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Mr Andrews' Corporal Punishment Dictionary

by Malcolm Jameson

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 07 Apr 2009


During his long career as a teacher at The Preparatory School, Mr Andrews became very experienced at giving corporal punishment. In his spare time he compiled this directory, illustrated with examples drawing on his own and others' experiences at home and school. After reading this you should be in no doubt about the meaning of the words used when punishing naughty schoolboys. MJ, April 2009

ADMINISTER v (administering, administered) The act of applying corporal punishment.

The Headmaster swept into the Hall carrying his large smacking hairbrush. “Come up here, Coulson.” The boy appeared and the Headmaster continued, “This boy went into the examination room yesterday with his upper thighs covered in mathematical formulae. For this blatant act of cheating I am going to administer twenty smacks to these same parts of his legs.” He turned to Coulson and pointed to a stool that had been brought over from the Science lab. “Sit there and pull up your trouser legs.” We watched, fascinated, as Coulson sat down and hauled up the legs of his shorts. The Headmaster gripped his brush firmly and administered a smacking to the front of each thigh making Coulson cry out in pain and tears roll down his face.

BARE adj For sharp, stinging punishments the skin should be bare: not covered by any clothing.

Whenever I was naughty my parents smacked my bare legs. They first pulled my shorts leg up as far as it would go and then smacked me hard high up on my bare thigh. I also had many spankings on my bare bottom.

BARE v (baring, bared) To make the skin bare before punishing in order that the pain may be felt more strongly.

“I do not allow such rudeness, my boy. I'm going to bare your thigh and give you a well-deserved slapping.” I pulled up the left leg of his shorts and gave him eight hard slaps on the back of his leg that made him cry.

“How dare you swear at me. Bare your left thigh!” With great reluctance John lifted up the right leg of his shorts and presented his thigh for smacking.

I am in the Headmaster's Study dressed in running shorts awaiting punishment for smoking during a cross-country run. “You are a disgrace to the school, Masters. Bend over my desk.” I obeyed, reluctantly. A surge of fear went through me as I felt the Headmaster baring my bottom. Soon my shorts were stretched over my thighs and I could feel the cool air on my bared buttocks. I began to cry as the Headmaster's large slipper stung my tender skin.

BARE-BOTTOM SPANKING n A spanking given directly on to the skin of the buttocks.

“Stealing is wrong. Go to your room at once, take your trousers and pants off and lie face down on the bed for a bare-bottom spanking.” With tears forming in his eyes Michael went up the stairs. I picked up a wooden clothes brush and followed him into his room. When he was in position I gripped the brush firmly and gave him such a hard bare-bottom spanking that his buttocks turned a beautiful shade of red and he cried out in agony with the pain.

BEAT v (beating, beaten) To punish painfully.

I had just read the end-of-term report my son had brought from school. “This report, Arthur, is disgraceful; you deserve to be beaten for being so lazy.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“So I am going to beat your bare bottom and legs with the back of this clothes brush.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
Before he had time to react I took hold of the legs of his shorts and swiftly drew them to the ground, gripped the back of his neck and bent him over an armchair. I peeled back his underpants and lowered them to his knees. Then for the next few minutes the air was filled with the sound of smacks and cries as I beat Arthur's bare bottom and upper thighs till my hand was tired and his buttocks and legs were covered in deep red marks speckled with purple bruises.
“I hope beating you will help you to work harder at school in future.”
“Yes, Daddy, thank you,” sobbed a repentant Arthur. “I deserved to be beaten.”

BEATING n A severe corporal punishment.

“Sit down, Johnson.”
“I'd rather stand, Sir.”
“Why is that?”
“I had a beating from my father yesterday, Sir, and my bottom still hurts.”
“I see. What were you given, Johnson?”
“Twelve of the best on my bare bottom, Sir.”
“I'm not surprised you don't want to sit down, you may remain standing.”
“Thank you, Sir.”

BEDROOM n A convenient place to send a naughty child for punishment.

“I will not have you speaking to your mother in that way. Go to your bedroom at once!” I followed Ben up the stairs, into his bedroom and closed the door behind me. “You are going to be taught to think before you speak. Lie face down on your bed.”
“Don't punish me, Dad, I won't say those words again!”
“Get on that bed!” Ben reluctantly obeyed. I took the hairbrush from the dressing table, came over to him, pulled up both legs of his shorts and smacked the backs of his thighs hard until they were covered in red marks and his cries filled the air. I left him sobbing on his bed.

BEHAVE v You can teach a child to behave correctly through wise use of corporal punishment.

'When will you learn how to behave in front of visitors? This afternoon you behaved so badly I was ashamed of you. So I am now going to smack you and I hope the stinging pain you will feel on your bare thighs will teach you how I expect you to behave. Pull the legs of your shorts right up and hold them there till I've finished smacking you – and there will be a lot of smacks.“

BEHAVIOUR n What you are trying to improve by using corporal punishment.

“Since the beginning of term your behaviour, Masters, has been steadily deteriorating.” The Headmaster opened a file and proceeded to read out a long list of the ways in which he considered my behaviour was substandard. I had to admit that it was all true. The Headmaster continued, “The many minor punishments you have received have had no effect on your behaviour and so I have decided to spank you in front of the school tomorrow after Assembly. In full view of the staff and your fellow-pupils I will first smack both of your thighs more thoroughly than they have ever been smacked before, then give you the hardest bare-bottom spanking you have ever had. You will therefore come to Assembly dressed in football shorts without underpants. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“Now go.” I left the Study wondering what sort of punishment I was in store for and whether it would really change my awful behaviour.

BELT n A leather strap, normally used to hold trousers up, is a handy implement for giving corporal punishments.

“Late again, Michael. You are going to feel my belt across your bottom. Take your trousers down and lie across your bed.” Soon high-pitched screams were echoing round the room, and Michael's buttocks were striped with bright red marks from my belt.

BELT v (belting, belted) To punish with a belt, or other implement.

“Do you want me to belt you?”
“No, Mummy.”
“Well, stop that noise or I'll give you something to cry for.”

BELTING n A painful corporal punishment.

“Why are your legs covered in red marks?”
“I got a belting from my father yesterday for visiting the Amusements instead of going to Sunday School.”
“What did he do?”
“Made me lie on my bed with my shorts legs pulled up and whacked my thighs about ten times.”

BEND OVER v (bending over, bent over) When naughty boys are commanded to bend over before receiving punishment, they assume a submissive position that, in effect, is saying, “Punish me, please.” The tightening of the buttocks when bent over means that the impact of the cane is strengthened as it cuts into the stretched skin. Spankings are often administered on the more relaxed bottom produced by the “over the knees” position, with the boy lying on his father's thighs. This position is also handy for smacking the backs of the thighs so long as you position the boy carefully before smacking.

“I cane all boys who are caught smoking. Bend over... Come on, touch your toes.” When he was in position I picked up my cane and gave him Six of the Best on his tight bottom.

