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Watching a Teen Boy Get the 'Spanking of His Life'

by Bunbuster

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My name is Amanda and 10 years ago, as a 17 year old high school senior, I witnessed something unique that stands out vividly in my mind.

I'm happy to finally find a forum to relate it on.

It involved a handsome 17 year old Korean American boy named Kim whom all of us girls had the hots for and who would blame us.

Kim had a full head of soft glossy black hair that always swirled in the wind.

His smooth face was handsome with pouty red lips, beautiful teeth, and hot black almond eyes with long lashes.

Kim's upper body, usually in a tee shirt, was perfection with a naturally toned chest that led down to a tapered little waist.

Kim's legs were long, his basket bulged studsy like and his ass was round and somewhat full and hot, hot, hot!

Kim usually wore jeans that were neither tight nor baggy but fit his butt to a 'tee'.

Kim walked with a swagger and I loved walking behind him up the stairs at school, wanting so bad to take a bite out of his hot studsy boyish cheeks.

Once I got bold and goosed Kim's rump and found it to be hotly tight. When I did this Kim looked at me and flashed that mega watt smile and I have to admit, as a budding young woman, I wanted to fuck Kim real badly.

Kim lived in a big house with his mom and African American stepdad. His stepdad came on the scene when Kim was 13 years old.

Kim's family had a big pool and one day Kim invited me, my friend Mary and blond spike haired young male hottie Ryan to hang out at the pool. Kim's parents were away and would not be back till later that night.

Mary and I were literally wet in the panty crotch. A day around the pool with the school's 2 biggest stud muffins, both hot assed cocksmen,was too good to be true.

Ryan looked so hot, in a tight white tank top shirt revealing his hairy chest, and a tight pair of denim cutoffs that hugged his high arched tiny hiney and showed his tight hairy calves to great effect.

I tell you, Ryan was so hot that day that I would have licked his asshole had he asked me to.

When we got to the pool, Kim yelled out the window that he would be out soon and for us to relax.

Me and Mary started to throw a beach ball around while Ryan eased his sexy ass into a chair, posing for us, his legs spread and stretched, looking like a fat cocked big balled, spike haired young adonis.

Kim walked toward us and I tell you I almost fainted. He had on just a pair of red sweat shorts and his upper body could stop a person's heart.

Kim's toned chest was smooth as ivory and his nipples were big, pink and juicy.

His tapered waist made me want to grab him by the hips and grind his hot young lights out.

Me and Mary kept on throwing the ball as Kim eased his hot butt into a beach chair.

Suddenly, Kim stood up and pulled his sweat shorts down and off.

I looked at him standing there in his black with white trim Calvin Klein briefs and I wanted to jump his bones.

Kim sat back down and he got very playful. A hardon was developing in his briefs and then suddenly, shockeroo, Kim pulled the juicy red head of his big pink hardon out of the waist of his Calvin's.

I don't know about Mary, but I was soaked in the crotch.

Kim was smiling that naughty boyish grin as he made his dick move on it's own. He was a real proud cocky boy and he had reason to be proud. Kim was hot and georgous and just enough of the 'bad boy' to make any girl want to fuck his brains out.

"Wanna touch it?", Kim asked and I jumped at the chance.

"Rub the tip", Kim instructed and when I did he moaned and his cock moved around on it's own. There was a clear sticky liquid developing on the head of his cock and as I continued rubbing the goo got more and more abundant and Kim started to moan more and more.

"Ahhh", Kim continued to moan lightly as I got creative and started to rub the liquid all over the massive purple head of his dick, which was smooth as satin.

Suddenly Mary yelled out, "Someone's looking out the wind, looks like your stepdad, Kim!!".

"What!!!!!!", Kim suddenly sat up frantically. He looked in total shock.

"I think he's coming out here too!!", Mary added and I had never seen a cocky teen boy get so frantically worried.

"Damn, they got home early, shit!!!!!!!!!", Kim was fucking nervous as all hell.

"Ok, so what's he gonna do, spank you??", Ryan, rubbing his own crotch, said jokingly in reaction to Kim's intense worry.

"Here he comes", said Mary and sure enough, Kim's big African American stepfather was approcaching with fire in his eyes.

"You don't do stuff like that where the neighbors can see you boy, you do it behind closed doors", the man yelled as Kim actually cringed like he was going to melt into the chair.

"Whoaaaaaaa, dad!!!!!!!!!!!", the man grabbed Kim and pulled him to his feet like a rag doll. It was actually something to see a cocky young 'man' be treated like a boy by a real 'man'.

Suddenly, as we looked on in shock, Ryan's joking words became prophetic.

Stepdad got down on one knee and effortlessly pulled hunky big dicked Kim across his knee, Kim begging in a whisper.

Me, Mary and Ryan looked at each other in shock. Kim was going to be spanked, he was going to be fucking spanked, it was too much.

