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A Naughty Grandson Finally Gets His Plump Bottom Spanked

by Bunbuster

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"That's it, you're getting your bottom spanked", I said to my 18 year old grandson who was staying with me for the summer. I knew from the minute that he walkeed into the door that only a good bottom warming would make him tow the line and of course I was right.

"But, come on Grandpa, you can't be serious", the lanky tow haired boy said, his handsome face red, which is what his plump bottom would be soon. My grandson had the same plump bottom as his dad and it did not take long for me to realize that the unspanked boy would require my attention in the area of discipline if the summer was to go smooth.

It's said that dads who were spanked as boys spank their own sons but that was not the case with my grandson. My son was a 'time out' type of dad and my grandson never got his fanny tanned, and that was going to end tonight. I told him countless times to pick up after himself and to not play his music so loud but he never listened. Now the very hand that made stinging contact with the tender surface of his dad's plump bttom woud be doing the same to his bouncing melons, and as an aside, you have never seen bouncing boy buttocks until you have seen my grandson running up the steps, his buns bouncing so much that you wanted wto walk behind him and hold the cheeks in place till the youngster got to the top of the steps. Any excuse to handle a cute young male bottom right? Well, my excuse was to spank a hot young bottom which is what a plump boy bottom is for, to be spanked, hard and long.

I continued my lecture as my grandson stood trembling, sweat rolling down his smooth chest, his pink lower lip trembling and his sturdy slim legs shaking.

"I am serious youngster, now go upstairs, go to the bathroom to poop and wash up and then go into your bedroom for the spanking of your life, now move!!!!!", I ended the sentence with a yell which got the shocked youngster running up the steps, his plump bottom cheeks really bouncing, his longish black hair flying through the air.

"And be sure to wear one of those thongs boy, you're getting spanked on the bare bottom and you will want to retain some modesty", I said and as he ran up the steps, caboose bouncing he looked at me with the saddest look I had ever seen on a boy.

My grandson was all smooth yet rugged, firm yet tender, hot frisky stinky boy and he needed a spankng badly. I had told him several times since he arrived 3 weeks ago about the possibity of him getting his plump bottom spanked before the summer was out and he always got red and tongue tied. The very word got him stirred up, like all teen boys, especially the unspanked ones and we all know that our present society is filled with firm young male buttocks that remain unpunished.

I got to know the kid's nightly system. After a full day of basketball he would go the the can to poop and wash up, then off to bed, usually sleeping on his tummy so that his plump ass was up in the air, wearing one of his many thongs. He had them in all colors and it was amusing to know that the back string was buried between his meaty buttocks, sweaty and stinky as it grazed his young bottom hole.

I waited about 10 minutes before walking up the steps. I heard the water running in the bathroom as I went into my bedroom to get the trusty old hairbrush, I picked it up and smacked in down onmy palm, happy as a clam to know that me and my hairbrush were going to put another naughty young stallion ih his place, cut him down to size with a good sound spanking.

I usually don't give a boy his first spanking with the hairbush but my grandson was 18 and he had nver been spanked. He needed a good hairbrushing to help him get to the core of his naughtiness, to tan his plump buns til he learnt a good lesson.

The boy was taking a bit long in the can so I opened the door to see him brushing his pearly whites. He lookd at me in redfaced fear, his plump buttocks sticking out of a pair of polka dot black and white boxers, his firm yet slender upper body bare and slicked with sweat, his longish hair still wet from sweat yet soft, shiny and sexy.

"Let's go youngster, you've got a spanking coming", I said to my grandson and I thought he would faint as he eyed the big brush in my right hand.

I waited a few more minutes when I realized that the young bugger was stalling so I opened the door and grabbed him by the arm and pulled him out of the bathroom and pushed him in front of me, I was smiling at the way his buttocks bounced, and grabbing him firmly by his smooth neck, I marched him to his bedroom for a good old fashioned spanking.

Rugged feisty boys need firm rugged treatment but some loving tenderness had to be with it for the discipline to really work. I had the magic touch with boys and as I gripped my grandson by the neck and marched him to the place of his punishemnt I gently squeezed and rubbed his neck while I did so, so that the boy knew that his granddad loved him even though he was going to tear his ass apart in a few minutes.

I was excited. I had not given a spanking in years and I was sure that I still had it in me and I had wanted to spank my grandson's plump bottom for years, since he was a bratty 6 year old to be exact and it was going to be thrilling to see the old fashioned treatment work on another naughty plump bottom.

"Come on Grandpa, no", was all my grandson said as we arrived in his room at which point I dropped the brush on the floor, pulled a chair out into the middle of the room, sat down and as I did so I picked my grandson up by his waist, he looked open mouthed as I did so, and dropped him face down across my lap.

I gripped his right arm at his waist and looked down at the seat of the polka dot boxers which were bulging with boyishly plump bottom cheeks, put my right hand in to the top of the boxers and pulled them down, my eyes following the polka dot fanny huggers till they were off the boy's body,then looked down at my target and it blew me away, in more ways then one.