“David Jones, I am going to punish you for being a bully.” I took hold of him and bent him across my lap, adjusted his position slightly then pulled up the right leg of his shorts, baring his upper thigh. I opened my hand and gave him seven well-placed slaps on the smooth skin of his leg which made him cry and produced a beautiful red patch!

BOTTOM n This large area of sensitive skin is a popular place upon which to administer corporal punishment.

“Don't you swear at me! Take your trousers down.”
“No, please don't smack me. I won't swear again.”
“Let's get this clear: I'm going to give you a good smacked bottom, but if I have to remove your trousers first I will use the clothes brush. What's it to be, the wooden spoon on your bare bottom or the clothes brush?”
I dreaded the pain of the clothes brush so reluctantly pulled my shorts and underpants down. My mother picked up the wooden spoon lifted my shirt up and smacked my bare bottom hard twelve times. I fell to the ground screaming in pain trying to rub my poor bottom better.

BRUISE n Produced by severe corporal punishment: it is a good idea to stop punishing on that particular spot when bruises appear.

As I was undressing my mother noticed that a large area of my inner right thigh was covered in purple spots.
“How did you get that bruise?” she asked.
“Mr Andrews smacked me with his hairbrush this morning.”
“And gave you quite a smacking by the look of it.”
“Yes, he made me cry, but my leg doesn't hurt any more.”
“Well, I hope when you look at that bruise for the next few days you will remember how the smacking did hurt and behave yourself.”
“Yes, Mummy.”

“Please do not worry,” said the Headmaster, “if you produce bruises on the boys' thighs when you smack them. It gives them something to look at after the pain and redness have gone, and does no permanent harm.”

BRUSH n Wooden-backed hair and clothes brushes found in most homes make ideal smacking implements.

“Bugger.” The rude word had slipped out before I had time to think.
“You can go to your bedroom,” said my father. “and fetch the brush off the dressing table.” I did as I was told, and knew that he had no intention of brushing my hair with it.
“Thank you. Maybe this will help you to understand that I don't want to hear words like that in this house.” He took the brush from me, raised the left leg of my shorts, and smacked the outside of my thigh five times. The pain made me cry and produced a red patch on my leg that lasted over an hour. I wondered how long it would before the brush would be needed again!

BUTTOCK n One of the two fleshy cheeks of the bottom upon which spankings and canings are given.

“So you have been stealing. Take your trousers down.” David pulled his shorts and underpants to the floor. “Good!” I pulled him over my knees and began to spank his bare bottom: each buttock in turn: left, right, left, right, over and over again, until both buttocks were bright red and David was screaming in pain. “I hope that will be a lesson to you.” I put him down and pulled his shorts back on. He ran off clutching his stinging buttocks and crying loudly.

CALF n (calves) This fleshy area at the back of the lower leg is useful for slapping young children.

“Stand still, everyone,” called Miss Eden. When everyone had stopped running she blew her whistle. “Now line up in your classes... Why are you running that way, Christopher? Stand at the front and face the wall.” I felt Miss Eden push my right sock down. This was followed quickly by several hard slaps on my calf which made me cry. “Next time, Christopher, go straight to your line.”
“Yes Miss,' replied meekly through my tears. When I got into the classroom I looked at my reddened calf. It felt hot for several minutes afterwards and I enjoyed rubbing the warm skin.

CANE n A thin, bendy stick, ideal for punishing older children, particularly naughty schoolboys.

“Your work, Adams, has been unsatisfactory since the beginning of term. To make you realise that you must work harder I am going to give you the cane. Take your trousers down and bend over for Six of the Best on your bare bottom.”

CANE v (caning, caned) To punish with a cane, usually on the hand or buttocks.

“I will not tolerate bullies in this school. I am going to cane you. Drop your shorts and bend over my desk.”

CANING n A punishment given with a cane.

“This is the third time you have been caught smoking. Maybe a sound caning on your bare bottom will help you to break this habit. Lower your shorts and bend over.”

CLOTHES BRUSH n A large, wooden-backed clothes brush is an ideal instrument for administering smackings.

“Your work, Masters, is consistently untidy, even messy, and in spite of many warnings it does not improve. I therefore propose to smack your bare thighs and bottom hard with my clothes brush. Pull your shorts down and bend over the desk.”

CORPORAL PUNISHMENT n The application of pain to the body in response to naughtiness.

“I think you are aware,” said the Headmaster, “of this school's policy of corporal punishment. Normally you will be smacked on your bare thighs, but if you're very naughty I will be spank or cane your bare bottom.”

GIVE v (giving, given, gave) When you punish a naughty child you give them their punishment.

“Come here, Masters.”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I am going to give you a smacking.”
“Why, Sir?”
“Because you have done hardly any work for the past hour. Lazy boys have to be punished, so you will be given a smacking. Pull up your trouser leg.”
“Yes, Sir.” When he had bared his thigh I opened my hand and gave him twelve hard slaps on the smooth skin of the inside which turned a rich shade of red.
“Sit down.”
“Thank you, Sir.”

HAIRBRUSH n A wooden-backed hairbrush with a handle is an ideal implement for smacking the thighs or bottom.

“You naughty boy, go to your bedroom.” A few minutes later my mother came in and took the hairbrush off the dressing table. “How dare you be so rude to a visitor,” she said, then came over to me, raised the left leg of my shorts and smacked me ten times with the hairbrush on the outside of my thigh which made me cry a lot.

HAND n (1) Children's hands can be smacked for minor naughtiness and strapped or caned for serious offences.

“Come here, Allan.”
“Yes, Sir?”
“You are not supposed to be talking during this test. Hold out your hand.”
I picked up my ruler and smacked his palm five times. “Ow, Ow!” said Allan. He walked away rubbing his hands on his shorts.

HAND n (2) Your open hand is ideal for giving slappings, especially on the sensitive skin of young children. You feel some of the pain as you slap which should prevent you from punishing too severely.

“Come here, Allan.”
“Yes, Sir?”
“I have just punished you for talking and now you're at it again. So now you are going to feel my hand on your leg.” I took hold of the left leg of his shorts and pulled it to the top of his thigh. Then, opening my right hand, I slapped the outside of his upper thigh hard eight times which made my hand sting. As Allan walked back to his seat crying loudly, I enjoyed looking at the beautiful red patch my hand had produced on his thigh.

HARD adj (harder, hardest) Describes a punishment that is designed to hurt.

“That's mine!” I snatched the car out of Roger's hand. Roger burst into tears and ran out of the room. Mother came marching in.
“What did you do to make Roger cry?”
“He had my car.”
“You've been told time and again to let him play with the cars. You're going to get a hard smacking.” She pulled up the left leg of my shorts and began slapping me all over the outside of my thigh. I yelled in pain as the hard slaps stung my thigh. At last they stopped. “Now don't let me catch you doing that again or I'll give you a harder smacking with the hairbrush. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Mummy,” I replied as I tried to rub the sting from my red thigh.

HARD adv Emphasises your intention to cause a lot of pain when punishing.

