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I Need A Spanking On My Bare Bottom
Face In The Mirror

by PJ Franklin

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My heart pounded hard and I looked down. My dick was hard as nails, and leaky too. It was working! I looked up and saw my naked 15 year old body in the bathroom mirror. I saw my face and said it again, louder this time!

“Please Dad, I need a good old fashioned spanking on MY bare bottom!” emphasizing the “MY.” A hard tingly wave of excitement rushed all over my body. I stood up even straighter now, ramrod straight, hands at my sides and continued my little vocal drama,

“Yes son. And now that you're 15, are you too old for a sound hairbrush blistering on your bare bottom?”

“No Dad! I'll never be too old. Please sir, may I please lay across your knees and get MY bare bottom blistered hard!?”

“Yes Sean, now go to your room and wait. Dad will be along in just a few minutes. Take that brush with you son and be ready for your spanking when I get there.”

“Yes Dad! Thank you Dad!”

And I completed phase one. I rushed from the bathroom with the hairbrush and a towel in hand. Privacy was rare in my home with three sisters, two older and one younger besides Mom and Dad. I had to hurry.

I got to my bedroom, closed the door and rushed to my bed. I got my bed pillow, doubled it around and put it in the middle of the bed, then lay the bath towel carefully over it lengthwise. Then holding the brush in my right hand, I lay myself over the pillow, tummy down and bare bottom high up, using my knees to help push it up. I kept my knees tightly together, took aim with the brush over my upraised right butt cheek, and continued,

“OK son, tell me what it is you need.”

“Please Dad, I need a hard spanking on my bare bottom!”

Then I popped myself hard with the brush! I winced and did it again over the same spot then twice on the other side, switching the brush to my left hand. It hurt!

“It hurts Daddy!” I said.

“Take your medicine Sean!”

“Yes Daddy!”

And then I really went after it. Ten hard pops on each side, the last three accompanied by a loud “Ouch!” coming quite involuntarily from my voice each time. My dick was slightly softer now, but I was not quite finished.

“Please Dad, no more!”

“Sorry son, but you've been a bad boy. What do bad boys get at our house?”

“Bad boys get hard spankings on their bare bottoms!”

“That's right Sean, five more pops on each side.”

“Yes Daddy! May I please have five hard pops on my bare bottom cheeks?”

“Yes son.”

Then I went after it again, making me grit my teeth with each self-administered swat. I put the brush aside, flattened out the pillow, then flipped myself over on to my back. I looked at my dick. It was hard as nails again. I continued my little private drama,

“Please Dad, may I masturbate now?”

“Yes you may Sean. Masturbation is only for good boys who take their spankings well. I'm proud of you son.”

“Thank you Dad! Can you watch me please?”

“Yes son. Now make your Dad proud, let's see a good masturbation.”

“Sure thing Dad!”

And that's when I allowed myself to grasp my hard cock and get after it. I got my rocks off twice imagining that my Dad was watching me, arms folded, smiling down on me with approval at his son's prowess. I spattered my spunk clear up to my chin, twice! But then I heard the kitchen door close. Somebody was home! You never saw anyone move so fast in your life. I was cleaned up in two seconds, the towel stuffed under my bed wrapped around the hairbrush and I put the pillow back at the top of the bed where it belonged. I had on loose sweats five seconds after that. Whew!

It turned out just to be my older sister Jenna. All that fuss over her and not Mom or Dad. Whatever.

I went into the den and started a long round of video games, completely forgetting about the wrapped up hairbrush. The next day on my way home from school, I finally did remember the hairbrush! Oh crap! I ran home the rest of the way. Thankfully there was nobody home and I dashed to my bedroom. But when I looked under my bed, the towel and brush were gone! Nooo!

I looked. The brush was not in the bathroom, but the towel was in the hamper. Mom probably found both under my bed. She occasionally looked under there for dirty clothes I got careless with. The rest of the afternoon I was really worried. Would somebody ask me why I had that hairbrush wrapped up in a towel?

Mom and Dad got home. They seemed quite normal and cheery and nobody said a thing, that is until after supper.

“Sean, could I speak with you in the den son?”

“Um, sure Dad, what about?” I asked, getting very nervous.

