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What a Young Guy Will Do to Avoid the Hairbrush On His Bare Bottom

by Bunbuster

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Our story opens in the suburban home of retired widowed ex-cop, 47 year old Rod Kemp. Rod is away for the day and his georgous 23 year old son Cory is getting laid in his bedroom, while Cory's own 6 year old son tries to keep himself company in his own room.

A fuckup from the word git, the only reason that Rod let his 23 year old brat move back in was that the 'boy' had sole custody of his own boy, Cory Jr., a rascal of a youngster if ever there was one, and so that if need be Rod could handle his 'boy' the way he hendled him before the brat moved away at 17 with his sleazy girlfriend, and that was the old fashioned way. Of course Cory, who had just a week before moved his lazy young tushie and his 'fast approaching being a brat like his punk daddy', Rod's saying, not mine, back home had no idea that his dad was going to be taking him in hand if he fucked up and sexy Cory was a fuck-up.

It was easy to see why Cory would shack up and become a dad at 17. The kid was adorable and sexy with a capital 'S'. He had shoulder length soft brown hair framing a baby face that was both handsome and boyishly smirky. Lean and mean, Cory's body was tight, muscular and sexy with a lean sinewy back, little waist and 2 of the most adorable young male buttocks in town, round, high-arched, hard and muscular yet soft enough to be cushion like for anyone who wanted to, and many did, go to sleep while laying his or her head on the beautiful boyish fanny. The boyish buns were smooth as a baby's bottom but with a nice soft, but usually sweaty, bush in the crack, which acted as a protective layer for a very tight and pink little moist butthole. Add to all this a piston like, usually hard as a rock, 8 and a half inch young cock and plump fuzzy but boyishly pink balls and you get Cory's appeal.

Betty Nolls, now 47 years old, sure noticed Cory's sex appeal when the boy became friends with her own georgous son Mikey. Both Cory and Mikey turned heads in school with their shoulder length hair and tight little butts and big fat cocks in tight jeans.

Looking at the sexy Cory made Betty understand why older women became cougers. Young guys were so hot, at the peak of their sexual energy with the most gorgeous tight young bodys, hot fat pink peckers and that smooth skinned boyishness that just drove older women wild.

Though of course Betty would not touch the boy, though she did pat his tushie maternally a few times which made young Cory blush and grin boyishly which made Betty wet between the legs, since he was a minor at the time he ran with her son as a young teen. Betty was stunned to see that the young cutie had moved back into town and that he was even hotter then he was in junior high and high school, his long fat cock and meaty young balls bulging out of the front of a pair of skin-tight Sassoon jeans and his rounded muscle rump bulging out back. Betty's clit got wet as she spoke to the hot young guy and looked into his sexy bedroomie eyes.

Over coffee Betty watched 23 year old Cory as he sat his hot young ass into his seat, the way the rounded half-mons eased sexily onto the chair, the cheeks spreading and she even imagined his pink baby bottom hole pressing against the hard surface, something only a mom of a son would notice.

Well, we don't have to recount the boring details so suffice to say Betty went home with the young stud and in the bedroom she went wild, and who could blame her.

Not having undressed a boy since her son was a toddler, Betty licked Cory's chest when his shirt came off and she nearly had a heart attack when the big bulbous hardon popped out of the young guy's pants then throbbed against his lean tummy. Betty ran her fingers along the thick baby pink shaft but was careful not to stroke the tip too much since she knew how easy it was for a young guy to blow a wad and she wanted the next sweet cream bomb from Cory's big pink balls to explode inside her. Betty felt like she had died and went to heaven. Being the mom of a son the same age as Cory she was hot for that oock, like any horny man or woman would be, yet she was maternal and loving, one of the reasons why young cuties like to bed older women, especially the moms of their buddies. They know how to treat a hot juicy young pecker.

Betty went wild again when she saw Cory's butt, so round, so hard yet so baby boy smooth and boyishly stinky in the crack, the later 2 something that the mom of a son would love. Betty started to kiss and lick the firm young buttocks and she even spread the adorable young cheekies and licked the adorable baby pink, baby tiny moist and tender young stink hole that lay comfortably nestled between those muscular boy cheeks. Again Cory, this was his firt time being 'prey' to a hungry couger, was amazed at how older women who were moms to sons loved hot young male hineys, since she had diapered, wiped, powdered, kissed and patted young male buttcheeks when her son was a wee one.
There was something so sexy and maternally loving in the way Betty adored his butt that made Cory feel on the top of the world. It was the first time ever that anyone had licked his little poop chute though of course countless men and women had wanted to, and within minutes Cory was on top of Betty, sending her into multiple orgasms with his big hot dick as Betty swooned as his long soft hair hung down over her face and she felt that pudgy love pole slam in and out of her while she ran her hands down the smooth muscular young back and across those delectable young buns, now dimpled as they tightened with the sexy slams of the young dick into her pussy.

