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The Humpy Young Teacher Spanks Bad Boy Bottoms (Sexy Brett Bogan Spanks Cute Young Julio Rivera)

by Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 05 Jul 2008

"Wow, is he hot or what, look at his blue eyes."

"Look at the bulge in the front of his suit pants."

"Look at his round ass in the back, bet it's as hard as a rock, I wanna feel it."

Who is talking here? It's the female students at Brookdale High School talking about their new young social studies teacher, Brett Bogan. Not only are the girls talking about Brett, they are drooling over him and who could blame them.

Bretts Bogan, 34 year old Hollywood handsome hunk, had bright blue eyes, a lean but muscular body with a tapered waist, a firm upper back, a fat cock and plump balls and a rock hard, rounded athletic ass, 2 hot butt mounds to be exact. Brett did wonders for the pin striped or gaberdine suits that he wore.

Brett Bogan had a way with teenagers, expecially teenaged boys. Brett's speciality was fatherless undisciplined boys. Brett knew how to handle them because he was one himself at one time.

At 15 years old, and cute as a button, Brett lived with his single mom and his conduct and life was heading downhill fast. Things were so bad that it seemed the boy would eventually do jail time.

The havoc that Brett wrecked came to an abrupt end when his mom married his stepdaddy, Charlie.

Wasting no time on the night after the wedding Charlie firmly but lovingly marched cute young Brett up to his room, stripped the boy naked, as Brett protested his can off of course, put the sexy little teeny bopper across his knee and spanked his cute little bottom till it glowed red and sore and Brett was a seething mass of tears, poots and perspitation.

Stepdaddy then put a 2 month discipline regimen in force, keeping a watchfull eye on his stepson's conduct and spanking his bare young bottom for even the slightest snottiness or insubordination.

By the time the 2 month regime was over Brett's conduct had panned out and from then on the boy was spanked for major infractions till he was 21 years old.

However, when Brett was 23 years old he was picked up for drunken driving. When stepdaddy got him home it was the usual march to the boy's bedroom, a stripping and a hunky youngster laying face down on his bed, rounded athletic ass high over 3 pillows and and a sound whipping with the 'spankin' strap' on that pair of firm young butt muscles.

Not only did Brett never drink while driving agiain, he never really drank to excess ever again.

Brett had unbounded appreciation for his stepdaddy. The man turned his life around in the only proven way that worked with out of control teenaged boys, with hot disciplinary spankings to his firm young buttocks.

Brett Bogan became a big proponant of spankngs for teenaged boys and he lamented the fact that many boys did not have dads who spanked their bottoms or didn't have dads at all.

Brett had a 6 year old son named Billy and just a week before the story related here Brett put the naked little boy across his knee and spanked his plump little bottom till the little one was a weeping boy willing to behave better. Brett spanked the boy just enough for a 6 year old and he planned on spanking the boy with increased severity till the child was 21 years old and even after if it was warrented. Billy was in good hands or better yet, his plump little bottom was in good hands.

The female students had the hots for Brett Bogan and the boys merely tolerated him except one boy and that was Julio Rivera a super cute 14 year old Puerto Rican with silky shoulder length black hair, piercing black eyes peering out of a cute face, and a lean young body with a nice size basket and a small high arched pair of hiney cheeks. Julio's skin was copper colored and smooth as silk. The boy lived with his single mom and he had enough attitude for 5 teenaged cutey boys.

With his bright eyes, long hair and firm little bottom, Julio though he was the cock of the walk and the apple of every girl's eye, till Brett Bogan came on the scene that semester.

Julio knew that his teenaged basket couldn't hold a candle to Brett Bogan's powerfull genitals and his sweet teenaged buns looked like 2 cute ostrich eggs next to Brett Bogan's hot round athletic ass moons.

As luck would have it, yes it would turn out lucky for both Bogan and Rivera, Julio had Brett Bogan for his home room teacher and for his social studies teacher, so he was in Brett Bogan's class in the morning and at the end of the day.

