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Liam's First, Second and Third Spankings

by Bunbuster

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"Since I'm gonna be living with you and your wife that doesn't mean that you're gonna,ah, well you know", Liam asked me as he tried and failed to get the exact word out.

"What do you mean, Liam?", I asked the 18 year old, though I damn well knew what the boy meant. We were pulling into my driveway with Liam's meager belongings in the trunk as the kid sat next to me wearing a clean white tee-shirt and tan bermuda shorts which showed off his pretty pink thighs.

I had hired Liam to work in the mail room at my company 6 months before. Liam was 2 months shy of his 18 birthday. Having raised 3 boys of my own, now married with families of their own, I fell in love with Liam right from the start. He was such a sweet kid.

Liam had the air of a waif, like a leaf flying through the air on a cool east coast fall day. Born out of wedlock to a gum chewing teenaged girl and an very absent dad, the boy was raised, if you can call it that, by grandparents, aunts and uncles and whoever else decided to take the boy in for short stays. Though Liam had the air of a boy who lacked parental affection, shy & blushing around adults, he maintained a kind of childlike sweetness that I found endearing, like an eagar to please puppy dog.

On the day that I interviewed him Liam was dressed in a tight sleeveless Metallica tee-shirt, which showed off the dewy pink baby skin of his upper arms, and tight worn jeans, which clung to a somewhat plump fanny. He had no other clothes. Being a dad who spanked I naturally thought of the subject for a fleeting second when I saw Liam's plump fanny in the tight denim, even a glimpse of tender pink baby bottom skin through a tear in the seat but had no intention of warming Liam's tushie. However, which I was to find out, somethings come naturally, like the urge to put on one's boots during a snowstorm, the urge to spank comes over a confirmed bottom warmer when confronted with a young snotnose with a plump bottom, especially when there is no other route to take.

When I said that I would hire him it took everything in the kid to keep himself from jumping up and down with joy. The job, his first, meant that much to him.

"Ok Liam, now you're getup is mighty cute but can you dress a big more appropriate for the job&?quot;, I asked as I shook the 'bouncing baby boy's' soft hand.

"Oh no, I don't have much clothes", Liam said and he suddenly looked worried that the job was off.

I looked at the cute young bugger, his little face framed by his shoulder length thick wavy brown hair and his shiny puppy dog hazel eyes now showing a hint of sadness, and the dad part of me kicked in.

"No problem son, I'll take you to get clothes and I'll get a half of a tax write off", I said and it was endearing to see the cute smile come back over Liam's face.

"I'm heading out Mary", I said to my secretary and I put my arm around Liam's shoulder and walked out the door with him. The second my hand touched his shoulder Liam tensed up, the feel of an adult arm affectionately around his shoulder was obviously foreign to him. Noticing this I gripped his shoulder a bit tighter and he relaxed into my touch, just like a puppy dog hungry for love and affection.

"Those look good Liam, you can get them", I said to the kid for the 5th time that he tried on a new pair of chinos and I patted his rump like I did the 4 earlier times. The first fatherly pat to the fanny made Liam tense up and blush like he did the first time I put my hand on his shoulder but he eased up with each successive butt pat and by the 5th pants try on he seemed to expect the fanny pat, like a puppy hungry for affection, and of course I did not let the young bugger down. Each of the 5 pairs of chinos that I bought for Liam fit snuggly around his plump young fanny, so the urge to pat his tushie was an irresistable one to say the least. Little did I know that I would soon be more then patting those plump young buttocks. A boy who is starving for affection is usually starving for discipline and he usually, though he would be the last to admit it, exibits his need for firm loving discipline around the man who shows him the most affection, as if by some natural law the manly hand that pats a boy's fanny tenderly is also obligated to spank that young hiney when discipline is needed. Though Liam's arse was plump it was also shapely and round, sweetly but slightly out of proportion with the rest of his cute young body, which of course helped give him his 'puppy dog' look. Ever see a real puppy with it's big feet, well it was the same cute effect.

