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Sim Learns to Respect His Little Cousin
Part 3

by Simon

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"Come on Si Wake up!" I was greeted with as the covers were pulled from me. Embarrassed by my morning glory, I quickly dropped my hands to my crotch and looked up. My Cousin Scott was standing there in T shirt and Briefs grinning down at me. "There you go - best make our beds and come down for breakfast. Oohh! What you hiding there?" he exclaimed as he pulled at my hands.

"Nothing - ill make the beds Scott; I'll see you downstairs" I responded, hoping he would bugger off.

"I don't think So - I want to see this! Come on up you get - lets see what your hiding! O r you want to start the day with a spanking!?!"

"oh come on - clear off - that was yesterday; Let me get on with it and leave me alone" I snapped groggily, pulling the covers over me.

"You really are a naughty little boy" giggled Scott "You've just earned yourself a spanking!" Snatching my covers and chucking them to the floor. "you best start learning to respect me and doing what I say!"

I turned over pushing my dick into the mattress. "Scott, don't be so mean" as the night before events suddenly unfolded in my mind. Only 12 hours before, my uncle and calmly announced that I was to be the charge of my little cousin who was only 12 years old. As a 14 year old, I was gleefully presided over by this 12year old in front of me, and I was to be treated like an 8 year old. In fact I suddenly realised why my dick had felt so strange, My two cousins had made me rub hair remover into my pubes so now my body was as bare as a baby's. Last night Scot had put me to bed with just a very small t shirt; and before I could even get to bed, Tim and his friend had warmed up my bum. Suddenly my Bum felt it was on fire again as I felt a huge 'whap'. "Yeeooow" I bucked as I strained my neck to see Tim there with a slipper in his hand.

"You just haven't learned" grinned Tim, standing their in his own PJs, waiving his own slipper at me. Come on little cousin, I want you up out of your bed." What with the two of them ending there , I pulled myself up and stood before them, hands covering my hard dick. Tim grabbed hold of my hands ad placed them around my back at the top of my bum, "look Si, we all know you got nothing there - so from now on, neither of us wants to catch you covering it up. If either of us see you with your hands down there, that's an instant bare bum spanking aright? In fact - when ever you stand before me or my bro - you keep yer hands behind your back! Agreed?!"

"Yeah Tim" I mumbled, hands behind my back - big boner sticking out, looking at my two younger cousins. Catching myself in the mirror, I realised exactly how I looked without a hair on my bod - Young! I barely noticed little Scott approach me and start touching my dick. "Hey! Gerroff" I yelped as I pulled back.

Whap!!.........My cous with his slipper - and my bum was on fire again!!

"Now get this straight little boy - you don't EVER pull away from me or Scott, You hear? We may wanna see your little dick any time, if only so your not being naughty. Otherwise its a bare bum spanking - you understand?"

I nodded agreement, and looked down and my little cous' hand on my smooth little dick.

"Aright Si - I want you to make the beds as I asked" said Scott, feeling my dick" Then, bring that slipper downstairs, 'cause you been so naughty this morning, I think you need to be beaten don't you?! And you ask nicely you here!" And with that they both padded off downstairs before I could even object.

I could hardy believe it - within 30 mins of being woken up I had earned myself a beating! Not wanting to make it worse, I hurried around and made the beds - and caught myself for a sec - here I was actually following orders from my 12 year old cousin, and about to ask him for beating cause I had been naughty! I looked at myself again, and it was true; I was nothing more than a little boy by sight! Especially in this stupid t shirt! I picked up the slipper and followed my cousins downstairs.

They were al in the kitchen, and on my entrance none of them looked up at all. I went over to Scott and said, "I made our beds Scott"

"Yeeeessss....and?" grinned Scott, looking at me with his huge impish grin

I gulped " and I'm sorry I don't do what you said. It wont happen again......but please don't beat my ass, Ill do better from now on, honest I will" I whined

"Well little Si certainly sounds like a whining little brat now eh Tim" joked my uncle over his breakfast to my cousin. Then to me "So what you done Si to be beaten this morning by your big cousin?"