"Want to expose yourself boy, I'll expose you", the man said as he he held Kim's right wrist tight he peeled down Kim's Calvin's, slowly so that gradually the hottest young male butt on earth was naked and pinkly vulnerable. We could see Kim's now flacid rod and his pink ball sack hanging down. The hair on Kim's balls was softer and glossier then the hair on his handsome head.

We watched in shock and anticipation. Ryan had that 'dumb kid' look on his face, like he was going to enjoy what was going to happen but, being a brat himself, he couldn't keep from thinking about himself in that position, finally getting, for the first time ever, his high arched tiny hiney spanked good and hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwww, dad, nooooooooo." The hand came down so explosively on Kim's sexy young butt that we all closed our eyes at the first spanks. Huge bright red handprints were developing on Kim's pink caboose.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Noooo, dad, owwww." Kim started to kick violently, obviously trying like hell, especially since we were watching, to 'put his foot down' and wiggle out of his ignoble position.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwww, owwww." Kim's efforts to escape were futile. Though he wiggled furiously his stepdad continued to deliver a hot spanking to his tight ass moons.

Spank Spank Spank "Ahhhhhhhhh, oh god, stop it please."

As he wiggled around, Kim's body began to move down his stepdaddy's legs. The man stopped spanking Kim for a second.

"Get your butt back in place, boy", the man said as he pushed his stepson back over his knee.

As he did this, Kim kicked and his legs spread wide giving me, Mary and Ryan quite a humiliating view.

Aside from his cock and balls hanging down, I noticed a 5 o'clock shadow on both the walls of Kim's butt crack, signifying that he shaved his butt crack, or maybe Ryan shaved it for him.

The highlight of the view was Kim's butthole. I had never seen an asshole before and seeing Kim's was an education in healthy young male anatomy.

The actual 'hole' was so baby pink that it was almost red. The hole was totally surrounded by puckers which gave it the effect of a small sun with rays beaming out from it's center.

To put it a little less pedantic, Kim's hole looked like a small juicy young pussy and was the prime example why some call a boy's bottom hole 'boy pussy'. I wanted so bad to kiss that delicate rosy orifice.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwww, oww, sob, please stop." Kim was crying and who could blame him. Kim's ass was burning red.

"When we're done here, young man, get your butt in the house and clean the basement", stepdad said as he stopped smacking Kim's ass.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh, noooo", at the revelation that his spanking was not done, Kim freaked out, kicked his legs apart and, I'll be blunt about it, his puckered 'butt pussy' opened wide and poor Kim farted long and loud, and we actually saw it in action!! Poor Kim, was he ever cut down to size.

"You better sit on the potty before you clean the garage, young man", stepdad joked and he commenced to set Kim's ass on fire with hard whacks to the firm young muscles.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Slap Slap "Owwww, sob, dad, please, stop."

"I'll stop when I'm damn ready to, kid", the man said as he continued to sass that hot young ass.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owww, sob, sorry, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

When he stopped slapping Kim's ass, the man picked up his Calvin's, put them on KIm and pulled the back waist way out only to let it go so that the briefs snapped against Kim's spanked hiney.

Snappppppppppppp, "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

Now get your butt in the house, boy", the man said and he smacked Kim's ass over and over. Each time his butt got smacked Kim bent his body forward and moved in the direction that his stepdaddy wanted him to go in.

Me, Mary and Ryan, he red faced and with a hardon, walked home, too shocked to say a word.

When I saw Kim in school the next week he was so subdued and embarresed.

Somehow with the cockiness spanked out of him he was even more hot and sexy, though in his bullheaded boyish brain he thought that he was now less masculine, since we had witnessed his spanking. Not so, Kim. He was hotter then ever since getting his hiney spanked to hotness.

About 6 months later, when we were both 18, I did have sex with Kim.

I had multple orgasms as Kim firmly yet sensitively plowed the hell out of me.

I could not help but stick my finger in and out of his asshole while he was pumping me. I could not resist after having seen that 'boy pussy' during Kim's humiliating spanking 6 months before.

After sex Kim laid on his belly with his chin on a pillow while I ran my hand all over his marvelous ass which was sticking up so sweetly.

"You've got a cute behind, no wonder your stepdad spanks you", I said and Kim blushed and smiled.

"When did he start spanking you?", I inquired as I ran my hand all over Kim's georgous firm 'spanky cushions'.

"Er, when he married my mom and I was 13", Kim answered,still blushing but seemingly gratefull to be able to talk of his trips across his stepdad's knee.

"He's mean, right?". I asked.

"Not really, he's a great guy, it's just that when I need to be punished, he spanks me", Kim answered, this time blushing a deep crimson.

"Well, he sure spanked your bottom that day!", I said.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that that was the 'spanking of my life'", Kim, still blushing, said and this time he reached back and rubbed his ass, in deep thought for a few seconds.

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