I did not expect it nor demand it but the day before he started the job Liam got a haircut. I had thought that his long locks made him look cute but in a short haircut the kid was downright handsome, a real mini-man in his shirt and tie and his Dockers which, no matter how 'manly' he may have attempted too look, hugged his very 'boyish' and plump fanny, whch every adult in the company looked at with paternal eyes whenever the 'little man' walked by.

Liam grooved in to the job pretty fast and he proved to be a good worker in every respect except for the problem which developed with his supervisor who was my wife's brother Tom, a childless and crotchety man who had no patience for 'young skunks', which is what he called boys like Liam.

"Tom, go easy on the kid, will you?", I asked Tom and he somehow saw the wisdom in my words and he started to at least tolerate the cute young bugger.

To Liam however it was all out war. If Tom gave him a direct request the kid made sure he was slow in acomplishing the task or he just 'forgot' to do it.

"That kid is pushing it, he's a good worker but he's constantly at odds with me", Tom complained one day, prompting me to take action.

"Liam I see the way you are treating Tom and it has got to stop", I said to Liam one night when he was the only one in the mailroom working overtime. He was a bit taken aback on being called on the carpet by me or maybe he was a bit pleased since by then he had kind of looked up to me as a kind of substitute dad.

"Does he really deserve any respect?", Liam, trying to be assertive and adult, said but the boyish pout that came over his cute baby face ruined the effect that he was trying to create.

I imagine anyone else in my position would have canned the little stinker on the spot but my paternal feelings for the little minx were now stronger then ever. I looked at the snotty look on Liam's sweet little face and at his plump bottom hugged by his black Dockers when he turned around to continue stamping the mail that he was stamping when I confronted him and I just blurted it out, it was the most natural thing to say at that moment.

"What do you think about bad boy's getting spanked when they misbehave Liam?", I asked the kid who still had his back and plump butt to me.

The reaction was instant. The second after the word spanking was uttered I could see a bright blush come over Liam's sweet little face, his shoulders tensed noticably and the kid farted loudly. He then tried to recover his composure.

"Er, yeah, spanking is a good deterrent for kids, sure", Liam, trying to act and speak real adult like, said. He was trying to 'agree' with me as a fellow 'adult' but of course to him he did not in any way fall under the 'kid' category but, and how can I put this any other way, 'his fart gave him away'.

"Well you're a kid Liam, when was the last time that you got spanked?', I asked Liam as I stepped up to him and put my hands on his shoulders. He still had his back to me and I could feel the firmness of his plump bottom against my crotch.

"Er, never really, never", Liam answered but I somehow knew it before he did answer.

As I gripped Liam's shoulders I realized that I was at an impasse. Liam's shoulders tensed up and then relaxed to my touch, he started to sputter and turn from white to red rapidly and I could feel his plump but firm young bottom clenching and unclenching against my crotch. There was only 1 of 2 routes that I could take at this point.

1. I could just walk away and give Liam a pat on the tookus, leaving him embaressed but warned.

2. I could follow through and spank Liam, showing him who was boss and give him the discipline that he had lacked all his life just like I had given him his first paternal affection.

I decided, for Liam's sake, to go with route 2 and I'm glad I did. The second I told him that I was going to spank him and gripped him around the waist to bring him over to a chair, Liam's face showed a deer in the headlights look, emotion filled his bright hazel eyes, the look of deep buried emotions that needed to be spanked out of the young bugger along with the tendency to be a little shotnose at times.

Liam's firm young body trembled and his eyes were open in shock as I marched him over to the chair and sat down.

Liam let out a grunt when he was forced down over my lap. He then looked over his shoulder at me with a wide eyed scared puppy dog look on his face but under that look was a tender little boy trust, like the boy knew that he was in loving hands. Liam needed a spanking and I was obviously the one to administer it.

The Dockers tightened around Liam's plump buttocks and I could see boyish panty-line, which showed that the kid was wearing one of the dozen pairs of bikini briefs that I had bought him. Before, I bet he had just a few pairs of worn tightie whities with permanant yellow stains in front and brown stains in the back.