Cory came violently, screaming out in a highpitched lusty voice as a huge cream bomb, one of his biggest, exploded from his meaty nuts. It sure helped that at the time of Cory's orgasm Betty ran her finger in and out of his tight and tender little farthole, a fart hole which was still moist, delicate and pink as a baby's bottom hole and the maternal woman loved the little orifice, which of course was nestled in a nest of soft but manly crack hair, another thing that made cougers love young guys. Their assholes were still tender pink baby boy assholes yet surrounded by man hair, another factor that made young guys so baby soft yet manly rugged, which drives cougers wild.

After the intense love making, Cory lay on his tummy as Betty stroked his back and squeezed his buns lovingly, even spreading his sweetcheeks and licking his tender little butt button for him, making Cory for the first time aware of how erotic his little fart hole could be.

"Hello, oh, hi dad", Cory said when he picked up the ringing phone. He was annoyed at being interrupted.

"Cory, I got another call from Mrs. Marks about Cory Jr. being in her garden again after he was told not to countless times", Rod said.

"Ok dad, he's just a kid, what do you want me to do?", Cory asked.

"He's a kid like you, well I want you to put him across your knee and spank hie bare bottom for him", Rod said bluntly.

"Dad, no, no way dad!!!!!!!!", Cory, blushing at the mention of the 'S' word, said. Betty noticed the change in the young guy, even his buns tightened.

"Well, you're getting a bare bottom spanking too young man for not handling your own boy", Rod said.

"What, come on dad, no way, I'm 23 for goodness sake", the youngman practically yelled into the phone but it was obvious that he was worried by what his dad said. Betty watched Cory's face turn crimson with worry as his head came up and he tossed his long mane out of his face and even reached back, force of habit, and rubbed his buns. Betty also noticed the young guy's pink little asshole puckering and unpuckering in a boishly stinky manner which, being the mom to a son, made her smile maternally.

"You're getting a spanking young man, and that's final, but if you spank your own kid then I'll just spank you with my hand", Rod lectured.

"Dad, come on, what does that mean?", Cory, his face red, his muscular young buttocks flexing and unflexing and his little booty hole percolating, asked his daddy.

"It means that if you don't spank your own kid's bare butt then I will have to spank him and you youngman will get the hairbrush, good old woody will come out of storage", Rod said bluntly. 'Woody' was Rod's name for the brush that he bought to keep Cory in line by way of his cute boyish buttocks, which worked like a charm in curtailing the brat's naughty behavior. In fact, Cory's last spanking was with Woody and it was on the day that the kid moved out with his son's mom. The spanking helped the boy stay in line but 6 years without another spankng and Cory had turned into a lazy youngman who had sole custody of his bratty little 6 year old son. It wa time to lower the boom on both the 'boys' and Rod knew what that took, it took good sound spankings to tender skinned young boy bottoms.

"Dad, come on, no!!!!!!!", Cory, now almost having a shit-fit when he remembered the stinging pain that woody could bring, said to dad but Rod was adament.

"That's it young fellow, you and your boy need to be soundly spanked, so it's up to you, either the hand or good old woody, be home in a half hour son", Rod said and he hung up the phone.

"Shit, er, I think you need to go now", Cory said to Betty but the woman put on Cory's bathrobe, swooning when she smelt his sweat on the underarms, and followed him to his son's room, his gorgeous young bottom young jiggling as he swaggered along.

"You were told not to mess up that lady's garden but you did so anyway, you're getting a spankeng", Cory said, flinching when he realized that he sounded like his own dad, and he picked up his cute look-alike 6 year old son, who was doing his nintendo game, from the floor, pulled down his Mickey Mouse boxers, sat on the bed, put the boy across his lap and for the first time ever spanked his son's adorable plump young can, it was s splitting image of Cory Sr's tushie but with a layer of tender baby fat, long and hard.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank "Oww, daddy that hurts, daddy, ouch, stop daddy, owwww."

