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Butt whippings return to Branchburg Reformatory
Part #03 – Basil the Humpy Young Construction Worker

by Bunbuster

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If you were looking for a Greek god and you found Basil, he would certainly suffice.

The 6 foot 3 inch 27 year old had a square jawed handsome face which he always wore in a frown, on purpose that is. The frown was to go with Basil's tough image but there was another underlying reason, to try and make up for, unsuccesfully, his creamy white baby complexion and pink sexy sweet bow lips.

Basil pumped iron and his body was rippling with muscle, in fact when he flexed the muscles in his stomach alone clits would moisten and dicks would harden, especially when Bssil was strutting his stuff on a construction site, shirtless and sweat dripping down his georgous frame and then dripping into his jeans which were loose at the waist, and when Basil smiled, which he did every now and then, it went straight to a girl's heart, or if a man was watching, straight to his balls.

Basil did not wear his pants too tight because he did not want to cause accidents. His ass was a work of art, naturally muscled and toned but with the constant working out the massive cheeks now resembled 2 basket balls glued together. Basil was a humpy hunk with 2 humpy buttocks that remembled a work of art, hot young manly art,

Basil's dick, as smooth and dewy as his face, resembled a big sausage, a sweet sausage that is, with a huge wad of bubblegum at the tip.

Basil posed for nudie magazines and he loved the pose where he would lay back with his legs up with the camera catching his bow lipped frown along with his massive balls and georgous and his creamy white buttcrack closed tight, making anyone seeing it wonder what his bung hole looked like. Many men looked at Basil's photos and wondered what his asshole looked like and jerk off with the thoughts of fucking him up the blowhole. It would amaze Basil at how many men wanted to fuck him as opposed to being fucked by him, to make hot love to his muscular frame culminating in a hot juicy fuck up the mysterious tender orifice that lay hidden between those creamy white boulder like buttocks, affectionately dubbed by readers, 'that mysterious bunghole'. In that area Basil was a big tease.

It would be silly to say that Basil was undisciplined since that would possibly mean that most other boys his age were. Basil was raised with the usual time outs and banishments to his room which was equipped with color tv as Nintendo games and suffice to say his humpy buns had never felt the wrath of a strap wielding or hairbrush swinging man, a man who was willing to tear Basil's hot young ass apart, and countelss times in his undisciplined existence Basil had needed his muscular buttocks tanned, like most young guys like him do.

Branchburg Reformatory to the rescue!!!

A big change was coming over Basil's cocky, an obvious change.

A second ago he was raking leaves in the yard of Branchburg Reformatory, shirtless and sweaty with no drawyers on under his jeans, his long fat hooded cock hanging down his legs and his massive buttocks highly visibly under the denim fabric, looking like a huge rounded walnut cracker,as a group of horny girls watched him.

Now, for the first time ever, in front of the admiring chicks, Basil found himself being manhandled as 2 super big middle aged guards in their late 40's, men who had the looks not only of tough prison security men, but looks of stern dads who wanted very badly to assist a young hunk in getting some much needed discipline.

Basil stayed silent but blushed deeply as he was forcefully led away with the men gripping his massive arms as the girls watched with smiles, like they knew what was about to happen.

As he was led away, looking and feeling childish, like a little boy being forced along by his dad and his stepdad, Bssil noticed the girls running around the gate, obviously to view what was about to take place. They even told other people as they ran and eventually a small crowd was running along to witness what was about to happen. Basil did not know what fate awaited him, though he had some inkling but went into complete denial over it, but he knew that his hunk status made whatever it was something to see.

The inmates had made a pact not to tell a new guy what took place as far as discipline in the place, so if a guy did not hear about the reputation of the place, which Basil didn't, they would get to view his shock and surprise at what his punishment would be.

Basil had been a bad boy. Aside from the major fracas which got him 6 months in Branchburg, he decked a mess hall worker. He had expected to be put in solitary or something like that but he was very pleased when that didn't happen. He thought that this place was as permissive as his home was growing up, thus the shocked look on his face as he was forced along, for the first time ever, by 2 strong daddy types, the kind of public force that knocked the wind out of a cocky boy's ego pretty fast.

There was a lot more then being forced along in store for humpy Basil and in a few minutes it would be more then his ego which would have the wind knocked out of it.