I turned to my uncle "nothin at all - its not fair"

"Don't lie to Dad" scolded Scott, "Tell him what you didn't do"

I blushed "I didn't get up when I was told, and I kept covering my prick with my hands"

"Well you can add to that lying AND swearing. Don't ever use that word again; little boys of your age can say 'pee pee', and while I'm at it, you can refer to your bottom as your 'bot bot', as you seem incapable of being polite, you just as well be the little boy with words as well. Carry on Scott!"

"There you go Si - no deal - now ask nicely!" giggles Scott

I hesitated, but seeing all the others ginning at me stammered "I'm sorry, please will you slipper my bot bot; I brought you your slipper" and handed him over his little blue slipper

"Very well, I will" Smirked Scott "Take your t shirt off then, as slipperings are always done completely naked, isn't that right dad?"

"Certainly are, but don't worry, were all used to seeing you naked now Si" confirmed my uncle "But hurry up unless you want your slippering from me 'cause your going to the swimming pool this morning and you need to get going"

With that I stripped off, and being familiarly bare allowed Scott to arrange me over one of the kitchen chairs, even spreading my legs as his dad had done to me yesterday.

"Ooh your bum is still red for yesterday Si; you really shouldn't be such a naughty little boy" giggled Scott before swatting my bum with his slipper for the first time. It didn't really hurt, but he soon got to about 10 swots, and what with yesterday it was begging to hurt quite a bit! By about 20 I was moaning quite loudly, and by 25 I was begging to beg....


"Please Scott I had enough now"


"Ow I'm Sorry I'll be good"


"Aggh, really I'll always obey you"


"noooo; please I know I'm just your little cousin"


"Pleeaassee, I'll do anything you say from now on"


"Oooo, I wont be naughty any more, ill be good!"

It was pathetic, I could hear myself begging like I would have done when I was 8; and being slippered like this was making me even think like an 8 year old. All I cold feel was my ass on fire, and I was prepared to do anything or say anything to get back into my cousins good books and have him stop beating me. By now I was snivelling again, and Scott had clearly got what he wanted.

"OK Si, I guess you had enough. You stand there in the corner to think about what you just said - especially about being good!" With that, I tuned and stood (once again) in the corner. I could hear Tim and my Uncle laugh a little, but it was Scott who said 'Shut Up - its not funny'.

"Sorry Son - you handled that very well, Si knows who's boss now don't you Si?!"

"Yessir!" I mumbled "Scott's in charge of me"

I guess is was funny though in retrospect, watching a 12 year old talk like he was parent! Anyway, I stood therein the usual position, naked listening to their plans for the day. Tim got up to leave, saying something about going to football, leaving just Scot and his Dad and me. I could hear some stuff being got ready, and my uncle was suddenly grabbing by the arm.

"I see the boys have got rid of any hair you had down there - Scott has suggested I give your hair a cut, cause its a bit long!" stated my Uncle firmly.

"No its OK Uncle, I only had it done a couple of weeks ago!" I was very proud of my long swept back hair - and when I saw an electric razor I started getting desperate. "No really, its fine" I begged, pulling at my Uncle's hand locked around on my arm. Sadly he was having no nonsense, and immediately gave my bum two hard swots.

"Sit-down!" he ordered, as he pushed my onto a stool in the middle of the floor. He wasted no time, as he switched on the razor and scalped me with a number 2. "Little boys like you need short hair!", and within minutes I was a shaved headed little boy!

"Right then boys, you ready to go swimming? you better get dressed; ill get your swim stuff together"

"Aright Dad; Cumon Si, lets go and get dressed!"

With that I followed Scott upstairs. "Where are we going Scott?" I asked

"Well, my best mate Ian and his little brother Mike go to a school not to far away with a pool; the keep it open over the holiday so families can use it. Their mum is picking us up in a minute. It'll be fun - Mikes your age so you should have a great time" he said with an evil grin. I was about to retort that there is now way they'll think I was 8 and that I was 14, but what was the point, id only get my bum spanked again.

