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iCarly Cast Spanked - A Fanfic

by A Suite Life

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 07 Jun 2009

The following is a fan-fiction story, which is entirely fiction. This story contains the spanking of children, masturbation, and sex. The sex is mutual, The spankings are delevired both as punishment and as mutual enjoyment. The charaters are owned by Nick. This is pure fiction.

Carly, Sam, and Freedy were good friends and had a webshow together. Sam and Carly were the star's and Freedy was the techinical producer. Sam and Freedy often are fighting and Freedy has a huge crush on Carly. Carly lives in an apartment with her older brother Spencer. Carly, Sam, and Freedy were all 13 years old and Spencer was 23.

Carly was sitting on the couch in her living room with her best-friend Sam watching the iWeb awards when there was a knock at the door. Carly got up and opened the door and Freedy, her friend, neighbor, and the technical producer of her and Sam's web show, walked in the room.

The following is the script between the charaters of iCarly. C=Carly, S=Sam, F=Freedy, Sp=Spencer

F: Are we going to reherse for tonights show?
C: Yea, lets go get ready it's almost 7.
S: Let me get something to eat first.
C: Hurry Up.
S: Yea, yea.

The 3 kids went up do the iCarly studio and started the show and continued it for about 30 minutes.

C: Ok iCarly viewers that's all we have for tonight. Check out again next week.
S: Bye people, and by the way Freedy has never kissed a girl. Never.

Freedy droped the camera and cut off the show.

C: You ruined Freedy's life Sam.
F: How could you Sam?
S: You called me retarded at school so now were even.
F: You just told the whole world I've never kissed a girl. I Quit, find yourself a new producer.
C: Don't quit Freedy.
S: Yea, I'm Sorry.
F: No your not, you'll just make fun of me again by tommorow.
C: Please, don't quit Freedy.
S: I'm sorry, please don't leave the show. We need you. What is it going to take to make you forgive me?
F: I want to give you a spanking!
S: A what?
F: If you want me to stay then you will let me give you a spanking.
S: Fine, you can give me a spanking, go for it.

Sam bent over the back of the couch.

F: No, come over here.
S: Fine.

Sam walked over to the wooden chair where Freedy was sitting and stood in front of him. Freedy Unbuttoned Sam's pants and pulled them down to her ankles and pulled her over his lap by the arm. Next Freedy rolled down Sam's panties right below her butt. Laying across Freedy's legs was his 13 year old friend without any pants waiting for him to give her a spanking.

F: Sam, you have been a very naughty girl. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. SPANK. What you did was very mean and it hurts. You embarsed me in front of thousands of people. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK.
S: Oww, Please stop. I'm sorry. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK.
F: You were very naughty and you deserve this spanking so I will not stop. SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK SPANK.
S: Pleae don't. It Hurts. (Sam was crying and in tears.)
F: Carly will you hand me that belt.
C: Haven't you spanked her enough.
F: No, she has to learn her lesson, now give me the belt.
C: Here.
S: Please not the belt, I won't make fun of you any more.
C: She's crying and her butt is completly red. SPANK SPANK SPANK Please stop for me. You can make SPANK SPANK her stand in the corner. SPANK SPANK
F: SPANK SPANK All done now go stand in the corner.
S: I'm Sorry Freedy, I won't make fun of you ever again.
F: I forgive you, but you have to be nicer to me.
S: Sorry.
F: Stay in the corner, I'm going to get a drink.

Freedy and Carly left the room and went downstairs to the kitchen.

C: Did you have to spank her that hard, how would you like it if she did that to you.
F: I wouldn't agree to it.
C: She's really hurt. Your a jerk.
F: But, Carly.
C: No, that was so mean. You guys are so mean to each other. Maybe I should give you a spanking.
F: No way.
C: Than just get out.
F: Carly,
C: No, either let me spank you or leave.
F: Fine, but can we do it when Sam's not here.
C: Deal, Go tell Sam she can go home so I can get started on your little bubble butt.

Freedy went back up stairs and told Sam that he was sorry he hit her so hard and that she could go home. Sam apolozied to Freedy once again and left. Freedy sat down on the couch in the studio waiting for Carly to come up. Carly entered the room with a leater strap in her hand that was about a foot long, 3 inches wide, and 1/2 inch thick. Carly sat down on the wooden chair with the strap in her hand.

C: You have been very naughty Freedy, you and Sam fight way too much and I am sick of it.
F: Sorry Carly.
C: Now take all of your clothes off and get ready for a hard spanking. This is the strap Spencer uses on me when I misbehave and it really hurts.

Freedy took all of his clothes off and stood in front of the girl he loved butt naked. Freedy's penis was stiff already and was 4 inches long. Carly grabbed her friend's arm and pulled his naked body over his lap.

C: You have been a naughty little boy and you deserve a hard spanking. SPANK
F: Oww, I'm sorry Carly. SPANK. Please Stop.
C: SPANK, I'm glad your sorry but you SPANK have to learn your lesson. SPANK
F: It hurts, SPANK, AWWW, No more please.
C: If you ask me to SPANK stop again you will SPANK get extra licks. 2 more.

Freedy was crying and his little bubble but was completly red and so was his face.

C: Have you learned your lesson?
F: Yea, do you really get spanked with that?
C: Yes, I do and I'm gonna get my butt warmed when Spencer comes home because my report card came and I got a D in math.
F: Man, that sucks. Do you get it bare bottom over his lap?
C: Yea, just like I did to you. Put your pants back on and let's go watch T.V. cuz Spencer will be home in just a minute.
F: OK, I'm sorry I made you mad at me.

Freedy and Carly went and watched T.V. and Spencer came home and looked at the mail.

Sp: Freedy can you go home I need to talk to Carly.
C: I don't care if he watches as I get a spanking.
Sp: Are you sure, it's gonna be bare bottom.
F: I'll leave Carly.
C: No, stay after this were prepare for the next show
F: Ok, I'll get ready upstairs.
C: No you can watch, really I don't mind.
Sp: Ok Carly take off your pants and get ready why I go get the strap.
C: I already got it for you.
Sp: That's very brave of you, get over my lap.

Carly laid across her older brothers lap and he rolled down her panties. Spencer warmed up his little sister with 10 swats from his hand on her cute white butt. Carly's but was now a pink color, but she wasn't crying yet.

Sp: You have been a naughty girl Carly and getting a D in math is not acceptable. You are going to get 50 licks are grounded for the next week that means no SPANK T.V. SPANK Phone, Friends, or iCarly. SPANK
C: Plese let me SPANK do iCarly. SPANK
Sp: Maybe if you SPANK behave yourself.

Spencer gave his little sister 50 licks with his strap and she was balwing like a little baby and every inch of her cute but was red. Spencer let her up and her and Freedy went and prepared for the show, but couldn't sit! Carly was allowed to do iCarly that night, but all 3 kids had sore butts.

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