“Oh, no problem, just want to have a little chat, that is unless you're busy with schoolwork?”

“Oh, no Dad,” I said, feeling that it could not possibly be about the hairbrush.

When we got to the den, he opened the small drawer that formed a part of one of the lamp stands and there was the brush. He got it out. My heart flew into my throat, competing for space with my stomach. I looked at the opening from the hallway. The den had no door on it.

“Oh, don't worry about Mom and your sisters. She made sure we're alone.”

I looked down feeling so much shame. So, Dad and Mom both knew about the hairbrush. What kind of conclusion could they have come to, other than their son was a total pervert? We stood together and he sat the brush down on the small table and lifted my chin. I think I felt my eyes starting to water up with tears, I was so afraid.

“Sean, you've nothing to be ashamed about.”

I looked at him. Did he really understand what I had done with the hairbrush?

“I ....... I just don't want you to think ......” And I broke down.

Dad hugged me and I tried not to cry which made me cry more. But I got it out and over with. Then Dad took me over to the big leather couch and sat, patting the seat next to his. I sat next to him and his arm came across my shoulders.

“Look Sean. I don't pretend to know about what it's like growing up now-a-days. In my day, we boys sometimes used our own bodies to manage stress. I imagine you do too. You've always been a great kid. You've never given me a moment's notice of worry or trouble. Sometimes I wish you would, because nobody should have to be perfect, but it wouldn't matter if you did. I love you and we would deal with it in whatever way that would be in your best interest. I just wanted you to know that and that I love you.”

I could read between the lines. He knew I beat myself off and it was OK with him. I guess I was kind of a goody-goody and now I knew that he was proud of me no matter what.

“I love you too. Thanks Dad.”

He got up, then stopped and gave me the brush,

“Sean, would you put it back in the bathroom please?”

“Yes Dad,” I said and then he went to walk out and then stopped and turned,

“Sean, if you needed something from me, something really important, you would ask me wouldn't you?”

That required no brains at all, “Sure I would Dad.”


“Yea Dad, promise.”

He smiled and walked out. I wasn't sure what that last part was about until about two days later. I was in the mood again to get out the hairbrush and do my thing in the bathroom mirror again. My sisters and parents were all gone for a good hour yet. I got naked and got into the bathroom and got the brush ready.

I sighed and looked at myself, my face, in the mirror. There stood a good looking young man of 15, naked. I looked. I mean I really looked this time. Then I tried to say the words, the words that had so turned me on before, but they wouldn't come to me! It was like something was different and had changed! I could almost taste the disappointment! What was wrong? Was I sick? No, I wasn't.

I looked down and then looked up again and all I could “see” was my Dad. I had mouthed some of my words that really belonged to Dad. I could no longer pretend after that talk he had with me. I looked down at him, my dick that is. He wanted to get excited, but he couldn't!

And that's when it hit me.


“Sean?” Dad said standing at the doorway to the den.

I looked around from my video game, “Yes Dad?”

He was holding the pink paper slip, frowning, and walked in, “This is a disciplinary referral from school Sean.”

I gulped, chewed on my lower lip, turned off the video console and stood up to face him,

“Yes Dad. I got in trouble at school today. I talked back to Mr. Jackson in math class. It was my first, so they just had to have you sign it so I can take it back. Next time I'll get detention.”

I waited, my chest pounding with anticipation, hoping that my Dad was as wise and clever as I thought he was. He stood there thoughtfully for a few moments, then sighed and put the pink slip in his shirt pocket,

“Well, this is a first, isn't it Sean? .... Um ... Do you think you need to be punished for this?”

It had worked! I had really risked mouthing off to Mr. Jackson. He was an asshole of a teacher, so that made it easier, but not right.

I looked at my old man. It felt really weird that he was asking me what I thought and all, but I guess it was weird for him too, so I had to trust him. I cleared my throat and stood up straight, hands at my sides,

“Dad, I need a spanking on my bare bottom ... Um ... please?”

It was like I was looking at myself in the mirror, but through Dad's eyes. Would he understand?

Dad's face softened, “Yes, you do need a good old fashioned over the knee spanking.”

My chest tightened in that way you get when something really important or exciting is about to happen. Then I kept my trust intact and asked,

“Shall I get the hairbrush Dad?”