I turned and looked at the selection of clothes- what to wear!!

"Hey red ass!" beckoned Scott " Lets feel how warm I made it; cum over here" Being a good boy I scurried over. "Bend over then, lets feel!....Looks like I beat you good, it sure is warm! You best mind me today - you don't want another eh!?"

"I certainly don't Scott" I said still bent double "I'll be a good boy!" WHAT WAS I SAYING!!

"Good - well get dressed then; Nice haircut too - suits you now!!" said Scot as he began to take off his PJs. When he was naked, he walked over to me and started teasing me about passing easily as his little brother. He had a point. We were about the same height, me maybe a little shorter; now even he had a little more hair, and worse, now both our dicks were non aroused, his hung a little bigger. Thank god Tim wasn't here.

I grabbed a really yukky Disney t shirt and a pair of elastic waist shorts and pulled em on. The shorts were tight, but the t shirt was OK ish - a bit short. I checked myself in the mirror. I did look not much more than 8 or 9 - I couldn't believe it - a little kid that was growing real fast and out of his rather childish summer clothes a bit. Meanwhile, Scott joined me at the mirror in his new Nike sweat pants and polo shirt and trainers. The kewl ensemble made him look older that his 12 years if anything, furthering this new gap between us. I put on a pair of the hideous sandals, which also fitted, and the look was complete.

We trundled downstairs, where Scott's mates mum had already arrived. "Hi boys" she said to us both, and you must be Si, Scott's little cousin.

"Hi Mrs Deacon" Said Scott, which I copied, blushing.

"OK Boys, you do what Mrs Deacon says - any problems, and she can discipline you as she sees fit. I've explained other than that that Scott is in charge of you Si, so she knows what to expect." Said uncle.

"Why don't you go out and join the other boys in the car, while I finish talking to your dad - I'll bring your swim bags," said Mrs Deacon; and with that we both ran outside. Or rather Scott ran, I just stropped after him!

There was a big blue Volvo Estate outside (station Wagon), as we got closer, there were two boys about Scott's age (maybe a little bigger) in the back, and another boy in the loadbay. Scott ran over and jumped in the back - these were clearly his mates - and shut the door. I went to open it to join then, but Scott simply indicated the load area, so I gathered I was to travel with the other boy back there. I open the hatch and clambered in to the other child seat staring at my opposite number and travel companion.

"hey everyone, this is my little cousin Si who's with us for the week"

"Lucky you" said one of his mates ironically, promptly ignoring me and caring on chatting.

"I'm Mike" piped up the little boy - "how old are you?" I was about to reply, but caught Scot out the corer of my eye taking a keen interest suddenly. I checked myself.

"I'm 8 last February" I mumbled. Scott grinned and carried on his chat

"Ah - I'm 9 - be 10 soon!" said Mike. "Oh he's Ian my brother, pointing to the lad in the middle, and the other one is John," he suddenly lowered his voice and leaned towards me "John is a bit mean; keep out of his way!"

Suddenly Mrs Deacon appeared at the back, tossed in the swimming bags, checked our seatbelts, and closed the tailgate - we were on our way.

Mike was dressed not too differently from me, which made it all the more easy for me to fit in. I was not sure what was worse, seemly passing as an 8 yer old, or being an obvious 14 year old being punished. Mike soon started a game of footsie with me which quickly turned a bit rough. It wasn't long before he yelled out in pain after a well aimed kick from me. Scott turned round angrily and said

"Will you cut that out - or do you want me to Spank your bum again?!!"

"No Scott, please don't" I mumbled going bright red and hot. Scott turned back, Mike looked at me with complete surprise and, leaning forward again whispered

"You mean Scott spanks you when your naughty?"

"Sure does" pretending it was the most natural thing in the world. "Doesn't Ian spank you?"

"Well not really - he was put in charge once, and he spanked me then, but that was a one off, and he wasn't supposed to do that, so he got spanked for it!"

"Oh" I said, and quickly changed the subject.