“Do you want to feel the hairbrush on your leg?”
“No, Sir.”
“If that exercise isn't finished in five minutes I will smack you hard. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.”
... [Five minutes later]
“Bring me your work, Masters.” I show him what I have done.
“Is that all?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“I told you that if it wasn't finished I would smack you hard and very hard is how I'm going to smack you. Pull up your left trouser-leg.”
I did as I was told and got fifteen really hard smacks which made me cry out after each one.
“Now sit down and finish your work.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir,” I replied through my tears.
I went back to finish my work with my red thigh stinging and throbbing most painfully.

HIDING n A beating, usually on the bottom.

Having been caught stealing sweets I had been expecting a hiding all day. As soon as my father came home he sent me to my bedroom and went to his study to fetch the long springy cane he kept for punishing me. He came into the room swishing the cane most ominously.
“I'm going to give you a good hiding, my lad. Take your trousers and pants down.”
My trembling fingers undid the belt of my shorts. I opened the fly and let the trousers drop to the floor, then pulled my pants down below my knees.
“Bend over the bed.”
I did as I was told and received Twelve of the Best, eight strokes on my bare bottom then four across the back of my thighs, which was excruciatingly painful. After that hiding I was careful not to be caught stealing again!

HOLD UP YOUR TROUSER-LEG v Used when ordering a boy wearing shorts to bare his thigh for smacking.

As I was hurrying to the Headmaster's Study for a smacking I ran straight into Mr Andrews as he was coming out of the Library. “Sorry, Sir,” I panted.
“I should think so; and perhaps you can explain why you are running where only walking is permitted.”
“No, Sir.”
“I see. Maybe a stinging thigh will help you to remember not to run in the corridor again. Hold up your trouser-leg.” I took hold of one of the legs of my grey short trousers, pulled it to the top of my thigh and held it there with my thigh sticking out.
“Thank you.” Mr Andrews opened his hand and slapped the inside of my thigh twelve times which made me cry and produced a large red patch on my smooth skin. I walked to the Headmaster's Study wondering how many more smackings I was going to get on my thighs before the day was over.

HURT v (hurting, hurt) When punishing you want to hurt the naughty child but without causing any lasting harm.

“I got smacked yesterday by Mr Dobson for not doing enough work. He took hold of my trouser-leg, pulled it up, then smacked me ten times on the outside of my thigh with his ruler. It didn't half hurt, I can tell you, and the red marks lasted the rest of the morning.”

“Am I hurting you enough, Masters,”
“Yes Sir, thank you, Sir.”
“Good, here's some more.”

KNEE n (1) Naughty children's knees, especially if bare, can be slapped as a quick, immediate punishment for a minor breach of behaviour, or as a prelude to the proper punishment that will follow at a more convenient time or place.

As usual we were fighting in the back of the car. Suddenly our father turned round and gave each of us three hard slaps on our knees. “Just behave yourselves, or I'm turning round and we'll go home.” We sat still after that nursing our stinging knees and watching the red marks gradually fade.

KNEE n (2) Putting a naughty child over your knee is a convenient way to smack his bottom or the backs of his thighs.

“Come here, Jefferies.”
“Yes, Sir?”
“You have been told twice now not to talk in the library.”
“But Sir, Davis asked me where the Transport books were.”
“That is no excuse, I am going to punish you.” I took hold of Jefferies and placed him gently over my right knee, pulled up his right shorts leg and slapped the back of his thigh high up, eight times. Jefferies winced loudly at each smack, and by the time I had finished was crying loudly with the pain.

LEG n (1) The smooth and sensitive skin of the leg is a most suitable place on which to smack children.

“Do you remember how Miss Eden would punish us in the Infants?”
“Oh yes! She would usually push our socks down and slap the backs of our legs, but when she was really cross I remember she would pull our shorts up and make our thighs red and stinging with many slaps. Oh, what pain!

“Christopher, come here.” I came to Miss Eden's desk fearful of what would happen to me.
“Did you throw that piece of paper on to Eileen's desk?”
“Yes, Miss.”
“That's very naughty of you, Christopher. I will slap your leg. Turn round.”
She pushed my shorts right up then gave me six hard slaps high up on my leg which made me cry loudly.
“Now sit down and behave yourself, or I'll slap your other leg.”
“Yes, Miss,” I sobbed, and returned to my place.

LEG n (2) The legs of shorts or trousers should be raised before punishing so that you can smack the bare skin.

“I heard that, Masters, come here.” When he arrived I stood behind him and carefully raised the right leg of his grey short trousers until his thigh was completely bare. Holding his trouser leg up with my left hand, I reached for the hairbrush and gave him eight good, solid smacks on the back of his thigh. Loud cries issued from the boy as the smacks were applied and his thigh reddened. When I had finished I let go of his trouser leg which gradually returned to its normal position as he went sobbing to his seat.

LIFT UP THE LEG OF YOUR SHORTS v Orders the naughty boy to bare his thigh for smacking.

“What are you doing here?” Mr Andrews' voice echoed in the darkness, then the room was flooded in light. “Oh, it's you, Masters. You know very well that this room is out of bounds. I will smack your left thigh; lift up the leg of your shorts.” I absorbed the familiar words with resignation and bared my thigh without more ado, bending my knee as if to say, Smack me, please. Mr Andrews opened his hand and slapped all over the inside of my thigh, not particularly painfully but enough to make me wince and produce a large red patch on my leg. “Don't let me catch you here again.”

LOWER YOUR SHORTS v Used when ordering a naughty boy to bare his bottom before submitting it for punishment.

“You are here,” said the Headmaster, “because you wilfully and deliberately defied Mr Andrews during yesterday's Games lesson. To impress on you the seriousness of this misbehaviour I am going to spank you. Lower your shorts.” With trembling fingers I undid the belt of my grey shorts, opened the zip, and let them drop to the floor. “Thank you.” The Headmaster bent me over his desk, drew down my underpants and spanked me twelve times on each buttock with his clothes brush. My bottom was sore for the rest of the day, but I knew I had deserved my punishment.

PADDLE n (also v) A specially shaped piece of wood kept for giving spankings, or paddlings. Similar to an English cricket bat, but found mainly in the United States of America. Some are made with holes drilled through to lessen air resistance.

PAIN n The sharp, stinging, but short-lived sensation produced on the skin by corporal punishment.

“Bring me your work, Masters.” There was hardly any to see and I knew Mr Andrews wouldn't be pleased. “Is this all you've done?”
“Yes, Sir.”
“You have been wasting your time. Turn round.” I did as I was told. Mr Andrews pulled up the right leg of my shorts and began slapping the back of my thigh. After five slaps it hurt so much that I started to cry with the pain, but he carried on and slapped me ten times.

PAINFUL adj Describes a punishment that truly stings.

“Why weren't you in Chapel this morning?”
“I overslept, Sir.”
“What a feeble excuse! Maybe something painful, such as a good smacked thigh will help you to wake up in time. Pull up your trouser leg.”
Resigning myself to yet another painful smacking on my thigh, I did as I was told and pulled up the left leg of my shorts, completely baring my thigh for Mr Andrews' hairbrush.
“Thank you.” Mr Andrews picked up his hairbrush and smacked the inside of my thigh twelve times, producing copious tears and making me cry. When he had finished he surveyed the large red patch he had made on my leg, then said, “Well, Masters, I hope that smacking was sufficiently painful to encourage you to wake up earlier in future.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir,” I sobbed through my tears.