On the first day of school Julio sat livid in his seat as the girls drooled over the young teacher, especially when he took off his suit coat and gave the class a better look at his manly bulge in front and his powerfull rump in back. Julio was pissed off that an adult teacher could be so young and hunky and steal the attention of every girl in the school.

Julio decided to make life a living hell for Brett Bogan. He did all the usual bad boy stuff, talking to other students, chewing gum, pinching the girl in front of him on the ass and generally being a pain. Julio thought that by acting up he would show the girls what a 'man' he was but to all concerned he just came across as a little brat. Julio also liked to wear super tight jeans which cupped his little round fanny, thinking that he looked real manly in them but of course they made him look like the teenaged puppy dog that he really was, a puppy dog with a cute rounded little high arched tiny hiney. Super tight jeans were really against the school dress code but the liberal faculty usually let it slide.

Brett Bogan kept his cool when Julio acted up, sending him to the principal's offce and detention a few times but the Friday of the second week, Brett Bogan decided to take some real action. Of course, Julio never in his mind thought that he would eventually wind up across Brett Bogan's knee, never in a millon years.

Unknown to most teachers there was a county law still on the books that said that a male teacher could spank a young male student on the seat of his pants if he got written permission from at least one parent.

After home room was over Brett Bogan smiled as he watched the cute young Julio swagger out of the classroom, his jeans so tight that he was walking funny, and he thought to himself, 'if all goes well that little ass will be where it belongs, across my lap for a sound spanking'.

Brett Bogan called Mrs. Rivera and he knew right away from her long suffering voice that little Julio had needed a spanking for a long time.

"Yes, I know he's a snotnose Mr.Bogan, but what can I do, send him away to reform school??"

"No, but I can do something for him but I need your written permission."

"I'll do anything, what is it?"

"I will put him across my knee and spank him, Mrs. Rivera."

"What, it's like I died and went to heaven, that boy has needed his kulo spanked for years, what do I do Mr. Bogan?"

"I'll send a messenger over with the form, you sign it and when Julio comes to my social studies class at the end of the school day I'll spank him."

"Oh, I hope it works, he really need his ass warmed, that's for sure."

"It workd for me", Brett Bogan said and as he did he lifted his buns off of his seat and sedutively rubbed the seat of his gaberdines.

"This is to give permission to my teenaged son's teacher to spank him", Mrs. River said to the 18 year old messenger who was delivering the form. The boy, in a super tight pair of speedo riding shorts blushed at the mention of teen spanking and as he rode away with his ass off the bike seat he looked back and blushed some more when he saw Mrs. Rivera looking out of her window and smiling at his cute teenaged hiney. The messenger boy's cute little fanny reminded Mrs. Rivera of Julio's tush and she was warming to the thought of her son finally getting his bottom tanned.

That afternoon the students piled into Brett Bogan's class. When they were all seated, Bret Bogan took off his jacket, to the swoons of the girls who admired his muscles and powerfull manly bulge.

"Hey man, what are you doing, hey", the class was shocked but no ne was more shocked than Julio as he found himself pulled from his chair and escorted firmly to the front of the class.

It was a shocking scene and the class remained speechless.

"Hey, no, noooooooooooooooo", cute little Julio was held by the arm while Brett Bogan pulled his chair out to the front of the class.

As he struggled fruitlessly against Bogan's manly grip, Julio was about to learn a valuable lesson, that he was a 'boy' and Brett Bogan, as young and humpy as he was, was a 'man'.

Brett Bogan sat down with his legs spread, causing the girls to swoon and a boy in the back, 15 year old Tommy who was startyng to feel his oats you might say, get a hardon as he wondered if Brett Bogan's ass hole was pressing against the wooden chair.

"You can't, noooooo" A scream of protest from Julio, whose long black hair was flying through the air, as he suddenly found himself staring at the floor as he was rudely updended across Brett Bogan's lap. It was not only humiliating but strange to Julio. He felt his body pressing against hard muscular thighs, showing that he was a boy and Bett a man, he also felt his own teen package slightly pressing against Brett Bogan's powerful cock, showing that he ws indeed a boy and Bogan a man. For an insane second. a wave of pure boyishness came over Julio Rivera, a feeling that he was a boy and it was ok to be a boy, a boy across a man's knee to be spanked and it was what was needed.

