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Asking my Principal for a Spanking

by Joe Zack

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About mid-way through my senior year of high school, when I was fifteen; I was taking something to the office for one of the teachers; just before going home, when I heard the unmistakable sounds of a bottom being Paddled. I had to hide my erection and decided that I also wanted to be paddled in school. It was the only place I could honestly say I was NEVER Spanked. When I was younger, I was too fearful of the teachers to misbehave. After I developed my LOVE of Spanking, my Dad worked as a custodian at the school and whenever I misbehaved; the teachers would simply notify him. They all seemed to know I would get a much harder punishment from him than they would ever be allowed to give at school. I flashed back to my very first day of school, I found myself looking at a very attractive, stern looking woman who was telling us what school was all about. Even today, I can recall her saying “Now I want every one of you to listen to me because I have a hickory switch under my skirt and if need I will give everyone of you a Spanking.” The woman's name was Mrs. June. She continued her education as I went through school and soon went into administration. When I was in Jr-Sr high school she was the vice principal and in charge of discipline. At lunch I asked if I could speak with her after school. She was more of an Aunt than a teacher, and said sure. After school I went to the office. I sat with three other students (in what was known as the discipline corner) and began to get nervous. The other three were there to get paddled. I assumed everyone else thought that was why I was there. Little did they know they were right; but I was trying to get paddled at my own request.

Mrs. June came out and told the others they could wait a bit for their punishment. She told me to enter her office. As we entered, she shut the door, chuckled and told me: “Those three are here to be paddled and it will do them good to think about it while we chat; so what can I do for you?” I nervously told her I was there for the same reason as the others. She looked through some slips on her desk and said: “I'm sorry I thought you came here to talk; I didn't know you were sent here.” I explained it was what I wanted to talk about and told her no one had sent me. She looked at me and told me to explain. I told her I respected her as a vice-principal. However, since we had known each other for so long, I felt I could be honest with her and considered her more of a friend or Mother image. I told her that since my Dad died, my Mom was in shock and didn't spank me any more. I told her I was frequently Spanked right up until the time of my Dad's death and really felt my behavior was going down hill. I went so far as to tell her I actually missed the Spanking because they made me feel good. I knew She could administer discipline because it was her job and she even saw me being Spanked by my Mom and Dad a couple of times. Mrs. June didn't say anything for a while; then she asked me if I was playing some kind of game or being serious. I assured her I was serious. Then she asked me if I wanted the type of punishment she gave at school, or the type of punishment I received at home. I told her I was simply hoping for a sound paddling, but since she knew how I was Spanked at home; that is the type of punishment I really required/desired. After a few more minutes she told me to go and sit outside and send in Frank. After she was done paddling the other students we would talk again. I was becoming a very nervous, as I heard the swats of the Paddle being applied to the three students. I knew the paddlings were administered over the pants and each student was only given ten swats; but I was hoping for much more on my bare bottom.

After Mrs. June was done with the last student; she called me back in. She gave me another chance to back out but I assured her again that I was being very sincere. She told me she would Spank me like I wanted but there were two requirements. 1) Since she was going to Spank me much harder and on the bare bottom; she would type out a statement for me to sign explaining that she was Spanking me at my own request, and the Spanking was going to be as severe as the punishments she saw me get at home. I told her I had no problem with that. She also told me that her secretary would sign the statement and be a witness and it was up to me to explain to the secretary that it was something I was requesting on my own. I didn't even think about something like that; but the more I thought about it the more it appealed to my exhibitionist side. So I told Mrs. June I understood and would comply. Then Mrs. June told me we would have to wait until the activities bus left and she would drive me home after I had been Spanked. Then she told me rather loudly, as she opened the office door. Okay, Joe it is evident you need a sound Spanking. I want you to sit here and think about your behavior while I take care of some other things first. A number of students, a couple of teachers and all of the secretaries heard the comment.

She then went back into her office and shut the door. About a half an hour later she came out and handed me a piece of paper. It was the paragraph she typed up explaining that I was going to get a severe bare bottom Spanking/Paddling from her at my request. She told me to talk to her secretary and have her sign it while she watched the busses leave. She further explained that there were three copies of the note. One for me, one for her, and one for the secretary. Lastly, she told me after I got the note signed, I was to go into her office drop my pants and underwear and stand in the corner with my hands on my head until she returned. Then Mrs. June told her secretary I had something to talk to her about and was given permission to go into her office when we were done. She asked the secretary to check in on me periodically until she returned. I can only assume that Mrs. June took pity on me and told the secretary what to expect. The secretary did not seem at all surprised when I explained what I was asking for. She smiled and simply said, boy am I glad it's you and not me. I know how hard she can Paddle someone.