PHYSICAL PUNISHMENT n Punishment applied to the skin.

“I want to make sure you are all aware,” said the Headmaster to the new parents, “that we use physical punishment at this school when it is necessary. The younger children are slapped on their thighs when they are naughty, but for the older boys who misbehave I have several canes handy and will not hesitate to apply one of them to their bare bottoms.”

PULL UP YOUR TROUSER-LEG v When shorts are worn this command can be used for obtaining a bare thigh for punishment.

“Masters, come here.”
“Yes, Sir?”
“Why are you late?”
“I'm sorry, Sir, I didn't hear the bell.”
“What a feeble excuse! Being late for lessons is a punishable offence and I am going to smack you. You will be smacked ten times on the inside of your right thigh. Pull up your trouser-leg.” An expectant silence fell over the classroom as I took hold of the leg of my grey shorts and pulled it to the top of my thigh. I bent my leg out so that Mr Andrews could smack it. The resounding smacks filled the air and made my thigh sting so much that tears rolled down my face. At last the smacking stopped and Mr Andrews put down his hairbrush. “Sit down and get on with your work.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir,”
As I went back to my desk my trouser-leg gradually returned to its normal position, rubbing painfully on my smacked leg.

PUNISH v (punishing, punished) What you do to a child in response to disobedience or other misbehaviour.

“I suppose you know why you're here, Masters?”
“Yes, Sir, you're going to punish me.”
“Quite right, Masters, I am going to punish you. Any boy who disobeys instructions in the way you have done has to be punished.” I picked up a large hairbrush. “Stand over there and face the wall.” When Masters was in position I went to him and gently lifted the right leg of his shorts. Gripping the brush firmly I gave the back of his upper thigh ten hard smacks that turned the skin bright red and made the boy wince with the pain. I then raised the left leg of his shorts and smacked him again on the sensitive skin of his upper thigh. Cries and tears assured me that I was punishing this naughty boy effectively.
“You have been punished, Masters, because you deliberately disobeyed orders. And unless you change your ways I will punish you again, and continue punishing you until you have learnt that particular lesson is learnt. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”
“Good. Now go.”

PUNISHMENT n A painful experience for a naughty boy.

“I've come for my punishment, Sir.”
“Come in, Masters, I was expecting you... Stand in front of me and listen... You do realise why I have to give you a punishment?”
“Yes, Sir. It's because I was very naughty in bed yesterday, and when I am naughty I have to receive punishment, Sir.”
“Quite right, Masters. Your punishment will be a hard smacking on the inside of your right thigh. Pull up your trouser-leg.”
I dutifully raised the leg of my grey short trousers and stuck my thigh out for Mr Andrews to smack. He picked up his hairbrush and gave me twelve painful smacks right in the middle, on top of each other. I managed to stop myself from crying but the tears poured down my cheeks. When he had finished there was a large red patch on my leg and purple bruises.
“Now go, and if you don't behave yourself tonight I will give you a harder punishment tomorrow – at least two thigh smackings.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

RAISE THE LEG OF YOUR SHORTS v Used when you wish a boy to bare his own thigh before receiving a smacking.

“That's the third time I've told you to stop talking, Masters. Come here.” I reluctantly got out of my seat and went up to Mr Rutherford. “Raise the leg of your shorts, I'm going to smack the inside of your right thigh.” I took hold of the leg of my shorts and pulled it up to the top of my thigh. Mr Rutherford put his hand behind my knee and gently pushed my leg out a little, then opened his other hand and began slapping me. It stung quite a lot but didn't make me cry, though by the time he had finished there was a large red patch on my leg and it felt very hot.

RED adj Corporal punishment always turns the skin red.

I had been whining and complaining all day. Just before tea my mother's patience snapped. “I'm going to make your legs so red, my lad!” She took hold of me and laid me across her knees. “Right! I've just about had enough of your bad behaviour.” She pulled up both legs of my shorts then began to slap the backs of my thighs. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, over and over again, ignoring my loud crying. By the time she had finished, my legs were covered in bright red marks and she was panting with the exertion. “Now just behave yourself or I'll give you a red bottom as well.”

REDDEN v (reddening, reddened) To make the skin red – all corporal punishment reddens the skin to some extent.

Looking through the English Prep I noticed that Masters' book had hardly any work in it. “Come here, Masters.” When he arrived I showed him his book: “Where is the rest of your Prep, Masters?”
“I didn't have time to finish it, Sir.”
“You've hardly started, let alone finished. Turn round.” I lifted his right shorts leg and began to slap the back of his thigh. Watching the reddening skin I continued slapping until the whole length of his thigh had been reddened and the tears were pouring down his face. “Now make sure all your Prep is done in future. Sit down.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

RULER n Often used to administer minor corporal punishments, especially in the classroom.

One day Mr Andrews happened to notice me poking Coulson with my ruler. “I saw that, Masters. Bring me a 50cm stick from the back table and I will show you another unofficial use for a ruler.” I got out of my seat, fetched the ruler and handed it to Mr Andrews. “Thank you. Turn round. Now, perhaps this will help you to behave in the classroom.” He bent down behind me and made noises of appreciation at my long bare thighs emerging from the very short grey shorts I was wearing that day. I heard a swish, then the ruler came sharply into contact with the back of my thighs. I winced loudly. He smacked me three more times with the ruler and tears welled up in my eyes. After the lesson I examined the red lines on my legs in a mirror. They were still visible at lunch time.

SHORTS n Trousers with legs finishing above the knee; usually known as short trousers when worn by schoolboys, who use the word shorts for short trousers used for sport or leisure.

I am waiting outside the Headmaster's Study dressed in blue football shorts that are very short and wide, revealing most of my long, smooth thighs. “Come in.” I notice the Headmaster staring at my shorts and thighs as I enter. “Stand with your face to the wall.” I do as I am told: a few seconds later I feel the Headmaster pulling up the right leg of my shorts. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” I cry out as the Headmaster begins smacking me on the back of my thigh. After ten smacks I feel the other leg of my shorts being raised: I brace myself for another smacking...

When I was at Prep School we wore grey corduroy shorts that stopped way above our knees. When we had our blazers on you couldn't see our shorts at all, that's how short they were. The masters loved to smack our bare thighs and our shorts made us feel vulnerable as we could be slapped at any time. If we were getting a serious punishment we usually had to pull up the legs of our shorts before being smacked hard with a ruler or hairbrush right at the top of our thighs.

SHORTS LEG n The part of a pair of shorts that covers the upper thigh: raised before administering a smacking there.

“Why are you late home again?”
“Sorry, Daddy, I didn't see the time.”
“Not good enough.” My father took hold of my left shorts leg and pulled it up. “I hope this slapping will help you to come home on time in future.” He gave my shorts leg another tug so that the very top of my thigh was bared, then gave me such a slapping: the outside and back of my thigh was covered in red marks and I cried for ten minutes.