My grandson's ass was so plump and shapely, tender yet firm, smooth yet with a little sweaty fuzz coming out of the deep well of a bottom crack and a musky boyish smell emanated from between the furry crevice. This was by far a real boy bottom, sweaty and stinky from a day's play, my grandson always showered in the morning, and suddenly the boy started to poot, another thing that was expected when a lad was otk but my grandson's butt hole was really going at it.

"Whoa, it's ok to poot during a spanking kiddo but what's up here, I guess you were too nervous to poot hah kid, well I always tell a boy to poop before a spanking because it's the last time for a while that he would be able to sit on the shit pot, but you'll know what I mean in a few minutes" I said to my grandson, as I ran my hands al over the tender expansive bottom, his head few inches from the floor as he moaned in shock and embarresment at his ignoble position and my blunt statement regarding him cutting loose from his hot young caboose.

I held the boy firmly.

I picked the brush up.

I lifted the brush up high.

"I brought the brush down hard on the center of the plump boyish buttocks.

All hell broke loose.

Whack "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, damn, that hurts."

Whack "Whoaaaaaaaaaaa, whoa, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh."

Whack Whack Whack Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh my god."

My grandson screamed out from the first spank and he continued to yell and lift his head in the air as his cheeky young buttocks bounced with the whacks of the punishing brush.

Whack Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owww, my god, that hurts, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

There was a lot of area to cover. A plump bottom needs a lot of work so I went from bouncing young cheekie to bouncing young cheekie, then to the lower folds of the boy bottom, then to the meaty upper meaty center of the deep crack before the lower crack, then down to the firm yet tender thighs, as my grandson howled loudly and thrashed around on my lap, lost in the punishing pain of his first spanking which was sizzling the tender surface of his boyishly plump butt melons.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Wowwwwww, owwwwww, oh my god, owwwwwwwww." As my grandson's upper body and firm boyish legs thrashed around on my lap, I made sure the target remained in place for a good spanking, the brush scorching the tender flesh of that naughty bottom, causing the boy to yell out how he was going to behave better and how he so much wanted this scorching punishement to his sweetly tender glutes to cease, to 'please' cease to be exact.

Spank Spank Spank "Owww, ow, sob,sob." Like most teenaged boys my grandson liked to make his voice deeper then it really was but now his real voice was coing forth, a high pitched almost girlish wail as he kicked his legs and pounded the floor with his free hand as I tanned his plump buttcheeks the way I had wanted to tan them for ten years now, hard and harder.

Spank Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwww, sob, please stop, sob, owwww."

I had one well punished young stinker across my lap. My grandson's tears were spilling down on the floor, his weeping voice was a high pitched soprano, his young body was slicked with sweat which gathered in the small of his tapered young back and waves of boyish odors came out of his deep tight butt crack from perspiration and from the fact that his young butthole was erupting the way a healthy boyish butthole always erupted, loud and stinky strong.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Sob, sob, oww, sob." My work on those plump young buttocks done I kept the weeping willow of a boy across my lap and talked to him lovingly.

"Ok youngster, this is the way it will be this summer young man, you will get spanked when you need to be punished", I said as I ran my hand all over his firm sweaty back.

"Yes, Grandpa", was the high pitched answer as a hand came back to rub 2 red plump ass globes.

"You need to go poop before bed kid", and as I set the teen on his big floppy feet I noticed that he had wet the pouch of his thong.

"Ok, let's get his off", I said and I started to peel the thong down but had a hard time getting it out of his deep sweaty bottom crack.

"Whoa, you must get some wedgies boy", I joked as I finally got the sweaty string out of the crack of the boy's ass and marched him to the can, his head down and weeping, my big hand on his sweaty shoulder, told him to go potty and watched him as he yelped when he tried to sit his sizzling can down then looked at at me with a grin as he pooped while squating, a grin that said,'I guess you were right Grandpa'.

After he wiped I got a towel and gently yet ruggedly wiped the excess sweat off of my grandson's body and I watched with amusement at the look on his pretty young face as I turned him around and wiped his buttcrack.

"No big deal kid, I changed your diapers many times", I said as I marched the naked teen back to his bedroom.

"Ok, here you go", I sat down and helped him, with his hands on my shoulders, to step into a clean white thong, working the string into his sweaty buttcrack, stood up and hugged him lovingly, helped him lay face down on his bed, pushed his sweaty hair out of his face and kissed his fore head.

"Good night Grandpa", my grandson said as he gently rubbed his plump young well spanked buttocks which looked so cute sticking up that I had the urge to kiss each cheek, but I didn't.

"Good night kid, and please try to be a good boy", I said and as I walked out of the room the boy smiled at me.

"I'll ty to be good Grandpa, and thanks Grandpa", the boy said as he rubbed his plump red buttocks.

The boy knew down deep that he needed to be spanked like all boys do but I guees you have to actually spank them to get them to admit it.


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