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Mr Andrews' Corporal Punishment Dictionary

by Malcolm Jameson

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During his long career as a teacher at The Preparatory School, Mr Andrews became very experienced at giving corporal punishment. In his spare time he compiled this directory, illustrated with examples drawing on his own and others' experiences at home and school. After reading this you should be in no doubt about the meaning of the words used when punishing naughty schoolboys. MJ, April 2009

ADMINISTER v (administering, administered) The act of applying corporal punishment.

The Headmaster swept into the Hall carrying his large smacking hairbrush. “Come up here, Coulson.” The boy appeared and the Headmaster continued, “This boy went into the examination room yesterday with his upper thighs covered in mathematical formulae. For this blatant act of cheating I am going to administer twenty smacks to these same parts of his legs.” He turned to Coulson and pointed to a stool that had been brought over from the Science lab. “Sit there and pull up your trouser legs.” We watched, fascinated, as Coulson sat down and hauled up the legs of his shorts. The Headmaster gripped his brush firmly and administered a smacking to the front of each thigh making Coulson cry out in pain and tears roll down his face.

BARE adj For sharp, stinging punishments the skin should be bare: not covered by any clothing.

Whenever I was naughty my parents smacked my bare legs. They first pulled my shorts leg up as far as it would go and then smacked me hard high up on my bare thigh. I also had many spankings on my bare bottom.

BARE v (baring, bared) To make the skin bare before punishing in order that the pain may be felt more strongly.

“I do not allow such rudeness, my boy. I'm going to bare your thigh and give you a well-deserved slapping.” I pulled up the left leg of his shorts and gave him eight hard slaps on the back of his leg that made him cry.

“How dare you swear at me. Bare your left thigh!” With great reluctance John lifted up the right leg of his shorts and presented his thigh for smacking.

I am in the Headmaster's Study dressed in running shorts awaiting punishment for smoking during a cross-country run. “You are a disgrace to the school, Masters. Bend over my desk.” I obeyed, reluctantly. A surge of fear went through me as I felt the Headmaster baring my bottom. Soon my shorts were stretched over my thighs and I could feel the cool air on my bared buttocks. I began to cry as the Headmaster's large slipper stung my tender skin.

BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING n A spanking given directly on to the skin of the buttocks.

“Stealing is wrong. Go to your room at once, take your trousers and pants off and lie face down on the bed for a bare-bottom spanking.” With tears forming in his eyes Michael went up the stairs. I picked up a wooden clothes brush and followed him into his room. When he was in position I gripped the brush firmly and gave him such a hard bare-bottom spanking that his buttocks turned a beautiful shade of red and he cried out in agony with the pain.

BEAT v (beating, beaten) To punish painfully.

I had just read the end-of-term report my son had brought from school. “This report, Arthur, is disgraceful; you deserve to be beaten for being so lazy.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“So I am going to beat your bare bottom and legs with the back of this clothes brush.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
Before he had time to react I took hold of the legs of his shorts and swiftly drew them to the ground, gripped the back of his neck and bent him over an armchair. I peeled back his underpants and lowered them to his knees. Then for the next few minutes the air was filled with the sound of smacks and cries as I beat Arthur's bare bottom and upper thighs till my hand was tired and his buttocks and legs were covered in deep red marks speckled with purple bruises.
“I hope beating you will help you to work harder at school in future.”
“Yes, Daddy, thank you,” sobbed a repentant Arthur. “I deserved to be beaten.”

BEATING n A severe corporal punishment.

“Sit down, Johnson.”
“I'd rather stand, Sir.”
“Why is that?”
“I had a beating from my father yesterday, Sir, and my bottom still hurts.”
“I see. What were you given, Johnson?”
“Twelve of the best on my bare bottom, Sir.”
“I'm not surprised you don't want to sit down, you may remain standing.”
“Thank you, Sir.”

BEDROOM n A convenient place to send a naughty child for punishment.

“I will not have you speaking to your mother in that way. Go to your bedroom at once!” I followed Ben up the stairs, into his bedroom and closed the door behind me. “You are going to be taught to think before you speak. Lie face down on your bed.”
“Don't punish me, Dad, I won't say those words again!”
“Get on that bed!” Ben reluctantly obeyed. I took the hairbrush from the dressing table, came over to him, pulled up both legs of his shorts and smacked the backs of his thighs hard until they were covered in red marks and his cries filled the air. I left him sobbing on his bed.

BEHAVE v You can teach a child to behave correctly through wise use of corporal punishment.

'When will you learn how to behave in front of visitors? This afternoon you behaved so badly I was ashamed of you. So I am now going to smack you and I hope the stinging pain you will feel on your bare thighs will teach you how I expect you to behave. Pull the legs of your shorts right up and hold them there till I've finished smacking you – and there will be a lot of smacks.“

BEHAVIOUR n What you are trying to improve by using corporal punishment.

“Since the beginning of term your behaviour, Masters, has been steadily deteriorating.” The Headmaster opened a file and proceeded to read out a long list of the ways in which he considered my behaviour was substandard. I had to admit that it was all true. The Headmaster continued, “The many minor punishments you have received have had no effect on your behaviour and so I have decided to spank you in front of the school tomorrow after Assembly. In full view of the staff and your fellow-pupils I will first smack both of your thighs more thoroughly than they have ever been smacked before, then give you the hardest bare-bottom spanking you have ever had. You will therefore come to Assembly dressed in football shorts without underpants. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Now go.” I left the Study wondering what sort of punishment I was in store for and whether it would really change my awful behaviour.

BELT n A leather strap, normally used to hold trousers up, is a handy implement for giving corporal punishments.

“Late again, Michael. You are going to feel my belt across your bottom. Take your trousers down and lie across your bed.” Soon high-pitched screams were echoing round the room, and Michael's buttocks were striped with bright red marks from my belt.