SHORT TROUSERS n Thigh-length trousers, also known as shorts, and favoured by the best school authorities for boys of all ages to wear.

“The uniform of this school,” said the Headmaster, “includes grey short trousers with legs that cover no more than one third of your thighs. Grey short trousers will be worn on schooldays from breakfast until the end of the afternoon session, on Saturdays until lunch time, and on Sunday mornings for breakfast and chapel. At other times you may wear your own shorts as long as they also cover no more than a third of your thighs. You must be prepared to have your short trousers and thighs measured at any time. This will be done by inserting a ruler up the inside of your thigh and the measurement taken at the kneecap. This length, divided by three and rounded down to the nearest inch will be maximum length of the legs of your short trousers, which can be shorter than that without penalty. Boys who wear long trousers, or short trousers that are too long will have their thighs smacked and the trousers removed.”

“Come in, Coulson. I want to check the length of those short trousers; they look a bit long to me.”
“My aunty gave them to me for my birthday, Sir.”
“Be that as it may, Coulson, any short trousers you wear must be regulation length. Stand there with your legs apart while I fetch my ruler.”
Mr Andrews gently pushed the ruler up the inside of my left thigh. It felt cold on my skin.
“Mm... nine inches, that means your shorts should not be more than three inches long. Take them off for me to check.”
I removed my shorts and handed them over. Mr Andrews laid the ruler on the inside leg.
“Yes, I thought so. Those legs are nearly four inches long. They are not regulation uniform and I will smack you on the outside of your left thigh.”
Mr Andrews told me to replace my shorts then made me pull up the leg for a painful smacking. I had to go to the dormitory and fetch my old pair and give him Aunty's present to look after till the end of term.

SIX OF THE BEST n Six strokes of the cane delivered with maximum force: the traditional number.

Jonathan was in trouble again – somehow he had managed to break his bedroom window and failed to convince me that it was an accident. I opened the wardrobe door and reached into the back behind the clothes where I kept a couple of long, springy canes. I selected one and turned towards my boy. “I'm sorry, son, but you will have to learn the hard way. I'm going to give you Six of the Best.”
Jonathan had turned very pale and was trembling.
“Oh please, Dad, not the cane!”
“Come on, lad, let's get this over with: you've done wrong and now you have to face the punishment. Take your trousers down.”
“Oh no, Dad, please!”
“All right, I'll give you a choice: Six of the Best on your bare bottom or Ten on your shorts.”
“I suppose I'll have Six of the Best, then.” Jonathan reluctantly undid his shorts and let them drop to the floor.
“Come on, pants down too, then bend over the bed.” Jonathan turned round, pulled his pants down and lay across my bed. I looked at his neat 13-year-old buttocks and thought how nice they will look decorated with red lines. Then, gripping the cane, I raised it high and brought it down smartly across Jonathan's bottom. There was a loud scream and a purple weal on his skin. The second stroke landed by the side of the first one producing another scream and the third stroke landed at the base of his buttocks. “Ow! Ow! Ow!” yelled Jonathan. Stroke four landed between the first two and renewed the loud screaming. The last two strokes were applied to his bare upper thighs and the noise reached a high pitch of terror.
“There you are, Six of the Best. Behave yourself in future.” I returned the cane to the wardrobe and left Jonathan to recover from his caning.

SLAP n A smack with the open hand.

“Are you copying Coulson's work, Masters?”
“No, Sir?”
“Bring it here, with Coulson's book.”
I looked at the two books. It was obvious whose work it was.
“Not only are you a cheat, Masters, you are a liar as well. I will have to teach you that what you are doing is wrong. Do you understand?”
“Yes, Sir.” I bared his left thigh by pulling up the leg of his shorts. I looked at the boy's smooth skin, then opened my hand and gave Masters a firm slap, high on the outside of his thigh. There was a wince and the shape of my hand appeared in red on the boy's leg. Another slap on the same place intensified the redness and produced a louder wince. By the time I had given Masters eight slaps tears were pouring down his face and the red patch covered a large area of his leg.
“That was for cheating, Masters. No turn round for another slapping for telling lies.” Masters did as he was told. I pulled up the right leg of his shorts and gave the outside and back of the upper thigh ten slaps that produced another large red patch and made him cry loudly.
“Now sit down, and do your own work.”

SLAP v (slapping, slapped) To punish with slaps, i.e. the open hand.

My brother ran crying into the kitchen. A few seconds later my mother appeared looking cross. “How many times do I have to tell you not to tease Michael?”
“I'm sorry, Mummy.”
“And so you will be after I've slapped you. Stand up.” As soon as I was on my feet she took hold my right shorts leg and pulled it up.
“Ow!” I cried as she began to slap the back of my thigh. Taking no notice of the noise I was making she continued slapping me painfully. She must have slapped me about twenty times before the punishment was over. I fell into the chair crying loudly and tried to rub the pain from my red and stinging thigh.
“Now don't let me have to do that again!”

SLAPPING n A punishment of several slaps.

“Come here, Michael. I heard what you just said to your mother and now I'm going to give you such a slapping.”
He looked at me tearfully.
“I'm sorry, Daddy, I didn't mean it. Don't slap me, please.”
“I'm sorry, too, but you shouldn't say things you don't mean.”
I sat down and pulled Michael over my knees. He was wearing a pair of blue cotton shorts with very short wide legs. I pulled up his little shorts as high as I could completely baring his thighs and the lower half of his bottom. Then, ignoring the screams and cries, I then gave the back of each thigh a thorough slapping, alternating from left to right leg and covering both legs from buttock to knee with intense redness, speckled with purple bruises. A few firm slaps directly on to his bare bottom completed the slapping and I stood Michael on his feet and addressed his snivelling face.
“Now I hope, my son, that the slapping I have just given you has taught you how to speak to your parents.”
“Yes, Daddy.”
“Good.” And I left him to finish crying and think about his behaviour.

SLIPPER n In school it is usually an old, large plimsoll specially kept for spanking bottoms. At home it may be an old bedroom slipper.

“Why are you late, Benson?”
“I don't know, Sir.”
“Fetch the slipper.” I went to Mr Morley's office and knocked on the door. “Come in.”
“Please, Sir, Mr Thomas sent me to get the slipper.”
“Oh dear, Benson, I presume he's going to use it on you?”
“Yes, Sir.” Mr Morley opened a drawer and took out a large, old gym shoe which had been used to smack thousands of bottoms since it last went on a foot. I carried the awful object back to the classroom and presented it to Mr Thomas.
“Thank you, Benson.” Mr Thomas pointed to a desk in the front row: “Bend over.” I did as I was told. Soon WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK WHACK filled the air as I received Six of the Best with the slipper for lateness.

SLIPPER v (slippering, slippered) To punish with a slipper, usually by spanking the bottom.

