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Neglected Chores and Bare Bottoms Blistered

by Bouncing Boy

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It was the day before the 4th of July and I was 13 and going to be in the 8th grade and my brother Jeff was 12 and going to be in the 7th grade. After we had breakfast my mother told Jeff to take ot the garbage can and me to water the lawn before we left for the morning. Both of us agreed, but were in a hurry to get going and just neglected to do it.

We both returned a little before noon for lunch as instructed. We were not together, but we got back about the same time, Jeff slightly before me. I did not know that we were in trouble., but I knew when we got in the house, that my mom was mad. She was confronting Jeff.

She said,"You did not put the garbage can out like I told you, so the garbage wasn't picked up".Jeff was apologizing big time.Then my mom said her famous," Let's go!" She took him by the arm and marched him to our room. I knew what was going to happen, a bare bottom spanking with the hairbrush.

My mom had the hairbrush ready for use,since she had over three hours to plan this spanking. It wasn't long before I heard the sound of the hairbrush connecting with Jeff's bare bottom followed by his yelps and screams. My mom was lecturing about chores and responsibility as she walloped him.

I snusk down the hall and saw the all too familiar site of my mom sitting on a straight back chair with Jeff over her lap as cracked his bare bottom with hairbrush over and over. He was really bouncing, but my mom held him in place as she continued to spank him.

I slipped back into the family room, so that I would not get in trouble and get the same as Jeff was getting. Finally it was over and I heard Jeff say,"Why doesn't John get a spankibng for not doing his chores too?" This was followed by my mom saying,"Don't worry about John, just worry about yourself!" Then Jeff went back over her lap for some more spanking. He got about another twenty cracks. Did he ever holler! He should have known better to than to smart off, I had done that before sveral times and wound up getting spanked again!

I actually thought that I wasn't going to be in trouble, that I could just say I was going to water the grass a little later. Then I quickly found out I was wrong!My mom came in the family room and said to me,"Let's go!" I said, " I was going to water later on." My mom said, You did not do as you were told, I am going to spank you, come on!" I said," No,please, I'll do it right away,I'm sorry."

My said,"Come on!" She took me to our room. Jeff was laying on his stomach crying. He had kicked off his pants and underware and his butt and legs were really red, just like mine were going to be.
My mom sat down on the straight back chair and took down my pants and then my shorts and over her lap I went. I wasn't talking or begging any more, because I knew it was all over for me, just like Jeff.

I was across her lap and she kind of got me situated, so that my bared bottom was in just the right posist to be spanked.Then she started, sevral hard cracks over my butt crack, followed by back and forth cheek to cheek, very fast and very hard. I had my hand braced on the floor and wwas kicking my legs wildly as she wailed thetar out of me. I was yelping and hollering as the hair brush went from my very sore bottom to my legs. I was being lectured about chores,responsibilty and excuses.

I felt my pants and shorts fall off my feet. My legs were getting a good scorhing and it it really hurt! Then she spanked my bottom some more. She then fininshed and stood me up. I danced around the room like crazy rubbing my very sore butt and bawling my eyes out. I could see in the mirror that my butt was dark red and it was really throbbing! My legs were covered with hairbrush marks, just like Jeff's.

Then my mom said,"I don't want to hear one word out of either on of you and if I do there will be more spankings, do you understand?" We both replied "Yes mam."

After about an hour she came back and told us to put our pants on and come out for lunch.Afterwards we both went out and did our chores and Jeff helped with the watering after he got the garbage can out. Then suprisingly enough we were allowed to leave.That afternoon I told my buddies about about it, they got boners and we had a jack off session, two times each! So, I had some fun!

That night we both had to tell our father what happened and got another lecture, but that was it. The next day we went to a family 4th of July gathering and our mother told everyone how she had blistered our bare bottoms the day before. Oh well, it was over until the next time!

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