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"Bend Over, Spread Your Cheeks & Show Your Bum Hole, Boy" (Russell's Stay With Uncle Willy)

by Bunbuster

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 11 Dec 2008

"Now be sure to behave yourself while you're staying with Uncle Willy, son", Fred said to his 18 year old stepson as he hugged the boy and patted him on the tushie and sent him off to stay with Fred's older brother Willy.

"Sure dad", Russell answered wih a blush though he melted into his stepdaddy's embrace. Russell knew that the loving pats to his fanny were warning shots, telling him that any major bad behavior would get him spanked and spanked hard after his return home from Uncle Willy's. Russell's stepdad was a real 'dad', loving, affectionate and a sound spanker. He came into the boy's life when the kid was 16 and since then he bowled the youngster over. He was a force of nature giving Russell and his brother Danny everything that they missed in their fatherless years, with interest that is. After years of unspanked brathood, Russell and Danny found themselves kicking wildly, screaming loudly, crying heavily and their pink little buttholes puckering and unpuckering stinkily as Fred put their young pink fannies through the mill with hard loving spankings, hard because that's the only kind of spanking that works on a young guy and loving because Fred wanted his stepsons to learn the value of good behavior, the kind of behavior that he instilled in his own 2 boys via their muscular young bum cheeks.

Russell had never met his stepdad Fred's older brother. He knew that the man was in his early 60's, was living with his second wife and 2 teenaged daughters, who Russell was looking forward to checking out, and he had an older son from his first marriage who was married with a family of his own. Fred and Russell's mom were going to Europe for part of the summer and they were sending Russell and Danny to stay with relatives.

Of course Russell's main concern regarding Uncle Willy was guess what,'was Uncle Willy a spanker?'. Russell rubbed his fanny when he remembered the time that he stayed down south with a friend's family and wound up getting whipped publicly on the bare bottom, covered in the story, "Russell Gets a Good Southern Whipping", and then spanked by his stepdaddy on his return home. Russell was no dummy. He had 2 years experience with spankings and he watched his behavior in order to avoid them but he was a boy and he got into trouble sometimes no matter how hard he tried not to and he found himself staring at the carpet and eating off the mantlepiece more times then he or his firm little ass cheeks desired.

"Well, come in son, glad to meet you", Uncle Willy said with a big smile as he shook Russell's hand. Russell started to feel the man out.

He was big but he did not seem threatening.

He had long lean thighs which meant he had a lap that could fit a teenaged boy across but so what.

His hand was not that big and it did not squeeze Russell's hand when they shook hands.

He didn't have a belt on and that was a good sign and there were no signs of hairbrushs or paddles which in Russell's little boy mind meant that his firm little caboose was safe for the summer. Also, the man seemed to be kind of a pushover and if Russell did get in any trouble he probably would not even find out so there didn't seem to be any danger of stepdaddy finding out and giving Russell's cute young booty one of his patented spankings. Russell and Danny, after many spankings under their belts, used to joke that their stepdaddy could maybe patent his spankings, teach others how to spank and then make a royalty from anyone using his technique. Of course for them to be able to joke about their spankings showed that the boys knew down deep that they sometimes needed to be spanked and after years without a dad they were happy to get the full parental treatment from their stepdaddy, though of course they hated the pain and humiliation of a good hard spanking, that's for sure and that's exactly what stepdaddy wanted.

After he sized up the man Russell turned his sights on Willy's 17 year old twin daughters, Rhonda and Ellen, 2 hot chicks to be sure. Russell, resplendant in tight Wranglers and tight light blue tanktop shirt, cocked his legs sexily, the bulge in his pants visible, tossed his shoulder length glossy hair and gave the girls a sexy pout, looking like a mini- stud, all manly hot and sexy yet with a tender little boy manner and look. To say that Russell was spankable was an understatement. If the boy was ever sentenced to a stay at Branchburg Reformatory, where corporal punishment was the norm and new inmates were soundly whipped on the day of their arrival, the reformatory could make a bundle selling tickets to the event. Russell was cute, sexy, and he had that air of sweet naughty cockiness and anyone who saw him knew that he would look cuter, sexier and even more sweetly naughty and cocky across the knee or buckled down for a good sound whipping on his firm little fanny moons, which were tight and boyishly smooth and they reddened up real fast.

As Russell walked up the steps to his room behind Uncle Willy the girls were behind him and he wiggled his fanny a bit to drive them wild and drive them wild he did. Russell knew that if they could each of the girls would take a bite out of his kulo. As it was they were walking so close behind him that he got the idea, and he was right, that the girls were trying to get a sniff out of his sweaty boyish buttcrack and swooning from the smell of the sweet young male essence. Russell had on a thong so the girls were getting a lot more of his fanny essence then if he was wearing briefs.