“Now, Brown, perhaps you can explain why you went out of the school grounds this afternoon without permission.” The boy in front of me remained silent. “You know the rules for going out; what do you think I am about to do to you?” More silence. “Come on, Brown, I want to hear you speak. In fact, if you don't speak I will have to punish you twice instead of once. Now, answer my question.”
“You're going to slipper me, Sir.”
“Right, Brown. For breaking a school rule you are going to be slippered. Take your trousers down and bend over the desk.” The boy undid his grey shorts and let them drop to the floor, then, with a hostile glance at me, placed himself across the desk. I picked up his shirt tail and folded it over his back, surveying the bottom covered in thin white pants that was to be my target area. I gripped the size nine plimsoll that I used on these occasions firmly and brought it down hard on to Brown's underpants.
“Ow!” said the boy. Eleven more smacks, eleven more Ows and the punishment was over.

SLIPPERING n A spanking with a slipper.

“Oh, Headmaster, will you have a word with Benson and Brown? They've been going round hitting smaller boys.”
“Of course, Miss Pitt, send them to me and I'll give each of them a well-deserved slippering.” A minute later the two culprits appeared sheepishly at the door.
“Ah, Benson and Brown, come in. Miss Pitt tells me you've been using your fists on smaller boys. Is that true?”
“Yes, Sir,” they chorused.
“This is a serious complaint, but I'm not wasting time giving you a long lecture. I hope a slippering will be a sufficient lesson. Bend over and touch your toes.”
The boys got into position while I opened a drawer and took out the large, bendy slipper that was my most useful educational aid. Gripping it firmly I commenced the slipperings, giving each tightly bent over bottom Six of the Best!

SMACK n To hit the body with the open hand or a flat instrument.

“Come out, John, and stand with your face to the wall.” I joined Michael, another naughty boy, while the rest of the school went inside line by line. When we were the only children left Miss Lipton came over to us. “You know very well that you're supposed to stand still when the whistle blows.”
“Yes, Miss.” Several sharp smacks rang out and Michael started crying. Then I felt Miss Lipton pushing my sock down and was given a hard smack on my leg. She pushed the other sock down and gave me another smack. Then one more smack on each leg. I didn't cry but it hurt a lot. I heard five more smacks which made Michael cry loudly, and then I felt the leg of my shorts being pulled up and got five hard smacks on the back of my thigh which made tears come to my eyes.

SMACK v (smacking, smacked) To punish with smacks.

My mother came bursting into the sitting room. “I told you if I ever caught you looking in that drawer again I would smack you, so come here and be smacked.”
As soon as I was within reach she grabbed me, pulled up the left leg of my shorts and began to smack the outside of my thigh with her hand. She must have sensed that it wasn't hurting me very much because she suddenly stopped and said, “You need smacking harder,” and went into the hall, returning a moment later with the large wooden clothes brush kept there. “Right, now I'm going to smack you with this. Pull up your right trouser leg and stick your knee out.”
I did as I was told and was smacked painfully ten times high on the inside of my thigh. This made me cry loudly, and afterwards I noticed there was a large bruise on my leg.

SMACKING n A punishment consisting of several smacks.

“Where is your handkerchief, Roger?”
“I forgot it, Miss.”
“You heard me say yesterday that anyone who came to school without a handkerchief would be given a smacking.”
“I'm sorry, Miss, I'll bring one tomorrow.”
“I hope so, Roger. But you've still got to have your smacking.” Miss Porter took the wooden blackboard duster from her table.
“Turn round and hold up the right leg of your shorts.” Roger faced away, then put his hand behind him and took hold of the leg of his grey short trousers. He raised the material an inch or two.
“That won't do, Roger,” said Miss Porter. “You've had enough smackings to know that your trouser-leg must be pulled right to the top of your thigh.” Roger obeyed and Miss Porter began to smack him with the flat back of the board duster. Roger started crying as his thigh turned red and purple from the smacking. Eventually Miss Porter put the duster down.
“Now, I hope that smacking will help you to remember to bring a handkerchief. Sit down.”
Roger went back, lowering his smacked thigh very slowly on to his seat.

SMART v (smarting, smarted) To feel the sharp, stinging pain of punishment.

I had been annoying my mother all morning. Eventually her patience snapped. “I've just about had enough of you. Come here.”
I went to her, guessing what was about to happen, especially as I was wearing my usual short shorts with most of my legs bare.
“I'm going to make your thighs smart, my lad.”
She stood in front of me and began to slap my legs on the outside, first one thigh then the other: left, right, left, right: SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP.
“Now go and find something to do on your own,” she said when the slapping was finally over. I crept out of the room in tears clutching my smarting legs.

SPANK n A smack on the bottom.

“For breaking that dish and denying you did it I will have to give you some spanks.” Before Christopher had time to protest I put my hands up his shorts legs and found his pants. Gripping both pants and shorts legs I gave a sharp pull and the garments dropped to the floor. With my left hand I lifted his shirt out of the way, then opened my hand and administered a crisp spank in the centre of each buttock. Red handprints appeared and Christopher started crying. Ignoring the noise I gave him six more hard spanks on his little bare bottom, turning it deep red. Christopher screamed in pain.
“Now don't lie to me again or you will be given more spanks.”

SPANK v (spanking, spanked) To smack the bottom.

“What are we going to do with you, John, you are such a naughty boy? Your parents will have to pay ₤30 to replace Millicent's dress, and they may decide to punish you for that. For your bad behaviour in school I am going to spank you. As you are only five and this is your first visit I won't use my special hairbrush this time, but I will show it to you.”
Miss Lipton took a large wooden hairbrush out of a drawer. “This is what I use to spank very naughty children and the next time you come I will spank you with it.” She came to me and bent me over. I could feel my shorts tight across my buttocks as I waited staring at the floor, and soon I was feeling stinging pain as she began to spank me. I began to cry, because although I still had my shorts on and Miss Lipton was using her hand, it was more than I could bear. Miss Lipton knew how to spank all right! Eventually she stopped spanking me and I left her room, sobbing loudly and clutching my stinging bottom.

SPANKING n A punishment of several spanks.

Getting spankings was an essential part of my growing up. My parents were giving me daily spankings before I was two years old. Starting school at five opened up enormous possibilities for naughtiness, and the spankings which I fully accepted were necessary to pay for it. My parents believed that no spanking was any good unless applied to the bare bottom, and perfected the art of the sudden grab at my shorts legs which usually brought my pants down as well. In the Juniors when I was told to take my trousers down I always enjoyed the suspense of slowly undoing my shorts, then letting them drop before bending over for yet another spanking on my bare bottom.

STICK n A long, thin piece of wood used to punish naughty children.

From infancy until late teenage I lived under the threat of the stick which hung on the kitchen wall as a constant reminder. When we were told to Fetch the stick we would take it off its hook and bring it to mother or father. When we were small it was used six or seven times across the backs of our bare legs, but in our teens we also got it on our bare bottoms, between six and twelve strokes across both buttocks and upper thighs. That's the sort of strict upbringing I had!
“John, fetch the stick.” I went into the kitchen, took the stick off its special hook on the wall and handed it to my father. “Turn round.” I did as I was told and soon felt a sharp stinging across the back of my bare legs.
“Ow! Ow!” I yelled out and continued crying while the stick slashed my bare thighs seven times. The short shorts I was wearing were no protection at all.
“Now don't let me catch you in the larder again.” The stick was thrust into my hand. With the backs of my legs still stinging I returned the stick to the kitchen then rubbed my thighs vigorously to try to lessen the pain. A few minutes later I was in the bathroom looking at my legs in the mirror: the lines made by the stick were deep red and would still be there two hours later.