"Hey, nooooooooooooooooooooo", the 'boyish' feeling didn't last too long as Julio, his hair flying through the air, struggled in the vise like grip of Brett Bgan, which showed his litte boyishness more and more.

Bret6 Bogan effortlessly held Julio's right arm to his side and looked down. He smiled at what he saw. Julio's little bottom was so cute, like a couple of slightly oversized eggs in a denim shell.

"You're gonna do fine young fellow, you just need some discipline that's all", Brett Bogan said to the mortified young Julio. Like his stepdaddy did with him, Brett Bogan was going to spank the boy's little bottom hard but he was also going to lecture him lovingly during the spanking, sending waves of disciplinary fire to one end of the boy and loving supportive words to the other end.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, you can't, owww."

"I can young fellow, I have your mom's written permission to spank your bottom and you need a spanking real bad."

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwww, you stop, you hear me", Julio, his hair really flying through the air now, was protesting and sounding like a little pissant trying to get his first ever spanking to cease. Nice try Julio but your cute little oversized 'egg's are gonna be sunny side up when humpy Brett Bogan is done with your bratty young ass.

Spank Spank Spank "Oww, stop, owwwwwwwwww." The class sat speechless, some of the boys, with teenaged hardons of course, lifted their teenaged fannies off of their chairs and rubbed their hineys.

Spank Spank Spank Whack Whack Whack "Oww, please stop, owwwwwwww." Julio was a lot more polite and how could he not be. Brett Bogan was putting a hurtin' to his cute little tushie. It fuckin' hurt bad.

"Sorry little man but the only good spanking is a long hard spanking", Brett Bogsn said in a loving voice as he used a lot of wrist action as he smacked down on the seat of the super tight jeans.

Spank Spank Spank Snank "Oww, sob, please stop, oww, sob." Poor little Julio was now beginning to weep, his hair now mopping the floor and his long slender legs windmilling the air as Brett Bogan spanked his fanny.

Ok young fellow, let's finish up your spanking and get you back to your seat", Brett Bogan said as he increased the speed of the spanks to the little latin's firm little fanny.

Spank Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Oww, oww, oww, sob, sob."

"Bet you wish you didn't wear such tight jeans, hah young fellow?", Brett Bogan said when he lifted tht teenage to his feet.

"Oww,owww, sob." Poor little hot shot Julio had lost it completely. He bent over and rubbed the seat of his tight jeans, his head down, face covered by his shoulder length black hair.

"Ok, let's get you back to your seat", Brett Bogan said and he put his big right spanking hand around Julio Rivera's shoulder and walked the boy firmly to his seat.

Julio had a tank top on and as he felt the big manly hand, still warm from making cotinual hot contact with his naughty little fanny, around his shoulder he was again filled with that warm natural feeling of pure boyishness, fueled now by a hot spanked little bottom.

For the rest of the class Julio, and the other male students for that matter, behaved the way they were expected to behave. Little Julio looked so cute as he leaned forward in his chair, sitting on his thighs with his cute but sore little buttcakes off of the hard surface. Every other boy in the class had a wet spot in the front of his drawyers that day.

"Damn, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Julio moaned as he peeled his tight jeans off. The fabric seemd to be sticking to his tender skin, spanked into the surface of his cute little half moons, and if you saw Julio's bare buns you too would be smitten with their rounded cuteness.

Julio put on a loose pair of boxers and confronted his mom in the kitchen.

"Mom, that new teacher hit me."

"Oh yeah, where did he hit you, son?"

"Er, what does it matter mom, he hit me!!", the boy, too embarreded to admit he was spanked tried to evade the issue.

"Well Julio, if he spanked you good, I gave him permission to spank your."

"Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", Julio yelled but the conversation ended there and Julio's mom smiled maternally as her cute son climbed the steps and rubbed the seat of his boxers.

