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The Day I Saw Chachi Get a Spanking

by Bunbuster

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At 18 years old I was the envy of all the other girls in our town. That was the year I started to date 18 Chachi, the town hunk.

His real name was Charles but he was nicknamed Chachi about 5 years before since he resembled Scott Baio form "Happy Day's", though my Chachi looked a whole lot better.

Did you ever walk behind a muscular young hunk on the street and when you admired his anvil like neck notice the smooth tender baby skin that covered it and think 'how could someone be so firm and manly be so smooth and tender'??

Well, Chachi epitomized that combonation of firm manliness and tender little boy that made youngmen like him such valuable sexual commodities, adored by girls, women and even some men.

The hair on Chachi's head was abundant but baby soft and shiny.

His face, even in a scowl and covered with a 5 o'clock shadow was a cute baby face.

His lean masculinly firm body was covered in pink baby skin.

His imposing 9 inch hard-on, though a pussy pounding ramrod of maniness was smooth as silk and the purple bulb like head was like satin. I loved runing my fingers along the smooth shaft and I loved the way the cock would throbb when I fingered the sensitive piss slit.

Chachi's plump manly ball sack , though usually tight with manly sweet cream, was as pink as my mom's most expensive lip gloss, and though almost covered with manly hair, the hair was soft as cotten.

In the morning while Chachi was still asleep naked on his belly, his mouth open like a baby's and a big hard-on underneath, I would run my hands down his smooth muscular back and his hot young buttocks.

Chachi's buttocks were the roundest and firmest that I had ever encountered, before or since. Though his butt was manly firm the skin was tender and baby smooth. Between Chachi's georgous buns was a manly bush of hair that any bald man would envy but the hair itself was softer than the hair on his head and balls.

I'll never forget the first time that I waded through Chachi's manly but baby soft butt bush and saw his bottom hole. It was super tight and super tiny, a real baby butthole. I realized why some men would want to butt fuck cute young guys like Chachi. The pink walls of that tight little pooter gripping a cock would probably feel exquisite.

Though I never knew if Chachi ever got butt fucked, and if he did lucky was the man who socked it to him, I did see Chachi butt fucking his 18 year old humpy blond buddy Billy.

"He's upstairs with Billy, just go on up", Chachi's mom said as she headed out shoping.

I walked silently up the steps and when I got to Chachi's bedroom I noticed that the door was closed except for a crack.

I peeked in to see treated to the hottest scene ever.

Humpy blond Billy was face down on the bed looking up over his shoulder hungrily while Chachi, with a big throbbing hard-on, keaded Billy'shis big muscular buttocks.

When Chachi pried apart Billy's big ass moons I was treated to an obviously shaved crack, I wondered if Chachi had shaved it, and a big, puckered, moist and dewy butt hole which was so hot pink that it practically beamed at me.

Chachi knew how to use his massive tool. Whenever we screwed he always rubbed the satin like tip of his pecker along my clit and pussy lips till I was moist and loose before he entered me. He was doing the same to Billy's butt pussy, rubbing his cock tip all over the moist layers of puckers before stuffing his cock in Billy's butt chute inch by inch and slowly pumping Billys fanny before giving Billy a hard and hot fucking that got the young blond braying lke a branded baby calf.

Afterwards the 2 young 'fuckers' laid on their stomachs and smoked ciggies, 4 firm young male ass moons sticking up and Chachi's sweet cream popping out from between Billy's buttcrack.

I slinked away so that the boys did not know I saw then in action. If it had been another girl that Chachi was acrewing I would have been pissed but watching him fuck another young hunk made me even hotter for him.

I knew Chachi since he was 12 years old and I remembered that he used to stay at his Uncle's farm for a month every summer till his 17th year.

It was not until I had looked back in retrospect that I remembered how sour Chachi looked when he left for his Uncle's farm and how subdued he was when he returned,a lot less bratty but of course the bratiness would return in a few weeks.

Since we lived in an Oregon city I wanted real badly to see life on a farm in Northern California so I asked Chachi to work it out that we could stay at his Uncle Brent's and Aunt Mary's farm for a month that summer. Since he was 18 his parents did not require him to go and the second I mentioned it he blurted out.

"No fucking way will I stay with that bastard Uncle Brent again", Chachi said angrily.