STING n Sharp pain on the skin produced by effective corporal punishment.

“Did you, Masters, deliberately make Lawrie cry by hitting him with your ruler?”
“Yes, Sir, but he was teasing me, Sir.”
“That is no reason to hit him. You will now feel the sting of my ruler, which is much heavier than yours, on the back of your thighs. Hold up your trouser legs while I smack you.”
I raised my shorts legs and felt tears welling up in my eyes as Mr Andrews took his heavy two-foot ruler off the desk.
“Turn round.” A resounding smack, and, “Ow!” Another smack: “Ow!” The sting was intense as the ruler lashed across the back of both bare thighs. He gave me seven smacks in all, by which time I was crying freely as the sting spread over my skin.
“Sit down and behave yourself.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.”

STING v (stinging, stung) To punish with sharp pain on the skin.

Whenever our children misbehaved we would sting their legs with a stick. This was kept on display in the living room to remind them how it could sting. Every few days we used it to punish one or more of our four children. The small ones would be stung three or four times on their calves unless they were very naughty when we would sting their thighs instead. The older ones were laid on a bed and were given at least twelve hard strokes across their bare thighs which usually stung enough to make them cry.

STINGING adj Describes the pain produced by corporal punishment.

“Come here, Masters. Why did you try to trip Watson up just then?”
“I don't know, Sir.”
“You need to experience a stinging thigh. Turn round.” I did as I was told and tried to look brave as I faced the class. Mr Andrews picked up his hairbrush, raised the right leg of my shorts and smacked the back of my thigh ten times. I just managed to avoid crying, but the tears poured down my cheeks. At last the smacking was over.
“Sit down.”
“Yes, Sir, thank you, Sir.” I went back to my seat rubbing my leg vigorously, and sat down holding my thigh off the seat until the stinging went away.

STRAP n A strip of leather used for punishing.

“For being discovered smoking on school premises I am going to give you the strap. Present your thighs.”
“Oh, Sir, not my thighs, please Sir!”
“Do as you are told at once!”
Warton reluctantly parted his legs to receive the strap on his inner thighs. His short blue sports shorts exposed the whole length of his thighs to the air. I gripped the strap and whipped it sharply across Warton's left inner thigh. The leather wrapped round to the back of his thigh and must have stung terribly: there was a vivid red stripe and a grunt of pain. I changed position and applied the strap to Warton's right inner thigh with the same effect. The second and third strokes of the strap on his reddening inner thighs produced more grunts, but after the fourth one Warton let out a yelp of pain that showed he was really suffering.
“You may go.” Warton went out slowly, rubbing his hands between his thighs to try to ease the pain.

STRAP v (strapping, strapped) To administer punishment with a strap.

“I have decided to strap you, Williams, for general and persistent untidiness. As this is the first time I will not be too severe: you will be strapped six times across the backs of your thighs. Lie across the sofa, take hold of your shorts legs and pull them up as high as you can. Your hands will remain there while I am strapping you. If you move your hands before I have finished you will be strapped again, on your bare bottom.”
“Yes, Sir.” Williams did as he was told, baring the backs of his large, smooth thighs. I started to strap him and his thighs soon turned very red. Judging from the noise he was making, this punishment was hurting Williams a good deal, and hopefully doing him a lot of good.
After six whacks I stopped and addressed the crying boy laid on the sofa, “You have been strapped this afternoon, Williams, in an attempt to improve your appearance, and the appearance of your exercise books. Please try to remember that. Now get up and go.”
Williams took his hands from his shorts legs and slowly raised himself from the sofa. As he left I was able to enjoy looking at the intense redness on the back of his well-formed thighs. There goes a well-punished naughty boy!

STRAPPING n A punishment with a strap.

“Stealing is wrong, Osborne. In order to impress this fact upon you I am going to give you a strapping. Take your shorts down.” Osborne lowered his shorts to his ankles. I indicated a cleared area of my desk. “Bend over there.” Osborne assumed the submissive position. I lifted his shirt on to his back and pulled his vest out of his underpants. Then I picked up my strap and strapped him ten times on his underpants followed by six on his bare upper thighs. He made a lot of noise, especially when I started on his bare thighs, which turned deep red and purple in places. The marks made by my strapping would be visible for the rest of the day!

When I was naughty I would be sent to my bedroom to wait for my father to come and give me a strapping. I would first have to change into my football shorts, then lie on my bed with my shorts pulled up as high as I could. My father would bring the heavy leather belt he always used on me and stand by my side. Before my strapping he would tell me why I was being punished, then pause while I waited anxiously for the strap to land on my thighs. And it was always much more painful than I remembered and left huge purple weals on my legs that took days to fade.

STROKE n Each time an implement of punishment strikes the skin a stroke is administered.

“Your behaviour on the football field this afternoon was disgraceful and will not go unpunished. I am going to give you eight strokes on the back of each thigh with the clothes brush. Pull your shorts as high as they will go then put your hands on your head.”
I did as I was told and braced myself for the painful strokes of the brush on my bare legs. After four strokes my legs hurt so much that I instinctively put my hand down.
“I told you to keep your hands on your head. You will get two extra strokes for that.”
“Sorry, Sir.”
“Yes, so am I. Just make sure your hands stay on your head until I have finished.”
It was a struggle but I managed to keep my hands away from my legs until I had received ten strokes of the brush.

SWISH v (swishing, swished) To cane.

SWISH n The noise a cane makes in the air.

“Can we meet at half past one?”
“Sorry, no, the Old Man wants to see me: I think he's going to swish me.”
“Oh, hard cheese!”
“I can't really complain because I was caught smoking yesterday by Mr Hutchinson and I'm pretty sure he told the Old Man.”
“OK, I'll see after you've been swished, and you can show me the marks!”

SWISHING n What schoolboys sometimes call a caning.

“I've got to see the Boss now.”
“What does he want you for?”
“I shall probably get a swishing.”
“Were you expecting it?”
“Yep! I went out in long trousers yesterday.”
“You idiot, you know what he thinks of that.”
“My uncle always makes fun of my school shorts and I thought I'd risk it.”
“You might have known that the Boss would be keeping a sharp look out on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps your uncle would like to go to the study instead of you and have your swishing.”
“Ha bloody ha.”

SWITCH n A light cane used in the home for giving minor punishments.

