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Alyx and Unk
Part 7 - The pardon and its price

by Alyx

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Part VII

We are not going to dwell m uch on what happened at school that day, except for four details, two of which will be important to our story and the other two certainly of interest to any who have stuck with our story thus far.

The first should be obvious: There were three very uncomfortable boys at school that day. And from the looks of things, Alyx had not really managed to be punished as severely as his other two friends.

Oh, did I say three? Shouldn't there have been four? Well there were, but Jim didn't come to school that day nor for the next three days. Jim's father had said that the woodshed whipping would would only be the beginning of his son's agony, and apparently he meant it. Nick reported that when he and his dad had finally left to go back to the house, Jim was still cuffed to the wall and weeping silently, waiting for his father to return to finish what Mr. Harris had begun. Not only that, Nick reported, but he "just happened" to be looking out of the window to see Jim leaving the woodshed, still naked, still sobbing, and stopping along the path to cut a couple of switches which his father tested full strength before letting the boy get into the car. He also saw the boy fall to the ground from the lash, and then he stopped looking because he didn't want to see what happened next. But all three boys, who had seen the results of many other such evenings on Jim's body in the showers, shuddered to think what condition he was in at this point in the game.

Perhaps they would have a chance to get a peek themselves when they went down to the comic book store that afternoon, a trip which they all agreed would be the worst part of the punishment of all. Nick actually had asked his father if he could take another night in the woodshed in place of the dreaded visit, and his father actually considered it, since he, too, sensed that something was a bit uncomfortable about the whole thing; but finally, he reached the same conclusion that UNK had voiced to Alyx: You made your bed. Now lie in it. Mr Harris also added another sobering thought: If you think this is bad, imagine what it would be like to have to strip naked in front of a whole jail full of older men desperate for the sight and touch of "fresh meat." That, if nothing else, deterred all three from ever thinking of embarking on a life of crime again.

The third fact will have implications for our tale later on: Nick, who of all the boys was closest to Alyx, and who somehow made him flush inside in a funny sort of way, was alone with Alyx in the boys' room that day, and peering at him taking a leak (the "forbidden look" that all self-respecting young boys try to avoid at all costs), winked at him and, when Alyx leaned further into the urinal, he gently pushed him back and whispered, "Don't hide it from me, Alyx: I saw it last night at its finest hour. So don't ever hide it from me, buddy."

Alyx didn't say anything at all, but his knees almost buckled from underneath him, and he blushed redder than any of the welts he currently bore. Nick noticed the reaction and winked again - and you might remember the effect that winks have on our boy. More about Alyx and Nick some other time, perhaps. If you're good. If you beg.


Immediately after 5th period, an announcement came over the PA system: "Would Nick Harris please report to the office."

Five minutes later, as Alyx and Billy were heading for their 6th period class, Nick came racing around the corner, saw his friends, and despite the pain it caused him, leapt into the air, gave a big hoot and grabbed both boys' shoulders as he came down, wincing from the result of such foolishness. No amount of pain, however, could wipe the grin off his face.

"Can't believe it. I just can't believe it. We're off the hook, guys. We're OFF THE HOOK. Keep your pants on."

"WHAT!!!!!!!" Alyx and Billy exclaimed at the same time.

"My dad just called," Nick rushed to say before the bell rang. "He called to tell me that your uncle phoned him, Alyx, and said that we don't have to go. The deal is off. Apparently, fat creep Charlie" (that's what they called him), "has changed his mind and doesn't want to see us after all."

"That's a crock," Alyx said. "Something must be going on. Unk is picking me up after school. I'll see if I can find out."

"Oh yeah, that's another thing, Alyx: my dad told me to tell you that your uncle can't pick you up today. Something came up. He said you should take the bus home and he'll meet you there."

"Hmmmmm." Alyx suddenly got pensive.

"Neat, huh! Oh yeah, my dad says that another session in the woodshed will do me fine," Nick grimaced. "But I'll take that any day than having the Creep slobber while I pull down my Calvins to give him something to dream about. Alyx...... earth to Alyx! Did you hear me?"

But Alyx was lost in his own thoughts.

* * * * *

Alyx seldom disobeyed UNK, but that day he dared to risk his displeasure. Instead of taking the bus directly home, he took the one that went downtown, and got off the bus three blocks before the comic book store which would have been the scene of his total humiliation that day if fat creep Charlie hadn't changed his mind. What made him turn down the opportunity? Alyx wasn't sure, but he had a sneaking suspicion...

It didn't take him long to find the car. There was a diner across the street from where UNK had parked, and Alyx went inside, ordered a coke, and sat where he could keep his eye on things.

About an hour later, just as it was beginning to get dark, Alyx saw his uncle walking slowly down the street coming from the direction of the comic store. There was something strange about the way he was walking, though. There was no bounce in his step. In fact, UNK looked subdued, crushed, somehow smaller than usual, looking as if something had taken the life out of his body. And as he saw his uncle get into the car, and put his head on the steering wheel, and as he saw him begin to sob, suddenly Alyx understood everything.

He rushed out of the diner and into the street. Fortunately no cars were in sight (a strange occurrence for that time of day), because if there were, Alyx would have been oblivious to them. By the time he got to the window of the driver's side of the car, Alyx was weeping. He knocked on the window gently, and UNK, eyes red and tears streaming down his face, looked up at his nephew and their tear-filled eyes met and through their tears their bond grew even stronger, and Alyx knew that there was nothing he would ever have to endure that could have been as painful and as humiliating and as contrary to his nature than what his beloved uncle had endured to save him from an afternoon of shame.

As he stood there, looking into his uncle's eyes with all the love that can come from the heart of a trusting young boy who wants to give his life to his protector, he mouthed words that he had never felt the need to say before in quite the same way, "I am yours. I love you."

And he got into the car. And put his head on his uncle's lap. And he fell asleep as they silently drove home.

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