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Parker Dixon-No Visitors Over when Parents Aren't Home
Part 2

by Brians Sister

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Eighteen-year-old Parker Dixon's heart leapt into his throat as he heard a car pull up into the driveway of his house. He could recognize his parents' minivan a block away and knew that he had been caught. He glanced at his girlfriend Amber and then glanced around the still trashed living room littered with beer bottles, cups, trash and other remnants of the party that he had sponsored at his house the night before. "HIS PARENTS WERE HOME 12 HOURS EARLY," he thought to himself. Not only did he get caught dead-to-right having sponsored a party when they weren't home, his girlfriend was in the house when they weren't home; this was another grievous infraction on his part. The sweat began to roll down his back and Amber noted that the bulge in his jeans was getting bigger that it was a minute before.

Watching out the window, he saw both of his parents and his little brother Ricky and his younger sister Susan walking up the walkway towards the front door. His parents looked furious as it was obvious that they had seen Amber's car parked in the driveway next to where they had pulled in. His family had gone out of town to Susan's drill competition downstate. They were not supposed to be home until later that evening. He had hoped to get the house completely cleaned up, removing all evidence of the party long before his parents got home and he and Amber would be gone; obviously those plans had been thwarted by the family early arrival.

Mrs. Dixon opened the door first and saw her son frantically trying to clean up the cans and bottles, throwing them into a garbage sack. Parker started to speak when his Mom merely put up her hand to stop him, "Save it Parker! You know your were caught. I want you to take off your pants this instant. I don't want to hear another word out of your mouth." Turning to her younger son, "Ricky, go get your Father's belt please."

Parker, knowing from the look on his Mother's face that any pleading or back-talk would result in much worse, had wordlessly stooped to untie his sneakers and was in the process of removing them as he watched his little brother disappear down the hall to retrieve the very-familiar belt. Parker couldn't even look at his family or his girlfriend as his trembling hands began to undo and pull open the button fly of his tight Levis. "Make your underpants come off with your jeans Parker. I don't see any reason to delay your punishment as you obviously know what you did wrong," Mrs. Dixon ordered her oldest son who was busy removing his jeans, pushing the tight denim from around his waist and down his legs, right in front of the congregated audience.

Ricky reappeared with the belt and extended it out towards his Mother. "Hand it to your Father Ricky. Parker needs a good strong arm behind his punishment and since he is here, I don't see any reason why I should have to spank his bare bottom," she instructed Ricky. Ricky walked over to his Father who wordlessly accepted the leather belt. Amber could barely pull her eyes away from the scene unfolding before her. Yes, she had seen the events preceding and proceeding her boyfriend's spanking a month before at the beginning of the spanking, but she could never imagine witnessing one occur right before her eyes, with a belt.

Parker had just pulled off his jeans and doing the best he could, tried to lower his burgundy boxer briefs to his ankles while trying to keep crouched to prevent exposing his privates to his family and girlfriend. Having Amber blow him or give him a hand job was definitely something different that her watching him take off his jeans and underpants to be on the receiving end of his Father's belt was a very different thing.

"Parker, I don't know what you are so embarrassed about us seeing your penis. It isn't like we haven't seen your penis before today. Now stand up straight and keep your hands at your sides," Mrs. Dixon ordered her son.

Parker kicked off the underpants that were around his ankles and slowly stood facing the family and Amber. Amber was impressed by the equipment on her boyfriend and although not a boner, his penis definitely was impressive hanging like a dill pickle in front of his walnut sized testicles.

"Parker, bend yourself over the couch, lift up your shirt tail out of the way and keep your hands away from your bottom. If your hands move from the couch, I will start over," Mr. Dixon ordered his son.

Blushing furiously at the predicament that he had gotten himself into, Parker turned to face the couch and lowered his lanky body over the sofa and braced himself for what he knew was going to be a very intense session with the belt. His parents reserved the belt for the more serious of offenses and he knew that having his girlfriend over while his parents weren't home for the second time in a month was only a minor offense compared to throwing a party at his house that involved alcohol was definitely an offense that warranted a session with the belt, at a minimum.

Almost immediately when he had gotten himself in position, the swish of the belt broke the air and the belt fell repeatedly on the teenager's naked posterior. Amber was in the position to watch her boyfriend profile and was memorized by the way that his penis and testicles swung wildly from side to side as they hung between his legs with each impact from the belt.

Amber lost track of how many times the belt made contact with Parker's butt cheeks, lower back, hips, and backs of his legs. She watched as the strong young man that she adored yelped, cried, pleaded and begged his Father for mercy. Approximately midway through the ordeal, Parker turned over, his penis and balls limply hanging against his right leg, his hands and arms raised to stop the belt's assault as he begged his Father to please stop spanking him. His Father merely stopped long enough to check out his son's teenage equipment and then order his oldest son to turn back over to resume his spanking. That momentary reprieve was rewarded with five additional strikes with the belt added to the end of his spanking. Ricky, his brother, had counted thirty-five, but he too had lost track sometime during the spanking.

Mr. Dixon stopped and after watching Parker weeping into the cushions of his sofa, took hold of the boy's arm and pulled him to his feet. "Go put the belt away Parker and finish getting this house clean. We will talk more about your actions this evening. I want this house spotless in two hours or you will go back over that couch for another round with the belt. Am I understood young man?"
Parker nodded his head feverously and exclaimed his compliance to his Father's orders. He disappeared down the hall in a near trot, reemerging back into the living room and stooped to pick up his discarded underpants.

"Parker, did I say anything about your pants? I didn't so just put those and your jeans on the sofa and get this house spotless or do you want to go over your Mother's lap for a dose of the hairbrush, cutting into your two hours to get this house clean and then clean," Mr. Dixon asked his son. "No Father..."

"Fine, now get this house clean young man!" Turning to his son's girlfriend, "Amber, I am sorry, but you will need to get yourself home. Your presence has already caused Parker to act in appropriately and I want to remove any temptation. He will give you a call this evening and let you know when he can see you again."

Amber collected her stuff, glanced knowingly at Parker and waved a feeble goodbye to the family. Parker, barely pausing to acknowledge her departure, worked furiously to collect the garbage and debris from around the house, his naked butt glowing openly to anyone who saw it.

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