his fanny and Rod, a spankng dad, knew exactly what the boy meant.

"Ahhhhhhhh." Rod quickly pulled the wedgie out of the boy's crack and just in time too. Randy pooped in the seat of his briefs.

Spank Spank "Oww waaa." Ray kept on spanking Milo's hot little bottom.

"Madam you have on slipper type shoes, can I borrow one?", Rod asked grandma and the woman gave him one of her slippers.

Spank Spank Spank "Oww, oww." Rod spanked the poop filled seat of Randy's camouflage 'diaper' and gradually the poop was a pile of 'pudding', then he did a job on the tender flesh of the boyish bottom, before going back to spanking the shit filled seat of the boy's briefs.

Spank Spank Spank "Oww, sob, sob." The teenaged Randy started to cry too.

Spank Spank "Owww waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa". Ray put Milo on his feet, steadied the little bugger and then hugged him. Milo was crying and jumping up and down rubbing his burning little plump caboose, which bounced up and down. Then Ray took the boys underwear and shorts off, handed grandma the kid's drawyers and put the boy's blue shorts back on the lad, so the kid did not have those tight drawyers on his tenderized little baby tushie.

"Hold those drawyers up so no poop drops out, boy", Rod said sternly to the overwhelmed Randy when the boy stood up and tried to rub the seat of his formerly sexy but now pooped briefs. He then had Randy step out of his baggy cutoffs and handed them to the boy.

"I'll get you a clean pair of shorts, now go to the bathroom and clean yourself up, boy", Rod said and he turned Randy toward the bathroom and and gave him 2 whacks to the ass to get Randy going and guess what, it got Randy going. Randy looked comical holding his cutoffs with one hand and holding his up his poop filled briefs with the other, the tender skin of his boyish thighs flaming rad.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Randy moaned and blushed as he used practically a whole roll of moist paper towels to clean the poop off of his blazing well spanked bottom.

"Here boy, put these on", Rod said as he handed the boy some lose comfortable boxers.

Alright, way to go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", the crowd cheered as grandma emerged from the office with her arms around 2 well spanked boys, little Milo still weeping and rubbing his rump and Randy, mortified with his head down and face hidden by his long mane of hair. Haw bad the teenager wanted to rub his spanked caboose but he didn't, until he got away from the crowd and then he treated his young buns to a good rubbing, and those poor boyish buns needed it badly.

The boys rode home in the back seat of the car, laying side by side, not wanting to sit on their young spanked bottoms.

The boys still were brats at home since they knew nothing was really going to happen to them.

However, the kids were much better behaved in public and who could blame them.

Never know when a spanker is going to step out of the shadows, willing and able to warm 4 boyish buns to an angry redness.

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