"How's it going young fellow?", Julio blushed that Monday, he was in a tank top and a loose fitting pair of cargo pants, when Brett Bogan put his big strong arm around his shoulder and walked with him to his locker.

Again that natural feeling of pure boyishness came over little Julio and it was stronger now since he had gotten the naughty stuffing spanked out of him the previous Friday by the very hand that now gripped his shoulder firmly and lovingly.

"You're gonna have a successfull school year right young man?", Brett Bogan said to Julio when they reached the lockers.

"Er, yes Mr. Bogan", Julio answered meekly as he looked down at Brett Bogan's mannish equipment and then at the young man's powerfull young buttocks as he walked away, his buns bouncing under his suit pants.

Though he endured some taunts from other students all in all Julio's spanking was quite successfull. Wanting to avoid another spanking at all costs Julio Rivera behaved in class and had a very good school year.

At home it was another matter. That summer Julio's behavior at home was becoming too much for his mom to endure and she did the most natural thing that she could think of. She dug up Brett Bogan's phone number and called the man for help.

"I understand Mrs. River, do you want me to come over and spank him?"

"Well, if it's not too much trouble can you?"

"I'll be over in an hour and this spankong will be on the bare bottom, Mrs. Rivera."

"Great Mr. Bogan, I look forward to seeing you and to watching my son get his bare bottom tanned."

Brett Bogan, humpy in a grey tee shirt and tight jeans, was about to leave to handle Julio's spanking when his 6 year old son Billy ran down the stairs naked as a pin, trying to get away from his mom who was taking him to the doctor for a check up. The boy hated that old fart doctor.

"Whoa, where ya going champ?", Brett Bogan asked as he stopped the cute little nudist in his tracks.

"He refuses to get dressed for his doctor's appointment", Mrs. Bogan said.

"Ok son, we'll handle that naughty behavior right now", Brett Bogan knelt down on one knee and upended his cute little boy across his raised knee and spanked that plump little boy bottom good and soundly as he lectured the boy with loving words.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sorry daddy."

"You have to do what mommy says son, she loves you and I love you too."

Spank Spank "Oww, oww, sob, sorry daddy, sob, oww." As Brett Bogan spanked his son his wife got the hots at how sexy her young husband looked, she was 10 years older than him, in the spanker's position, his ass looking so tight, so hot and so spankable. She wished that she had a time machine to go back 10 years or more to wittness a few of Brett's spankings.

When he was done spanking his son Brett Bogan picked the boy up and carried his naked little body up the steps, the boy's plump red bottom riding over Brett Bogan's hairy manly arm. The little boy cried into his daddy's chest, one hand wrapped around his daddy's neck and the other hand rubbing his plump spanked bottom. Mrs. Bogan followed her young husband up the steps, her eyes fixated on his rounded athletic young ass.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Julio, shirtless and in loose boxers watching tv in the living room was shocked to see the figure of Brett Bogan, masculine and sexy in teeshirt and jeans, looming over him with a stern yet loving smile.

Again that wave of pure boyishness came over Julio Rivera.

"Let's go to your room young fellow", Brett Bogan said as he firmly pulled the boy to his feet.

The boyish feel got stronger as Julio River, looking at the man's powerful cock and balls and strong buttocks wiggling as he walked, as Brett Bogan marched him up to his room, his strong manly warm hand gripping th tender boyish shoulder, but leaving no doubt in little Julio Rivera's mind that that hand would be spanking his little bottom in a minute or so.

Mrs. Rivera walked behind Brett Bogan, getting wet in the crotch as she eyed the sexy young buttocks of the teacher. The young man was sexy as hell and looked even sexier as he took her bratty son in hand, treating the youngster to some much needed manly discipline.

All the shocked Julio did was tremble as Brett Bogan sat on the bed, pulled him firmly toward him, pulled down his boxers, which made his teenaged pecker hit Brett Bogan in the chin, put the shocked naked young cutey across his knee and as Mrs. Rivera watched spellbound he pr