The next 2 times I mentioned the farm I got the same dismissive answer followed by anger toward Uncle Brent.

One day, after a good fucking from Chachi, he was layingon his belly naked watching the tv while I ran my hand all over his hot young buttocks.

"What's wrong with visiting your Uncle Brent, afraid he might spank you?", I asked jokingly as I patted Chachi's buns.

The reaction was instantaneous.

I could feel Chachi's buttocks clench, which made for 2 marvelous dimples, and then unclench as he looked straight ahead with his eyes open wide and his face white as a sheet before turning red and then looking up at me over his shoulder.

"What, no way in hell", Chachi said with a forced deep voice as he turned red again.

"Guess, what, Uncle Brent is going to Europe for a month so we can go to the farm", Chachi said with a big smile one day. I was thrilled.

Chachi's Aunt Mary, his mom's sister, had invited us with the intention that Chachi would help around the farm since the man of the house, Uncle Brent, was away. Chachi was lazy by nature and I knew that he would try like hell to get out of chores and his poor Aunt Mary could not do a damn thing about it.

We drove down in Chachi's beat up convertable and even pulled over a few times for a little back seat sex. You ain't felt nothing till you have felt a hot naked Chachi on top of you, pounding his hot cock in and out of you while your run your hands all over his smooth tight young buttocks in the cool night air, and I say that to men and women.

"I have a surprise for you kids", Aunt Mary, a sweet woman, said as she and Chachi's 2 teenaged cousin's Millie and Minnie uscorted us into the house.

"Hello there, haven't seen you in a while, boy", a booming big voice announced.

It was Uncle Brent, a strapping stern looking man in his late 40's. His trip had been cancelled.

The second he saw his uncle Chachi's reaction was as instantaneous as the time i had made the 'spanking' comment.

Chachi's face turned white and his eyee popped open and, as an additive, a fart snapped out of his butthole and through his tight buttcrack, which was really a delightfull boyish double snap.

As usual I was cupping Chachi's bottom and I felt it clench and unclench.

For the first few days we were allowed to hang out on the farm and visit the nearby town. Chachi seemed to be walking on egg shells around Uncle Brent and it was funny to see him, a big cocked hot fucking young man, act like a scared little boy around his manly uncle.

After about 4 days of just hanging around, we were made to stay in seperate bedrooms though we did a lot of hot fucking in the woods, we came home one night to have Uncle Brent, sitting in the living room with his wife and daughters, lower the boom on Chachi.

"Ok son, the party's over, tomorrow be up bright and early to milk the cows", Uncle Brent said from behind his newspaper.

Chachi looked shocked and embarresed and he said nothing as he looked at me with a blushing little boy face.

"Did you hear me youngman?", Uncle Brent said but this time he looked up sternly over his newspaper.

"Alright, alright!!", Chachi yelled and he ran down the stairs to the basement room he was staying in, the former room of his 21 year old Cousin Brent Jr. who was away in the navy.

The next morning I was sitting in the kitchen having breakfast with Mary, Millie and Minnie when we heard an argument in the basement. It was obviously an argument between a man and boy.

"Didn't I tell you to have your butt out there milking the cows,, young fellow", the manly voice of Uncle Brent.

"Ok, ok", the high pitched voice of a boy.

"Get the fuck out there boy!!", was the next manly statement and then something that we could not make out from the boy and then We heard feet stomping up the basement steps.

The door opened and into the kitchen walked Chachi, his hair sticking up and boyish stubble on his face, looking like a million bucks.

Chachi had on one of his dad's old size extra large dress shirts and nothing else.

The shirt covered a morning hard-on that was losing steam up front and his firm buttocks in back. As he walked into the kitchen Chachi's buns stuck out like 2 boulders.

Chachi was trembling and as he poured a cup of coffee the pot was shaking in his hand.

Chachi was fucking nervous and who could blame him.

Uncle Brent came up from the basement and stormed over to Chachi, who was cowering. I never saw Chachi so under control and worried.

"So you haven't change a bit have you boy, you still need a firm hand to get you to get off your lazy young ass and do some work", Uncle Brent, who towered over my seet cocksman, daid as he stood behind Chachi who was red faced as he picked up his cup of coffee which was shaking in his hand.