Slowly Russell, a feisty youngster tested the waters. He was not given a curfew so each night he came home a bit later then the night before to see if he was challenged but he wasn't. He had found a crowd of rowdy friends in the neighborhood on the first day of his stay.

The cousins kept their bedroom door open so that they could watch Russell on the way to the shower in the morning, his golden chest and long boyish legs visible and his morning fatty and firm young buttocks visible under the tight towel wrapped around his waist. Seeing the girls watching Russell would swagger and wiggle his fanny like a proud young peacock. The girls would then listen next to the shower door at Russell moaning, knowing that he was jerking off his fat pink meat to a hot creamy boyish orgasm in the shower. Then they would watch him walk back to his room, his hair wet and his body nice and clean, looking like that adorable combination of sexy stud and pink skinned toddler who had just been given his bath by his mother.

Russell made his determination. Uncle Willy was a kind of pushover. He never challenged Russell on his coming home late and he never told the boy to watch his language when Russell cursed or acted in a snotty manner, things that the boy did to see the man's reaction.

"Hello, is this Willy, it's me, Officer Blondell", the voice said over the phone.

"Oh, hello, how are you, is there any trouble?", Willy asked.

"Well, yes, caught your nephew trying to buy pot from an undercover officer, don't want to make a big deal out of it though", the officer said.

"Thanks officer, can you bring him here and I'll make a big deal out of it?", Willy said.

"Sure, will do", Officer Blondell said. He knew what Willy had in mind since he had brought Willy's boy home several times when he was a teen.

Uncle Willy was no square puritan. He had his fun in life but pot was illegal and if Russell as not taught a good lesson he could be in big trouble and damned if his brother's stepson was going to jail on his watch.

Rhonda, Ellen and a few of their girlfriends waited in front of the house. The twins knew what was going to happen and they wouldn't miss it for anything.

The police car pulled up. Uncle Willy looked in the back seat to see 3 cute young puppy dogs, Russell and 2 of his cute little buddies, looking up at him with boyish fear in their eyes.

"Thanks Officer", Willy said as he opened the back door of the car and Russell stepped out, dressed in tight thin black sports shorts and a tight black tanktop which along with his cute baby face, bright young eyes and long glossy baby hair would make anyone think that if the boy was hustling his cute young body on NYC's Times Square he would make a fortune. It should be noted that aside from having nice tight smooth and tender fanny cheeks Russell had a very tight little puckered baby butthole, the kind of tight rosy orifice that older men would pay big bucks for.

"Let's go young man", Willy said and he gave the 18 year old a smack in the seat of his sports shorts, which were so thin that the smack stung like bee stings, that got the boy yelping and looking over his shoulder at Uncle Willy in shock as his long hair flew through the air and the girls and Officer Blondell laughed.

"Oh nooooooooooooooooo", Russell moaned lightly when Uncle Willy reached around his waist, picked him up and started to carry him under his arm toward the house, the way an adult carried a toddler out of the sandbox. Russell, his long hair hiding his red face, was mortified. He had missjudged the man. The man smacked him in the ass and he was being carried like a litte boy into the house in front of a small shitload of girls. Russell had enough experience to realize what was going to happen. He was going to be spanked. He hoped, prayed in fact, that the girl would be made to stay outside. Russell had some modesty. He knew that the twins were itching to see his bare bottom but he would not show it to them. His bare bottom was reserved for his girl friend and for his stepdaddy for spankings. He did not want these girls to see his bare bottom for the first time while he was getting spanked, that's for sure.

It happened so fast.

Russell was carried into the living room with the girls following.

Uncle Willy dropped him on his feet and literally tore the black tanktop shirt off, revealing Russell's dewy pink slender but toned upper body.

Then, which made Russell almost scream with embaressment, the man tore the sports shorts off of his lower body, revealing his skimpy white with pink polka dot bikini briefs. Russell's girlfriend had brought him the briefs and the bulge in front showed that it was all boy under the garment. The seat of the briefs, which fit snuggly across Russell's firm little butt cheeks, had a big red heart on it, though for all intents and purposes it should have been a red handprint. The girls swooned. The boy was so manly yet so boyish with his long legs and big floppy feet in dirty white sneakers.

"Nooooooooooo, please!!", Russell could not help but scream out and try to cover his privates with his hand, which was not really workable since the young bugger was really hung, as Willy tore the briefs off. The girls almost had heart palpatations when Willy put his hand around Russell's tender waist and marched him over to his desk. For the first time the girls got a good look at Russell's bare fanny and they were not let down. They thought Russell's firm little fanny cheeks were adorable, so masculine and tight and so baby smooth and tender.