Before long we arrived at the school, and Mikes mum let us out of the back. Standing together, partly cause of the way I was dressed, but partly cause I wasn't very tall, I easily looked every bit Mikes mate rather than one of the older boys. We each had our bags and jogged inside the school. I was about to follow the 3 other lads, but Mike pulled at my shirt.

"You cant go with them, they're going to the upper school changing room; ours is down here. The school is really strict about that, even in the holidays. We have to go down here". I looked over to where the 'older' boys were going, and felt so humiliated all over again. This was ridiculous. "Come on Si - hurry up" Without much choice I followed my new little friend.

In the juniors changing room there were a few boys there already, ages around 6 through to 9. I pulled of my sandals and shirt and dived into the bag to get my trunks. I rummaged for a good few minutes but couldn't find a thing even emptying the contents on the floor. Just a towel, soap, brush and another t shirt.

"Whats up?" Asked Mike, standing over me in a pair of black trunks.

I stood up with just my shorts on "I cant find my trunks" I replied. "Uncle hasn't packed any"

"well he wouldn't have done. Its another rule here - only school uniform in the pool"

"Cant I get a pair then from here?"

"Not as easy as that" giggled Mike, "they have to be earned. Black like these are if you can swim 4 lengths of the pool; Green like that boy over there show you can swim a mile, and Red shows your in the swim team.

"So what if you haven't swam 4 lengths?"

"Well you have to swim naked"

"No way - I'm not doing that" I exclaimed.

"Don't worry - I only earned these 3 months ago. Loads of boys wont have on trunks out there"

Looking around I could only see some of the youngest boys leaving the changing room naked. Suddenly Scott and Ian walked it, both sporting Red trunks.

"Come on Si Whats with you? Mrs Deacon sent us in to find out whats going on"

"Si doesn't want to swim naked!" giggles Mike

"Is this true?!" Demanded Scott

"Its not fair -I can swim as well as any one; why should I be treated like a baby" I moaned

"Drop em Si; you know what was expected, but you always have to whine. STRIP!"

I sullenly pulled of my shorts and placed my hands behind my back to avoid earning a public spanking. However it was too late. Scott had sat down and was already pulling me toward him by my dick.

"Looks like another spanking doesn't it. Why are you so naughty?" Scott wasn't even giggling any more, he was obviously well into his role as my surrogate parent. All the little kids, sensing as you do trouble, were all whispering to each other. Some about my red ass, some cause I was going to be spanked in front of them all.

Back over his knee, this time my dick pressing against his bare thigh, I could only listen to him crowing to his mates. "Yeah I get to Spank Si any time he's bad. If you see him being bad you can too you know. Dad Said! Any of my friends can help keep him in line"

with that, my second beating of the day started 'Whap'

'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap' - I was beginning to wriggle 'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap' 'Whap'

"Hey", whispered one of the little boys watching "Look at his red bum!" After the mornings beating, it was beginning to have effect


"Please Scott I had enough now"


"Ow I'm Sorry I'll be good, I'll swim"


"Aggh, really I'll swim naked with the other little boys"


"noooo; please I know I'm just your little cousin"


"Pleeaassee, I'll do anything you say from now on and I wont cover myself up"


"Oooo, I wont be naughty any more, ill be good!"

by now I was snivelling a bit, and the other boys around were giggling loads after all its not everyday you get to watch another boy beaten bare assed by an older boy! Scott suddenly stood up and I dropped to the floor like a sack of potatoes.

"See that boyz - my cousin is a right girl - look at him crying!" laughed Scott and his mates

I stared up at him from the floor "I'm not crying!" I protested, but by now all the other boys were giggling - even Mike was sneering. I was so embarrassed.

Scott tossed me some inflatable swim armbands "There you are, you know you cant swim so put em on - Don't want you drowning now!"

I stood up suddenly oblivious of my nakedness "You know I can Swim, why are you doing this to me?"

"You arguing with me little boy?" sneered Scott?

"No....but" I Started, but as Scott approached me again I bent down and grabbed the armbands, "OK, OK"

"give em here" demanded Scott as he snatched em out of my hand. "Let me!" He pushed each one on each arm, then grabbed e by the arm, bent down a little, then slapped my ass again - hard!