"Looks like you still need the old fashioned treatment kid, let's go", Uncle Brent said and he took the coffee cup out of Chachi'e hand and literally lifted him up by the waist and started to carry him over to where us girls were sitting.

Chachi looked like he wanted to die, he whicpered, 'no, no, come on', in that sweet little boy as Uncle Brent caried him along like a litlte boy, which to Uncle Brent he was and a naughty little boy at that.

"Let me have this space, ladies", Uncle Brent said and we all got up at which point he moved the table over, got down on one knee and as shocking as it was, he pulled Chachi down over his raised kmee and put his other leg over Chachi's legs, pinning my sweet baby in place.

I looked down and I was stupified to see Chachi across the manly knee. He looked over his shoulder and caught my eye. He had a 'deer in the headlights' look, or in his case, a 'dear in the headlights' look on his cute face before he blushed deeply and turned his head.

"No please, not here, no, please", Chachi begged in a whisper which told me that he had been in this position before since he was not demanding to be let up like any teen boy would do if over the knee for the first time. Instead Chachi was tying to negotiate a change in venue for the spankng we all knew he had coming.

"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!", Chachi moaned as Uncle Brent held him firmly and lifted his shirt up over his buttocks, the sweet moons making all of us girl swoon when they came into view.

As I looked at Chachi's firm young buttocks over his suncle's knee and again caught his eye and saw the mortified look in his eyes I had the feeling that Chachi was where he belonged. A hot bratty boy needs to spend time bare assed across a man's knee and too many of them never have that luxury.

"Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo", Chachi moaned as he looked up to see Uncle Brent's hand coming down.

Spank Spank "Oww, not in front, ouch, them, come on, nooooooooooooooooooooooooo."

Chachi started to yelp out loud as Uncle Brent took the manly liberty of spanking the sweet butt cakes that I had only patted lovingly, and did those cheeks ever look spankable now, like they were made to be spanked long and hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap Whap Whack

"Owwwwwww, owwwwwww." Chachi was beyond begging to be spanked somewhere else now. He was just screaming out in pain as his stern uncle tanned his sexy young ass with heavy handed flesh scorching spanks that first turned his ass pink, as pink as his tight little baby bottom hole which was peeking out from between his cheekies, and then gradually turning Chachi's entire round muscular fanny a deep crimson, which matched his face.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh god, owwwwwwwwwwwwwww."

I looked at Aunt Mary and the girls' faces and it was obvious that they were enjoying themselves and I felt relieved since I was thoroughly enjoying my self, that's for sure. To me Chachi exibited that intense combo of manly horse cocked stud who fucked like a champ but who was boyishly naughty enough to get his tight young buttocks spanked across his uncle's knee. In fact I could see Chachi's fat knobby headed cock, a cock that I had known so well, laying smashed across Uncle Brent's leg as he received a good sound spanking, a spanking that I was enjoying immensely.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, sob, sob, ok Uncle Brent, I'll do what you say, sob, sob."

For the first time ever I saw my Chachi crying, his tears streaming down his face onto the floor as his hot young hiney continued to be heated up by Uncle Brent's big hot hand. Chachi's buttocks were an angry red and I must admit that they looked quite cute in that color.

"ok, now put some britchs on and get out there, boy", Uncle Brent told a dazed and crying Chachi as he let him up and sent him on his was with a slap to the can which he delivered after lifting the long shirt out of the way to again give himself access to the bare boyish bottom.

Smack "Oww, sob, ok, sob, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." Chachi ran down the steps rubbing his buns and about 15 minuted later I went out to see my Chachi sittng on a stool, his hot young hiney hanging over the edge, milking a cow. He was red faced and too mortified to look at me.

"It's ok honey, it's just a spanking, just get the most out of it", I said as I ran my hand over his soft head of hair.

That evening I snuck down to Chachi's room to see him naked on his belly on his bed. He did not look up or say anything as I rubbed cream all over his georgous crimson buttocks. After a while he loosened up.

"Guees I got my ass tanned", Chachi said as he looked over his shoulder with an embarresed look.

"Yeah, you sure did, so try to be a good boy from now on, ok?", I said as I contued to lightly rub the cream all over the tight 'manly' muscles which were spanked 'boyishly' red.

"I'll try, I'll try", Chachi said.