When they reached the desk Willy put his left foot up on a foot stool and then picked the young bugger up by the waist and Russell found himself dangling ass up across Uncle Willy's knee. The girls were so excited. Between Russell's slender boyish legs they could see his shocked face hanging down toward the floor, his long hair hanging down around his face and his hands on the floor. Following Russell's legs up they saw his ass cheeks spread like a sliced melon giving them the sight of his cute little rosy butthole framed by a bush of wispy sweaty hairs and his fat cock and plump ballsack hanging down.

Willy held the naughty boy down by the waist and reached into a drawyer and pulled out the thick leather spanking strap. The implement was only about 9 inches long, about the length of Russell's older brother Danny's erect dick, thus short enough to spank a boy with while he's in the classic over the knee position.

Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, ouch." The girls saw Russell's face in shock when the strap connected with his hiney. His hair flopped through the air and he kicked his legs in the air, which of course gave the girl's an even better view of his pink bunger which was puckering and unpuckering stinkily.

Whap Whap Whap Whap "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww,sob, sob." Russell started to cry almost from the start. That strap was thick and Uncle Willy was obviously a pro with it so Russell's young buttocks were getting quite a scorching spanking indeed.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, sob, sob." Russell's thighs were always tender and sensitive to spankings and this time was no different.

Whap Whap Whap "Owwww, oh god, that burns, oww.' Russell screamed out when the strap started to soundly punish his tight young calves, leaving welts on the muscular furry flesh.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whack Whack Whack Whack "Oww, sob, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." The strap returned to Russell's tight but tender fanny moons and he was pounding the floor with his fists, his hair was flying around, tears were streaming out of his bright eyes and his welted legs kicked the air as Willy whipped the poots out of his naughty young ass, all while his cousins and their 2 girlfriends watched with pleasure at seeing a bratty teenaged boy get his hiney spanked. The girls were also wet in the panties. The sight of such a cute boy, his pink bung hole on view and his manly cock and balls swinging while he got his naughty buns spanked was super erotic, showing to the hilt that sweet combination of hot manliness and tender naughty boyishness that girls found so sweet in young guys.

Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap "Oww, sob, sob, sorry, sob, owww." Another damn good going over of those firm young buttocks which left the tender skin totally crimson and sore and Russell was put on his feet, looking so cute jumping up and down and rubbing his fanny as his long hair and cock and balls flew through the air.

"Bend over, spread your cheeks and show your bum hole, boy", Uncle Willy said as he wrapped his arm around Russell's tender waist and marched him over to the entrance to the living room which was near the front door. To add to the kid's punishment he was going to make Russell bend over with his cheeks spread so that anyone who came into the house could see his red punished rear end and his bung hole, which was so rosy and tender that it was almost as red as the welts on the boy's caboose, thighs and muscular calves. When Russell hesitated to bend over a good smack to the fanny and the boy was bent over cheeks spread. Uncle Willy even moved Russell's ass crack hair out of the way with his fingers so that there was an unobstructed view of the boyishly rosy pink arse orifice.

"Ahhh, he got his cute little ass spanked", said a female friend of Willy's wife.

"And look at his tender little ass hole, like a baby's bottom hole", said another woman.

"But he sure is hung like a man, get a load of that cock, yummy", said another woman.

"Wow, nice humpy ass, dude", Ricky, a cocky boyfriend of Cousin Rhonda, said and he gripped Russell by the waist and playfully dry humped his bare ass, rubbing his crotch into the wet buttcrack which left a moist line of Russell's ass sweat on the front of his jeans.

"Ah, baby boy, you got a spanking, and look at your cute little bottom hole, let me make nice for you, baby boy", Rodney, a middleaged gay friend of the family, said when he spotted the bent over young cutie and he first sniffed Russell's boyish buttcrack and then started to kiss and lick the youngster's cute puckered fart hole.

That was the one and only spanking that Russell got from Uncle Willy and it was a doozy. After the summer was over Willy told stepdad Fred about what what heppened and true to form the second that he arrived home Russell was across his stepdaddy's lap getting the seat of his tight jeans spanked in front of his mom and 2 of her female friends, who had the hots for the 18 year old bugger, and his older brother Danny who had a visible hardon in front of his sweat shorts.

Spank "Ouch, dad." Spank Spank "Yelp, yelp." Spank Spank "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dad, oww."

Russell was wearing a thong under his tight jeans like he did on the day of his arrival at Uncle Willy's so stepdaddy was getting the essence of buttcrack sweat as he spanked his stepson and he was enjoying it tremendously and why not. Spanking young guys' bottoms is hard work. Why shouldn't the spanker have some pleasure while he's carrying out his parental duties.

Spank Spank "Owww, sob, sob." Russell was probably one of the most spanked characters on, if not THE most spanked. It was not a distinction that the young bugger wanted that's for sure.

Spank Spank "Oww, come on dad, please stop, sob, sob." Spank Spank "oww, sob, come on dad, that's enough, oww."

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