Each time he slapped my bum, I moved forward a bit - it was just like when my mum used to belt me in the supermarket.

"Now tidy up your stuff and get out there" demanded Scott, and he stalked off with is 2 mates. There was quite in the kids changing room for a few moments than loads of talk! None of the other boys could believe what they had just seen! There was n awful lot of piss taking!

"Hey Si! That was awesome man! You really got a spanked bum eh! AND he made you cry!!" exclaimed Mike. Suddenly he put his hand on my ass "Wow and its hot!" Suddenly loads of boys were around me feeling my ass.

"Hey get out of it" I said, swotting them all away. "Come on lets get outside", as I pushed all my stuff into the duffel bag. I caught my reflection in the big changing room mirror - there I was, Naked, Hairless and in Armbands, amongst a load of younger lads in swimtrunks, all looking older than me. It was horrible. And I couldn't do anything about it. Alls I could think was that if I didn't get outside soon, my bum would be spanked again. The only boys I could see naked like me were about 6, but only 1 or 2 were in armbands!

"you really are a wuss though" sneered Mike "Cant even Swim - and you cry!! No wonder your cousin spanks your bum - I reckon I would if I were related to you!"

I squared up to him, "Yeah - you and who's army?! - you dunno what he's got on me. Anyway I can swim - he's just making my life hell that's all"

"look around you Si - you can only see the little boys wearing armbands!! Little boys who haven't learnt how to swim - little boys like YOU!! Anyway - you cant swim with me after all - kids wearing armbands have to go to the learners pool with the other babies!" With that he turned to a passing naked boy, saying "Hey Adam - this here's Si who cant swim neither - take him with you will ya!" - then to me "Adam here lives next door to me - he's doing lessons today - maybe you can join. Anyway Adam, hold Si's hand and take him outside - show him how its done!" With that about 4 or 5 of the boys started giggling, as Adam picked up my hand and led my along out to swim class.

So there I was naked, in armbands being led outside into the swim area my new friend Adam, as naked as I was. "I get spanked lots too!" confided Adam "But not on my bare bottom like you. Mummy only does that to my big brother"

"Yeah well it hurts!" suddenly realising that Scott had got his rhythm now, and that, what with all the other beatings, my paid threshold was lowering with each spanking.

As we got into the pool area, their were loads more people around. Sure there were boys naked like me, but most had on trunks - and there were some older girls (my real age!) present too. Adam let go of my hand and pointed to a group of boys with armbands and said I should join them - there was a lesson going to start. I went over to the group who instantly went a bit quiet. Not only was I quite a bit taller than anyone else (I was at least 8 years older I guess than some), a few had obviously witnessed my spanking. The easiest way to get through this was pretending not to be able to swim. So when one of the little kids asked me why I was a non swimmer I just made something up about my school never doing lessons.

It took ages for the lesson to start, so we were just standing around for ages. This was the worse part, being naked, I just wanted to get in the water, but one of the others warned me that I'd get into trouble. I was really self conscious being there with all these little kids, especially as they were all talking about me being spanked, and that I must be really naughty. Anyway, the lesson started - I did a convincing display of flailing around in the water. Anyway all was going well until one of the kids started splashing me really badly; it was attracting attention of the lifeguards. I dint want to get involved, but something got hold of me and I ended up sending waves of water over the main offender, to the point he started blubbing. Suddenly the coach was on to me ordering me out of the pool.

There I was being lectured by the lifeguard when Mrs Deacon rushed over and asked what was going on. The lifeguard explained, and she turned to me saying "Well! I've never been so embarrassed by one of my charges behaviour. Your uncle warned me about you and said you were a bit of a bully. Well young man, come with me!" With that she grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to a bench. Before I knew it, she had sat down, and had me in the now very familiar position over her lap with my bare bum in the air.

"Please Mrs Deacon you don't understand what happened; it wasn't my fault! Please don't spank me here at least!"