Basil frowned in desperation as he tried unsuccesfully to break free of the strong daddy arms and he was mortified as the people outside the gate smiled in relish of his helplessness.

The seat of Basil's jeans wedged up his super tight buttcrack which was a perfect thing to happen for those who would be there when Basil reached his destination.


Basil was shocked to find the other inmates gathered in a crowd and cheering and clapping as he was led along.

The lights went out for a second for Basil when he saw what awaited him when he was forced in front of the crowd. Then when the lights came back on Bssil reacted so strongly that the inmates, along with the crowd outside, which consisted mostly of girls, started to cheer and laugh.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, ha, ha, ha, whoooooooooopieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

The inmates and the crowd outside could not help reacting as the formerly cocky and strong young man trembled and yelled, 'noooooooo', as a barrage of farts exploded from between his humpy sweet cheeks, which were so tight that each poot was a double explosion. All from a humpy young man who was always in complete control in public.

What did this formerly cocky and in control humpy hunk see that made his yell, shake and fart?

Well, Basil was now viewing what was in essence a naughty boy's nightmare.

A tall whipping post stood to the side and about 8 feet away from it stood the grizzly middleaged warden, a big smile on his facer, holding a thick leather strap in his hand, that was wnen he was not slapping it on his palm, which made every young male buttock in the area wiggle.

"Allright, set the punk up", the strap wielding warden ordered and the guards forced Basil over to the post and attached his wrists to the over head restraints.

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Another cheer from the crowd as Basil's back wrippled with muscle in the whipping post, sweat dripping down the tender smooth skin. This was the back of a youngman, tight and pumped but smooth and baby tender, nice and tender for 'daddy's' strap.Though the 2 guards were forcefull they were also somewhat tender, patting Basil affectionately on the back, butt or waist, like they did to their own boys when they tanned them. Once a dad always a dad I guess.

Now the biggie, what the people were hot for.

"Pull his britchs down", the warden barked and a deafening cheer came over the crowd when Basil's jeans were lowered and taken off and the 2 huge round muscles came into view, round, tight, silky smooth and seemingly begging, 'please spank me with the strap, I need it badly'.

Those humpy half moons did not have to wait long. As Basil looked back, his face in complete shock and tears already running down his handsome mug, it did not take much for the tender little boy to come out, just a much needed mandhandling, the warden drew the strap back taking carefull aim at the massive young haunches.

The crowd watched, their eyes fixated on the beautiful boy buttocks and a young female photographer, who made Basil fart whe he spotted her, came over to get some hot pictures. She was from a magazine that was doing a story on the susccessful use of corporal punishment at Branchburg and her clit was wet as she eyed the big fat knobby headed tool hanging down one end and the massive round spanky cushions at the other. She got some good shots of both and of Basil's worried tear stained face which would be put next to one of Basil's cocky faced pictures sold to the magazine by one of Basil's former girlfriends, to show the effects that corporal punishment has on a cocky bad boy of a stud muffin, first his cocky smile in his regular picture, then his face as he is tied to the whipping post waiting for a tanning, various shots of humpy Basil's face during his whopping and after, even some pics of him days after the whipping, the look of being under control on his face, a cocky humpy bad boy who was spanked into shape.

"No, please, noooooooooo", Basil begged as he saw the strap come down.

Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." The strap tore down on the firm massive half moons and Basil screamed out from the searing pain to his rock hard but baby tender half moons, the crowd cheered and the photog got a blistering shot of the strap as it impacted, but it no way flatttened, the georgous ass and Basil, with his head up and mouth opened as he screamed in reaction to the first ever daddy whack to his naughty young buttocks.

Whack Whack Whack Whack "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, oh my god!!"

As the crowd cheered as the warden snapped that leather monster down hard on the big muscular boy balloons and the photog snapped some hot pictures indeed, photos of Basil's rapidly welting buns and even some pics taken from underneath, to show that though the strap was making the young man scream out from the stinging pain, it never once flattened the big muscular buttocks, so the buttocks never spread to reveal the bung hole that was between the twin balloons, the bung hole that was known in nude magazine circles, where Basil posed but never revealed his pooter, as 'the myaterious bung hole'.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob."