I put my left arm under Liam's body to hold him down in a firm hug. Even though he was obviously overwhelmed in this position I could feel him melt into the hug, proving my theory that a boy who needs affection also needs discipline. Liam needed a good spanking and I was determined to give it to him.

Spank Spank Whack Whack Whack "Owwww, that hurts". Liam cried out when I started slapping his ass and he seemed to melt more into my hug, like he was relieved that his spanking started and the anticipation was gone and since he knew down deep that he needed his bottom spanked he was thankful that an affectionate man was giving it to him. He looked over his shoulder with tender little boy eyes like he was looking up to me to help him get through his punishment.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Oww, sob, sorry, oww." The floodgates opened and the boy started to weep, deep gutteral weeps that showed that he had long needed to be taken in hand by a firm loving man who would spank the tears and naughty behavior out of his cute plump tushie.

"I just want you to behave and lead a good life kid", I said as I spanked and Liam, tears running down his face, said, 'I'll behave, I promise I will', and I noticed that he seemed to be lifting his plump bottom up to receive the spanks, seemingly trying to show me that since he accepted so much affection from me that he was also willing to receive my discipline.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, oww, sob, sob, sorry, sob." It took some work to spank such a full bottom but I managed and when I put Liam on his feet he jumped up and down and rubbed the seat of his pants before melting into my manly hug.

Liam learned the 'hard way' to get along with Tom, meaning my hard hand adminstering hard spanks on the tender skin of his hard teen bottom. The spanking had worked well, almost too well if you ask me. Liam clung to me like white on rice since I was the man who had the guts enough to give him love and affection and to spank his bottom when he had needed it.

About a month later a crisis developed for the boy. The cousin that he lived with was moving and he was out in the cold soon, virtually homeless if something was not done fast.

I mulled it over with my wife and we agreed to let Liam stay with us till he got his feet on the ground. My wife thought that Liam was cute, which he was of course, and since he was about the age of my oldest grandson our hearts went out to him and we took him in. That's where this story began, me driving with Liam to my house.

Liam was obviously concerned that I would spank him again when he stayed with us. Though he knew down deep that he had gained immeasurably from the spanking I gave him he was not eagar for another trip across my knee. About a week after I had spanked him he told me, with a cute blush on his face, that he was just about able to sit down again, and he blushed again and gave me a cute smile when I answered, 'good, works every time'.

"You know, are you going the spank me again?", Liam asked as I drove into the driveway of my house. I really had no thoughts about spanking him again, I really didn't, but the way he was acting now sure was getting to me. He was pouting and seemed to he be getting an attitude.

"Sure Liam, I'll spank you if you're naughty, sure I will", I said matter of factly as I took the key out of the ignition.

"Well, I'm not staying then, take me to a shelter", Liam said with a pout which was really getting on my nerves.

"Liam, you are staying with us, now get out of the freakin' car", I ordered but he just said, 'no!", and sat there. I looked down at Liam's tender baby pink thighs and I did the most natural thing that I, the experienced dad, could think of.

Whack "Oww,oww, owwww." I gave Liam's left thigh a hard slap which made him scream out, boyish thighs are very tender, and a big red handprint appeared on the tender skin but Liam did not get out of the car.

"Ok kid, have it your way", I said as I got out of the car, went over to the passenger door, opened it and dragged Liam, with his face in shock, out of the car. My wife watched from the door of the house with a maternal look on her face. She knew from our own boys what direction Liam was headed in.

"Get in the house", I yelled and I gave the seat of Liam's bermuda shorts, which made his plump ass look like a nice sized pumpkin, a whack which got him moving up to the door and into the house.

"Oh no, please don't", Liam begged as I pulled out a chair, sat down and pulled down his shorts and bikini briefs before pulling him across my knee. I was immediately confronted with Liam's bare plump bottom, the skin soft and baby like, a very young manly pungent odor coming from his obviously sweaty butt crack. Since Liam had a plump bottom and every pair of pants he wore hugged his buns, a lot of friction was created in Liam's baby bottom crack, thus the pungent odor.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." It was something the way the tender baby skin of Liam's nauughty backside turned so red from the spanks and though his bottom was baby tender and plump and full there was a firmness to the muscles that bounced back from each visit of my hand. A bottom that was meant to be spanked.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwww, ow, sob, sob, sorry." The weeping boy kicked his legs which made his bermuda shorts fly off. My wife, who was watching the spanking, picked them up and folded them.

Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, owww." I finished spanking the boy but I kept my firm loving hug around him, letting him know that he was safe and loved, even when he needed his rear end tanned.

"Take of his shirt", my wife said as she pulled Liam's socks and bikini briefs off. I pulled Liam's tee-shirt off of him and put him naked as a pin on his feet so my wife could take him to his room. His ass was not the only thing plump about Liam. His cock was a real fatty and he had a real chubby ballsack. Liam was all Cocky, stinky assed, sweet and naughty boy

"Sob, sob", Liam wept on my wife's shoulder as she hugged him. It was obvious that the young guy was as lacking in maternal affection as he was in paternal affection.

My wife put her arm around Liam's shoulder and walked him up to his room. You ain't seen a spanked bottom till you have seen Liam's after a spanking, 2 large red shapes that resembled 2 oversized apples.

I went to get Liam's stuff from the car and when I walked into his room he was face down on the bed, his ass sticking up like 2 red mountains as my wife gently rubbed lotion into his tenderized tushie cheeks. As he laid down weeping on his pillow Liam looked at me with a pained grin that was filled with love and affection.

The next morning, a Saturday, I woke up the sweaty little stinker and told him that I had a surprise for him.

"Since you were wondering about spankings Liam, check this out", I said and I hung the thick strap and hairbrush, that I had used on my boys, on the nails that were there for that particular purpose. I had taken the implements down when my youngest had move out.

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh", Liam moaned and rubbed his tushie as he eyed the spanking implements.

For the next 2 months Liam did great with me and my wife. I never saw the kid so happy. He loved the meals and love that he had received and I was happy for the young bugger. Of course I also had to thank the person who discovered the art of spanking and maybe Liam should thank him too, though it takes years before a boy learns to appreciate his spankings. It was that initial bare bottomed spanking across my knee and my wife's loving hand applying lotion to Liam's bare buttcakes that made him really arrive in our home. The sight of the belt and hairbrush on his bedroom wall was also a positive, letting Liam know that both implements were availble to warm his buns if he got out of line.

Liam got out of line big time about 3 months after he moved in with us. I was away on business and my general manager called and said that our main computer had crashed from a virus that got in it from Liam going on those shitty porn sites. I was outraged. Not because Liam surfed 'tittie' sites but because he would use our main computer for it.


When I arrived home I went up to the boy's room to find my wife, who was a retired registered nurse, sponge bathing Liam who had the flu. Liam was naked and on his belly.I watched as she rubbed the wet rag up and down his back, then in his under arms, down to his buttocks, gently rubbing it all over those plump buttcheeks that I wanted to get my hands on so badly, then his deep bottom crack, before turning Liam on his back and tenderly washing his fat cock and plump boy balls, which seemed to be getting fatter and plumper by the minute. The kid was maturing rapidly.

"You can't whip him now, I'll let you know when you can", my wife, who agreed that Liam needed his rump tanned, said to me when I called her out of the room. Liam was not yet aware of the computer problem.

I watched my wife take a thermometer out of a jar of vaseline, gently tell Liam to raise his plump buns, which he did, pry apart his cheeks and insert the thermomter, then waitng a second before pulling it out and reading it.

My wife then helped the boy into the bathroom where she, she's a big matronly woman, laid him across the counter, inserted an enema tube into his tender young bung hole which was quite the pink and puckered one, I saw it when I had spanked his bare bottom, then pumped the bag of soapy water into Liam's asshole and after a few minutes sent him to the potty with a gentle pat to the fanny, which made me think how I was gonna wreck havoc on those fanny cheeks when it was time. As Liam sat comfortably sat on the pot to do his business I thought about how he would be squatting over the damn thing when I was done with his rump.

