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Homework and A Session With the Hairbrush

by Bouncing Boy

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I was 13 years old and in the 7th grade. It was a cold day in late January and I had juswt gotten home from school.I had gotten some bad grades in the first quarter and some letters had been sent home about my work and my mother had tanned my bare bottom with the hairbrush each time. when report cards came out in Novemeber, my report card was even worse than expected and boy had my mother walloped me. Not that my dad didn't give my brother Jeff who was a year younger and me many good lickings with the belt to our bare butts, our mom gave us a lot with the hairbrush because she was always home. One or both of us got it bare bottom, over her lap with the hairbrush probably once a week and sometimes more.

We had just been home from school a few minutes and were sitting in the family room watching televison. My mother asked if we had homework and Jeff responded that he didn't. I said," I have a little bit, but I've been in school all day and I need to relax a little.

My mother left the room. I didn't think anything of it, but I should have. Instantly she returned to the family room with the hairbrush. She said," Don't you tell me what you are going to do Mister. You know the rules about homework and with your last report card the way it was, that is what you should be concentrating on." " I will do it, right now." I said.

" You will get a spanking right now for smarting off and then you will do it" she said. "Please don't spank me, I'm sorry.", I said. This comment fell on deaf ears as my mother started taking down my pants. Then down came my jockey shorts and she sat down on the couch. She must have really wanted to spank me immediately because she didn't take me to my room like usuual. I was going to get spanked in front of my brother, which really didn't matter much, we had seen each other spanked before and been spanked together too.

She got me situated the way she wanted me and started in. Several hard cracks were applied to my bare butt, right across the crack. Then as always she started cheek to cheek. Then the phone rang.

My mother stopped spanking me and told my brother to answer the phone. He did and told her that it was for her apparently it was a call that she was expecting. She stood me up and told me," You stand right here and don't move." I did as I was told. I stood there and waited. My brother smirked.

In just a minute the phone call was over and my mother returned. She took me by the arm and started taking me to my room.Why she decide to take me to my room I didn't know. I hoped my spanking might be over.Maybe if I would have answered her questions correctly it might have. When we got to my room she said," With your last report card don't you think you shold be doing your homework and doing it well?" " Yes mam," I replied. " Are you going to smart offf any more?" "I didn't know I smarted off," I said. That was not the proper response.

" All right, Mister. I am going to give you a spanking to remember," she said." No, no, please no," I said.Then she pulled out the sraight back chair that she ususally used to sit on while she spanked us.Over I went again, my butt was jacknifed in the air and my hands were braced on the floor. My mother kept her word and wailed me good. She spanked my bare bottom hard. She went cheek to cheek until I thought I could not stand any more. Then she spanked my bare legs good and hard.

I was begging her to stop,I was pleading. She did stop and then went back and wailed my bottom some more, I was bouncing around and almost fell off her lap.

When she finally finished, I had kicked off my pants and shorts.I had gotten over 50 cracks with the hairbrush on my little bubble butt. My nose was running and I was bawling my eyes out. I danced around the room and rubbed my very sore dark red and throbbing butt.

Then my mother told me that I better get my homework done and if I didn't have a good start on it when she came back, we would have a repeat of the spanking I just got. Belive me I got it finished. It didn't even take long and it wasn't that hard to do. If I would not have wised off, I would have spared myself a very sore butt. Also my grades improved, but I still got lot's of spankings for many other things that year and in the years to come.

The next day in gym class, there were a few comments about my very red butt, but someone always had one.Both of my friends Paul and Patrick said," Been there done that." We all laughed. The bright spot was that as much as Jeff enjoyed my spanking, the next afternoon my mother gave him one for being late for school two days in a row.She got a call from the school and applied the hairbrush to his bare bottom while I observed it. I enjoyed it just like he enjoyed mine.

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