He nodded quickly, “Yes, meet me in your bedroom with it, in five minutes Sean.”

“Yes Dad” I said and he turned to leave, then stopped and turned back, “And Sean?”

“Yes Dad?”

“Bring a towel with you.”

I nodded in a little state of disbelief. Was I dreaming? No, I was not. I rushed to the bathroom, with official permission to get not only the hairbrush, but a towel. It was what I really wanted, but could not have expected it to really happen. I rushed to my bedroom with the towel and the hairbrush. I decided to undress down to my T-shirt, white socks and leave my underwear on. As I got ready, my dick got harder and harder and I wondered what he would think about that. Oh well, it was too late now.

Finally, he knocked on my door. My heart started to pound. I stood up, hairbrush in hand. He came in wearing a long sleeve white shirt with his usual khaki cargo pants and loafers on his feet. I didn't hide myself from him and stood there holding the brush, hands at my sides.

He scanned me up and down,

“OK son, looks like you're ready,” then he started to roll up the shirt sleeves up over his muscular forearms. He reached out for the brush and I gave it to him. We were both nervous. He went over to my bedside and said,

“Bare bottom you said,” and he looked at me.

I nodded, “Yes Dad,” and I stood there and slid down my shorts over my erection, which popped up like a waving flag.

“OK then, lay across my knees Sean,” he said confidently.

I was not so confident. Where would I put it? My dick that is. I didn't know! So I just did it. I lay across his knees and my dick got trapped between my tummy and his big thigh. It was really strange doing all this. I didn't really know what to expect and I didn't think he did either, but suddenly I heard this loud “crack” and my butt lit up! Dad was spanking me with the brush! I started to hurt, really hurt!! I started to wiggle around some, it got so painful so fast! Boy, for somebody who had never spanked a son before, he sure seemed to know what he was doing! It was burning and stinging all over and really quickly! This was nothing like what I did to myself! Ouch!!! Dang!!!

Finally I had to say something and my hands tried to help. They reached back to my burning bottom,

“Dad! OK! I get it! It's enough!” <what a dumb thing for me to say!>

He grabbed my wrists, “I will decide when it's enough Sean!”

And then he started it again, paddling me pretty hard and fast! “Ouuuuuuuu! Daddy!!!!” was all I could say now. Where was the empathy? Where did this all go wrong?! “Ouuu! Ouuu! Ouuu! OK! I'm sorry! Please Dad!” and finally he stopped. My butt was totally on fire and I was breathing like I had just run a race!

“Any more ideas about screwing around in school Sean and you'll get a lot more of the same, now let me help you stand up.”

I stood up. My dick was as soft and not even close to feeling turned on.

“And Sean, what about that promise you made to me about talking to me about important things?”

I rubbed my sore bottom and shrugged, “Guess I better do that next time, instead of trying to find unnecessary trouble?”

“That's right ...” he said and then grabbed the towel and threw it softly at me, “... like I said before Sean, boys used to use their bodies to work out stress. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about.”

“Yea Dad I do, thanks for understanding.”

He nodded, “No problem.”

Then he got up, winked at me and left the room to me, my blistered bare bottom and the towel. I sighed and looked at the towel, then looked at the bedroom door. I sighed. Then I opened my bedroom door a little and looked up and down the hallway. It was empty and the bathroom door was open. I dashed down the hall the few steps to the bathroom, closed and locked the door.

I went to the mirror above the sink and looked at my face. Then I turned myself to see my beet red bottom in the mirror and now I could smile and enjoy it. My dick got hard as nails. I didn't have to say any words out loud, but I did anyway. I rubbed my sore red cheeks with the palms of my hands and smiled at the face I saw looking back at me in the mirror,

“Thanks Dad, thank you for my sore red bottom.”

Then I grabbed up the towel in one hand and my dick in the other and got busy! Dad was right. It was fun and relaxing, especially knowing that my old man knew and even approved of it and me. But did he really think that I might ask him for a spanking once in a while, just to get my rocks off? Maybe I thought that before, but not now. Besides, a real spanking hurt way too much. I would take that job back for myself; but if I screwed up, I knew what to expect and who knows, huh? <wink>

The End

PJ Franklin

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