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Joshua in diapers

by Wetbed

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This is a true story.

This happened to me a summer night when I was 10 year old. I was a bedwetter, but this was before the era of Goodnites and Underjames disposable underpants. All there was back then were wet beds, and, well, diapers. For a while I had put up with a wet bed, but eventually I had got tired of waking up wet. And when my parents had come up with the suggestion of diapers, I eventually, begrudgingly, accepted.

“'s time to get ready for bed” my mom called.

“Just a few more minutes mom!” I said, calling from the front of the TV.

“NOW mister!” My mom said, turning off the TV. “If you move quick you might be able to get a few minutes in before bed. Mom punctuated that statement with a smack on my butt as I staggered from the TV room toward my bedroom.

Mom followed, turning on the water in the tub before coming into my bedroom. I guess since I was still wet the bed and was diapered at night, I was a pretty dependent little kid, so I waited for my mom to help me get into the tub. When mom came into the room I lifted my hands over my head and she pulled my tee off.

“Stand up Joshy” mom ordered.

Standing up, mom reached her fingers and unsnapped my pants. She then lowered the zipper. “Step out” she said and I stepped out of my pants. Standing there just in my Fruit of the Loom underpants, mom quickly slipped her fingers into those and pulled them down. I wasn't embarrassed to be standing in front of mom naked. She had raised me, and seen me naked almost every day of my life. I did have to pee pretty bad though as I had been downing cokes all day while watching TV and playing video games. Once mom had my underpants off, I instinctively grabbed my two inch penis and squeezed it a few times. Mom gave me a quick spank on my bare bottom “Joshua! Stop playing with yourself!”

“But mom, I gotta pee!!”

“So go pee Joshua! You know better then to playing with yourself. In this house, boys caught playing with themselves get a bare bottom spanking! Now go pee!”

With a little sting in my bottom from the one spank I went to the bathroom and relieved myself. I then jumped in the tub. Mom came in and and helped me wash off, and then toweled me off and headed to my bedroom. I followed in my birthday suit and jumped onto the bed as mom plopped a large Huggies disposable diaper onto to bed next to where I was sitting. Even though I was 10, I was small for my age, and the largest of the kids diapers still fit me. She had me lay back on the bed as she unfolded the diaper. She then grabbed my legs and tipped me back into the air and pushed the unfoled diaper under my bottom. Before laying me down though she grabbed the bottle of baby powder off the shelf and sprinkled a generous amount of powder on my penis and testitcles. She then took her hand and spread the powder around. As with every night though, when her hand started to stroke my penis and scrotum, it brought my little circumcised pecker to 2.5 inches of full attention. I had just recently learned what it meant to be circumcised as little brother was not. I was become fascinated with out tight my little circ was and the funny folds of skin that my 6 year old brother had. After being thoroughly powdered, mom pushed the thick diaper up between my legs and taped them securely. I sat up and she helped me get on a large t-shirt of daddy's that I used as a night shirt. Since it was a summer night, I didn't bother to put anything on for PJ bottoms.

“Ok honey, you can go play for 30 min if you want”

“Thanks mom”

I went and plopped down on the floor in front of the TV, but the show I was watching before my bath was over and there was nothing else on, so I hit the Nintendo and started playing Zelda. I started getting really far on a level I hadn't been on before, and was really excited. But then the cokes I had been drinking caught up to me. But I didn't want to press pause! I was doing so well. So without thinking much about it I let loose and wet my diaper. I had been punished before for using my diaper when not asleep before, but in all the excitement of the video game. I didn't think about it.

Unfortunately the Huggies weren't hugging that well, and in a few minutes my mom was in the room to tell me it was time to go to bed. But when she came in the first thing she said was
“Josh! Why is there a wet stop on the rug! If you have a wet diaper young man you are in for good spanking right now!”

My mom yanked me by the arm and pulled me up. Standing in front of her, she hooked a finger under the crotch portion of my obviously wet diaper and gave it a squeeze.

“Josh! I am so ashamed of you. These diapers are because you wet the bed, not because you cannot get up from in front of the TV to go to the bathroom!. This is just plain lazy of you! I guess I need to spank your bare bottom like the baby you are acting like!”.