"Ok, you can whip him now", my wife said a few days later in front of Liam, who looked in shock when she sat 2 big pillows on top of each other and helped me position Liam ass up across them.

I told Liam why he was going to be punished and as my wife held the boy down I whipped Liam's ass, which was remarkably, almost uncannily, spankable sticking up on the pillows, buns that needed the belt real bad.

Whack Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owww, sob, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." As my wife held him firmly but lovingly I whipped Liam's young buttocks while he thrashed his big cheeks around, trying but not succeeding in getting his plump rump away from 'daddy's' strap.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap.

"Oww, sorry, sob, sob, I won't do it again, oww, sob."

I whipped Liam to tears and when done I reached down and hugged the boy and he melted into it while my wife went to get the lotion to do her mother thing to Liam's plump welted fanny.

A few months later, for a reason that I don't quite recall, Liam needed to be spanked again.

I walked into Liam's bedroom just as the cute young stinker was ready to shower. He had a towel wrapped around his young body. Liam had been with us long enough to stink up his room the way all boys tend to do, like it's a turf thing or something. Also, the floor was filled with his dirty underwear and jock straps, which along with the boyish odors delighted me and my wife since it showed that the boy was comfortable in his new home which was important to us.

I pulled the towel off of Liam's loins, which revealed his thick pubic bush, plump knobby headed cock, I think he had just jerked off since the organ seemed slicked with boy juice, and fat boyish ballsack to my eyes.

I then took the brush off of the nail on the wall, laid Liam down on his bed on his back, lifted his legs up over his head, which revealed a very thick bush of boy hair in his crack and a very cute, very button like bottom hole peeking out from the sweaty crack mane.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, oh my god", Liam, feeling hardwood for the first time and anyone who has felt a thick hairbrush across his fanny knows what he was going through, screamed out as I tanned his fanny diaper style. Though he was getting his plump ass and tender boyish thighs torn apart with the hirbrush while his asshole was winking up at me, Liam looked up at me with a look that to me showed that even when he was diapered as a baby by his mom or whoever else bothered to diaper him, they did not exibit the intense love and care that I showed while I tanned his hide diaper style.

Spank Spank Spank "Owww, sorry, oww, sob, sob." Liam's cute little pink butthole was perculating up a skink storm and his eyes were fulled with tears as I tore his bottom apart with the hefty hairbrush.I looked right into his cute little face and it made me more determined than ever to deliver a very good hard spanking to his butt and thighs, the only kind of spanking that ever benefits a young guy.

When I was done spanking him Liam rolled into the fetal position and wept while I rubbed his back tenderly.

"Ok young man, go 'shit and shower'", I said as I helped Liam to his feet. Notice that I did not tell him to 'shave' and that's because Liam did not have to shave yet. His cute chin just had the slightest wispy peach fuzz on it. Liam had more hair in his buttcrack then on his face and I guess nature did that so that the hair could absorb some of the smells that come from between boyish asscheeks. Of course when one spanks a boy all the stink that a boyish butt bush absorbs comes out big time, but I don't mind it at all and I'm sure most spankers of boyish buttocks don't mind it either. It a small price to pay in order to give a boy the proper spanking when he needs it and it shows us spankers that we are spanking a real live healthy young male bottom, stink and all.

Aa Liam wslked to the bathroom, naked as a jay bird, I walked behind him and as he tenderly rubbed his red rump. I was filled with love for the boy, happy to be able to gave him the affection and spankings that he had needed so so long.

"Be sure to wash good between your bottom cheeks sweetie, the last time I rubbed lotion on your cute sore tushie it was kind of stinky down there", my wife, who was standing in the doorway of our bedroom, said to Liam lovingly as the boy entered the bathroom.

"Yes, maam'", Liam said in a sweet little boy voice and when he turned to close the door he gave us a smile that almost bowled us over it was so loving.

The next day my wife told me that when she rubbed lotion into Liam's sore and red rump she found his bottom crack smelling rosy and clean, though she really didn't mind it when Liam presented her with a boyish stink bottom since he was 'so damn cute'. Yes, he sure was a 'cute kid'.

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