The camera snapped away as Basil started to jump up and down when the strap, after thorougly tanning his buns and thighs, started to whop his firm tight back sending waves of disciplinary fire through his body, fire that made him weep and scream out, like a boy should when getting a good sound tanning.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, sob."

The camera started to focus on Basil's face, getting many shots of Basil looking up with his mouth open from the pain, then shots of him looking furtively at the camera and his face faced forward with pain edged on the smooth skin, then several shots of Basil looking straight at the camera, tears flowing down his handsome red face, his big eyes open wide in shock, looking as though he was appealing to the camera to save him, or to save his humpy ass and sinewy back from any more much needed punishment. The shots were classic shots of a handsome young man finally, after years of naughty behavior, reduced to a weeeping little boy getting his butt busted.

Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob." Among the many hardons in the audience 3 stood out, big African American 48 year old reformatory worker hotty Brent with a 9 inch cock who wanted to fuck Basil up the ass, wanting to be the first man to contact 'the mysterious bunghole', blond blue eyed 21 year old inmate Reggie who wanted so bad to suck Basil's hot torpedo like organ, to run his tongue over the moist piss slit and 30 year old Puerto Rican inmate Juan who wanted to feel Basil's pink bow lips around his own fat meaty dick.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Sob, sob, sob, owww. sob, sob."

His whipping complete, his hot muscular body covered in red daddy welts, his ass now like 2 basket balls with red strips painted on them, Basil was led away, practically hanging it the guards' strong daddy arms,as the crowd cheered and the photog followed, first getting shots of his whipped back and butt then of his weeping face as he was led along with his meaty cock swinging.

For the next 2 days the photog snapped pictures of Basil, closups of his face, the face of a young man who was disciplined within an inch of his life and long shots of Basil working dutifully, doing each and every task that he was told to do without a word of protest.

About a month later Basil was laying back on his bed naked and reading a girlie magazine as he stroked his meat when 3 men, who had somehow gotten the key to his room, came in and stripped naked.

Basil looked at the 3 hungry hardons and he was especially impressed with Brent's thick 9 incher, unaware that this cock would soon be entering rneteing his tight puckered pooter sending waves of pleasure up and down his pink anal walls.

Knowing that a gangbang was going to take place, out of fear and desire Basil did not reaist when the 3 men got on the bed, Juan kneeling over his face, his fat cock aiming at his pink bow lip, Brent lifting his legs up as little Reggie started to lick his cock tip, getting him in a very horny mood.

"Damn his ass crack is tight, hey Reggie, help me pry apart these buns", Brent requested as he put Basil's legs on his shoulders.

"Damn what a little tight pink butthole, unbelievable!", Brent said as he and Reggie pulled the muscular cheeks apart to find that 'the mysterious bunghole' was super small, super tight, layered in puckers and delicately pink and tender looking, a muscular humpy big cocked young man with a tender delicately pink ass pussy hidden between his massive ass melons, what a treat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Basil moaned in pleasure as Brent, now holding his legs up with his massive arm, got down and started to lick his bung hole as Reggie's tougue licked his piss slit, sending waves of pleasure through his pisser as will as his pooter.

Well, it was time for another first for Bssil, after his first every ass whipping. It was time to discover the joys of man sex.

After hungrily eating out Basil's tender pink rossette, Brent put Basil's muscular legs back over his shouders, put the massive head of his cock in Basil's ass crack, which was still held apart by him and Reggie, told Reggie to let go and he let go himself and the meaty cheeks closed like a tender skinned vise on his cick tip, another attribute of a hot young man, a super tight ass crack made up of smooth pink baby skin, a succulent combo indeed.

"Damn, I could get off from just cheek fucking this dude", Brent said as he felt the tight pink crack walls tighten on his dick but of course he pressed on into tight butt hole heaven, corking his dick into the tight shit chute at which point Reggie really started blowing Basil's massive purple headed dick and Basil, so lost in pleasure, opened his pretty pink mouth to Juan's fat dick, sucking on the slick fat latin organ as pretty pink boy lips sucked his smooth skinned cock while Brent's big tootsie roll like organ entered his poop chute fully, which took some work, and plowed his can hole, sending waves of hot electrical pleasure up the walls of his anal cavity, making him suck Juan's dick heartily, the first time he had ever given a bj by the way, as he held on to Reggie's head, feeling the soft blond hair as the kid gave him his first ever blowjob from a man and of course, the hot plowing of his shit chute was a real treat since no man had ever even seen his ass hole, exept fot the old doctor who had insisted , for some reason,on taking his anal temperature for his checkup when he entered the reformatory.