Everything was pretty quiet for the next 2 weeks but then one day I heard a loud man/boy argument before Uncle Brent came into the house and gave me, Aunt Mary and Millie and Minnie an offer we could not confuse.

"Ladies, if you want to see a young man get a good sound whipping, go out to the woodshed now", Uncle Brent said and we all headed out and into the wood shed where an unusual horse like contraption with 2 straps on it was housed.

I started to get wet between the legs since I knew it was Chachi's sexy rump that was gonna be whipped and though I knew that it was going to be painful for my sweetheart, I felt secure in 2 ways.

1. I knew that Uncle Brett was not going to abuse Chachi but he was going to give him the whoppin' that his dad never had the balls to give him


2. I knew that my Chachi had most probably earned a good sound whipping.

My hot thoughty of seeing my Chachi get leather applied to his rounded rump were interrupted when we looked out the shed door to see Uncle Brent leading an exqusitely naked fear filled Chachi along, his sweaty muscles glistening in the morning sun and his fat long cock swinging as he was forced along.

It was obvious that Chachi was as mortified as he was scared. However, as I watched him being led along like the bad boy that he was, he looked more masculine then ever to me. A georgous big dicked sassy boy being dragged forcefully by a man to get a good rump roasting is a damn hot young man who obviously needs his ass whipped because he over flows with cocky masculine energy that needs to be reined in by the strap applied to his firm young buttocks. The boy will be whipped till the tender flesh of his firm young buttocks are scorchingly sore but nothing could ever change the fact that he is a hot young number with a big fat young cock that even women the same age as the man who is spanking him wanted between their legs, his firm young buttocks the muscles that slammed his hot rod into the pussy of a women or the pink bunghole of one of his butt buddies, those muscular buns now about to be soundly tanned.

"Ok, up you go!", Uncle Brent said and he lifted Chachi up across the horse and strapped his arms into the front of the horse.

Chachi was facing us and he had the most scared pathertic look on his face, which made my heart flutter.

Chachi's firm young buttocks stuck up with the cheeks parted and the hair in the crack visible.

"Damn good whipping is what you need, little man", Uncle Brent said as he lifted the bg strap up and brought it down across Chachi's rump moons.

Snap "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa." Chachi screamed out in a hig pitched voice, his eyes rolled back in their sockets, and his head and legs came up from the intense sting of the strap acoss his sweet fanny moons.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, owww."

The strap exploded across Chachi's ass and he continued to scream out.

Again we had that sweet man/little boy combo at work. While to me Chachi's firm masculine young butt was the hammer that drove his fat nail like cock into my pussy and into hot blond Billy's juicy bung hole, to a stern man like Uncle Brent Chachi's buttocks were firm and round because they were made to be soundly spanked when Chachi got out of line.

Whap Whap Whap Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwww, sob, sob, oww." It took Uncle Brent and his trusty butt burning strap no time to bring Chachi to tears. Chachi was kicking his legs wildly and he was much too absorbed in the punishing pain to his tushie to pay attention to me or to Aunt Mary and his cousins as we watched him get his ass soundly whipped.

Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, oww, sob, sob, please stop, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob."

Chachi the hot stud was reduced to a weeping little boy, his ass was raw red and his entire body was dripping with sweat, including his buttcrack hair which was soaking wet.

When Uncle Brent let him up Chachi bent over completly rubbing his hind quarters, tears streaming down his face tiil Uncle Brent dropped the strap and surprisingly put his arm tenderly around Chachi's smooth shoulder and led him back to the house, a classic example of forcefull manliness tenderly leading a young man along, a young man who he had just spanked within an inch of the young man's life, a spanking that was much needed and the boy knew it as much as the man did.

We walked toward the door, which was toward the rear of the spanking horse, and I looked at sexy Chachi being led along firmly yet tenderly by the man wo had just whipped his tushie.

As my eyes looked at Chachi's firm young body slicked with sweat and raw red rump, which he rubbed like a well spanked little boy, a cloud of Chachi's sweat mixed with his farts blew in front of me, odors that I was used to but never this intense and I felt myself getting wet between my legs.

Chachi was hotter then ever to me and I don't mean just because his hiney was red hot.

I couldn't wait to give him a damn good blow job, with my tongue running over the piss slit of the satin like head of his massive boner.

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