About ten minutes after I heard the buses pull out (and about three visits from the secretary) Mrs. June returned. She told me I could lower my hands but keep them at my side, and turn around. Mrs. June then asked me one more time if I was sure I really wanted a sound Spanking. For the last time I told her I was sure it would improve my behavior. Then the secretary knocked on the door and came in. She handed Mrs. June a very large wooden hairbrush, as well as a bamboo pointer. I was embarrassed but also a bit excited as the secretary kept looking over at me. Mrs. June said: “Oh, your right, this is the perfect size hairbrush for Spanking I am glad you had it with you. Next time I will have to bring mine. Where did you get the pointer?” The secretary told her the pointer came from Mr. Ruggle and as she either smoothed her skirt or ran her hands over her bottom; she told Mrs. June that she knew the hairbrush would be perfect for an over the knee Spanking. Even Mrs. June laughed at that one, then said: “Since this time Joe and I are just going to get to know each other please close the door and have a seat where you can watch me Spank Joe. He is use to having people watch him getting Spanked. That is how he was brought up.”

Mrs. June then told me we would start off with 25 stokes of the large Paddle while I was bent over the desk. I was expected to count each stroke and remain in position or it would not count. Then she would turn me over her knee as she gave me 50 strokes of the hairbrush. After which I was expected to stand in the corner for 15 minutes while she made a quick walk around the building. When she came back I would get an additional 20 strokes over the knee with the hairbrush. Followed by 10 swats with the pointer while I was bent over the desk. Then I would have another 10 minutes in the corner before I was allowed to rub my bottom and get dressed. After the first segment, while I tried to get my tears under control in the corner; I wondered what I had gotten myself into. Soon enough Mrs. June returned. She told me just about all students were out of the building and the few remaining were in the gym. This time Mrs. June left the door open and her secretary stood in the office as I got the set of 20 strokes of the hairbrush. Mrs. June even allowed her to hold my hands from across the desk as I got my last 16 with the pointer. I am happy to say that I was in tears with a very red, sore ass.

Mrs. June finally told me I could rub my bottom and pull up my pants. I thanked her and then handed the secretary back her hairbrush and thanked her for allowing Mrs. June to use it on me. The secretary looked at me smiled, winked and said anytime you need it just let me know. Mrs. June told me to take the pointer down to Mr. Ruggle who was in the gym while she got her papers together to go home. I handed it to Mr. Ruggle and told him thank you for allowing us to use it. He simply said, no problem, Joe. Happy I could help out. I know my son has felt it a lot and it works very well. Of course you could have asked me for a Spanking anytime and I would have been happy to give you one. When I got back to the office, Mrs. June grabbed a briefcase, and asked me to carry a stack of books to her car. We then drove to my house. As soon as Mrs. June said: “I might as well come in and say hello to your Mom.” I felt something was wrong.

When she exited the car with the Paddle, I was getting worried. When we entered into the house and I could see my Spanking Outfit laid out on the sofa in the living room, I knew I was in trouble. Mrs. June said hello to my Mom and handed her the note I had signed. My Mom simply looked at me and said, “I'm sorry you felt I was neglecting you. There is no need to worry. As a matter of fact I am glad you talked to Mrs. June – it made me see my feelings also affect yours.” Now why don't you show me what Mrs. June did for you. Strip, show me your bottom; then put on your Spanking Outfit. When I was nude my Mom had me walk over to her and she rubbed my bottom. She then told Mrs. June, not bad but I believe Joe can take more than this. Then she told me to get dressed. I put on my Spanking Outfit, which consisted of panties, a girdle, nylons and a female nightgown. Then my Mom told me to tape my note onto the refrigerator so that Butch and Veronica could see it as soon as they come home. Next I was told to raise the nightgown above my hips and bend over the sofa. My Mom then gave me 20 strokes with the large Paddle with holes; 20 strokes with Mrs. June's Paddle, and twenty strokes with the razor strop. Of course I was in tears again. I was told to drop my girdle and panties to mid thigh and stand in the corner for 20 minutes. During this time Mrs. June and she discussed my Fathers death and my need for discipline. Then my Mom told me since I wanted to be Spanked by Mrs. June, Mrs. June would now give me 30 strokes with the hairbrush. Then I would get an additional 30 strokes of the hairbrush from my Mom and finally, to end my Spanking; each of them would give me one hundred hands Spanks on my bare bottom. Of course I was a crying mess when I was finally allowed to go back to the corner. While I was in the corner, my Mom and Mrs. June continued their discussion. Mrs. June told me I could rub my bottom but wanted me to leave the girdle and panties where they were and come over to her. She picked up the phone and called her secretary at home. She told me she wanted me to explain exactly what happen after Mrs. June took me home. I assured the secretary that my Mom knew of my request and Spanked me for not asking her. I was also instructed to tell the secretary that for the remainder of the school year I would be placed on Mrs. June's discipline list every Wednesday and Nancy (the secretary) was encouraged to watch Mrs. June punish me. I was then allowed to pull up my panties and struggle into my panty girdle and try to sit comfortably on the sofa. My Mom told Mrs. June she wanted a note to be sent to all my teachers informing Mrs. June of any discipline problems, on a daily basis. All problems were to be dealt with as any student on a daily basis. Each Wednesday I would receive my special request punishment Spanking at school. Each Sunday I would be given a special request punishment Spanking at home. Also any time I was caught misbehaving, I would be Spanked as hard as I had been before my Father passed away. Furthermore, both my Brother and Sister were going to be instructed to watch me more closely and anytime they saw me do something wrong they would be instructed to give me a punishment Spanking and report my misbehavior to my Mom.

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