It's said that men, since they have dicks, give the best blowjobs and Basil was finding that to be true and he hungrily sucked Juan's cock as pretty Reggie smoked his fat cigar as Brent, so lost in pleasure that he licked Juan's asshole while he fucked Basil's hot pink shitter. Brent was getting one of the best fucks of his life. Basil's fart hole was tight and fuckable the same way that his buttocks were tight and spankable.

Four explosions took place simultaneously, Basil exploded in Reggie's mouth while the young man, who was giving himself a hand job assisted by Brent who was fingering his pink young fart hole while he fucked Basil's hot pink pooter, dropped a cream puddle on Basil's flat tummy. Juan was doing pretty good too as he dropped a load in Basil's mouth while Brent tongued his lot latin pooter and at the same time Brent dropped a huge cream bomb up Basil's formerly virgin pooter.

When the men were done trembling in orgasm, sperm was dripping down Reggie's and Basil's smiling faces, Juan's ass hole was wet from Brent's tongue and his cock was wet with sperm and Basil's tongue juices, Reggie's tight little ass hole was loosened from Brent's probing finger, Brent's lips were wet from Juan's butt juices and his dick, which he reluctantly pulled out of Basil's bung hole, was soaked with sperm and hot young butt juice while Basil's tight young bunger snapped shut and then spasmed so that it was pooting out sperm bullets, which all 3 men found amusing.

After he was whipped Basil, though he never let on that he was whipped, wrote to his family and his girlfriend that the reformatory was horible.

Now after his man sex he wrote to them, not mentioning the orgy of course, that the place was not bad at all.

A month before his release Basil was getting cocky again and Brent, who adored the young man's ass, decided to step in to abort the whipping that the hot young stud would get if he contined to be a brat.

"Hey kid,if you keep up the attitude you are heading for the whipping post", Brent scolded Basil as he sat on his bed in a skimpy pair of black silk briefs, his cock and balls bulging out of the front and his almost bare meaty ass pressed on the bed.

"What the, hey!!!!!!", Brent yelled as in front of his 2 new young roommates h was pulled to his feet as Brent sat down and he found himself ass up across Brent's lap.

"You need some discipline, a good spanking will help, boy", Brent said as he stuffed the skimpy ass of the briefs in Brent's tight crack, getting a hardon of course when he thought of how good it felt fucking the young stud's bung hole, and in front of the 2 shocked younguns, he started to smack those massive buttcheeks till Basil, mortified but feeling a strange closensss being ass up across the lap of the man who noodled his pink doodle, yelped like any naughty bad boy does as he received his first ever spankng across an older man's knee, appalled at the fact that he was getting a naughty boy whopping but somehow thankful that the man who had fucked his ass hole so nicely was spankng him to save him from the horrendous whipping post.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob."

The 2 boys watched in amazement, their own young buttocks twitching, as Brent spanked Basil to tears as he masterfully worked those massive butt loaves over, delivering a hot standard spanking, the kind that all naughty boys need badly.

Basil, thanks to Brent's big right hand being applied to his meaty butt balloons, avoided the whipping post.

When he wad released Basil was changed nature, kinder and nicer to peoples in general and he started to search for a horny man to fuck him up the ass and of course the search did not take long.

Another big change in Basil since his release from Branchburg was that when posing for nudie magazines and laying back for his favorite 'buttcrack pose', he reached down and pulled his hot young buttocks apart, giving the magazine world a hot glimpse of his asshole. The nudie mags sold so well that there was a huge demand for more pics of that fabulous fart hole. The men and women who purchased these magazines were both shocked and delighted that though just about everything about young Basil was big, big, big, his farter, that 'mysterious bung hole', was pink, tiny and delicately tender, a real 'baby bottom hole', which Basil's cute little pooter was now affectionately known in the nudie magazine world.

The magazine that showed the pictorial of Basil getting his naughty muscular can whipped did not do too shabby either but became a real collector's item to those who supported corporal punishment for humpy young scamps like Basil and for those who loved humpy young guys being cut down to size with a good sound tanning and we know that there are a whole lot of us, I mean them around.

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