“No mommy! I'm sorry. I just got excited playing Nintendo! please don't spank me! I won't do it again.”

“You had better not! And I am sure you won't after I am through with you.”

With that mom sat down on the edge of the couch and pulled me in front of her

She pulled off the oversized tshirt I was wearing as a night shirt so she could easily get to the tapes of my diaper.

I started to cry. “PLEASE don't spank me mommy!! I'm too old for a spanking!! I won't do it again!” I don't know why I tried this line of reasoning, but I thought a big 10 year old WAS too old for a spanking.

“If you aren't old enough to get up and go to the bathroom to pee then you are certainly not too old for a spanking Joshua!”

Now standing there in just my huggies she started to untape the diaper tapes. She was kinda rough about it, so my hips got tugged to each side as the tapes were undone. Once the top tapes were undone, she slipped her fingers in the diaper and pulled it straight down. For the second time that night I was standing in front of my mom naked.

Mom grabbed me by the wrist and pulled me over her lap. My bottom was kind of wet still, and I could smell the wet diaper that had just come off now sitting on the floor not far from my face. Mom reached between my legs and pulled my thigh over to center me on her lap. Her arm brushed right up against my little boy sack when she was doing this though and gave me a strange tingle in my stomach. Not entirely unpleasant. She then took her left arm and wrapped it around my waist to hold me on her lap.

“Josh you are a very bad boy and bad boys get their bare bottoms spanked!”

With that she raised her right hand and brought it down HARD on my bare bottom. And because my bottom was still damp it stung ferociously!!

“Owwwwwhh wahwahwah!!!” I started to cry from the first spank.


“Wahh, wahhh, waahhhh, wahhh, wahhh!!!!” I blubbered as the spanks reigned down on my naked butt.

By 10 spanks I was bucking and kicking and wriggling trying to get away from the fiery spanks landing on my rear!

“Pleeeassseee mommy!!! SPANK No more!! SPANK I won't wet my diaper on purpose againnnnnnnn!!!!!

Mom wouldn't hear any of it. She gave me something like 20 good swats before letting me up. By this point I was nearly out of breath. It took me several seconds before I realized the spanking was over, and I just laid draped over my mommy's lap. A soundly spanked 10 year old. Mom stood me up and I started to try and rub the sting from my bottom. I no longer even realized I was naked. As I was catching my breath, I could see my baby brother Justin had was peeking in from outside the hall. A big grin on his face. I gave him a snicker.

Mom took me by the wrist and dragged me off to my bedroom buck naked. In the distance from the living room to the bedroom I had somehow forgotten my place in the world. Mommy asked me if I needed to go pee before getting a clean diaper

“No!” I shouted. “Leave me alone!!”

Well mom didn't much care for that tone, not surprisingly.

“I guess someone needs a spanking with a hairbrush to get rid of that attitude!” With that mom started walking toward the bathroom.

“Nooooo!!!” I wailed. And started to cry again. Not realizing I had brought this on myself.

Mom came back with a wooden hard back hairbrush that we got spanked with when we had really done something bad. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me over her lap again.
I was crying before the first spank landed.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! The hairbrush echoed off the wall of my small room in rapid fire spanks on my already tender bottom.

“OWWWW!!! OWWWW! wahhh wahh wahh!!” I blubbered and bucked and kicked. Mom gave me ten good spanks at least with the hairbrush before stopping. After that she pulled me onto the bed and went to get a clean diaper.

As I settled down and rubbed my bottom, my mom got some more diaper powder. Once on my back she lifted my legs up and tucked a dry diaper under my red bottom. She looked me in the eye and said “these diapers are for bed wetters! Don't let me ever catch you intentionally wetting them again or I you will get a spanking much worse then this one!” She punctuated that statement with three hard spanks to my lifted bottom while in the diaper position.

I cried again cause my bottom was so sore. She rubbed baby powder over my behind and privates and taped the diaper into place. I immediately flipped onto my stomach and stuck my hand down the back of my diaper to try and rub some of the sting away. And then quietly cried myself to sleep.

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