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Spanking Schoolboys

by Kevin Burston

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Scott woke up on his sixteenth birthday. It was his own special day, especially since he was born on February 29th. he only got to celebrate it properly every four years.

He was average in all departments; looks, height, brains, and balls.

The day started off well with birthday greetings from his parents and younger brother Francis. His mother cooked his favorite bacon for breakfast. Apart from it being tasty, he loved the smell of the hickory rashers being grilled. It went well with the freshly grounded coffee.

After breakfast the boys were in their room making their beds when Francis who had not yet bothered to get a present for his brother, asked him what he would like.

"Your boy hole." Scott said with a mischievous smile.

Unfortunately, although Scott meant it as a joke, thirteen year old Francis was confused, and ran and told his dad. Then all hell broke loose. His father stormed into his bedroom, his face beetroot with rage:

"I don't care if it is your birthday or not, I will not tolerate such disgusting language in my house. Drop your shorts boy and bend over your bed."

"Dad, dad." Scott pleaded in vain.

"I was only joking."

His father thought that even if it was a joke, it was in very bad taste. He determined to teach his oldest boy a lesson. He gave the boy sixteen lashes of his belt, eight on each of his little boy cheeks.

Scott howled, and screamed with the pain. He couldn't believe this was happening to him on his birthday. He never felt so miserable in his life. He sobbed for ages before finally getting back into bed again where he stayed until his mother called him down to lunch.

When Scott was thirteen, his dad was taken to the hospital in the middle of the night. He never saw him again. Almost immediately his uncle Harry took up residence in his mother's bed. Six months later they were married.

From the moment his step dad moved in, he made life hell for Scott and his younger brother, Francis. Both boys had never felt the belt on their little backsides before, but all that changed.

Sure when the boys played up like all naughty boys do, their dad would spank them. They accepted that as part of growing up. Now they both would get the belt for what seemed to be trivial misbehavior.

Their mother feared her new husband and gave him a free rein as regards punishing her sons. This alienated the boys from their mother. They felt she let them down. She should have supported them.

It being a Saturday there was no school. Although it was his birthday, there was no official party but his parents told him he could have some of his school pals over in the afternoon and play in the pool. He was looking forward to seeing them in their wet swimming trunks, especially Ricky, a troubled youth he thought, who was his same age, and who he had a bit of a crush on.

He felt he was liked the same way. When ever they were in the school showers, he was never far away, and Scott knew his little body was coming in for some special attention from his friend. He liked Ricky's cute ass, and wondered what it would be like to mount it. Whenever the coast was clear, Scott managed to rub his hand against it which always brought a warm smile from his friend.

His father Harry, still mad with Scott called his friends, and apologizing told them that Scott was sick, and the pool party was off. There was another reason he didn't want company. He didn't want the boys to see his son's backside in the state it was in. He felt the talk of the school would be how he beat his boy on his birthday.

For once in his life Scott was glad the weekend was over and he was back at school with his friends and peers.

During the recess, Ricky approached him and asked him how his birthday went. When Scott told him what happened, he felt sorry for his friend and promised himself he would make it up to him. He would have him over for a sleep over, and his friend could have his boy hole as a birthday present. He wondered if Scott would like to spank him as well. His friend had nice big hands, and he felt he would like the feel of them massaging his little bum.

When Scott got home from school, there was a gift wrapped box on his bed. It was a birthday present from his brother Francis. Scott never got to know what was inside the box. He put it on his desk, and there it stayed gathering dust, until one day when he came home from school, it was no longer there.

Although relations between the two brothers did improve over time, Francis felt his older brother was marginalizing him. There were lots of things the boys would never do again together, like sharing secrets. Scott no longer confided in Francis, and when the younger boy hired out a video for the night, Scott never came down from his bedroom and watched it with him. Yet Francis still loved his brother, he hoped the situation would improve.

A couple of weeks later, Ricky had Scott come around for a sleep over. He introduced him to his brother Nigel.