We were sitting round the kitchen table finishing off our breakfast.
“Just one matter to clear up before you all go off to play,” said our father. He opened a cupboard and brought out the remains of a vase I had broken three days ago and thought had not been noticed. My sudden colouring made it plain to all that I was the culprit.
“Mark, fetch the switch, all the others can go.” I collected the switch from its hook in the hall and went back to my father.
“Thank you,” he said, “we'll do this one step at a time. Stand there with the legs of your shorts pulled up and keep them up until I have finished. First, how did you come to break the vase?”
“I was playing with a ball.”
“I see – for playing with a ball indoors...”
He slashed the switch five times across the back of my thighs. “Ow! Ow!”
“There's more to come. Two: for hiding it in the cupboard and hoping it would not be noticed...”
Four more painful swipes across the back of my legs.
“Three: for not owning up to your mistake the same day...”
Five swipes on my calves, “...or the next day...” Five more swipes, “...or even the third day...” Seven strokes across my thighs that made me scream with the pain.
“Let your shorts legs down and take the switch back.”
My legs hurt so much I could hardly move them, and my shorts chafed against the tender skin every time I moved. I reached out through my tears and took the switch from my father.“
”Thank you, father, for my punishment. I will return the switch to its appointed place.“

TAKE YOUR TROUSERS DOWN v Command used before punishing the bare bottom.

“Once again, Johnson, you have been caught out-of-bounds. I am going to give you a good smacked bottom. Take your trousers down.” I undid my grey shorts with trembling fingers and let them drop to the floor. “Thank you. Bend over the desk.” I stepped out of my shorts, went over to the punishment desk and draped my body over it. The Headmaster came over to me and gently drew my underpants down. There was an agonising pause as he picked up his clothes brush. I felt the cool air on my bottom and knew that it would be two hours before it felt cool again. SMACK! The spanking had begun with a stinging blow to my left buttock. Soon another smack added to the pain I was feeling. I began to cry and continued screaming whilst the Headmaster smacked me twenty times in all. “Put your trousers on and leave.” I slowly raised myself from the desk and looked through my tears for my grey short trousers on the floor. As I pulled my pants up, then my trousers, I winced as my bottom reminded me forcibly of the spanking I had just received.

TAN v (tanning, tanned) To punish thoroughly.

Whilst staying at my cousin's I broke a pane in my uncle's greenhouse. “Just you wait till my Dad sees that,” said John, “he'll tan you so hard!”
“How did that window get broken?” Uncle Jack said to John when he came home.
“That was Michael,” said my cousin.
“So...” Uncle Jack turned to me, “it's your bottom that needs tanning this evening.”
“Yes, Uncle, I'm sorry.”
“Oh, well, it makes a change from tanning John: he gets plenty of hidings. Go to your bedroom while I fetch the cane from the shed.”... An hour later Auntie brought me some supper. The Six of the Best Uncle Jack had given me had really hurt, especially as he had made me take my shorts off first, and I had only just stopped crying.

TANNING n A severe corporal punishment.

“Here's a letter from school.” With his eyes on the floor Jonathan thrust the envelope into my hand. I opened it and read in disbelief: missing from a teacher's drawer has been discovered in Jonathan's schoolbag. When confronted with this he did not deny that he had taken it. We suggest that you have a serious talk with your son and punish him in whatever way you think suitable...
“We'll have the serious talk later. Before that, my boy, you're going to get a tanning, a real good one. Go to your room, remove your shorts and pants and lie face down on the bed.”
I took the large wooden clothes brush off the hall stand and went up the stairs. I entered Jonathan's bedroom. He had prepared himself for punishment and was spread-eagled face down on his bed, naked from bottom to ankle. I removed my jacket, picked up the clothes brush, folded Jonathan's shirt back, then began to spank his bare bottom. When bruises began to appear I continued the punishment on his thighs until they were as red as his bottom...

TAWSE n A leather strap with two or three tails on the end used in schools for giving punishments. The traditional Scottish punishment implement.

“This is the third time this week that your homework is incomplete. Bring me the tawse from Mr Macdonald's room.” Angus went out and returned a few minutes later with the tawse. We looked on in anticipation: we were all liable to be given the tawse but this time I was lucky to be able to watch someone else's punishment. “Thank you.” Mr Scott took the tawse from Angus. “Three on each. Hold out your hand.” Angus presented his right palm uppermost. Mr Scott pulled up the boy's shirt sleeve then stood back and raised the tawse... SLAP! SLAP! SLAP! Angus gave a yelp of pain. “The other hand.” The process was repeated while we looked on in a sort of detached excitement. “Sit down.” With his hands tightly pressed into his armpits and tears pouring down his face Angus went back to his seat.

THIGH n The smooth, fleshy upper leg is an ideal place upon which to smack naughty boys. Just make sure they always wear short trousers.

Throughout childhood my thighs were smacked whenever I was naughty. Some of my earliest memories are of the stinging pain on my thighs after a good slapping from my mother or father. From the start I was a naughty boy at school and was used to teachers pulling up one of the legs of my grey short trousers and slapping me hard on my thigh. At the Junior School I was made to pull up my own trouser-leg and stick my thigh out to be smacked. My Scoutmaster would sit me on his knee, lift up the leg of my short khaki shorts and slap the front of my thigh. When I joined the Senior School I had my thighs smacked many times with a large wooden hairbrush. Even in the Sixth Form when I was allowed to wear long trousers I had my thighs smacked by the Headmaster. He made us change into sports shorts so he could smack our bare thighs.

THIGH-SLAPPING n Several slaps on the bare thigh: a suitable punishment for young children, who should be in shorts at all times.

I remember being naughty when visiting my mother's friend, Mrs Wheeler. She had an interesting collection of ornaments on her mantelpiece which I found irresistible. I removed one.
“Put that back,” said my mother. I pretended to be deaf. “Did you hear?” I turned away, clutching the ornament. “Right! I've had enough. I'm sorry, Mrs Wheeler, but I'm going to punish him now, before any of your things get broken.”
She took the ornament out of my hand and replaced it on the mantelpiece, then spoke to me, “You, my boy, are going to get a hard thigh-slapping before you do any more damage.” Before I had time to try and dodge her she grabbed me and placed me across her lap, pushed up the right leg of my little shorts and applied six firm slaps high on the outside of my thigh. I screamed in pain. She took me off her lap and addressed my tearful face, “Now, unless you want another thigh-slapping do as you are told at once!”

THIGH-SMACKING n A series of smacks applied to the bare thigh with the open hand or a flat instrument.

Having received many thigh-smackings as a boy, I decided to punish my own boy in the same way. When he was little his thigh-smackings were given with my hand. Soon after his eighth birthday, I introduced him to the hairbrush when he deliberately disobeyed instructions. I called him and said, “Once again you have been naughty and I'm going to give you a thigh-smacking, but to make the smacking hurt more I am going to use this hairbrush.” I pulled up the nearest leg of his shorts and smacked him twice hard on the outside of his thigh. There was a loud scream, which I ignored, smacking him twice more on the same spot before putting the brush down.
As he grew older I increased the severity of the thigh-smackings until by the time he was twelve I was giving him between ten and fifteen hard smacks each time.

THRASH v (thrashing, thrashed) To administer a severe punishment.

“Where have you been, my friend?”
“I had to see the Headmaster for going out without permission.”
“What did he do?”
“He put on his most serious look and lectured me f