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My Son

by got9incher

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My own son growing up had always been a good boy except for a few times when he had gotten a small harmless swat on the backside. I had only served up the old belt once when he was about 8 years old. I could tell he didnt like it and would not want to be tasting the leather on bare skin for along time. He managed to stay off the receiving end for along time but as we all do he screwed up and this is the story of that mistake and of my first real spanking of him.

My son had turned 16 and had gotten his learners permit and had begged for months for me to take him to get his drivers liscense. I finally gave in when I felt he was ready. The day came and I was so proud of him, he scored a 94 and as we walked from the courthouse I put my arm around him, as a father I had not been as proud since the day he was born. As all boys do he asked if he could go out and celebrate with his buddies that night. I agreed but as a father I had to give the old "be carefull and be good" speach.

He left the house with his buddies and I was sitting at home watching television. A friend of mine stopped by and wanted to know if I wanted to go down to the bowling alley for a few games. We left and had been gone about a couple hours when we decided it was time to head home. My friend was driving and we were at a stop sign when I saw my own car go zooming past. My friend and I got behind the car and the speedometer was reading 75. I of course was furious. My sons first night out and he was driving like a maniac. He turned off the road to take his friends home and my friend and I headed back to my house. We got there and my friend started to leave, I told him no I wanted him to stay and be a witness as to what we had seen.

Around 30 minutes later the door flew open and in walked my son. "David" I screamed "get your ass in here now". He walked in and could tell right away I was mad. "Russ and I followed you tonight out highway 80". I knew from the look in his face he knew there was no way out of this.

"I'm sorry dad, I just wasnt thinking" David said. He looked down at the floor but he didnt look sorry to me. "Russ what do you think I should do to a boy who has his licsence less than 24 hours and has already broken the law ?" I said. Russ looked at David then at me, "well I can tell you what my father would have done, he would have tanned my hide". I looked at David and saw him look at Russ, I could tell by the smirk on his face he didnt think I would ever do that.

"Russ, go get me a chair from the kitchen" I said. Russ laughed and said "are we in for a tanning tonight?" Russ headed for the kitchen and as he walked by David he swatted him on the ass and laughed. While Russ was in the kitchen David looked at me and said "you are not serious, you're not going to actually whip me are you?"

Russ walked back in with a kitchen chair and sat it in the middle of the room. Then he took a place on the couch and said, "ok lets get this show on the road". I looked at David and I sat down in the chair. "OK David get over here and I dont want any back talk or hesitation, now do it" . David walked over and stood in front of me, he bent down to lay across my lap. "I dont think so mister" I said. "This is no ordinary spanking I want you to remember this and I want you to learn from it." David stood back up and looked puzzled. "Take down your pants David" I sort of barked the order. David looked me in the eyes and I could tell he was starting to get a little scared. A few seconds went by and once again I barked " get those pants off now damit". David undid the snap and unzipped his pants, he let them fall to the ground put didnt step out of them. Then he layed across my lap. I raised my hand and came down hard on his bottom. "What the hell are you doing boy" I said. "Get those goddamn underwear off and get them off now before I really get fucking mad". David stood back up and put his fingers on the waistband of his jockeys, then he looked at me and looked at Russ.

"Dad please not in front of your friend, please dad" Davids voice quivered. He just kept looking back and forth at me and Russ, then back down to his underwear. I stood up and took the leather belt from my pants. Once again David looked at me and said in a timid voice " Please dad dont make me strip, please dont do this."

"If you are man enough to have a liscense and man enough to speed, then you are man enough to take the punishment" I said. David looked at the floor and said "I am man enough to take it dad but please dont make me take it naked and in front of Russ." I reached over and pulled his underwear down about 2 inches just enough to see a little of his pubic hair poking over the waistband. "Are you embarrassed for us to see your cock, or maybe you dont want us to see that you now have same hair down there, is that it boy?" He looked down at his now newly exposed cockbush.

Russ laughed and spoke up, "David are you afraid we will see how tiny your dick is ?" and with that Russ started laughing and teasing him. David looked at me and I could tell in his eyes he was not a happy camper. Russ just kept teasing him, " Hey I think I can see that cockhead thru his underwear" Russ said. Then Russ started making comment after comment. " I think I saw his little peter move, yeah there is goes its moving, I think its getting hard" Russ roared with laughter. I knew from experience if someone talks about your cock getting hard it gets in your mind that it is growning and by god it will get hard.

"David get those goddamn shorts off now or I swear I will make you think your ass is on fire." By this time I could see his peter straining against the fly of his shorts. He put his hands back on his shorts but just stood there. I doubled up my belt and popped his crotch with it. Man he jumped and screamed. "Now get those fucking shorts off now or "...I didnt get to finish the sentence. David pulled down those underwear and stood there in full glory. I had never seen him like this before, I had seen him once thru his bedroom window looking in the mirror naked and measuring his cock but i didnt stare to long. Now he stood there, a boys face and chest, but a mans dick and balls. Russ spoke up and said "GODDAMIT MAN, I think he has got us both beat when it comes to cock size. you must have every girl in the county after that piece of meat." With that comment I think it gave David a feeling of he was actually becomming a man. I sat down in the chair and he layed over my lap.

I took my belt and with a not so hard swat I hit his ass. He didnt wince or scream or even whimper. I let the second swat slip down a little onto his legs. I could feel his body tense a little but he was determined to take it like a man. The third hit came to rest again on his ass and this time i put something into it. Once again his body tensed and I thought I heard a little moan. I was mad as hell for what he had done, but at this moment i was beginning to become proud of him again for taking his punishment. Then next few swats i really laid into him and he let out a moan. I heard Russ say " I bet that man meat aint sticking up now is it boy?". By the 10th swat i was really letting him have it and i could feel a few tears falling on my foot. After 10 I let him stand up.

David stood up and I could see he had tears rolling down his checks. Of course Russ made the comment that now Davids dick was swinging between his legs. I dont think David or I even paid any attention to him. At that moment we were bonding as father and son... We had a few more moments like that but that was the first time I realized that he was becomming a man.

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