Betty was sexually mesmerized as she watched her sexy young lover sit his gorgeous and sexy young buttocks on the bed, his big cock hanging between his legs, and put his own cute son across his lap and spank his bottom, looking both like a rugged young dad discliplining his boy and like a cute smirky youngman who could probably use a trip across his own dad's lap, and he had the buns for it too. Again, another factor that drove cougers wild, a youngman who was a spanker but who was both mentally and bodily quite spankable himself. Little did Betty know it but if she stuck around, though Cory would be adament that she didn't, she was going to see her hard bottomed, big dicked young lover get his little rump tanned.

Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Spank Whap

"Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, daddy, sob, sob, sorry daddy, I won't do it no more, sob, oww, pleas stop."

It did not take long for the hot young stud-muffin to spank his little boy to tears and to leave his plump young bottom a deep sore crimson.

"Ok son, you're forgiven, now get some sleep", Cory said as he tucked in his son, which made Betty tingle with excitement, her young boyish lover being a loving daddy as he bent over to kiss his son and his own boyish buttocks smooth as a baby's sticking out the fart hole as puckering pink and tender as a little boy's bottom hole but in a nest of downy fur. Cory was the perfect couger target, manly to an extreme yet pink and tender as a littie boy, especially in the fart hole.

"Er, ok, see you around, ok??", Cory said nervously to Betty as he put on a pair of black boxers.

"Why do you want me to leave, are you gonna get spanked too?", Betty asked innocently and the 'boy' went ballistic.

"No fuckin' way, now, I have something to do, can you please leave?", Cory snapped which made Betty, now a confirmed couger thanks to sexy Cory, smile maternally. She had seen this type of behavior in her own son when the boy was waiting for his dad to come home to spank him. In fact, her son lived with her till he was 22, he was now 23 and off with his wife, and though she was divorced from her hubby she still had the man come over to spank the boy when needed and she found her son more in need of spankings in his early 20's then when he was in his teens, since he was still a young punk puppy but out in the world wrecking havoc.

"Uh-oh, I think my sweetheart's cute bottom is gonna be spanked, and this bottom sure is spankable", Betty said to the red-faced youngun' as she pressed her body against his and put her hands down the back of his boxers do that she could feel up those hot young cheekies.

"Come on, can you please go, ohhhhhhhhhhh", Cory begged in a little boy voice as he felt Betty's finger going in and out of his puckered fart hole, which was causing him to get another massive boner.

"I'm home, come down here now boy, and bring your son with you", Ros yelled up the stairs.

"Dad, er, ok dad", Cory said as he blushed and frove and Betty, who was fingering his poop chute, felt the little orifice to pucker, filling the room with boyish stink, boyish stink that she was used to as the mom of a young guy. There's that 'boy/man' factor that turns cougers wild again.

"Dad, ok, er, I have a guest and she's about to leave", Cory, red as a beet, yelled down to his raging daddy.

"She doesn't have to leave son, now get your ass down here with your kid and his ass better be apple red, or else", the big booming manly voice yelled out and Betty watched her young lover turn into a total little boy as he ran to Cory Jr's room, lifted the naked little boy in his arms and carried the little sleepy head, his plump red buttocks hanging over Cory's arm, downstairs.

Betty followed and she saw who Cory and Cory Jr. got theer good looks from. Rod was gorgous and manly with streaks of grey on his temples and he was holding a big wooden hairbrush in his right hand. After being introduced to the stern looking alpha-male, Betty was flabergashed at how how her studsy young lover looked like a scared little boy next to his dad who was inspecting his grandson's adorable plump red buttocks.

"Damn good job son, so no 'woody' for you, just my hand", Rod said as he put the brush down, rolled up his sleeve and told Cory to put his boy back to bed and get back downstairs for the spanking of his life.

"Dad, wait till she leaves, please dad"< Cory begged, delighting Betty to no end, but Rod forcefully turned Cory around by his firm young shulders, picked up 'woody', and gave his son's rump a blast right along the crack.

"Get going now boy, or it's woody to the bare bottom", Ros said as he whacked his son's aborable can and of course Cory yelpled and ran up the steps.

"Got a spankable rump on him, that kid", Rod said to Betty.

"Now boy, one more word of protest from you and it's woody on your hiney", Rod said to the redfaced farting Cory as the kid returned to the kitchen for his spanking.

"Hey, mind pulling down his boxers for him?", Rod asked the woman and as she smiled and reached for the waist of her young lover's shorts. Cory started to protest and pull away.