"your a naughty little boy with a bad aggressive streak. You earned this - or would you rather go home and tell your uncle?!" This was bad news, I knew exactly what he would do about this!

"No, I guess not"

"Well then, you got this coming I think!" with that she started spanking my Bum, as only a mother can!! After a while I was crying freely; sobbing, tears the works - and begging her to stop.

"There!" she said pulling me to my feet "That should be an adequate reminder of good behaviour - Now will you behave?"

"Yes Mrs Deacon, I'm sorry" I blubbed.

"Good - Swimming is over for you. I want you to run over to the corner of the pool and stand there with your hands on your head until we are ready to take you home. Off you go"

So I did. I ran, still crying, still with my armbands on, over to the corner of the building, and stood next to another little boy who was staring at the corner with his hands on his head. He had a red bum too, and I saw that it was the boy who had started the splashing. I stood next to him, sniffing a bit, not saying anything. I had never ever been in as much trouble as I had been in the last 2 days! He however had other ideas. "I only got a spanking cause my mum saw yours giving you one"

"Well you started it! You deserved a spanking!" We didn't say much, and just stood there for the best part of the next hour, occasionally being joined by other boys who had a similar fate! There were a lot of red bottoms on display. Some of the boys in the line up were quite old too, so it wasn't just little kids that were getting spanked.

Anyway, it wasn't long before Mrs Deacon was over to collect me. I turned in the direction of the changing room "Oh no you don't young man, we haven't got time for you to get changed. Just toss your armbands in the basket and come out to the car - the other boys are waiting there or you - we nearly went without you!"

"But I'm naked....please let me put something on!" I pleaded

"Well you should have thought of that before being such a naughty little boy! Anyway, you've got nothin to hide - we've all seen it before!" she giggled.

With that she grabbed my armbands of me, tossed them in the basked, grabbed my wrist and stalked out to the car dragging me complaining behind.

"Oww get off - your hurting!"

"You want another spanking young man?! Cause your going the right way about it!"

As we approached the car, I could here all the other boys were killing themselves laughing. "Look at Si - what a Bender!" "Hey your bum hurt Si?" "Wow Red ass Si!"

Mrs Deacon opened up the back and I clambered in beside Mike. While the others were teasing, I grabbed my bag and pulled on my shorts.

"Dunno why your getting dressed Si - you know I am going to have to spank you when we get home for embarrassing us!" teased Scott - but meaning every word

"Not Fair!, Mrs Deacon already punished me"

"Your not arguing with me again are you?"

"No" I mumbled

"Good else that would be a slippering! Anyway, thinking about it, you've been so naughty, you best stay naked -take those shorts off; you don't deserve clothes!"

"Scott, please - why are you being so mean?!"

Without even waiting he just turned to Mike and said "Mike - get Si's shorts off him, there's a good lad!" and with that the three lad on the back seat sat back down and let the two of us get on with it. Over the stereo and such, they soon lost interest

Mikes hands were soon around my shorts tugging at them "Gerroff!" I yelped, struggling with him, but the element of surprise meant they were half way down my thighs before I could react. The struggle also gave Mike a chance to get his hands on my dick, which he seemed to be touching rather more than could be explained away as by accident! Suddenly he grabbed my hairless balls in his hand and squeezed. Naturally, my hands immediately went to my dick, and not missing a trick, his other whipped off my shorts the rest of the way.

"Get off my balls!" I exclaimed

"Please!" taunted Mike

"Please" I begged, my eyes watering by now

"Pretty please!" grinned Mike, pressing slightly more firmly

"Arrhh Pretty please

"Agree that you'll do anything I want"

"NO WAY!" with that his gripped tightened

"I said Anything Si - for the rest of the break!"

"NO WAY!" as I lunged towards his own balls - but he was too quick, and instead tightened even further "Yeowwwwww - aright aright - anything you want!! Just get off my balls" He let go and l curled into a ball in agony.

"Lucky for Mike I heard that" crowed Scott from the back seat "See he minds you Mike or let me know!"

They left me alone for the rest of the trip home. When we got back, as soon as the back was opened, I made a run for the house, but was called back almost immediately.