Nigel had a lot control of his younger brother. Since he was very little. He would bathe him and spank and put him to bed. Sometimes he would take the young boy into his own bed and comfort him after he had reddened his little bottom.

He micro managed Ricky. It was his idea, not Ricky's that Scott have a sleep over. He had noticed the boy at the school gates many times, and was determined to have him over. He decided who were going to be his little brother's friends, after all like it or not, they were going to be shared.

Nigel and Ricky's parents were away for the weekend, and twenty two year old Nigel was left in charge.

When the boys undressed, Ricky lost no time in joining Scott in his bed.

"I'm sorry your brother didn't give you his boy hole for your birthday, would you like to have mine now instead?" Ricky teased his friend.

Scott was a bit taken aback by his friend's non to subtle approach. He never had sex with another boy. But he welcomed the invitation. He answered in a jovial way:

"I have a good mind to spank you for talking to me like that."

"Well what's stopping you?" Ricky replied with a little giggle.

He found there was no resistance from his friend as he lowered his shorts, and Ricky then just lay across his lap, as if the move had been rehearsed, which you might say it had, as he was obeying his brother's instructions. Nigel was determined to accommodate their guest.

As Scott began to spank his friend, buttock by buttock, his cock got hard, and as he took in the view of his boy hole in front of him, he thought he might like to take up the invitation and fuck him as well

Ricky just lay over his friend's lap and took as much punishment as Scott wanted him to have. Yes he was hurting, hurting bad. But he was looking forward to be fucked by his friend. When he wanted the spanking to stop, he pretended to cry. Whereupon Scott took him into his arms and hugged him tight.

Scott began to tickle his friend who laughed and giggled and pleaded with him to stop.

"Does that offer of your boy hole still stand?"

"What do you think?" Ricky replied mischievously.

" I have never done this before, you will have to help me out."

Ricky had lots of experience, his brother's prick being a frequent visitor to his little boy hole for some years. He reached into the bedside table and extracted a tube of lubricant and got ready for his friend to mount him.

Ricky navigated his friend's cock into his boy hole with helpful suggestions like:



Very soon his anus engulfed his friend's prick which disappeared all the way into his ass. It was a pleasurable experience for both parties. For the next ten minutes Scott fucked his friend. All too soon both boys shot their boy juices.

Scott was a bit reluctant to withdraw his penis after such a wonder experience; his first fuck. One that he knew he would always remember. He figured as time went by he would forget many things in life, but he would always remember the first time he had some boy ass.

His first sexual awakening was a wonderful experience for Scott, and he hoped to screw his friend again, maybe on a regular basis, as he seemed to like it so much. Of course he would have to spank the naughty boy first. He was amazed that Ricky would let someone do that to him. For his part he had no desire to be spanked, his buttocks came in for more than their share of attention from his step father's belt.

Sexual congress being completed, both boys lay in the bed together. They slept well and were unaware that Nigel looked in on them. The older boy had an agenda.

Coming back from the bathroom the next morning, Scott had to pass by Nigel's bedroom. The door was open. The older boy lay on his stomach. All he wore was a smile. Tapping his bum with his hand he said:

"Scott, I have been a naughty boy. I think you should spank me."

He paused before adding:


Scott froze in his tracks as he admired the well developed body of the twenty two year old. He penis got hard again. He didn't know what to do, he was totally confused by the situation.

Suddenly he felt Ricky's hand gently push him into the bedroom. As soon as he sat on the bed, Nigel lay across his knees with his very inviting buttocks eager to be spanked.

Scott, still a bit mesmerized about what was happening, and not sure of himself, lay his hands on Nigel's bum. The first thing he did instinctively was to spread the cheeks of his ass. He wanted to check out the members area. He liked what he saw. He liked the look of Nigel's young man hole. He let his hand stray on to it and gently rub it.

Nigel was very pleased the way events were unfolding. He liked the feel of the younger boy's hand on his bottom. He couldn't believe his luck, the way things were turning out.