BELT v (belting, belted) To punish with a belt, or other implement.

“Do you want me to belt you?”
“No, Mummy.”
“Well, stop that noise or I'll give you something to cry for.”

BELTING n A painful corporal punishment.

“Why are your legs covered in red marks?”
“I got a belting from my father yesterday for visiting the Amusements instead of going to Sunday School.”
“What did he do?”
“Made me lie on my bed with my shorts legs pulled up and whacked my thighs about ten times.”

BEND OVER v (bending over, bent over) When naughty boys are commanded to bend over before receiving punishment, they assume a submissive position that, in effect, is saying, “Punish me, please.” The tightening of the buttocks when bent over means that the impact of the cane is strengthened as it cuts into the stretched skin. Spankings are often administered on the more relaxed bottom produced by the “over the knees” position, with the boy lying on his father's thighs. This position is also handy for smacking the backs of the thighs so long as you position the boy carefully before smacking.

“I cane all boys who are caught smoking. Bend over... Come on, touch your toes.” When he was in position I picked up my cane and gave him Six of the Best on his tight bottom.

“David Jones, I am going to punish you for being a bully.” I took hold of him and bent him across my lap, adjusted his position slightly then pulled up the right leg of his shorts, baring his upper thigh. I opened my hand and gave him seven well-placed slaps on the smooth skin of his leg which made him cry and produced a beautiful red patch!

BOTTOM n This large area of sensitive skin is a popular place upon which to administer corporal punishment.

“Don't you swear at me! Take your trousers down.”
“No, please don't smack me. I won't swear again.”
“Let's get this clear: I'm going to give you a good smacked bottom, but if I have to remove your trousers first I will use the clothes brush. What's it to be, the wooden spoon on your bare bottom or the clothes brush?”
I dreaded the pain of the clothes brush so reluctantly pulled my shorts and underpants down. My mother picked up the wooden spoon lifted my shirt up and smacked my bare bottom hard twelve times. I fell to the ground screaming in pain trying to rub my poor bottom better.

BRUISE n Produced by severe corporal punishment: it is a good idea to stop punishing on that particular spot when bruises appear.

As I was undressing my mother noticed that a large area of my inner right thigh was covered in purple spots.
“How did you get that bruise?” she asked.
“Mr Andrews smacked me with his hairbrush this morning.”
“And gave you quite a smacking by the look of it.”
“Yes, he made me cry, but my leg doesn't hurt any more.”
“Well, I hope when you look at that bruise for the next few days you will remember how the smacking did hurt and behave yourself.”
“Yes, Mummy.”

“Please do not worry,” said the Headmaster, “if you produce bruises on the boys' thighs when you smack them. It gives them something to look at after the pain and redness have gone, and does no permanent harm.”

BRUSH n Wooden-backed hair and clothes brushes found in most homes make ideal smacking implements.

“Bugger.” The rude word had slipped out before I had time to think.
“You can go to your bedroom,” said my father. “and fetch the brush off the dressing table.” I did as I was told, and knew that he had no intention of brushing my hair with it.
“Thank you. Maybe this will help you to understand that I don't want to hear words like that in this house.” He took the brush from me, raised the left leg of my shorts, and smacked the outside of my thigh five times. The pain made me cry and produced a red patch on my leg that lasted over an hour. I wondered how long it would before the brush would be needed again!

BUTTOCK n One of the two fleshy cheeks of the bottom upon which spankings and canings are given.

“So you have been stealing. Take your trousers down.” David pulled his shorts and underpants to the floor. “Good!” I pulled him over my knees and began to spank his bare bottom: each buttock in turn: left, right, left, right, over and over again, until both buttocks were bright red and David was screaming in pain. “I hope that will be a lesson to you.” I put him down and pulled his shorts back on. He ran off clutching his stinging buttocks and crying loudly.

CALF n (calves) This fleshy area at the back of the lower leg is useful for slapping young children.

“Stand still, everyone,” called Miss Eden. When everyone had stopped running she blew her whistle. “Now line up in your classes... Why are you running that way, Christopher? Stand at the front and face the wall.” I felt Miss Eden push my right sock down. This was followed quickly by several hard slaps on my calf which made me cry. “Next time, Christopher, go straight to your line.”
“Yes Miss,' replied meekly through my tears. When I got into the classroom I looked at my reddened calf. It felt hot for several minutes afterwards and I enjoyed rubbing the warm skin.

CANE n A thin, bendy stick, ideal for punishing older children, particularly naughty schoolboys.

“Your work, Adams, has been unsatisfactory since the beginning of term. To make you realise that you must work harder I am going to give you the cane. Take your trousers down and bend over for Six of the Best on your bare bottom.”

CANE v (caning, caned) To punish with a cane, usually on the hand or buttocks.

“I will not tolerate bullies in this school. I am going to cane you. Drop your shorts and bend over my desk.”

CANING n A punishment given with a cane.

“This is the third time you have been caught smoking. Maybe a sound caning on your bare bottom will help you to break this habit. Lower your shorts and bend over.”

CLOTHES BRUSH n A large, wooden-backed clothes brush is an ideal instrument for administering smackings.

“Your work, Masters, is consistently untidy, even messy, and in spite of many warnings it does not improve. I therefore propose to smack your bare thighs and bottom hard with my clothes brush. Pull your shorts down and bend over the desk.”

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT n The application of pain to the body in response to naughtiness.

“I think you are aware,” said the Headmaster, “of this school's policy of corporal punishment. Normally you will be smacked on your bare thighs, but if you're very naughty I will be spank or cane your bare bottom.”

GIVE v (giving, given, gave) When you punish a naughty child you give them their punishment.

“Come here, Masters.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I am going to give you a smackin

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