"Haven't you got any manners! Thank Mrs Deacon Si - and you best apologies for you behaviour - yell her whats happening to you too!" said Scott, although we were soon joined my Uncle, who immediately asked me why I was naked again.

"Cause I was naughty Uncle!" I blushed, turning to Mrs Deacon, just stopping myself hiding my dick with my hands. "Thanks for taking me swimming, and I'm sorry I was bad. Scott's going to spank me to teach me a lesson."

"Good to hear it - but I'll overlook it this time - just try to behave next time" she scolded

With that I turned to go inside "Wait for me in the corner!" called Scott after me. So I made my way back to the corner in the Lounge that I was beginning to know so well.

Standing there naked for I guess about another quarter of an hour, I waited for Scott to come into the house to give me my spanking. I heard my uncle drive off in his car and wondered if I was going to be left like this for ages. But no, within a few moments, I heard Scott talking to the boys we had gone swimming with. I hadn't counted on them staying around.

Little Mike was first into the room. "The others are just fixing something to eat. Scott said I had to make sure you have your hands on your head!" (I hadn't) "Go on - or I'll have to tell him you wont!" I reluctantly put my hands on top of my head, muttering to myself. "That's good - gee I never seen anyone get spanked so much in a day. You always like this?!"

"No - just leave me alone" I retorted

"Awww, don't be like that! What's it like being spanked so much by your cousin" With that he had his hand on my balls again squeezing. "Yeah he's done a good job on you! So how old are you really then! Cause your a bit older than 8!" he goaded

"Geroff my balls, Mike! Or are you some sort of bender!?"

"well now you mentioned it - I thought that's what you were! Scott told us that too! And it kind looks that way from where I am standing - you like this dontcha!"

Sure enough, my dick WAS getting a bit stiff "Cut it out Mike!" But, Mike was having none of it, and was rubbing my dick and balls really slowly and provocatively.


It was Ian (Scott's Mate) "Hey Scot!!" and when Scott returned to the room "I just caught my little bother giving Si here a bit of a wank!!" They all had older bothers so its not surprising they knew what was what! "I dint know you liked boys Mike!?"

Now it was Nikes turn to get red faced and defensive "Nnno, I..I was just playing!" Well I was amazed at what he could say to get out of it - he was caught fair and square with his hand on my knob!"

I piped up "I tried to stop him, but he just said he'd tell you, Scott.....please..... its not my fault"

"Yeah but you certainly seem to enjoy it eh!" said Scott "either way it is DISGUSTING! I reckon this best wait till Dad gets back - he can tell your dad about it then eh Ian"

"Noooo" both Mike and I said in unison "Don't let him get Dad involved Ian, I was only messing around" pleaded Mike

"Well you need to be punished really" said Scott "this is a bit gross"

"Don't get Uncle involved, I don't want another beating" I pleaded, "why don't you spank me"

"well I think its more than a spanking don't you?"

I was dreading my uncle getting involved, and would have agreed to anything just so Scott would handle it. Here I was 14, naked, hairless and standing in front of 2 12 year olds and a 9 year old negotiating a spanking. 2 days ago I would have given any one of them a thumping without really thinking about it if this had happened. I really had nothing to be blamed for either. Just the thought of what my Uncle would do if he found out though didn't bare thinking about.

"Aright - a slippering; but you've got to do it - you're in charge of me after all! Uncle might blame you!" I offered. I could see that hit home! Scott turned to Ian and whispered something.

Ian turned to Mike "What about you; you know you've got to be punished for this don you?" Mike nodded. "And you know that Dad will probably get the paddle out for this don't you?" Again Mike nodded slowly, looking more distressed. "What say then we keep it between us and give you a slippering alongside Si here!" With that Mike started to blub a bit

"Its not fair" he sniffled, staring at me. "Its his fault"

"I don't really care - anyway best get yourself in the corner with Si until after we've had lunch and well sort you out then. STRIP!" Ordered Ian.

"No way - I'm not a little kid like him - there's no way your treating me like a baby!" said Mike raising his voice.