Scott liked his bum which of course was much larger than his little brothers. He felt he was fond of both the brothers bottoms. With Nigel he had more room to move, more territory to roam. He was in no rush as his hands explored each buttock, as he squeezed them. Then in his best authoritative sixteen year old voice he began:

"Right young man, you know what happens to boys that transgress, don't you?"

Without waiting for an answer he continued:

"They get a sound spanking for their troubles."

And with that he let fly with his right hand on Nigel's right buttock. He knew he wouldn't have the strength to hurt the young man, and he didn't want to. He made a lot of noise as he spanked him, and Nigel made the appropriate noises as well. He allowed five minutes for each cheek, which he felt would be enough for the first time.

The spanking completed he addressed Nigel who now stood before him naked.

"Right Nigel, if I can fuck your younger brother, I can fuck you. If he can stand it, so can you."

"Yes please, yes."

Nigel called out as he hugged and kissed Scott while Ricky applauded.

The ever helpful Ricky then produced the lubricant which he generously applied to his friend's prick and his brother's hole.

Scott was not all that keen on having an audience for his second fuck, but he was so eager to get on with it, that he didn't care.

Ricky hadn't planned on just being a member of the audience. He wanted to take an active part in the proceedings as well. He would normally regard himself as strictly bitch, but the sight of his own brother being mounted was too much for him. He just had to have his friend's ass.

He waited until his friend's cock was fully inside his brother's rectum, before he lubed his own cock and the boy hole in front of him before he mounted it as well.

This action took Scott completely by surprise. He was enjoying himself so much fucking the older brother that he thought it would be rude to object to the invasion of his boy hole, and the loss of his cherry. He just relaxed and let it all happen.

This would not be the last visit to Ricky's home. There would be many times he would sleep in Nigel's bed with a brother on either side of him.

Ricky would come for sleep overs at his home, but of course Nigel couldn't very well come along as well.

Scott and Ricky would become as close as two young gay boys possibly can. They were virtually inseparable. If Scott met up with his friend somewhere with nobody around, he would tap his friend's bum while whispering: "Bitch" into his ear.

His friend would turn around, give him a loving smile and say:


Francis was unhappy being marginalized. He was determined to get back on track with his brother. He devised a plan.

One afternoon Scott got caught in a shower, got wet and was late getting back from school. He was not in the best of moods. His younger brother was home and he brought along a school buddy named Alec. He was the same age as Francis, thirteen.

When Scott opened the door to the bedroom he shared with his brother he was horrified to see the boys play with his personal belongings. He flew into a rage.

"What the hell are you boys doing?"

He roared at the boys.

Francis glanced over at Alec and winked as he said:

"Oh big brother, you are not going to spank us, are you?"

Scott smiled to himself. He had seen the wink, but decided to go along with the boys little game.

"I am very annoyed with both of you. You both deserve a spanking, but unfortunately I only can spank Francis."

Sitting on the bed, he ordered his brother over to him, and proceeded to take down his pants and briefs. It had been ages since he spanked Francis, in fact he couldn't rightly remember when. He must have got a belting for it anyway. Of course he couldn't let the opportunity pass without checking out the little boy hole across his lap. He spread the boy's cheeks and gazed down on his virgin hole.

He gave his brother a dozen slaps which made a lot of noise, but well wouldn't bruise a grape. He wanted to get it over with as he desperately wanted to attend to his friend.

There was a pause after Francis got up from his brother's knee. Scott waited patiently for someone to speak. The young boys exchanged glances before Alec finally said:

"I guess mister, you have to spank me as well. I was playing with your belongings as well."

So very soon after Scott had another thirteen year old bare bottom across his knee. As he gazed down at the lovely brown bum that presented itself to him, he hoped that he would remain friends with his brother for a long time, and that he would be a frequent visitor to the house. He hoped the boy would get to like him, and he looked forward to seducing him when he became of legal age. He would wait until then.

So Scott began to spank Alec's little bottom. He got twelve slaps as well. All too soon it was all over. After the boys pulled up their pants, he took them both in his arms and hugged them for a long time.


the end

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