"That's it boy, it's good old woody for your butt, here Betty, I'll hold him for you", Rod said as he wrapped his arms tightly around Cory's chest.

"Oh god, no, please dad!", the youngman moaned as Betty pulled down his boxers, kissing the head of his pecker and his buns, also taking a nice stiff of his sweaty buttcrackc, as she did so.

"Dad, please, no dad, dad, whoa, dad!!!". Cory was upended over Rod's knee as the man put his foot up on a chair. Cory's palms hit the table before his dad pulled his right arm and pinned it to his side.

Betty's couger heart melted as she watched her young stud-muffin lover's gorgeous young buttocks part slightly, like a sliced sweet melon, and his baby tender pink little bottom hole puckering boyishly stinky like, and his massive pink genitalia hanging down and she started to get wet between the legs again. Cory was couger bait to the extreme, having all the man/boy charms that any older woman would adore and then some.

Whack Whack Whack Whack "Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww, dad, please, owwwwwwwwww, daddy, oww."

Betty jumped when woody impacted her young lover's hot young buttocks, causing Cory's head to come up, his beautiful head of hair, hair that most women paid a hairdresser big bucks to have,to fly through the air, his legs to kick up boyishly, like her own son's legs kicked when he was spanked, and to yell out in pain as he begged his 'daddy' to stop paddling his naughty young rump.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whap

"Yelp, yelp, yelp, yelp, owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww." As Cory thrashed around and yelped Betty realized she was living a couger's dream, watching her boyishly cute big dicked young lover get his bad boy bottom spanked by a man. She could not have dreamed up what she was seeing, the hot youngster who had recently fucked her lights out getting his bottom spanked, the same bottom that she had felt tighten and dimple as he fucked her, and his meaty cock, the cock that had plowed her pussy, and big pink balls swinging as daddy spanked his naughty young tushie to a deep crimson with good old butt busting woody.

Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whack Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap Whap

"Owwwwwwwwwwww, sob, sob, sob." Betty was watching her young lover weeping as his daddy spanked his sexy young can raw, weeping like his own little boy wept when he had given the 6 year old his first spanking, actually weeping more since his spanking was with the wicked butt scorching woody.

"Oww, sob, sob, sob, oww, oh, oh damn, sob sob." As poor young Cory reached back to rub his buns, daddy kept his across his knee for a while after his paddling, the unthinkable happened to the young stinker, unthinkable to him since Betty had seen the same thing happen to her kid after a good spanking. Poor Cory's cheeks spread, revealing his puckered pink poot chute in full, since his sweaty crack hair was matted to his asscrack, and the puckered pooter unclenched, and as Betty and Rod watched, it let out a loud poot, which caused poor Cory to weep again in utter mortification.

Betty almost had a spontaneous orgasm when she watched her hot young lover weep on on his daddy's shoulder and rub his blazing young bottom as his dad hugged and comforted him. The loving man/boy post spanking hug was masculinity at it's best, hot disciplinary dad and his weeping pooting son in loving embrace after dad had set fire to the sexy boy's adorable young tushie.

"Now in the corner and stay there, boy", Rod said and as he and Betty sat down and got to know each other over a cup of coffee as the poor young well spanked stud-muffin kept his nose in the corner and rubbed his buns.

Cory was flabergasted when his dad got up, told him stay in the corner, then went upstairs to make love to Betty.

Poor Cory, stuck in the corner in a cloud of his own boyish sweat and farts, rubbed his buns and almost wept as he heard his older lover moan as his dad plowed her.

Little did Cory know it but even though Betty was thoroughly enjoying the mature love making of Cory's dad, she could not wait till the next time that she had Cory's fat pink cock in her as she squeezed his tight dimpled young buttocks and ran her finger in and out of Cory's adorable tender but boyishly stinky young fart hole as the youngun' exploded and dropped a huge bomb of thick boyish sweet cream in her pussy. Thanks to young Cory Betty was now a couger and he of course was a hot young stud-muffin for sure, and even getting his bare bottom spanked in front of her did not change that, in fact, it enhanced it! Cory would find that out when Betty got her twat around his big fat pink dick again and gently patted his butt and threatened to spank him, making the cream bomb that he let out was a huge one. The perfect way for a couger to get the best out of her boyish prey, prod him along with the 'S' word, which always gets a young stud-muffin going, especially a young stud-muffin whose couger lover had seen him get the poots spanked out of his sweetcheeks by woody.

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