"Look, you got a simple choice, either you get naked and wait for your bum to be spanked, or I tell Dad all about this little episode!" replied Ian. "Either way you've got 10 seconds to decide!" Mike looked close to blubbing again with the frustration, but just as Ian reached 9, he started to pull of his shoes and shirt. He hesitated at his shorts, but before he could make up his mind, Ian strode over to him and yanked them down for him. "There as naked as Si - get over there and join him in the corner. You keep your hands on your head you hear. If we catch you both doing anything then that's it - Dad will find out!!" With that him and Scott left us alone.

"Ha!" I goaded "Not such a big man after all - you weren't even whacked and you started blubbing!! Now look at you - a naked like a little boy, waiting for his bum to be slippered!"

"I Don't exactly see you looking much better off. Your always getting your little bum spanked by a 12 year old! Dunno why you bother with clothes as you always seem to be naked waiting for a spanking!" he retorted. There was some truth there! "Anyway - don't forget what you said in the car that you would do anything I wanted - your brother heard and will make sure you abide my your promise! I got ways to get my revenge for this. You'll have no doubt who's your better by the end of the week!"

"What do you mean - what sort of thing you want from me?" I asked nervously?

"Oh you know, doing stuff for me....maybe I'll spank you too!" he teased

That shut me up - I just stood there thinking about what other humiliations this would lead to. I had another 5 days before my family returned and I could go home. That was plenty of time to get more spankings - especially now this little brat besides me was getting in on the act. At least he was reduced to the same as me - bare assed and waiting for a beating from his big brother. Only of course - it was my little cousin who would be beating me.

After about 15 minutes, the boys returned to the room, and beckoned us over, allowing us to remove our hands from our heads - which was a relief. Mike immediately clutched his dick and balls with his hands - I of course knew better. "Get your hands away!" demanded Ian "You got nothing to hide!"

Mike just stood there really embarrassed to be exposed in this way. I of course was well used to it my then. Everyone had seen my stuff many times before!

"We've had a chat about this, and what we want is each of you either end of the sofa over the arm, you ass in the air. Then we are going to give you 20 swats each with our slipper, and then switch over, and give you 20 more!" Grinned Scott

"No way" I retorted 40 is way too much! There's no way I deserve that"

You arguing with me Si?" demanded Scott, threateningly. I thought for a moment. I had been here before!

"eh, no, no 40 is fine....sorry" I back tracked.

"Good! assume the positions then boys!" With that I went over to the sofa and 'arranged' myself over the arm I could see Mike doing the same, with that really worried expression again! "Ok, keep your hands out of the way, and count for us - we wouldn't want to give you too many eh Ian!" So there I was, ass in the air waiting for a real thrashing. Scott, was learning to use the slipper like a pro, and I wasn't looking forward to getting 40. "Now then boys - you know why your getting this don't you! I?"

"'Cause Mike was playing with my dick"

"What did Dad say about that language!!?"

"I mean, ' cause Mike was playing with my pee pee!" I remembered, blushing

"That's right, and Mike - why are you getting a slippering?"

"Because I was playing with Si's dick" responded Mike sullenly

"Good - now start the counting!" with that they went in tern. Ian first gave Mike his first swot- and I could here him gulp before he counted 'one'. Then I braced myself, heard the swish and then the pain of the slipper hitting my tender bum, before I too called out 'one'. I looked across at Mike, his ass high in the air, and watched with interest as Ian bought down the slipper on his young ass a second time. I could feel my dick stir - and couldn't understand why! He was cute though! My mind was however concentrating on my own ass, as the second blow fell on it - me calling out two.

By about the 5th we were both getting a little uncomfy - though I was still string and mike get his slippering - and I noticed that he too was staring at me, getting my bum slippered. I wonder what was going though his mind.

When 15 came we were both getting sore and he was complaining more than me really. Then it was time for them to swap over. If my ass was anything like Mikes little bum, it was as red as a billiard ball!

With Ian standing over me I was bit more worried. But when he landed I needn't